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The idea on my end is that I ask a question about concepts from the readings and lectures and that

The idea on my end is that I ask a question about concepts from the readings and lectures and that you then show me that you understand these concepts and can successfully use real-world events to illustrate those concepts. This is not a research paper•    I expect 3-4 paragraph answers for each question. •    Each 3-4 paragraph answer for each question requires in-text citations from either the lecture, assigned readings, and/or outside sources. These citations are from outside readings printed in peer-reviewed journals, academic presses, or executive-level publications. Law journals do not count. •    You are required to use transition words throughout and ensure it flows smoothly.You are encouraged to utilize the assigned readings listed below:•    McCann, Joseph (any edition). Terrorism on American Soil: A Concise History of Plots and Perpetrators from the Famous to the Forgotten. ISBN 13 : 9781591810490•    Lecture Video/Transcript (Modules 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 5, 6, 7)•    The Changing Threat Landscape of Terrorism and Violent Extremism, NIJ 2022(Video) This is an online panel of experts on domestic terrorism invited by the National Institute of Justice in January, 20201.  It’s really an overview of the current terrorist threat landscape, how it has changed in the last five to ten years, and gives recommendations on how to best address this threat at the local and national levels. •    FBI Domestic Terrorism Assessment Oct 2022(PDF)Description: This is the Congressionally mandated FBI intelligence assessment of domestic terrorism. It was released in October, 2022.•    An Assessment of the Second U.S. Government Domestic Terrorism Assessment(LINK) http:// A summary of the FBI intelligence domestic terrorism assessment. Pay attention to what’s not mentioned in the official report and the changes noted by the FBI in this report from their last domestic terrorism assessment.•    Buffalo Attack – the cumulative momentum of far-right terror CTC July 2022(PDF)Description: A case study that examine the May 2022 extreme far-right live-streamed terrorist attack at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, in which 10 Black Americans were murdered in one of the deadliest racist massacres in recent American history.•    Responses to Returning and Repatriating ISIS Affiliates(Video)•    Terrorism in America – Ch 6 – 7 (conclusion)…(PDF)Description: Cite: Ingram, H.J. (2006). Terrorism Prevention in the United States: A Policy Framework for Filling the CVE Void (White paper). George Washington University Program on Extremism. Prevention Policy Paper.pdf•    The Future of Terrorist De-Radicalization Programs(PDF)•    Islamist Terrorism in the US student copy (PDF)•    Osama bin Laden’s 1996 Declaration of War Against America (PDF) Read the whole thing.  It’s long and tedioius, but if you want to understand the mindset that motivates those in al Qaeda or ISIS this is the place to start.•    Wright, “An Examination of Jihadi Recidivism Rates in the US” (PDF) – Wright, CJ.  2019.  “An Examination of Jihadi Recidivism Rates in the United States.”  West Point, NY: The Countering Terrorism Center at the US Military Academy, CTC Sentinel Vol 12: 10, pgs 26 – 31.•    Documentary – Jihad Jane: The Terrorist Next Door(VIDEO) https://•    Women in American Violent Extremism (Daymon and Margolin, 2022)(PDF)Description: Men vastly outnumber women in the ranks of convicted criminals.  The same is true in terrorism.  This report compares women’s participation in far-right and salafi-jihadist movements in the United States through the examination of four case studies: the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, Al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State. To do so, the authors apply a unique analytical framework that examines three key aspects of women’s participation tocompare similarities and differences.•    Cyberterrorism-Four Reasons for Its Absence by Jeppe Jacobsen 2022(PDF)Description: We hear a lot about cyber-terrorism. This article explains why there are still zero cases of it happening, despite two decades of warnings about it.•    •    David Schanzer: Terrorism as a Tactic (Video):The first lecture is by David Schanzer, of Duke University.  You don’t need to watch Juergensmer’s talk, which is the second half, unless it’s just something you find interesting.•    McCann “Terrorism on American Soil — Read Introduction” (Link)Terrorism on American Soil – Google Books•    Terrorism in America – Chapter 2 (pdf): This essay by Dr. O’Connor titled “Theories and Causes of Terrorism” is an updated version of Ch. 2 in the Borgeson

Final Summary

This should be placed in the first section of your final portfolio that you upload to Blackboard under the appropriate location. The final report should cover all these areas.        1.  Provide a short executive summary or introduction statement that leads the reader into               your internship situation.  Present the 5 w’s in this statement (e.g., who, what, where,when,…).        2.  Evaluate initial 10 goals and whether they were met and not met. Explain why they were met ornot met. In this report, you should include the 10 goals that weredeveloped with your internship site supervisor by the end of the 2nd week of the internship and uploaded to Blackboard.3.    After explaining whether your 10 goals were met or not met in one or two paragraphs for each goal, you can then provide any summary comments that you would like to make related to your internship experience.I work with the odu football team.


That inspiration, even if localized to focus on a particular population or need, has the potential to ripple outward and effect positive social change on a wider scale. In the early weeks of this course, you were oriented to the role of policy in delivery of services and how the goals you set for a client or for yourself are part of a larger context.For your Final Project, due in Week 10, you choose a specific policy to analyze in all its various contexts—and possibilities. Those possibilities include conceptualizing how a goal for change can evolve into a far-reaching policy, potentially advancing inspiration into advocacy.In this Assignment, you take the first steps for your Final Project by identifying a social problem you wish to tackle and considering how goals for addressing that problem can lead to opportunity.TO PREPAREIf you have a social problem or policy in mind that you want to explore, you may use that.Other options to choose from include but are not limited to:Policies affected by changes in marriage lawsPolicies to address veterans’ issues, homelessness, domestic violence, healthcare, or other contemporary issues.In addition to referencing the Learning Resources, reflect on your fieldwork or other professional experience.Note: Aspects of this Assignment can be considered preparatory for the Week 10 Assignment, but you will need to further develop any items here for that Week 10 Assignment.BY DAY 7In 2–3 pages, address the following:Identify the social issue/problem that you are most passionate about or want to improve as a social worker.This can be the same one you used in the Week 1 Discussion 1 or a new one. However, your choice here should be the one you want to develop for the Week 10 Assignment.Note: Aspects of this Assignment can be considered preparatory for the Week10 Assignment, but you will need to further develop any items here for that Week 10 Assignment.Describe one or two goals for addressing the larger problem.Identify a policy that exists to address the social issue/problem.Determine if there is a gap in the way in which the policy serves the population it is intended for.Explain how you, as a social worker, could contribute to addressing the issue/problem through policy.Resources: Popple, P. R.,

In your initial post, consider patterns you found as you were looking at this information. What did you notice? What

Writing Assignment Help In your initial post, consider patterns you found as you were looking at this information. What did you notice? What is the relationship between your field of study in social science and the methodologies and data types you found? If a particular methodology was selected over others, what might the impact on your field of study be? (Hint: Refer back to your answers in your Module Six journal entry.)

Conflict and Social Change

According to Coser’s (and Simmel’s) insights, what function(s) did this conflict fulfill? In other words, why was it good for society – or at least some people within society?”Conflict theory” derives from the critical work of Karl Marx on economic inequality under capitalism; Coser’s analysis comes from structural-functionalism. How might social conflict be understood using symbolic interactionism? Come up with and discuss an application of this theory to the question of conflict.

Reinforcement and Choice Behavior

At this level, the paper needs to have a clear thesis that will be defended through peer-reviewed scientific literature.  The paper should address a particular theory in the psychology of learning, not an overly general subject area or extensive anecdotal experiences.

care ethics

Select ONE of the thinkers we have discussed from these critical philosophies (Nietzsche, Deleuze, Foucault, Gilligan, Noddings, or Held) and offer a critique of what you take to be a significant claim or concept at work in their philosophy (e.g. the transvaluation of values, the eternal return doctrine, the aesthetics of existence, moral orientation, natural care, relational autonomy etc.). The first half of the paper should constitute a detailed and charitable explanation of the claim or concept in question. In the second half, explain what you see as unconvincing or problematic about the claim or concept either in terms of the philosopher’s own framework or in terms of its broader philosophical implications. All papers must include a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph. As this is a critical paper, I would expect you to take a stance on what precisely you find most unconvincing or problematic. In this sense, a thesis might take the form, e.g., “From a Nietzschean perspective, the principle of utility is problematic because…” or  “In this paper, I argue that Deleuze’s ethical conception of the eternal return doctrine is unconvincing because…” The remainder of the essay is meant to provide evidence and rational support for the claim made in the thesis. Each paper should also contain a concluding paragraph, wherein the argument is briefly restated. When answering this prompt, be sure to ground your argument with the occasional reference to the text in question. Any quotations are to be followed with a page number in parentheses. Each quote is not to exceed two lines of text. All references must be from the copy of the text that we used in class. Use of alternative copies or segments of the text that were not included in the distributed excerpt will not count as appropriate evidence or support.The use to secondary sources, which includes sources like Wikipedia, is not permitted for this essay.Additional instructions:I have chosen Carol Gilligan for this essay.No sources outside of file labeled “gilligian TEXTBOOK”.Only use quotes from the file labeled “gilligan Quotes”.