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timeline essay

Topic: Indian Health Service  The Five Events:  1. 2010: Authorize IHS to create a national CHAP  IHCIA is amended to authorize IHS to create a national CHAP. This excludes Dental Health Aides, unless in a state that authorizes its use. 2.July 26,2014: Recommendations of research aid  they also suffer from lacking basic amenities, including transportation, proper housing, and communications services. This has led the government commissions and other agencies to deliver recommendations from several time periods of research to aid in their initiatives’ rural social and economic development and implications. They also examine India’s poverty and evaluate the policies and programmer and social welfare programs. This might help in developing the strategies to eradicate poverty to improve their livelihood an analysis according to an article on the 26th 0f July 2014 3. June 1,2016: Letter (DTLL) initiates consultation on a draft policy to expand the CHAP Dear Tribal Leader Letter (DTLL) initiates consultation on a draft policy to expand the CHAP (Consultation Sessions were held on 9/19, 10/4, and 10/9). Several Tribes and Tribal Organizations expressed concern about provisions in the Federal Register Notice. In response to those concerns, the Indian Health Service (IHS) has made the determination that we will engage in additional Tribal consultation before moving forward. 4. December 8,2018: They trying to make health insurance more assessable  Poverty and health insurance has been considered to be luxury by the most vulnerable and impoverished people. Following the research done by the national survey office, it stated that only fourteen percent of Indians in rural areas and nineteen in urban areas could access health insurance. Furthermore, the private institution which offers healthcare service cannot be accessed by the highest number of Indians because they are expensive. The government should make it easily accessible insurance to the citizens at all levels despite their social class in order to ensure equal treatment. 5. July 2021: COVID affected healthcare systems  Later research was conducted on the economic status, which confirmed that according to their data up to July 2021, it was evident that extreme poverty increased across the country because of COVID-19 in cities through lockdown, which restricted any movements. As a result of the impacts of the COVID pandemic, a total of forty-four million citizens became extremely poor in India because of losing their jobs. This has adversely affected the healthcare systems in this country. Research Paper: Complete the grading criteria objectives in the form of a logically organized research paper that discusses the importance of each date in greater detail. If you choose to write a paper, use a minimum of FIVE REFERENCES as opposed to three. The paper should be 5 pages  in length.-Five refrences in APA format  a. WHAT: Provide a detailed description of each of the 5 events. b. WHEN: Chronologically, build a clear connection between each date. Ie: How did one date set the precedent or evolve into the next date?  c. WHO: Who is being impacted by the event? Who were the winners/losers? Who were the primary stakeholders?  d. WHY: Discuss “why this event is significant” to your overall topic. e. HOW: Reflect upon how the event being discussed has impacted the evolution of the chosen welfare program in modern times Attached file that shows an example of t what the dates should look like

Framework to engage a population group in a change episode using  4 identified tasks. talk about Vulnerable population, address each

Framework to engage a population group in a change episode using  4 identified tasks. talk about Vulnerable population, address each question on task 1 , discuss your position and how it influence responses.                    Themes of Critical Race Theory1. Racism is deeply and perpetually embedded in societal institutions, making it very difficult to identify.Despite the banning of visible signs of discrimination, racial privilege continues. CRT seeks to study andchange the relationship between race, racism, and power, questioning the liberal order of things.2. Racism has become normalized in societal structures and institutions in which whites are privileged andpersons of color are not. Thus, race and racism serve psychological, social, and material interests, and inorder for change to occur it must benefit majority interests as well as those interests of excluded minorities.3. Race is socially constructed, having no basis in genetics or biology. Yet, categories of difference have been created by law to normalize race and underscore white privilege.4. Symbolism and meaning of racial groups have changed over place and time depending on political,social, and economic needs.5. The intersectionality of multiple identities is recognized, and to solely recognize gender, race, class,sexuality, disability, or any other identity without acknowledging the complexity of their overlap leads tofurther marginization.6. The voices of people of color are unique, must be heard, and are often more effective in assessing theintended and unintended consequences of public policies and programs Task 1 includes two sets of activities—developing cultural humility and listening to different perspectives from population members.Develop Cultural HumilityMost, if not all, episodes of macro-level change will involve populations that differ on some dimension from the social work change agent. For this reason, we emphasize listening to members of the target population and gathering a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence in order to develop an effective planned change intervention. But before a social worker engages in these learning activities, she or he must attend to interpersonal attitudes regarding diversity and difference

Write a research paper about anxiety and depression disorders among Vietnamese Community aged 30-55 years old in Bay Area, California

Part 1 (3-page max): Public health issue and community, follow the instruction in the file that I attach. ( at least three sources for this part) Part 2 (2-page max): Community health promotion strategy, previous strategy/ program/intervention. ( at least two sources for this part)Part 3: ( 2 page max): community health promotion approach. Follow the instructions. References: use APA 7

Conquest of the New World

Writing Assignment Help You must present your own interpretation of what you see in the documents.  Narrative style book reports are unacceptable and will result in a C or less.  Remember to present your thesis at the beginning of your paper, clearly stating point by point what you will be arguing.  The paragraphs that follow should support your argument with a strong introductory sentence.  At the end of your paper, you will return to your thesis, and bring your argument to a successful conclusion. Your first paper will be 4-6 pages in length, typed and double spaced in a 12-point font with footnotes and bibliography made according to the Chicago Manual of Style, and presented with standard one-inch margins. For your sources, you must use a minimum of five scholarly sources that are either books or articles.  For your first paper, you will write an essay on your choice of topic ranging from the Native Americans up through the South.  When analyzing your choice of subject, think about what makes it unique.  What is your argument?  How did your topic impact North America?

Interviewing and selection strategy

Provide a quick rationale on your selections – a couple of bullet points, short and sweet so You can convey them in concert with working with your subordinate managers charged with interviewing and selection accountability.Make it more like a list, not like essay. Thank you!PS: Interviewing resource starts on page 81 of the pdf I uploaded.

Week 6 Ethics

In the past, advertisers had to guess where they could reach potential customers on television, radio and print.  Now, much of the advertising budget is spent online where advertisers are able to reach specific individuals who are most likely to buy their advertiser’s product or service.  Through Google they know what you have searched for and deliver ads for that.  Amazon knows what you buy and suggests products based upon that.  Facebook know a great deal about your life through your posts, you friends, your messages as well as any web site you sign in using your Facebook credentials.  By matching email addresses, mobile phone numbers, IP addresses, advertisers can identify who you are and where you live.  Superimposed upon this system is a network of data brokers who buy and sell data from online companies and assemble disparate pieces of data into a profile of individuals that undoubtedly include you.  There is hardly any regulation of this data ecosystem.  For an example, read the linked New York Times articles on data apps and the data they provide and respond to the questions below. I have uploaded the documents.Do you find any of these particular practices to be ethically questionable?  What are those practices?Why do you think these practices are unethical using one of the ethical theories in your toolkit?Are you surprised or alarmed that so much of your personal data is available in this ecosystem?Do you think the system ought to be changed to eliminate these practices and, if so, what changes would you suggest?You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads

5-2 Milestone Three

PromptNow that you have chosen your resources and examined the influence of the methodologies and data-collection types on research, it’s time to use your resources to craft research questions. In Project Three: Research Questions, which is due in Module Eight, you will need to create a research question that addresses a particular research problem and explain your development process. To prepare yourself to explain your development process, think about your research problem, not a specific study, and then complete the following:Crafting QuestionsCraft research questions that would require the researcher to use a particular research methodology. Complete each of the following:Craft a qualitative research question.Be sure your research question captures your research problem and requires using a qualitative approach to answer the question.Craft a quantitative research question.Be sure your research question captures your research problem and requires using a quantitative approach to answer the question.Craft a mixed-methodology research question.Be sure your research question captures your research problem and requires using a mixed-methodology approach to answer the question.Examination of QuestionsNow that you have crafted a research question that would require a particular research methodology, answer each of the following to help choose which research question you will examine further in Project Three in Module Eight:Which research question do you think best captures the research problem you would like to explore?Remember: You’re not actually performing this research study—you’re just thinking about the research question that you would like to dig into if you were going to conduct a research study.Does one of your research questions seem to represent the types of research questions in your field of study more than the others?Is there anything you noticed about the creation of these research questions? Was there something that surprised you in their creation? What stood out to you as you were crafting each question?Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:Craft a qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology research question about a specific research problem.Examine research questions in order to select a complex question.Guidelines for Submission:This assignment must be completed in a written format and be 1–2 pages in length. Any references should be cited in APA format.

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