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Zika Virus

(100 points)  Include a cover page, abstract, introduction, specific details of the disease (see below), and a conclusion.  The rubric provided will help guide you through the development and implementation of the paper.Paper should include:Disease description:  Describe the disease including details on symptoms and significance of the disease.History of disease:  Include a clear description of the history of the disease including origins, significant individuals involved in the discovery of the disease, and the impact of the disease.Reasons for emergence/data:  Include multiple data points (DALY, mortality, morbidity, and risk factors) supporting the significance of the disease finding its way into the US and/or global population.  Discuss how the disease is measured.  Fully describe the reasoning behind the re-emergence of the disease (if applicable).Methods of control/prevention:  Identify multiple methods available for the control/prevention of the disease.  Discuss surveillance of the disease and how it contributes to disease control.References:  Citations and references should be in proper APA format.  Ample sources are cited. All claims should be supported with a professional reference.References Attached to use

Culture concepts/awareness

Find and describe one cultural concept or idea found in this article.2.How can you your faith increase your sensitivity and empathy toward your patients?3.What new knowledge will you take away from the information presented?please use article attached.

Hindusm analytic essay

Begin with an introductory paragraph that states in thesis form the significant issues the passage addresses. Your essay should then explicate the passage, drawing out the implications of your thesis statement. Write in the formal style of a thesis-driven essay; be sure to go beyond summary of the passage to analysis. (Avoid opening with statements such as: “The passage I want to focus on.” Write a formal analytic essay.) Writing counts. Proofread your papers for grammar, punctuation and clarity.

Argumentative Criticism

Writing Assignment Help So there’s a cause of all events.  A single cause of every event would have to be supernaturally powerful.  So there is a supernatural and powerful being (the cause of all events).The argument is an extended argument—which means that there are at least two arguments, nested so that the conclusion of one is a premise of the other. (1) Put the two arguments in standard form.  Explain any parts of the extended argument that are unclear.Next, give a criticism of the extended argument.  Remember that there are only two kinds of criticisms: false premises or bad form (the relationship between premises and conclusion).  It is not a criticism of an argument to say that the conclusion is false.  That’s just to ignore the argument altogether.  (2) Clearly and briefly state your criticism and say whether it is a premise criticism or a form criticism.  One thing to watch out for in an extended argument: some premises are also conclusions, so don’t criticize those premises without criticizing the argument for them.Finally, (3) present your justification for the simple statement of your criticism. You should stick to this task; do not criticize more than one premise.  Don’t criticize the form and a premise. Do not give reasons why the conclusion of the argument you are criticizing is false. Just say why the premise you picked is false, or why the form is invalid. Your reasons might include counterexamples to the claim you are criticizing; it might include cases, analogies or principled argument. You can give more than one reason why you think so. In fact, the more justification you provide, the better your paper will be. However, it is probably not true that the more premises you criticize, the better your paper will be; apply your efforts to a single criticism. Also, your criticism will be improved by anticipating your imaginary opponent’s potential response to your criticism and by responding to it.It’s important in this section that you do what you said you would do in the clear statement of your criticism.  For example, if your clear statement of criticism was that ‘premise two is false’ then you would have to give justification for that.  Don’t then give, for example, reason that premise one is false. Your criticism should originate with you. You should not explain a criticism that you looked up, or got from someone else. You don’t need to do any research; you only need to think and write. If you do get a criticism from another source (which you shouldn’t) you MUST cite that source.You need not write an introduction or conclusion.  You can simply organize your paper into three sections (not of equal size) corresponding to the three requirements above. Start with the argument in standard form (explaining if necessary), then give the clear and brief statement of the criticism, and finish with the justification of your criticism. You will be graded on your adherence to instructions, depth of understanding, reasoning, organization, accuracy, clarity, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

presentation and speech book review and discuss

thanks. recorded the book 02_29 (part 1)  33_29 (part 2)  54_20 (part 3)  answer Question? Discuss Aronson’s description of her greatgranparents and grandparents. What do you think is the point she is making in this section?

Authentic Leadership Exercise

They argue that “discovering your authentic leadership requires a commitment to developing yourself” (p. 2). One of the most important ways to work on developing yourself is through self-awareness. In this exercise, you are tasked with examining your life story and journey toward authentic leadership. For the exercise, you will complete the questions from Chapter 1 of Bill George’s True North book. Keep in mind as you complete the exercise that there are no right/wrong answers, and that this is the type of exercise that you get out of what you put into it. Thus, I urge you to really take some time and reflect upon the assigned questions.The exercise will open in a new window. You may respond to the exercise questions within the pdf document; just make sure that the fillable fields work and save correctly before getting too far along on the exercise. If you prefer, you may type the questions from the exercise into a Word document and respond to them within the Word document. The choice of using the pdf or a Word document is up to you; use whatever you are comfortable with. Remember that thoughtful, reflective answers to the questions are what we are going for here. I genuinely hope that this exercise is one that helps you understand more about who you are as a person and as a leader.

Health Policy Consideration Discussion

We are currently witnessing this in almost every nursing setting. Covid has put a stain on the amount of staff nurses and there are a lot of travelers that are being used. ” Organizations are short-staffed, workers feel stretched thin, and hospitals are often slammed with patients who are sicker than ever before due to delayed care during the pandemic. However, safety goals are unchanging and must continue to be met. It’s a paradox without an easy solution, but healthcare organizations shouldn’t let staffing shortages affect patient safety.” They are now trying to cut back on the amount of travelers they are using, by increasing the amount of patients one nurse can take. This is starting to become unsafe for the nurses and the patients. There are so many different places for administration to look to get their patient/nurse ratio that there is not a lot of consistency. I currently work in labor and delivery and we have safe standard from the hospital protocols and then we have other safe standards from AHEC which is a federal standard. They are using the hospital standards right now, because it is require less people. Specific factors they should be looked at is what is different in the policies and make them one cohesive policy, and also putting in the policy what would be safe is an emergency was to come in, this happens a lot and there is not a policy for it. Trying to find help after you have overloaded your staff is getting harder and the patients are suffering for it. Resources: