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You can simply type in calculations with arithmetic operators, like =B5 B6 B7, or use functions such as the well-known SUM function,

You can simply type in calculations with arithmetic operators, like =B5 B6 B7, or use functions such as the well-known SUM function, like =SUM(B5:B7).  The SUM function is great for adding up a column of numbers, but did you realize, there are more than 450 functions embedded in Excel?  I don’t mean the functionalities of Excel, such as spell check on the Review tab, I mean the actual functions that perform math found categorized in the Function Library on the Formulas ribbon. Try this:  In Excel, select any category and function in the Function Library on the Formulas ribbon. When the dialog box opens, click “Help on this Function” link in the bottom left corner of the dialog box.  You will be taken to directions and examples for how to use that function and what arguments (components) are required, so you can always learn the functions you need!  Cancel when you are done exploring.  Take your time learning the functions that will streamline your work as you go through each chapter! In your initial post to this Discussion, share how you might utilize specific mathematical functions in Excel.  These may be functions you know, or ones you still want to learn.  If you have already worked with particular functions, share how you used them in your work or project, or ways that you want to use functions in your future.

Explain how anthropology enriches the study of media.

Assignment should be 800-1000 words, with relevant citations in APA style.You can explore these questions to guide you through the writingWhat is the role of media in people’s lives? What influences people’s interests and reactions to various forms of media? How do scholars study media as a cultural phenomenon?We’ve learned these things that  in class that  can be included as a part of our understanding ( cultural relativism, holism, ethnography, indigenous media..)These are the readings in class if you want to add quotes or other works. I attached 2 and these are 2 others you can find online. – Costa, E. et al. (2023). The Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology. Routledge.- Pertierra, A.C. (2018). Media Anthropology for the Digital Age. Polity.

Nursing care paper

In the intro write an anomymized introduction of your patient with pertinent background data, including the patient’s medical diagnosis. Explain why you choose this patient. Then cluster all data to provide framework for determining the patient’s problems. Use objective and subjective data

US History Midterm Essay

Writing Assignment Help NO EXTERNAL SOURCES. Your paper should be well organized to include a brief introduction, body of your essay, and brief conclusion. You should be sure to include a clear statement of your thesis (main argument) and sufficient evidence to support your claim.  Please also highlight your thesis statement. Do not simply summarize readings or lectures. If you paraphrase or quote from the readings, be sure to cite your sources, by placing the text’s author and page number in parenthesis after the quote, or in a footnote.  You will be evaluated based on your ability to follow these directions as well as your success in engaging the debates, themes, and issues raised in class readings and discussions.  In addition, the clarity of your argument, compelling interpretation, creativity in style, and presentation will figure in your grade.  Be sure to type your essay in 12-point font (double-spaced), use one-inch margins, and note your name, the course, date, and your essay title at the top of your essay.  Please also indicate at the top of your essay which prompt you are responding to.Assigned Readings:- Textbook chapters 9 and 11-15- Reisler essay- Jung essay________________________________________________________________Choose and respond to one of the following:Essay Prompt #1The period of American history between 1860s and 1930s was defined to a significant degree by the modernization of the U.S. economy and the expansion of U.S. political power.  How did these developments impact what we might think of as “ordinary” people—middle- and working-class people of no particular eminence or authority—between the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries?  And, how did these people respond to conditions they faced?Essay Prompt #2During the period between 1865 and 1940, the United States redefined its role on the world stage.  In your view, what was the nature of the U.S.’s role in the world during this period?  What motives drove U.S. involvement in global affairs? What was the impact?

After researching the traits of high EQ, provide a summary as well as an example of someone you have observed

After researching the traits of high EQ, provide a summary as well as an example of someone you have observed demonstrating these traits. Here is one article for reference: RoleOfEmotionalIntelligenceInLeadershipEffectiveness.PDF ( (See also the article in the GAP resources on High Emotional Intelligence). In your discussion post: Review the traits of a high EQ and write a summary of these essential traits in relation to your self-assessment results (1 paragraph).Identify someone in your professional life or someone in the public that you observed has these traits and explain why (paragraph 2).How this knowledge applied to your life and work

summarize therapy model

Summarize your understanding of MFT concepts, Specifically the concepts for solution focused therapy (chapter 16) and Bowen family therapy (chapter 9).For each model, also summarize how they can be implemented into therapy in a correctional setting.

Risk assessment and treatment

This assignment will not only improve your written communication and research skills, but it will also allow you to apply course content to a real word application that may be helpful for those already engaged in, or interested in pursuing,a career in the criminal justice system. Instructions. You will first read a brief case report for John Jones as well as a raw copy of hisrisk assessment which was conducted using the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG; discussed in your readings). Note that if a psychologist was conducting a risk assessment, they would have access to much more information than you are provided in the brief case report. For a realistic risk assessment report, refer to your Module 2 Activities – Steve Hart example. Note. In addition to the below questions, you will be marked on your overall integration of course content and APA formatting.After reading the case report and VRAG, you will be asked to do the following:1. Briefly identify the static and dynamic risk factors that are present for John Jones, as noted in the case report. Be sure to label which are static and which are dynamic. (worth 4 marks)2. Your next job is to think about how we manage John from a treatment perspective. Based on the risk factors you identified, what treatment targets do you recommend? Are there any you would prioritize based on your goal of reducing recidivism? Remember to use your course materials (readings, activities, lecture) to help you with this! Your recommendations should be evidence-based (i.e., there should be research supporting your treatment targets). Note that you do not need to provide names of specific programs for this section. (/7 marks see Rubric)3. We have spoken about the overrepresentation of offenders with mental illness in the US criminal justice system. If John was suffering from mental illness, would your recommendations differ? In what way? (/7 marks see Rubric)