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What were the causes and major battles of the Spanish American War and how did they directly affect the duration and outcome of the War?

What were the causes and major battles of the Spanish American War and how did they directly affect the duration and outcome of the War? (Discussing: the USS Maine Explosion, Battle of San Juan Hill and Manila are mandatory!!)***

Superstar CEO

be/Sphz4j88bLsQuestion(s):1) What benefits and drawbacks do you see of having a superstar CEO?2) How would you leverage these benefits and reduce the drawbacks?Your answers should not exceed 300 words, excluding citations.

Developmental Analysis Project: Article Research 1

Examining research that is aligned to developmental stages will support your work for your final paper.PromptThis week, you will continue to prepare for your Module 7 Developmental Analysis Paper that will identify four major development theories and how they relate to your own personal development. Your final paper will require you to research 8-10 scholarly articles that detail developmental events and their effects during your stages of development. These articles must have been published within the last ten years. This week you will begin researching two scholarly articles that discuss:Mental health implications of the developmental stagesEvents on your timeline ParametersFor this assignment, you will complete an annotated bibliography of two scholarly sources. This will help you begin researching the developmental stages you will analyze in your paper. Each annotation should be around 200 words. In addition, please write a reflection directly below the annotations that provide further analysis of how the articles demonstrate the mental health implications of the development stages and how they relate to events on your timeline from last week. This reflection should be at least 400 words.  Please make sure to follow proper APA formatting for your annotated bibliography. You may refer to this website for examples of proper formatting.

Airbnb, Inc. Project Plan

Writing Assignment Help Organizations need to consider risks and develop a contingency plan. This plan is typically presented to management.  Based on your prior research, determine potential risk factors for not meeting each of the project objectives.?Develop a contingency plan for each of the potential risks. Add the potential risks and contingency plan to your Wk?4 – Apply: Project Plan assignment. Create a 12- to 14-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes and visuals on every slide in which you:Identify the organization’s information presented in Wk?1.Synthesize the SWOT analysis and market trend research.Explain how the project objectives will advance the organizational goals.Assess how success will be measured.Evaluate the value this project will bring to the organization.Identify project metrics, timelines, and responsible parties.Develop a contingency plan for each of the potential risk factors for not meeting each of the project objectives.

Exxon and Carbon Tax

Even from a bottom-line point of view, Exxon’s initiative on the carbon tax arguably makes a lot of sense. Why is this so? Why is the proposed carbon tax actually an issue of enlightened self-interest?2. According to the article, Exxon was not always so open-minded. How and why did the company change its stance? How can you explain that it was actually under the leadership of Rex Tillerson that Exxon evidently changed the most? What does that tell you?3. Is there any reason for us to be cynical about Exxon’s initiative? Do you think it is suspect? Do you think it should be seen as either cynical, or insincere, or anything else negative? Is there any reason not to applaud?Your answer should not exceed 2 pages.

Module 2: Discussion

Consider your own contexts and do the following in your initial post: What groups have you been a part of at university and what types of groups are they? Try to list at least three groups you have been a part of while in college, whether formal or informal, and describe what type of group they are. How have those groups functioned as building blocks for or smaller points of access to organizations or communities? Describe the organizations or communities these groups contribute to and how/why. What are you struggling with in trying to identify what groups you have been part of? Is there anything you’re having difficulty with while identifying, describing, or distinguishing groups?   Reply to at least two peers. In your replies, please do the following: What have you learned about groups from your peer’s post? Have they helped you see how groups and larger structures/institutions/communities of people are connected? How can you assist your peer in identifying/describing groups? How would you describe groups to your peer in a way that might help them? What other organizations or communities might their groups be part of?

Discussion on Lime

e. Issue Statement, Strategic Analysis, Strategic Alternatives and Recommendations).Guiding Question:Lime ( Lime is an innovative company, in the dynamic and developing bike-sharing industry, but with success comes stiffer competition  (new entrants and existing entities facing disruption). What can Lime do in order to create a competitive advantage in the bike-sharing industry? Your review should not exceed 2 pages. Here are some other background information on how to conduct a case study.==================================================================How to Analysis a Case StudyThis guide presents a structured framework to help you analyze strategic management case studies. Knowing how to analyze a case will help you attack virtually any business problem. A case study presents facts about a company and an issue facing the company. You are asked to analyze the case by focusing on the most important facts and using this information to identify strategic alternatives to deal with the issue and to make recommendations to senior management.Purpose of writing a case paperA case study helps you learn by immersing yourself in a real-world business scenario where you can act as problem-solver and decision-maker.Cases (like all business situations) are complex and ambiguous. Dealing with uncertainty and ambiguous situations is an important skill for managers and consultants.Lastly, cases help you enhance your problem-solving skills. This is important since managers and consultants are professional problem solvers. Consulting firms, such as McKinsey, exist to solve problems and problem-solving is the 2nd most important competency at all management levels.Preparing your case paperBefore you start to write your case paper, go through the following steps:Identify the most important facts surrounding the case.Read the case several times to become familiar with the information it contains. Pay attention to the information in any accompanying exhibits, tables, or figures. Many case scenarios, as in real life, present a great deal of detailed information. Some of these facts are more relevant than others. One can assume the facts and figures in the case are true, but statements, judgments, or decisions made by individuals should be questioned. If key facts and numbers are not available, you can make assumptions, but these assumptions should be reasonable given the situation.Identify the key issue.Using the facts provided by the case and considering the guiding question your instructor provided for you, state the major issue facing the company. You should be able to explain how this issue affects the strategy or performance of the company. Using information from the case, expand upon this issue such that you not only state the question but also recognize nuances or implicit aspects of the issue. For instance:You will need to explain why the issue occurred.Does the issue come from a changing environment, new opportunities, a declining market share, or inefficient internal or external business processes?To determine if an issue stems from management factors, consider whether managers are exerting appropriate leadership.You will have to decide which of these factors—or a combination of factors—is most important in explaining why the issue occurred.Specify strategic alternatives.List strategic alternatives the company can take to solve its issue or meet the challenge it faces. What changes to company processes would be required by each alternative? What management policy would be required to implement each alternative?Remember, there is a difference between what a company “should do” and what that company “can do”. Some solutions are too expensive or difficult to implement. Identify the constraints that will limit the solutions available. Is each alternative executable given these constraints?Evaluate each strategic alternative.Evaluate each alternative using the facts and issue you identified earlier, given the conditions and information available. Identify the pros and cons of each alternative. Ask yourself “what would be the likely outcome of this strategic alternative? State the risks as well as the rewards associated with each strategic alternative. Is the strategic alternative feasible from a technical, operational, and financial standpoint?Recommend a strategic alternative.State your choice for the best strategic alternative and provide a detailed explanation of why you made this selection. You may also want to provide an explanation of why other alternatives were not selected. Your final recommendation should flow logically from the rest of your case paper. There is often no single “right” answer, and each option is likely to have risks as well as rewards.