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The Implementing Change Management Term Paper Best Essay Help

Select one of the following tools: the nine steps in Ackerman and Andersons roadmap for change, Cummings and Worleys five dimensions of leading and managing change, or the three components of organizational change. Explain how a leader could use this tool in guiding an organizational change. Review several of your peers posts. Respond to two peers who did not choose the same tool as you. Discuss the similarities and differences between the tools.

Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.



To successfully complete this weeks assignments, read the following chapters from the text,:

Chapter Three Implementing Change

A decisive insight of fashion mba essay help: mba essay help

I need some assistance with these assignment. a decisive insight of fashion Thank you in advance for the help! Differentiation can be termed as discrimination that people try to achieve by being special. Furthermore, uniformity is when there is no variation between people, in other words, most of the times people try to uniform with others to blend with them.Apparently, any regular person is struggling to achieve this two force may at times want to be special in his/her styles compared to mimicking others.It is worth noting that, Simmels main claim is that, fashion is about the two forces which allow people to exercise their need for differentiation and uniformity. On the bases of his main claim and the fundamental assumptions, Simmel developed several sub-claims which are. humans are mysterious, how fashion allows the existence of the humans dualistic nature, how people always notice only the experience thing, fashion helps social classes develop relation to each other, how social classes are built upon imitation, how women overcompensate through fashion for the lack of social power historically, fashions function as a mask for human beings. Finally, he concludes his reflection with his most vital idea, in other words, that fashion helps people to achieve their inner freedom. Simmel bases his reasoning on the assumption that fashion and human beings are driven by the two forces. First, he believes that human nature is driven by the two forces, our desire to be closer to others and pull away from them. Moreover, we communicate on multiple levels that is, on the social level. to what social groups we belong, but also in a very personal sense, in what way we are unique as individuals. Evidently, these two assumptions are connected, that is, the dualistic nature (Simmel, 1904/ 1957, p. 541) of a person makes us deep.

Gun violence and illegal use of narcotics argumentative essay help online

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on memo regarding gun violence and illegal use of narcotics. However, their use should be solely after a doctors or professional pharmacists prescription. Nevertheless, many people tend to ignore this fact and go ahead to abuse these substances. The most common manner through which the abuse takes place is by taking these drugs in high dosages and, thus, altering their reception by the human body system. By modifying the reception, the brain fails to co-ordinate and function normally, and this leads to the users engaging in acts of violence.

As in this case, the acts of violence often involve the purchase of firearms in an effort to settle old scores. In the normal and sober condition of these people, they may have had a misunderstanding with someone. The misunderstanding might have been negligible, but after the intoxication of the brain, all these emotions get heightened, thus resulting in the purchase of these weapons to commit acts of revenge or associated self-gratification tactics (Decker and Alarid 37).

The other relation between gun violence and the illegal use of narcotics is concerning the economic environment. Over the last couple of years, the economy has been unstable with inflation hitting the market often. This has made it difficult for people that live under the poverty line and at times, even middle-income earners to survive these conditions. This leads to the indulgence in additional activities such as the sale of firearms in an effort to obtain additional money for the fulfillment of personal needs. For the addicts, these personal needs may even involve the purchase of more drugs.

Another connection found between the illegal use of narcotics and gun violence is the systematic link (Decker and Alarid 47). Common to all countries in the world, the use of narcotics is a crime. This, therefore, makes it rather impossible for any peaceful drug business to take part legally. As widely perceived, any illegal activity is usually associated with violence.

Description of a research problem buy essay help: buy essay help

Description of Problem

The system dynamics for system similar to the above (SISO) are embedded in the

attached file. You will use the file to generate input/output data, construct a Bode plot

from the simulated data, and extract a transfer function from it. This transfer function will

be tested of its accuracy using simulations, i.e., use a particular input to both the original

system and the transfer function obtained from the constructed bode diagram and

compare the respective responses. Based on the correlation of the two responses, you will

make modification to the transfer function or state argumentations for reasons to maintain

the obtain transfer function.

Next, you will analyze the system obtained (the transfer function) using Root Locus and

Routh Hurwitz techniques. With the analysis completed, you will formulate performance

specification for the closed-loop system to be designed. Before implementing these by

designing an appropriate controller, you must approve the design specification with the

instructor (a technical memorandum with all pertinent information to the instructor). Note

all semester project design specifications must be approved by no later than April 9

th. For

the approval, you will need to present all the analysis work performed in the technical



According to the above description, perform the following tasks:

a) Identify the system model based on input/output data using the given Matlab

files (see below for the Matlab code and Moodle folder).

b) Verify the obtained transfer function using a new set of input/output data and

make necessary correction and/or statement of why system is sufficiently

accurate. (Hint, you can utilize step, impulse, or random function generator as

new inputs).

c) Use the identified and tested/modified transfer function and perform a Root Locus

analysis and a Routh Hurwitz analysis.

d) Develop performance specifications in the time and frequency domain and have

them approved by the instructor by April 9

th the latest (use a TM as outlined


e) Design a lead-lag controller using root locus or bode diagram and design a PID

controller using Ziegler Nichols rules both such that the closed-loop system

satisfies the performance specifications stated in section d).

f) Write a memo with short explanations of the tasks, the design, and the outcome.

Also attach all the analysis, the Matlab files, the plots, and verification


Hemispherical structure used by Buddhist english essay help

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Compare the significance, ritual use, or cultural function or purpose. Ijele and Nkisi Ijele is masquerade of the Igbo ppeple or communities in Anambra Nigeria. The significance of injele is that it honors the dead, and also ensures continuity of the community. Nkisi, on the other hand is a striking sculpture by the Congolese people. Its significance is that it acts as a container of spiritual forces intended to investigate the primary grounds of a given chronic problem. Both Ijele and Nkisi are similar in that they serve spiritual purposes whereby ijele marks solemn and festive occasions while nkisi contains spiritual forces. However, the two are also different from the structure, in which ijele is huge with a diameter of 183 cm and height of 366 cm, and also it is colorful and a form of entertainment. In contrast, nkisi is rather small, scary and represents gloom as opposed to entertainment. In addition, nkisi comes in different physical appearance and is curved in the shape of a human being while ijele has only one physical structure or design.

Nkisi (

Ijele (

Stupa and Iwan

Stupa is a Buddhist monument in the form of a hemispherical structure used by Buddhist as a place of meditation. Stupa is used ritually by the Buddhist to represent the five elements of life, earth, air, water, fire and space (Mitra 102). Therefore, they are used to honor living, and also a symbol of enlightenment. Iwan is also a monument like Stupa, but it is Persian and the only remaining ancient structure of Ctesiphon located near the town of Salman Pak,&nbsp.Iraq. Iwan is the largest built arch found in the modern world, and it is only one, but Stupa are built in many places, particular where Buddists dwell and differ in sizes and sometimes design.

Work Cited

Mitra, D. Buddhist Monuments. Sahitya Samsad: Calcutta, 1971. Print.

Green level strategies university essay help

answer the attached files


Green Level Strategies

Students Name

School Affiliation

Green Level Strategies

Green Level Strategies help companies to address persuasive strategies and clarify their communication and marketing goals by strengthening the orange, yellow, and red strategies(Loknath & Azeem, 2017). Amazon is one of the companies that have grown well in terms of marketing strategies in the United States. In Facebook for its Starbucks, Amazon uses orange to show how the brand it markets is a 5 star. This color has a pleasing appearance in the readers’ eyes, and by indicating a 5 star, the product being market will definitely go. The company uses its Green Level Strategies effectively. Therefore, the company should focus on aligning its employees with the green framework to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.


Loknath, Y., & Azeem, B. (2017, October). Green managementconcept and strategies. InNational Conference on Marketing and Sustainable Development(Vol. 13, pp. 688-702).

Importance of ASEAN in East Asian affairs english essay help online: english essay help online

I need some assistance with these assignment. the greater importance of asean in east asian affairs Thank you in advance for the help! The membership has expanded to ten countries that include Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Brunei and Vietnam. East Asia had experienced decades of internal conflicts and economic depression, but the formation of ASEAN enabled sub-regional cooperation and trade liberalization (Borthwick 71). The main three pillars include economic growth and cooperation, social progress, and political-security. The model of security and stability in the region attained high success and ASEAN started playing a major security role even beyond Southeast Asia. The security matters in Southeast Asian countries encompass various political, economic, social, cultural and military dimensions and ASEAN has utilized regional cooperation in order to further a peaceful external environment and allow the member states to concentrate on their domestic development priorities (Borthwick 29). ASEAN was a focus of rivalry and competition between the US and Soviet Union, but ASEAN preferred regional solutions by declaring the region as a Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality in 1995 (Holcombe 241).

ASEAN’s rise to greater importance in East Asia affairs has been facilitated by the ASEAN Free Trade Area that aims at enhancing the competitive advantage of local manufacturing. The region has signed free trade agreements with China, Japan, Australia and India that aim to boost economic growth in the community. The free trade agreements have led to the consistent growth in member state’s GDP by between 4 percent to 7 percent since the end of the Cold War. The region has benefited from technology transfer and e-commerce evolution since member states like Malaysia and Singapore account for more than 50 percent of e-commerce transactions in the entire region (Borthwick 81). The economic community is committed to equitable economic development and integration with the global economy as demonstrated by the consistent reduction in import duties (Borthwick 112).

ASEAN member states&nbsp.have shown commitment to regional cooperation based on non-confrontational methods and consensus building in order to respect the territorial integrity, national identities, sovereignty and independence of member states.&nbsp.

Article on supply chain management melbourne essay help

I will pay for the following article Supply Chain Management-A Case of AmerTac Inc. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. According to Blackwell, companies sustain competitive advantages via information flow management which is significant principle of supply chain as a system. There are three important flows within supply chain, information flow, material flow and flow of finance or capital. Similarly, as per Cooper and Lamberts assessment, effective supply chain means integrated supply chain as integration is core element required in supply chain management system (Baihaqi & Beaumont, 2005, pp. 2). Collaboration and relationship are further essentials of supply chain. If there is not strong collaboration or relationship within supply chain partners (suppliers, manufacturers and distributors), it is impossible to sustain the entire system of SCM (Baihaqi & Beaumont, 2005).

Critical Evaluation of a Supply Chain Case

Company Overview

AmerTac is one of the renowned companies in consumer electronics, based in New Jersey since 1937 (Bloomberg, 2013). The company offers wide range of products including decorative hardware, lighting fixtures, night lighting fixtures, in-house lighting and plant accessories. Moreover, it offers ceramics, mirrors, and accent lighting fixtures to meet the diversified need of customers. Being a well known company AmerTac distributes its products to almost all popular retailers including Wal-Mart, Lowes and The Home Depot (AmerTac, 2013). This gets possible by companys wide ranging supply chain network which is channelized to all most all local pick points. (Baihaqi & Beaumont, 2005).

Assignment on reformation of Christianity my essay help uk: my essay help uk

Write 8 pages with APA style on The Reformation of Christianity in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. At the time the Christian faith was developed in Antioch, and the apostles of Jesus Christ first called Christians, the church was a single community of believers proclaiming the same faith and doctrines. Despite the existence of opinion differences among the faithful, there were amicable solutions to the questions of faith and ethical teachings that were mainly borrowed through inference to the work of Jesus. After setting of the first church in Vatican, Christianity remained as single religion of the same church, with Catholic being the church of Christ at the moment. it was not until the 16th century that eminent cracks developed among the followers and leaders of the church resulting to reformations within the church

Reformation of Christianity can thus be termed as a religious revolution that that took place in the 16th century. The greatest leaders of reformation were Martin Luther and John Calvin. With highly developed social, economic and political effects, the Reformation became the foundational basis of the Protestantism that is one of the branches of Christianity. Reformation in the late medieval Europe resulted from a complex intricate of the factor with the office of the papacy pointed as the pinnacle of the genesis of the Reformation. Over the years before actualization of reformation ideas, the office of the papacy had become deeply involved in the political affairs of the Western Europe .

Human genetics assignment rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

Post-Lab Report #9

Lab Topic 10: Human Genetics (10 points possible) (1 point per question)

1. Briefly describe what a gene is.

2. What is the difference between a genotype and a phenotype?

3. Are dominant traits always more common than recessive traits in any population? Why or why not?

4. Are X-linked recessive traits typically expressed more frequently in human males or in human females? Why is this the case?

5. How is codominance different from incomplete dominance?

6. Is it possible for a mother with type A blood and a father with blood type B to have a child together that has blood type O? Why or why not?

7. Which blood type (A, B, AB or O) is the universal donor?

8. Are all human genetic traits visible to the human eye? Briefly explain your answer.

9. How are Punnett squares helpful in the study of genetics?

10. How are pedigrees helpful in the study of genetics?

Focusing on pathogenic microbes best essay help

We will be focusing on pathogenic microbes this quarter, but it’s important to remember that most microbes do not cause disease and many are even beneficial to humans. For this assignment, you will need to find an article (scientific journal article or newspaper article) about a beneficial microbe. It cannot be one that was discussed in the week 1 articles. The paper or article should be no older than 2015.

Submit the link to the article along with a paragraph summary. Be ready to discuss that article/microbe i

Here are some sites that might help you with your search:

1. to an external site.)

2. to an external site.)

3. to an external site.)

4. to an external site.)

5. to an external site.)

6. to an external site.)

7. to an external site.)

8. to an external site.)


ckerman and Andersons roadmap for change paper online essay help: online essay help

Select one of the following tools: the nine steps in Ackerman and Andersons roadmap for change, Cummings and Worleys five dimensions of leading and managing change, or the three components of organizational change. Explain how a leader could use this tool in guiding an organizational change. Review several of your peers posts. Respond to two peers who did not choose the same tool as you. Discuss the similarities and differences between the tools.

Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.



To successfully complete this weeks assignments, read the following chapters from the text,:

Chapter Three Implementing Change

Consultants Entry into the Organization college essay help service

Consultants Entry into the Organization
Your HRD team is not familiar or comfortable with the role of consultant. Discuss with them the roles, functions, and responsibilities of consultants to their clients. Are there differences between internal and external consultants?

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings. Please respond

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