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what are the potential impacts/ damages to the substation and power grid IEC 6850 network due to cyber attacks?

3. if the transmission substation is under cyber-attack, what are the potential impacts/ damages to the substation and power grid for an IEC 61850 network ?
Just only answer question 3. Please don’t introduce. I have the answer bottom, Based on that, please help me analyze it and write 2 paragraphs, first paragraph Cyber attacks against power grids, second paragraph Cyber attacks against SCADA
Cyber attacks against power grids :
➢ Loss of load
➢ Voltage and rotor angle instability
➢ Equipment damage: excessive torques can physically damage generators

➢ Simultaneous multiple generator and line contingencies
➢ Cascades of tripping events
➢ Partial or a complete blackout
Cyber attacks against SCADA:

➢ Increase grid vulnerability to a blackout
And I have the pdf, base on that pdf please help me do it

Final Diet Analysis Project

The attachment below contains instructions to complete your final project.
Check back for a video reviewing the project as well as tips for successfully completing it (to be posted by May 9th).
The project is worth 20% of your grade–failing to complete the final project will significantly impact your grade.
Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to get a copy of a final project document!
VERY IMPORTANT: If you have a history of an eating disorder, disordered eating patterns, or similar issues with diet, please reach out to me for an alternate assignment–no judgment and no questions asked. Tracking food and calories is NOT for everyone and should not be attempted by those with a history of eating disorders or disordered eating patterns.

a paragraph reflection on each link and reading

a paragraph reflection on EACH reading/watching/listening assignment for the week. It does not need not be formal or overly analytical. A casual reflection based on the reading’s relevance to your life is perfectly suitable for this assignment. You might also incorporate questions or concepts that did not make sense. You may critique it or debate the positions. You can share what you learned that you didn’t know before. In short, so long as they are directly reflecting on the assigned piece, your reflections will receive full credit.……

Discussion Topic

Engineering Assignment Help

Please see the video below:
Based on your reading of Chapter 10 from your course textbook, “Beginning and Ending Your Speech”,
what tips and techniques from both the video and the textbook chapter reading did you like? Which ones will you use for your speech this week?

Blood Brothers Book

Having read the book, Blood Brothers, connect the story of Muhammad Ali and his relationship with Malcolm X to various readings in the class.  For example, how would you connect Ali’s understanding of sport and society to Hilliard’s idea of how modern televised sport keeps us from having a “sociological imagination” (something Ali seemed to possess)?  Also, how does the history of sport help us understand both Ali’s political views and the negative reaction he received when he joined the Nation of Islam and eventually refused to fight in Vietnam? Finally, how can we understand Ali’s political viewpoint in terms of other athletes’ political organizing (you can use Candaele and Drier’s article as well as CRT if you think it is appropriate).

Hyperledger Fabric

Then write about your findings, use technical language.-Introduction -Main body:        Discuss the difference between Hyperledger Fabric and other         blockchain platform. And the advantages of Hyperledger Fabric.-Conclusion-References:         use at least 5 credible sources(IEEE database).

Homework 5

Please show all of your work on paper. When you are ready to submit, please scan or take take clear photos of your work and upload to Canvas. There are free scanner apps for mobile devices that you can use to scan and compile all of your images into one PDF

Lab 5 introducing

The purpose of this lab is to design, build, simulate and verify three amplifying circuits in Multisim. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to build an op-amp circuit in Multisim Live.

Figure 1. Multisim Live Schematic of a Non-Inverting Op-Amp Circuit
Part 1. Multisim Simulations
Write or type all of your calculations and answers to the questions above and save as lab6yourname.pdf. Upload via Canvas.
Assume that you are required to use resistors with resistance values no smaller than 1K? to minimize currents
Use the 5-terminal op-amp in Multisim and let Vcc = 15V and -Vcc = -15V be the required power supply to turn on the op-amp
Simulate the circuits with V1 = 2V and V2 = 3V. In the Multisim schematic above, V1 should be where V3 is and V2 would be a source connected to the inverting input and you may not need both V1 and V2 for all circuits.
Use a voltmeter to verify that Vout is what you expect. You can verify your answers by plugging 2V and 3V into the equations below.
Save and submit your schematics.
Non-Inverting amplifier: Vout = 3V1
Inverting amplifier: Vout = -6V2
Summing amplifier: Vout = -(4V1 V2)
Difference amplifier: Vout = -3(V1 – V2)
Part 2. Lab Report
Write or type all of your calculations from above and include along with your simulated schematics. Save as lab5yourname.pdf. Upload via Canvas.

Techniques in Financial Accounting (Bian: 9/5/2022)

The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 1000words long. Please see the questions shown in the screenshot. I will send you all info after being hired, eg PPTs, student access etc. Please send a draft in 12hrs -1 day time, day 2, and day 3 as well. Will need to draft some questions to ask the teacher and revise base on feedback (Send bk ard in 1 day max)

Lab 2 introducing

The purpose of this lab is to verify that Kirchoff’s Voltage and Current laws are upheld in series and parallel simulated circuits. We will be creating a series, parallel and series-parallel resistive circuits with a DC source and placing meters to measure current and voltage. If you need a refresher on how to use Multisim Live, feel free to re-watch the tutorial video in Module 1.

Self introduction

This video is a good example of an Extemporaneous speech as discussed in your course textbook and the videos in the Powerpoint Presentations in the lecture folders.Please answer ALL of the following SEVEN questions:(YOU MUST ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS
1)What do you think of the speech?
2) Do you think the student read the instructions in the assignment tab before preparing the speech?
3) Do you think the student read the “Self-Introduction Tips” before doing the assignment?
4) How long do you think this student took to prepare this speech?
5) Do you think the student wrote the speech first and then practiced it and then recorded it?
6) What will you do for your speech or future speeches?7) Which of the tips below is most helpful for you?

Self – Introduction SpeechPresentation Content
Please be advised that this is the only way for you to submit the Link and the Written Speech (on a Word document) for your presentation. Also, the rubric for your video presentations is also included. Make sure you go over the rubric BEFORE you post your video. BE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE FOLDER FOR WEEK ONE (ASSIGNMENT) BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR PRESENTAITONSelf Introduction Speech Helpful Tips
Overview: In interviews, one of the questions most often asked is also one that is surprisingly difficult for people to answer articulately: “So, tell me a little bit about yourself.” For your first speech in CIS 110, you will be telling us all a little bit about yourself by delivering a self-introduction speech. This speech will be more personal and less formal than an interview response, but you will still want to think about what you want your audience to know about you.
For this assignment, you will prepare a speech that informs your audience about you. To prepare for this speech, choose an object that represents a significant part of your background, personality, values, or ambitions. Construct a speech that relates the object to your life in some meaningful way. Present information about the topic, and then provide analysis for how or why it is relevant to you.
Assignment Guidelines:
This speech should be 2 minutes in length.
Your speech must include an object, and must demonstrate the significance of this object.
Your speech should include a clear introduction that draws in your audience, states your thesis, and previews what will be covered in your speech
Your speech should include clear transitions between main points; transitions should make a connection between what you just talked about, and what you are about to discuss.
Your speech should include a clear conclusion that reviews your main points and leaves the audience with final thought.
Language use should be appropriate and descriptive for the audience
Your speech should utilize either a Chronological or Topical pattern of organization
Chronological Organization: main points follow a time pattern. For example:
Main Point #1: past
Main Point #2: present
Main Point #3: future
Topical Organization: divides the topic (i.e., YOU) into logical and clear subtopics. For example:
Main Point #1: family
Main Point #2: school
Main Point #3: hobbies
Be creative! Make sure that you focus on the interesting and unique aspects of you or your life. Do not merely provide a laundry list of information; develop your points and integrate your object throughout. Create a vivid and memorable image that will be interesting to the audience.
Look over the grading rubric thoroughly as you prepare for your speech.
Practice beforehand!

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