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Animal Rights (there are many different issues you can explore such as factory farming, zoos, etc.) Capital PunishmentEnvironmental Ethics (there are many different issues you can explore such as climate change, saving bees, GMOs)Physician Assisted Suicide or Death with Dignity LawsLegalizing Marijuana Gun Rights PornographyHealth Care RightsLBGTQ RightsAffirmative Action These are general topics; it would be best to pick a particular specific issue within that topic to explore. Contact the instructor to brainstorm topics if needed. Guidelines:The essay must be 5 to 6 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font.  APA or MLA format may be used.  The pages must have 1-inch margins all around. Cover and sources pages do not count as the body of the 5 to 6-page essay.Use at least FOUR sources; two sources must be accessed from the Ivy Tech Virtual Library.  The textbook or Web materials may be cited as sources, but please do not cite Wikipedia or similar information sites (such as or These are not academic sources.

Redo DMIN 851 DMIN 851 Portfolio: Culmination Phase Assignment

I am in the process of reviewing the document and I noticed that the questions are included in the justification assignment. Per the assignment instructions, the justification should be narrative (paragraph form) and the questions are omitted.*****

Lifespan review project

A case study is a qualitative research design that looks in depth at a specific person or situation.  The purpose of this assignment is to learn this person’s story of their development process throughout their entire lifespan. You will be doing so through the three major aspects of development, physical (biological), cognitive, and socioemotional.  You must also link the person’s story to the theories of developmental psychology that you have studied throughout the course. Thus, this project is not something you can begin one week before it is due.You should select your participant in the early stages of the class and work on the assignment by at least the beginning of Module 5. An interview, or more likely, a series of interviews with your participant, will be required to collect the depth of information needed to complete this assignment. Once the data is collected, you will write the story of this person’s life from a developmental psychology perspective. What were the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional developmental aspects of this person’s life? You should thoroughly explore all of these aspects. You are telling this person’s life story in terms of how they developed. The other equally important part of this assignment is to connect this story to the theories and milestones of development that you have been studying during this class. The best way to achieve both of these requirements is to integrate the developmental theories into the story. For example, you might want to discuss Piaget’s formal operational stage when looking at your participant’s adolescent years. The story aspect and the theoretical aspect are worth the same number of points, so your paper length should be close to evenly divided between these two aspects.The paper should be a minimum of 8-pages, but not more than 9-pages, and use APA 7 format. The page requirement does not include the title page or the reference page. You must use a minimum of five scholarly references as part of completing this paper.

What is the role of political parties in the government system?

Writing Assignment Help To whom do you think their websites will most likely appeal, and why? What image are they trying to project for the party (or candidate)? How successful are they in their efforts? What improvements might they make to appeal to certain demographics? Next, discuss the third-party website you reviewed for this assignment. How were the ideas presented by the third party different from the two major parties? Finally, consider whether two major political parties are enough to represent the diversity of the people of America? What are the benefits of a two-party system? What are the drawbacks of a two-party system? What are the major obstacles faced by third-party candidates? Do you think a third party will rise to power anytime soon? Why or why not. What would it take for a third party to be successful? Refer to the learning materials to support your opinions.    Purpose: Trace the origins and roots of the American two-party system.    Knowledge: After completing this module, you will understand:    How the American political party system has evolved over time    The role that political parties play in American politics    Skills: After completing this module, you will be able to:    Trace the evolution of the American political party system    Explain the activities of political parties    Discuss the platforms of American political parties    Compare and contrast the two major political parties with third partiesn 250-300 words, answer the questions below, then respond to at least two colleagues with posts of 150 words each. Provide at least 2 examples from the news in support of your statements.Compare and contrast the Republican and Democratic parties based on the information you found in the book and on their official party websites.To whom do you think their websites will most likely appeal, and why?What image are the parties trying to project?What improvements might the parties make to appeal to certain demographics?Review a third political party. How were the ideas presented by the third party different from the two major parties?Consider whether two major political parties are enough to represent the diversity of the people of America. What are the benefits of a two-party system?What are the drawbacks of a two-party system?What are the major obstacles faced by third-party candidates?Do you think a third party will rise to power anytime soon? Why or why not.What would it take for a third party to be successful?

..bigger by (i) extending or increasing our presence in a specific geographical region, or ii) extending or increasing one of

..bigger by (i) extending or increasing our presence in a specific geographical region, or ii) extending or increasing one of our three legs of the stool, or iii) adding/acquiring a particular product line or service.For the Bigger – More is More teams (address the following):(i) from a global, strategy perspective, why big is better (e.g., globalization)?(ii) from a competitive perspective, why Citibank is stronger,outperforming its bank competition (e.g., Citi has the financial strength, product market share strength and/or geographical region strength to be that big bank)?(iii)  from an operational perspective, why Citibank itself  (stand alone basis) is well positioned (e.g., think about a SWOT analysis, just the SO, the Bank’s strengths, opportunities for the Bank)?(iv) from a recommendation perspective, what should Citibank do, wisely/productively, to make it bigger?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: has it made an impact on Canadian society?

It must be typed, and it must include a bibliography and citations. The citations canbe done as footnotes, endnotes or, in the body of the essay. The essay will be evaluated on thefollowing:1. Content – your research2. Style – your ability to write an essay – includes spelling, grammar, bibliography,citations, etc.3. Analysis – your own analysis, opinion, point of viewInstructions:Choose a topic relevant to this course. Prepare to write a five (4)page research paper notincluding the cover page and reference page; APA reference format is required.Your paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:Thesis

Effects of private jets on climate change

You’ll seek out conversations that are happening among scholars, scientists, politicians, and citizens to answer your question about a specific aspect of climate change–in realms as diverse as effects of climate change on specific people and geographic locations; the consequences of climate change for human health and wellbeing, economic growth, and social stability; contributors to climate change; and responses to climate change from governments, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. You will conduct research, reviewing the ideas of experts and thinkers in many fields as well as listening to the voices and experiences of those most directly affected. In this research, you will be looking for a particular “story,” or finding a specific thread, that emerges in the sources.Your second purpose is then to explain, in writing, what you’ve come to understand. You will not write to persuade an audience so much as to inform and educate them by reporting the information you’ve gathered. Your writing will summarize, synthesize, and analyze what you’ve found in your research so that you advance your audience’s understanding. In true academic fashion, you are setting out to open up a conversation about this topic through your research and writing. See Everyone’s an Author chapter 15 for more information about reports.Your AudienceImagine an audience of readers your age who is, like you, are interested in the problem of climate change and eager to find ways to act. They want to learn more but are likely to have diverse opinions and experiences that they’ll bring to reading your work. You will want to approach this audience and your topic with openness, humility, and meekness.FormatYour final written report will be similar to a “literature review” or “review of the research,” both common genres in academic disciplines, often a section in contemporary journal articles, dissertations, or books. In popular genres, you will likewise see this in a kind of review section, sometimes in a less formal or structured way. Remember that you aren’t defending a persuasive stance in this writing, but rather showing your ability to thoughtfully review existing information, opinions, and arguments through the lens of this thread and topic that you’ve focused on in your research. Your writing will summarize, analyze, and synthesize the thinking of others about your topic.Please use the sources in the file uploaded below

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