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Discrimination in the workplace is one of the greatest obstacles that has hindered our capacity to reach some of this company's strategic objectives. United Health Group Inc. is one of the nation's largest healthcare providers. This seventeenth-ranked Fortune 500 company has enormous potential that can be utilized to the benefit of all stakeholders. Nonetheless, discrimination against a subset of the facility's employees or customers has been one of the most significant issues affecting our business. As a member of this organization's leadership, I believe we can overcome this obstacle. We can only fulfill the company's goals if we live as a cohesive family. We should not utilize race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other demographic variable to divide us. We must move above ethnic prejudice and bigotry. If we make a concerted effort, we will be able to form a family that is capable of withstanding any influences in the external environment.

United Health Services

United Health Group has become one of the world's major health care providers. We have devoted many hours to achieving our current standing. This indicates that we have the potential to achieve even greater success if we are able to overcome some of the most significant flaws. I believe that discrimination towards a segment of the population is one of the organization's most significant flaws. There have been reports that Blacks experience discrimination, particularly at the hands of their bosses. According to Blanchard and Hodges (2003), leaders are responsible for respecting others if they expect people to respect them. We must combat this sin with a unified front.

Servant Leader

Leadership is one of the most influential determinants of an organization's success or failure. Due to the bold actions of great leaders such as George Washington, the United States of America was able to win independence from its colonial overlords (Sipe & Frick, 2009). These were servant leaders who sought to transform the nation without placing their own interests first. George Washington, for instance, was able to lead this nation to socioeconomic and political success by sacrificing some of his personal interests for the greater good of society. In order to be successful in this organization, we must follow in similar footsteps.

Leadership as an Obligation

In our organization, we must recognize that we were placed in positions of leadership to serve other employees. We owe it to our employer and the business as a whole to provide leadership to everyone. Leadership is not a license to oppress others and make them feel like unworthy members of our community. We are responsible for listening to them. We must comprehend their demands and choose the most effective means of meeting them. We must recognize that it is our duty to promote unity among all parties involved. Best practices begin with us, and any bad attitude we adopt will be reflected throughout the organization (Miller, 2009).

Communication Techniques

According to Trompenaars and Voerman (2009), while tackling the issue of prejudice in the workplace, one of the steps that must be addressed is to strengthen our communication techniques. We must establish efficient methods of communication with employees at various management levels. We must establish a method of communication that is not bureaucratic. Leaders should establish direct channels of communication with subordinates. This is the only way we can discover what is harming people at their workstations. The management must also devise a method for allowing employees to openly express themselves without fear of intimidation. We owe this to them since our purpose is to serve them.

Theory X by McGregor

We must take care of the leadership models we employ while mentoring other members of this organization to achievement. In a hospital context, we must recognize that some personnel may become exhausted, particularly when they overwork out of necessity. We must ensure that we do not place an excessive amount of pressure on them to perform their jobs. We must resist the desire to apply McGregor's Theory X to staff management, as doing so will induce mistrust. The staff should develop a sense of duty and trust.

Theory Y by McGregor

As leaders, we must recognize the significance of delegating responsibilities and creating the subordinate officers' confidence that the allocated work will be completed. I am requesting that the senior leaders of this organization delegate some responsibilities to their subordinates in an effort to foster a culture of trust. I am appealing to the junior supervisors to avoid the temptation to harass junior personnel. If we treat you well, it is your job to return the favor by treating your subordinate staff with deference. This will teach them to respect our clients. We will no longer receive discrimination accusations from clients. We must all adopt McGregor's Theory Y.

Collaboration at United Health Group Inc.

United Health Group's difficulties can only be handled via collaboration. Even though our company is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world, our services are inferior than those of Johns Hopkins Hospital, the industry leader. We must avoid letting bad ethnicity interfere with our teamwork. We should both think that we are equals in the organization and that everyone deserves respect. We cannot achieve our goals if we operate as autonomous individuals who do not require the assistance of other members of the organization. Only in an environment where employees feel respected can teamwork be successful.

The advantages of the new policy

This new policy's implementation will yield enormous benefits for the organization. In the recent past, some employees have claimed that supervisors allocate tasks with bias. This is a direct manner of expressing their dissatisfaction with their treatment. These personnel do not always perform their duties (Baldoni, 2003). This problem will be addressed by this new policy. It is also true that the personnel will eventually realize they must treat each client with respect. This step will increase staff happiness and increase the hospital's market presence. The company will realize increased market profitability.


As leaders, it is our duty to confront the issue of employment discrimination. We are all aware that any type of discrimination degrades the victims. When we commit this social wrong against the junior staff, they will retaliate on the customers. When serving customers they consider to be in the same social class as their tyrannical supervisors, they would treat them with contempt, which could have a negative impact on the firm's profitability. In order to obtain a good reputation on the market, we must therefore combat discrimination at all levels of this organization. This is the only way for the company to become competitive in the market.


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