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Considering Genesis Energys aggressive growth plan, Sensible Essentials suggested that its client should broaden the scope of financing beyond short-term loans and consider long-term financing options. These options would greatly enhance the ability of the operations management team to fund the capital investments and growth in operating expenses. One option is selling more equity in the company. A public stock offering might be a possibility; however, a company as young and small as Genesis Energy might be hard to value. Sensible Essentials believes that another private investor might require preferred stock dividends in order to mitigate some of the financial risk. Another option is a long-term bank loan.Acting as the finance expert for Sensible Essentials, respond to the following:

Determine the cost of debt and equity for Genesis Energy and its weighted average cost of capital. Go toand look under SEC filings. Use a US publicly traded company, such as Apple, Google, DuPont, etc.

Identify the sources of long-term financing for Genesis Energy.

Analyze the potential costs and benefits of each option.

Explain how relative risk (from the investors perspective) impacts the cost of capital for Genesis Energy.

Determine the cost of debt and equity for Genesis Energy and its weighted average cost of capital.

Calculate the required rate of return for Genesis Energy using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). What is the required return for Genesis Energy shareholders?

Write your initial response in 300500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail, include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the APA Style, and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Due Friday 11/24/2017

Unprofessional Conduct Case Study writing essay help: writing essay help

Due sunday November and worth 275 points

This assignment will give you the opportunity to choose a case study, and then write about the ethical implications and the impact of the events that are described. Each case study includes a set of questions that you should answer. You can choose either Case Study 9.1: Unprofessional Conduct, or Case Study 8.4: Have Gun Will Travel.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

Analyze the questions associated with your chosen case study and discuss them using concepts you learned in this course.
Explain your rationale for each of your answers to your chosen case study.
Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:

Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the students name, the professors name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.
Cite your textbook as a reference.
Include a reference page. Citations and references must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Determine the considerations for and process of ethical business decision making to balance corporate and social responsibilities and address moral, economic, and legal concerns.
Analyze selected business situations using the predominant ethical theories, such as utilitarian, Kantian, and virtue ethics to guide ethical business decision making.
Determine the implications and impact of various civil liberty laws in the workplace, such as hiring, promotion, discipline, discharge, and wage discrimination.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in business ethics.
Write clearly and concisely about business ethics using proper writing mechanics.

Clickto view the grading rubric.

Choose one (1) of the following case studies for Assignment 2:

Case 9.1: Unprofessional Conduct?
Located on page 342 of your textbook

Do you believe the Board of Education violated her right to privacy? Were they justified in firing her? Explain two to three (2-3) major reasons why or why not.
Was Pettits behavior unprofessional or immoral? Do you believe she was unfit to teach? Provide a rationale for your position.
If teachers have good performance inside the classroom, should they also be held to a higher moral standard outside the classroom? Explain why or why not.
Analyze five (5) behaviors you believe would show unprofessional or immoral conduct for a teacher.

Equal Employment Discussion 3 grad school essay help

Primary Task Response:Within the Discussion Board area, write 400600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions with your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Over the years, there has been much debate over the classification of employment-at-will employees.Employment-at-willis a term that refers to the protection that is applied to the employment relationship, wherein the employer or the employee has the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time. There are exceptions to this doctrine.

Elora Jean & Co. is experiencing tremendous growth both in its production division as well as its two nonunion satellite offices. As the human resources (HR) legal consultant, you are concerned with the manner in which union and nonunion employees are terminated. You want to ensure that the company understands the rights that it has to terminate an employment relationship. You also want to be sure Elora Jean & Co. is aware of the protection laws surrounding employment termination.

An additional challenge is associated with the union environment. In particular, the union contract requires employees to be terminated only for just-cause reasons.

Briefly discuss what is meant byjust cause.
Briefly expand on the definition ofemployment-at-will, and discuss the exceptions to this doctrine.
With these issues in mind, what recommendations would you offer to Elora Jean & Co. to help position them for terminations that will not present legal risk yet enable the company to terminate employees who are not contributing to the success of the organization?
What process will the company need to follow, and how can they be prepared to support the termination decision?

Be sure to engage in discussion with at least 2 others on the Discussion Board to share ideas on this topic and consider ways that Elora Jean & Co. may avoid legal and union challenges.

The different risk and cost assessment activities free essay help online: free essay help online

Assessing risk factors and defining project costs are important components of project planning. This assignment allows you to work through different risk and cost assessment activities using Microsoft Excel.




Click here to download the Microsoft Excel template to use for this assignmentPreview the documentView in a new window.

1. Qualitative Risk Assessment. Imagine that you are a member of a project team that has been charged to develop a new product for the residential building industry. Using a qualitative risk analysis matrix, develop a risk assessment for a project based on the information provided in the Excel template. Based on this information, how would you rate the consequences of each of the identified risk factors? Why? Construct a risk matrix and classify each of the risk factors in the matrix.

2. Risk Mitigation Strategies. Develop a preliminary risk mitigation strategy for each of the risk factors identified in the prior question. If you were to prioritize your efforts, which risk factors would you address first? Why?

3. Quantitative Risk Assessment. Review the probability and consequence data provided in the Excel template. Calculate the overall risk factor for this project. Would you assess this level of risk as low, moderate, or high? Why?

4. Cost of Labor. Calculate the fully loaded cost of labor for your project team using the data provided in the Excel template.

5. Planned and Cumulative Costs. Calculate the planned and cumulative costs for the time-phased budget information provided in the Excel template.

6. Complexity Cost Weighting. As a Project Manager are asked to compute the expected costs of a software project at your organization. Calculate the total estimated number of function points and total expected cost for the project data provided in the Excel template.

HSA 535 Assignment 1 Applications of Epidemiology- case study academic essay help

Assume that you have $500,000 to invest in equities and want to establish a new portfolio that includes ten (10) stocks to be selected from the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 companies. It is also desired to start with nearly equal dollar values of each issue. Use current market prices to compute the number of shares required.

You are bullish on the markets in the long-term; however, you have read analyst predictions that over the next 18 months the market will likely stay flat with some downside potential. Despite these predictions, you want to make some money in the short-term, and at the same time avoid any downside spikes in the markets. A hedging strategy using options and/or futures seems appropriate. Please develop a plan to accomplish your goal and give a detailed explanation, with numerical computations, of the upside opportunities and the downside risks for each chosen position.

In addition to your investment in equities, you also have $1 million dollars to invest conservatively in U.S. Treasury issues and money market securities. Select four T-bonds and/or T-notes ranging in maturity from two years to five years and purchase equal dollar amounts with a total of approximately $500,000. Invest the remaining $500,000 in the money market. You need not select individual money market issues; just assume that the money market investments are secure and return the risk free rate. Please discuss the how the inclusion of the fixed income securities affects the risk in your total portfolio.

To begin the project you need to select 10 stocks and fixed income issues. When buying large quantities of stocks, it is most usual and convenient to issue orders in round lots (rounded to 100 shares). You should do this for your analysis. When you sum the value of the rounded lots, the result will almost certainly not be exactly $500,000. Ignore that difference and use the sum of the rounded lots as your equity investment.

Annotated Bibliography Social Media Business argumentative essay help

Hi, I have an Annotated Bibliography. My professor asked me to get 20 sources about ( How does social media affect business?! )

The annotated bibliography should be informative and descriptive and it should not exceed 70 words for each source. Basically, you have to read the abstract of each source andparaphrase the main points ( what the authors or researchers discussed, examined,etc..) Then you should add 1-2 sentences how the source is relevant or useful for my topic?

for sure, APA citation should be added before the paragraph of each source.

What is an Annotated Bibliography? check the website:

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography? check the website :

how my professor will evaluate me:

1- APA-formatted and formatting

2- 20 sources

3- Accurate links and valid sources

4- Fairly accurate summaries

5-Sources relevant to a topic

6- Grammar and spelling

7- At least 4 scholarly/academic journals included

Portrait of the Teacher as Friend and Artist scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Discussion 1
Prepare:Read the articleby Hunter McEwan (2011) from the Ashford University Library.Reflect:As you take notes while reading this article, think about the importance of understanding the philosophy behind taking general education courses and how your courses have taught you to think more critically, build character, and become more open-minded to cultural differences, thereby paving the way for you to be successful in the career field you have chosen.

Write:For this discussion you will address the following prompts:

Describe at least three ways a person can teach by example according to the article and provide a personal example in which you have demonstrated this concept.
Explain how teaching by example influences the development of ethical and moral reasoning as well as cultural sensitivity and awareness.
Rousseau categorically denies the educational power of example (p. 513). Explain your agreement or disagreement with Rousseaus philosophy of education as it applies to your experience in gaining knowledge.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length, which should includea thorough response to each prompt. You are required to provide in-text citations of applicable required reading materials and/or any other outside sources you use to support your claims. Provide full reference information of all sources cited at the end of your response. Please use correct APA format when writingand.

Discussion 2

Prepare:In order to prepare for this assignment, view the following tutorial from the Ashford University Library:

Reflect:Good research is a combination of many types of sources. Prior to taking this course, did you understand the differences between these sources and the importance of finding one type of resource over another?

Write:For this discussion, you will address the following prompts:

Explain at least five differences between popular and scholarly sources used in research.
Locate and summarize one peer-reviewed, scholarly source from the Ashford University Library and one popular source that pertain to your Final Argumentative Essay topic. In your summary of each article, comment on the following: biases, reliability, strengths, and limitations.
From the sources you summarized, list and explain at least five visual cues from the peer-reviewed, scholarly source that were not evident in the popular source.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length, which should includea thorough response to each prompt. You are required to provide in-text citations of applicable required reading materials and/or any other outside sources you use to support your claims. Provide full reference information of all sources cited at the end of your response. Please use correct APA format when writingand.

Barnes Groups existing owner assignments research essay help

Record the current price of the stock for each company you selected in Week 3s Stock Journal. You may use any price during this week (e.g., day one price, the opening, the low, the high, the close, or any price you find when you check it during the day). Using MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Word document, put your Week 3 and Week 8 stock prices side-by-side, to show your comparison. 2.Determine the current value of your total investment. Do not make any changes to your investment at this time. Calculate your total based on the number of shares and the new price per share, for each company. 3.Provide your opinion / assessment of your investments. Evaluate the results of your current investment. Are you happy with the result and the trend? Are you upset because youre investment is worth less than $25,000. Feel free to speculate / guess at why you believe the stock increased, decreased, or remained static.

week 3 journal


Journal entries

Buying stock worth $7,001.5 @ $25.46

Debit ($) Credit ($)

Treasury stock 7,001.5

Cash 7,001.5

Owner bought $7,001.5 stock from ABB Groups existing owner

Buying stock worth $7996.12 @ $42.76

Treasury stock 7996.12

Cash 7996.12

Bought $7,996.12 of stock from ABM Industries existing owner

Buying stock worth $9,992.71@$71.89

Treasury stock 9,992.71

Cash 9,992.71

Owner bought $9,992.71 of stock from Barnes Groups existing owner

Treasury stock 24,990.33

Cash 24,990.33

Owner bought $24,990.33 of stock from the three companies existing owner.

It is not actually possible to invest $25,000 because it is not possible to buy a fraction of shares.

I am investing in three companies, that is ABB Group, ABM Industries and Barnes Group.

I am investing in an amount of $7,001.5 for 275 shares, each share going for $25.46 ABB Group. In ABM Industries, I invested a total amount of $7996.12 for 186 shares @ $42.76. In Barnes Group I am investing a total amount of $9,992.71 for 139 shares @$71.89. The reason as to why I invested in an amount of $7,001.5 for 275 shares, each share going for $25.46 ABB Group is because it is a big global company and is actually in the list of the globes most liked companies [Gilbertson, 2013]. It has outlets in 100 counties of the world. It has also exists in the international market for at least 23 years and still performing very well. This gives an assurance of earning good dividends for the investment in the company since it is highly profitable. The future of the company is also certain that it will continue to earn good profits and maximise shareholders wealth.

The reason as to why I invested a total amount of $7996.12 for 186 shares @ $42.76 in ABM Industries is because it has operated for over 100 years and is still one of the biggest providers of facilities in the United States of America (USA). It also has other international outlets. Ti has also diversified its services to offer a wide range of services. Thus, it is assured to earn profits and a continued growth due to the long existence in the markets and the various services that it offers in the market. Thus, it is worth investing in for better dividends or returns.

The reason for investing a total amount of $9,992.71 for 139 shares @$71.89 I Barnes Group is because Barnes Group is provides great and very important services like processing or aeroscopes as well as technological services. It serves both markets and individual customers [Haber, 2003]. The past has shown that the company has been performing quite well and therefore, it gives an assurance that there will be good dividends or returns

Financial management considerations in operating a small business grad school essay help: grad school essay help

Referring to the same business you either started or purchased in the first assignment, write a 6-8 page paper in which you: 1.Outline a financial plan for your small business. 2.Develop a guerrilla marketing strategy for your small business. 3.Discuss the most appropriate location for a second store (an actual street address). Explain your reasoning. 4.Outline a plan for securing sources of debt financing for your second store. 5.Include at least two (2) references outside the textbook. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the students name, the professors name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Describe and analyze the necessary activities and key decisions to start a small business. Analyze the key financial management considerations in operating a small business. Develop a guerrilla marketing strategy for a small business. Analyze the role of pricing, credit, and equity financing in defining a business strategy. Use technology and information resources to research issues in small business management. Write clearly and concisely about small business management using proper writing mechanics.

Executive Summary and Company Description essay help: essay help


Topic:Business Plan Startup: (name of your business here).


-Executive Summary

-Company Description

-Business Location

-Business Requirements

-Market Analysis

-Organization & Management

-Product or Service

-Competitive Advantage

-Marketing & Advertising

-Financing Request

-Financial Projections


(Please make sure these subtopics are outlined in your paper via 6th edition in APA format)

Southwest Airlines, Walgreen, Exxon Mobile get essay help

Case Study Component 1

Select a company that is public and enjoys extensive analyst coverage (e.g., Apple, GE, Southwest Airlines, Walgreen, Exxon Mobile) to insure access to sufficient financially oriented material regarding your chosen company. The more information available, the easier it will be to perform the financial analysis.

As you move through the nine steps in conducting your analysis, you will research the market at each step for relevant data on your chosen company, including analyst reports and market information. Disclose all assumptions you are making in the case study (e.g., revenue growth projections, expense controls) and provide supporting reasons and evidence behind those assumptions. As your case study analysis develops over the span of the course, you will synthesize the research data and outcomes of the nine-step assessment process in order to assess the long-term financial health of the chosen company.

Component 1:

For this assignment, apply the following two steps of the nine-step assessment process to develop a 500-word analysis of the company you have selected and which has been approved by your course instructor:

1. Analysis of Fundamentals: Goals, Strategy, Market, Competitive Technology, Regulatory, and Operating Characteristics

2. Analysis of Fundamentals: Revenue Outlook

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.




1 Unsatisfactory 0.00%
2 Less Than Satisfactory 74.00%
3 Satisfactory 79.00%
4 Good 87.00%
5 Excellent 100.00%



70.0 %Incoporation of the Required Set of Elements in the Nine-Step Assessment Process for the Case Study Component
The required set of elements is not present.
The required set of elements is incorporated, but the information provided is incomplete, inaccurate, or otherwise deficient.
The required set of elements is incorporated, but minimal detail or support is provided for one or more components.
The required set of elements is present, and is incorporated in full. The submission encompasses essential details and provides appropriate support.
The required set of elements is present and comprehensive. The submission further incorporates analysis of supporting evidence insightfully and provides specific examples with relevance. Level of detail is appropriate.

20.0 %Organization and Effectiveness

7.0 %Thesis Development and Purpose
Paper lacks any discernible overall purpose or organizing claim.
Thesis is insufficiently developed or vague. Purpose is not clear.
Thesis is apparent and appropriate to purpose.
Thesis is clear and forecasts the development of the paper. Thesis is descriptive and reflective of the arguments and appropriate to the purpose.
Thesis is comprehensive and contains the essence of the paper. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.

8.0 %Argument Logic and Construction
Statement of purpose is not justified by the conclusion. The conclusion does not support the claim made. Argument is incoherent and uses noncredible sources.
Sufficient justification of claims is lacking. Argument lacks consistent unity. There are obvious flaws in the logic. Some sources have questionable credibility.
Argument is orderly, but may have a few inconsistencies. The argument presents minimal justification of claims. Argument logically, but not thoroughly, supports the purpose. Sources used are credible. Introduction and conclusion bracket the thesis.
Argument shows logical progression. Techniques of argumentation are evident. There is a smooth progression of claims from introduction to conclusion. Most sources are authoritative.
Clear and convincing argument that presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner. All sources are authoritative.

5.0 %Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use)
Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. Inappropriate word choice and/or sentence construction are used.
Frequent and repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader. Inconsistencies in language choice (register), sentence structure, and/or word choice are present.
Some mechanical errors or typos are present, but are not overly distracting to the reader. Correct sentence structure and audience-appropriate language are used.
Prose is largely free of mechanical errors, although a few may be present. A variety of sentence structures and effective figures of speech are used.
Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English.

10.0 %Format

5.0 %Paper Format (Use of appropriate style for the major and assignment)
Template is not used appropriately, or documentation format is rarely followed correctly.
Appropriate template is used, but some elements are missing or mistaken. A lack of control with formatting is apparent.
Appropriate template is used. Formatting is correct, although some minor errors may be present.
Appropriate template is fully used. There are virtually no errors in formatting style.
All format elements are correct.

5.0 %Documentation of Sources (citations, footnotes, references, bibliography, etc., as appropriate to assignment and style)
Sources are not documented.
Documentation of sources is inconsistent or incorrect, as appropriate to assignment and style, with numerous formatting errors.
Sources are documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, although some formatting errors may be present.
Sources are documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and format is mostly correct.
Sources are completely and correctly documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and format is free of error.

100 %Total Weightage

Mathematical model to solve the problem. essay help tips: essay help tips

Homework #3

The purpose of this assignment is to solidify your understanding on the applications of the cost

of capital topics. The scores of this assignment will help in assessing the following learning goal

of the course: students successfully completing this course will be able to estimate and interpret

the cost of capital of a firm based on different capital structures.


You are required to use a financial calculator or spreadsheet (Excel) to solve 10 problems related

to the cost of capital. You are required to show the following 3 steps for each problem (sample

questions and solutions are provided for guidance):

(i) Describe and interpret the assumptions related to the problem.

(ii) Apply the appropriate mathematical model to solve the problem.

(iii) Calculate the correct solution to the problem.




Grading Rubric

Learning Objective

Subcomponent Not Submitted


Does Not Meet



Meets Expectations


Exceeds Expectations


LO#4: Estimate and interpret the cost of capital of a firm based on different capital structures

The student will make and evaluate important assumptions in identification of appropriate cost of capital measures

No attempt made

Attempts to describe assumptions

Explicitly describes assumptions

Explicitly describes assumptions and provides rationale for why each assumption is appropriate. Show awareness that confidence in final conclusions is limited by the accuracy of the assumptions (e.g., provides descriptions about the assumptions of each of the cost of capital components; lists and describes each variable within the model)

The student will convert relevant information into various mathematical forms (e.g., equations, graphs, words)

No attempt made

Completes conversion of information but resulting mathematical portrayal is inappropriate or inaccurate

Completes conversion of information into mathematical portrayal

Relevant information is expressed in an insightful mathematical portrayal in a way that contributes to a further or deeper understanding (e.g., correct variables are selected and the mathematical model is portrayed with the correct variables)

The student will calculate the cost of each capital structure component and the average cost of capital

No attempt made

Calculations are attempted but are both unsuccessful and not comprehensive

Calculations are attempted to solve the problem but not comprehensive

Calculations attempted are essentially all successful and sufficiently comprehensive to solve the problem. Calculations are also presented elegantly (e.g., provides insights on the interpretation of the cost of capital and its appropriateness within the framework listed in assumptions)




Sample Questions and Solutions

Sample Question: A company is expected to pay a $3.50 dividend at year-end, the dividends are expected to grow at a constant rate of 6.50% a year, and the common stock currently sells for $62.50 a share. The before-tax cost of debt is 7.50%, and the tax rate is 40%. The target capital structure consists of 40% debt and 60% common equity. What is the companys WACC if all equity is from retained earnings?


(i) The problem assumes the stock will have a constant growth of 6.5% forever. The constant growth model is appropriate to use for this problem. The accuracy of the solution depends on the correctness of the constant growth assumption. The cost of equity assumes there will not be any new stock issuance. Therefore, the cost of equity is the cost of retained earnings for the existing shareholders. The cost of debt should be on after-tax basis due to the tax shield provided by the interest expense.

(ii) The cost of equity is based on the following: Kre = (D1/P0) + g P0 is the current price to be calculated, D1 is the next periods dividend, R is the required return on this stock g is the constant growth

The cost of debt is based on kd = rd(1-T)

rd is the before-tax cost of debt T is the tax rate

The WACC is based on: WACC = wdkd + wrekre

(iii) Cost of retained earnings = (3.5/62.5) + 0.065 = 0.121 or 12.1% Cost of debt = 7.5 x (1-0.4) = 4.5% WACC = (0.4×4.5) + (0.6×12.1) = 9.06%

The average cost of capital for this company based on their existing debt and equity is 9.06%




Homework Problems

1. A company has $10 million of debt outstanding with a coupon rate of 8%. Currently the yield to maturity on these bonds is 10.5%. If the firm’s tax rate is 40%, what is relevant cost of debt financing to this company?

2. Suppose a company currently has some bonds outstanding in the market. The bonds have 10 years until maturity, they pay a coupon rate of 6% on a semi-annual basis. If the company’s bonds are selling now for $965, what is the YTM? If the company’s tax rate is 40%, what is its cost of debt?

3. A company’s perpetual preferred stock currently trades at $87.50 per share, and it pays an $8.00 annual dividend. What is the firm’s cost of preferred stock?

4. Assume that you have been provided with the following firm data: risk free rate = 4.00%, market risk premium = 5.00%, and beta = 1.15. What is the cost of equity from retained earnings based on the CAPM approach?

5. A company hired you as a consultant to help them estimate its cost of capital. You have been provided with the following data: D1 = $0.80, P0 = $22.50, and g = 5.00% (constant). Based on the DCF approach, what is the cost of equity from retained earnings?

6. The expected dividend is $1.50 for a share of common stock priced at $15. What is the cost of internal common equity if the long-term growth in dividends is projected to be 4% indefinitely?

7. A company is expected to pay a dividend of $1.90 next year. Dividends are expected to grow at a constant rate of 3% per year, and the stock price is currently $12.50. The company’s marginal tax rate is 40%. Compute the cost of internal equity (i.e. retained earnings).

8. You were hired as a consultant to a company, whose target capital structure is 40% debt, 10% preferred, and 50% common equity. The after-tax cost of debt is 6%, the cost of preferred stock is 7.50%, and the cost of retained earnings is 13.25%. The firm will not be issuing any new stock. What is its WACC?

9. A company’s capital structure consists of 40% debt and 60% equity. The before-tax cost of debt is 12%, the cost of retained earnings is 15%, and the tax rate is 40%. What is this company’s WACC?

10. A company plans to maintain its optimal capital structure of 30% debt, 20% preferred stock, and 50% common stock far into the future. The required return on each component is: debt = 10%, preferred stock = 11%, and common stock = 18%. Assuming a 40% marginal tax rate, what is the WACC of this company?

Unpacking the Contemporary Media Moment Directors research essay help

The Social Dilemma: Unpacking the Contemporary Media Moment Director, Jeff Orlowski and writers Coombe and Curtis’ (2020) Netflix docu-drama, The Social Dilemma offers an eye-opening critique of the insidious power of social media in the contemporary world. In 400-500 words (2-3) solid paragraphs, respond to the prompts below. Creatively title and subtitle your piece. YOU MUST ANSWER #3 and #4 (1) Why “dilemma” in its title? What is the dilemma that Orlowski, Coombe and Curtis are trying to point us to? How is it social? How is it also electronic? What is the film’s main argument? (2) Whereas the literature, scholarship and popular sentiment of the early ’80s and ’90s (the arrival moment of Jobs, Gates, Bezos and others)pointed toward utopic futures full of the potential and possibility that personal computing and the internet could deliver, Orlowski, Coombe and Curtis take a very different tack in their critique of the impact of this current era of Zuckberg, Dorsey, Systrom and others a moment little more than a generation later. What went wrong? Where did the euphoria go? Do you buy the filmmakers’ critique? Is the Social Dilemma an overstatement of the contemporary moment? Are its chief commentators little more than jilted ex-industry moguls, they at least partially responsible for our current situation? Are the films skits over-dramatizations of the moment? (3) Draw (2) of the most compelling/engaging moments/narrative turning points from the film. Explain why these are the most moving to you. What insights do these moments offer you? Cite the names of documentary commentators/experts that you draw on as best you can. (4) Quote generously from the Stefania Milan article below, the David Elrich film review as well as directly from film commentators and characters to make your case! Be sure to cite (in-text only) the names of commentators, characters, authors and filmmakers your draw from in your response. (5) What according to commentator, Shoshanna Zuboff is is surveillance capitalism? What are algorithms and how are they used to mobilize user-data? How are algorithms a potential threat to the human interests of real individuals and communities? How do algorithms impact our ability to discern disinformation, truth and facts? The Social Dilemma: On Netflix: b480266131bac66da895484018c4f81c95f8449d4e79ea6bdc552be339b99d6fc7c4ab1 8e6a83041b480266131bac66da895484018c4f81c95f8449d4e79ea6bdc552be339b99d6fc7 c4aunknown Resources: (1)The Social Dilemma Review_ A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All – David Elrich (2020) – IndieWire.pdf download (2) When Algorithms Shape Collective Action – Stefania Milan (2015) (1.0).pdf download (3) The Social Dilemma – Wiki.pdf download How news feed algorithms supercharge confirmation bias | Eli Pariser | Big Think (Links to an external site.) Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life (Links to an external site.) 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire The Social Dilemma Review: A Horrifyingly Good Doc About How Social Media Will Kill Us All Documentarian Jeff Orlowski does for Facebook what his “Chasing Ice” and “Chasing Coral” did for climate change. David Ehrlich Jan 29, 2020 5:13 pm @davidehrlich The Social Dilemma 1/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire Editors note: This review was originally published at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Netflix releases the film on Wednesday, September 9. Perhaps the single most lucid, succinct, and profoundly terrifying analysis of social media ever created for mass consumption, Jeff Orlowskis The Social Dilemma does for Facebook what his previous documentaries Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral did for climate change (read: bring compelling new insight to a familiar topic while also scaring the absolute shit out of you). And while the film covers and somehow manages to contain a staggering breadth of topics and ramifications, one little sentence is all it takes to lay out the means and ends of the crisis at hand: Russia didnt hack Facebook, Russia used Facebook. That may not be a mind-blowing idea for anyone whos been raised on the internet, but it would be wrong to think that Orlowskis film is only speaking to the back of the class. While The Social Dilemma is relevant to every person on the planet, and should be legible enough to even the most technologically oblivious types (the Amish, the U.S. Senate, and so forth), its target demographic is very online types who think they understand the information age too well to be taken advantage of. Thats zoomers, millennials, and screen junkies of any stripe who wouldnt have the faintest interest in a finger-wagging documentary about how they should spend more time outside. A D V E RT I S E M E N T RELATED New Movies: Release Calendar for November 13, Plus Where to Watch the Latest Films ‘Chick Fight’ Review: Malin Akerman Tries to Charm Her Way Through a Phony Feminist ‘Fight Club’ 2/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire Taking a top-down, inside out approach to the basic nature of the social media experiment, Orlowskis film doesnt waste any time in proving its bonafides (and using them to strike fear into your heart). It begins with an ominous nugget of wisdom from Sophocles, who would have crushed it on Twitter: Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse. From there, Orlowski introduces viewers to some of the most worried-looking white people youre likely to find these days: The designers, engineers, and executives who invented social media, and then quit when they began to understand the existential threat it posed to all civilization. The guy who invented the like button. An ex-department head at Instagram. Even one of the techies responsible for Gmail and Google Drive. As annoying as it can be when someone tells you to quit Facebook, its hard to ignore someone whos actually quit Facebook. The Social Dilemma Orlowskis star interviewee, however, is a guy whos often referred to as Silicon Valleys conscience. His name is Tristan Harris, hes the co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, and his measured alarmism serves as a worried voice of reason throughout the film as The Social Dilemma strives to bridge the gap between abstract threats and direct consequences. The most overarching of those macro concerns is a free-to-use business model that coerces people into betraying their own value. As the saying goes (and is quoted here): If youre not paying for the product, you are the product. A D V E RT I S E M E N T 3/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire GIVE THE PERFECT GIFT FIND STYLES THEY’LL LOVE ALL SEASON SHOP NOW With the help of articulate testimony, illuminating visual aids, and a well-crafted thesis that elegantly articulates the relationship between persuasive technology and human behavior, Orlowski fortifies the familiar argument that addiction isnt a side effect of social media, but rather the industrys business model. Our data is used as a currency for these companies, but our time is a far more precious commodity how much of our lives can they get us to forfeit over to them? The more time we spend on social media, the more valuable our human futures become; the more valuable our human futures become, the more that advertisers are willing to pay for them. And how does a company like Facebook or YouTube (which is technically Google) convince us to spend more time on their platforms? They change our fundamental perception of reality, as The Algorithm is designed to populate things into our feeds and queues that will excite/agitate us towards engagement, pull us deeper into our respective rabbit holes, and silo us all into our separate realities. Its surveillance capitalism run amok, as well as a peerlessly effective recipe for extremism. Orlowski, recognizing that diagnosing the problem on such a profound scale is enough to make even the most rational of people sound like theyre suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, devises a bold and semi-successful way of making these enormous concepts feel more life-sized. Every so often, Orlowski cuts away to the scripted tale of an average, middle-class American family in order to more practically illustrate the effect that social media has on our lives. And by our lives, this critic means to stress that The Social Dilemma is more interested in Facebooks impact on the average teenager than it is in say Facebooks impact on the genocidal violence against Muslim Rohyingas in Myanmar. But Orlowski knows his audience. Booksmart actor Skyler Gisondo plays a high school kid named Ben whos addicted to his phone, Moonrise Kingdom breakout Kara Hayward is his concerned older sister, and in a touch of absolute genius Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser plays several human 4/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire manifestations of The Algorithm itself, selling Ben reasons to stay on his phone like some of dystopian Pete Campbell. These sequences first arrive with the queasy awkwardness kind of an after school special, and seem determined to make teenagers roll their eyeballs right out of their heads. But if these dramatizations can be more than a bit too on the nose, theyre redeemed by an emergent and very amusing self-awareness that reflects our own; a certain level of irony is required to get through to people who regularly tweet about how much they hate Twitter (aka this website aka this hellsite). A D V E RT I S E M E N T FREE SHIPPING + RETURNS The Social Dilemma Netix 5/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire The least effective of these moments can make it feel as though The Social Dilemma underestimates the persuasiveness of its own arguments, but the most valuable passages help to illustrate one particularly alarming sound byte from elsewhere in the film: Were so worried about tech overpowering human strength that we dont pay attention to tech overpowering human weakness. Its helpful to see how social media can inflame our inherent need for approval, and discourage people from taking risks that might alienate the online community. Its convincing to see The Algorithm alert Ben to his ex-girlfriends new relationship so that hell spend more time sifting through her photos, and in a frustratingly reductive way watch The Algorithm populate Bens feed with videos that radicalize him into the fold of a political movement called The Extreme Center, a cute touch that nevertheless draws a false equivalency between left and right. Is The Social Dilemma persuasive enough to convince a MAGA zealot to stop bingewatching Ben Shapiro nonsense and buy a subscription to a newspaper? Its hard to say. But the film will definitely make you more cognizant of your own behavior not just of how you use the internet, but how the internet uses you. And it will do so in a way that feels less like an intervention than it does a wake-up call; Orlowski and his subjects recognize how the internet has created a simultaneous utopia and dystopia, and they arent under any delusions that were able to wish it away. Their documentary isnt instructive so much as directional, and thereby most fascinating for the implications it leaves you to consider on your own time. How has social media shaped the way we think about (overlapping) things like politics, race, and entertainment? What impact does siloing people into their own realities have on our faith in empathy, objective truth, and some kind of shared understanding? And does the isolated and algorithmically-programmed nature of streaming video make it less of an alternative to the theatrical experience than its antithesis? As human futures become human presents, these questions will only grow more urgent. In the meantime: Quit Facebook, dont click on Instagram ads, and for the love of God make sure that your Twitter feed is set to chronological order instead of showing you the best tweets first, because the only hope we have left lies in the difference between what you and The Algorithm consider to be good content. Grade: B+ The Social Dilemma premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in the Documentary Premieres section. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking lm and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. THIS ARTICLE IS RELATED TO: Film, Reviews and tagged Jeff Orlowski, Reviews, Sundance, The Social Dilemma 6/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire Presented By Apple TV+ Boys State: How Son of Saul Influenced the Documentarys UpClose Subjectivity Toolkit Podcast Co-directors Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss break down how their film’s cinematic style captured election intensity. Listen Here Sponsored Content [Gallery] 25 Celebs Whose Siblings Are Absolutely Gorgeous Recommended by Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage Nike Daily Stuff [Gallery] Melania Trump Moments You Need To Take A Closer Look At Herald Weekly [Gallery] Top-Rated Netix Shows You Must Binge Right Now Netix Cancels Another Round of Great Shows History A2Z ALOT Living This Is What Vikings Were Actually Like. The Photos Are Strikingly Scary Past Factory A D V E RT I S E M E N T 7/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire Comments ADAM | OCTOBER 6, 2020 4:07 PM Maybe Im old, but when I read profanity in an article, I move on. Reply ROGER | SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 8:21 AM Its good to read this review now the lm has been released on (the algorithmically driven) Netix. A thoughtful review and ne summmary of an important lm Reply BLAISE | JANUARY 31, 2020 2:36 PM Hahaha! I was recently banned from using my Twitter account. Apparently, I was spamming too much when I didnt even know that I was spamming. I generally only use my social media sites as a means by which to sell my art. Apparently I was posting too many of the same pieces of art on my Twitter feed so now Im banned. Personally, I want to thank Twitter for banning me. They actually did me a favor, as I also believe that I wasnt getting any sales through their nefarious platform to begin with. Reply CANDI SMITH | JANUARY 31, 2020 1:41 PM Kevin: the word is drivel. Reply JOHN A ENNS | JANUARY 31, 2020 5:39 AM It would be accurate to say that Russia used Facebook to hack the American public. Reply KEVIN KENNEY | JANUARY 31, 2020 3:47 AM Wade its Dribble, not Drible. From your comment you come off as an expert in projecting personal failings youve yet to acknowledge, let alone take ownership of. A desperate need for superiority in 8/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire opinion,and a potentially devastating inability to distinguish between facts and the rude awakening reality mostly is. I wish you the best of luck existing in such a challenging mindset! Best of luck! Reply ABBY | JANUARY 30, 2020 8:54 PM You are an excellent writer; I cant wait to see this movie. I hope you ignore the haters. From a 70 year old,my suggestion is to maybe dumb down your writing, maybe shorter sentences/less dense? to appeal to wider readership. Great job Reply LEO | JANUARY 30, 2020 4:21 PM GLG,did you take all your medications today? Reply WADE’S MISSING EDITOR | JANUARY 30, 2020 12:23 PM Wade, Im sorry to say, your writing is very bad. Reply GLG | JANUARY 30, 2020 8:29 AM Bigotry? I think you are proving the writers point. Stop watching Ben Shapiro and Fox News and maybe you wont end up supporting a Russian stooge that committed campaign-nance felony, bribery, obstruction of justice, mortgage fraud, violations of the emoluments clause etc Reply LANSON | JANUARY 30, 2020 8:11 AM Wherein we hear from a MAGA zealot Reply WADE | JANUARY 30, 2020 7:43 AM Obviously written by a brainwashed sycophant that has been sucked into the black hole of corruption that is the Democrat Party. It would behoove the writer to expand their eld of knowledge beyond the limited scope of information that is transforming his mind into nothing more meaningless drible. Those who suffer from propaganda poisoning can only be cured by prolonged periods of truth which usually exposure to informative and material counter to the elements that they have been contaminated by. Otherwise, this would have been a very good article minus of course the obvious bigotry. Reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment Name * Email * 9/10 11/14/2020 The Social Dilemma Review: A Film About How Facebook Will Kill Us All | IndieWire Website COMMENT INDIEWIRE LEGAL SITEMAP Copyright 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Powered by VIP OUR BRANDS 10/10 622481 research-article2015 SMSXXX10.1177/2056305115622481Social Media + SocietyMilan SI: Social Media Public Space When Algorithms Shape Collective Action: Social Media and the Dynamics of Cloud Protesting Social Media + Society July-December 2015: 110 The Author(s) 2015 DOI: 10.1177/2056305115622481 Stefania Milan Abstract How does the algorithmically mediated environment of social media restructure social action? This article combines social movement studies and science and technology studies to explore the role of social media in the organization, unfolding, and diffusion of contemporary protests. In particular, it examines how activists leverage the technical properties of social media to develop a joint narrative and a collective identity. To this end, it offers the notion of cloud protesting as a theoretical approach and framework for empirical analysis. Cloud protesting indicates a specific type of mobilization that is grounded on, modeled around, and enabled by social media platforms and mobile devices and the virtual universes they identify. The notion emphasizes both the productive mediation of social and mobile media and the importance of activists sense-making activities. It also acknowledges that social media set in motion a process that is sociotechnical in nature rather than merely sociological or communicative, and thus can be understood only by intersecting the material and the symbolic dimensions of contemporary digitally mediated collective act…

The Good and the Bad in Communication Discussion Paper essay help online free

Everyday Conversations

6.3 Paraphrase the suggestions for making small talk, making introductions, apologizing, and complimenting.


Having covered the basic principles of conversation, we can now explore a variety of everyday conversation situations: making small talk, making introductions, apologizing, and complimenting. In reviewing the everyday conversations included here, do realize that not everyone speaks with the fluency and ease that textbooks often assume. Speech and language disorders, for example, can seriously disrupt the conversation process if some elementary guidelines arent followed. Here are a few suggestions for communication between people with and without speech and language disorders:


Avoid finishing anothers sentences. Finishing the persons sentences may communicate the idea that youre impatient and dont want to spend the extra time necessary to interact effectively. At the same time, if youre the one who stutters, say, have patience with those who try to finish your sentences; theyre likely just trying to be helpful.


Ask for clarification as needed. If you dont understand what the person said, ask him or her to repeat it. Dont pretend that you understand when you dont.


Dont treat people who have language problems like children. A person with aphasia, say, who has difficulty with names or nouns generally, is in no way childlike. Similarly, a person who stutters is not a slow thinker; in fact, stutterers differ from non-stutterers only in their oral fluency.


Let the other person know what your special needs are. If you stutter, you might tell others that you have difficulty with certain sounds and so they need to be patient.


Small Talk

All of us engage in small talk, whether it occurs on an elevator, in a hallway, on Twitter, or on some other social media site. Before reading further, consider your own small talk behavior in the following self-test.

Sometimes, you use small talk as a preface to big talk. For example, before a conference with your boss or even a job interview, youre likely to engage in some preliminary small talk. How are you doing? Im pleased this weather has finally cleared up. The purpose here is to ease into the major topic, or the big talk.


Sometimes, small talk is a politeness strategy and a more extensive way of saying hello as you pass someone in the hallway or meet a neighbor at the post office. You might say, Good seeing you, Jack. Youre looking ready for the big meeting, or See you in Geology at 1.

Sometimes, your relationship with another person revolves totally around small talk, perhaps with your barber or hairdresser, a colleague at work, your next-door neighbor, or a fellow student you sit next to in class. In these relationships, neither person makes an effort to deepen the relationship, and it remains on a small talk level.


Despite its name, small talk serves important purposes. One is simply to pass the time more pleasantly than you might in silence. Small talk also demonstrates that the normal rules of politeness are operating. In the United States, for example, you would be expected to smile and at least say hello to people in an elevator in your apartment building, and perhaps at your place of work. Furthermore, small talk confirms to others that all is well with you. Should you scowl and avoid eye contact, youd signal that something is wrong.



Communication CHOICE Point


Making Small Talk

Youre on an elevator with three other people from your office building. The elevator gets stuck without any indication of when power will go back on. You figure now is the time for small talk. What are some things you might say to make the situation more comfortable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each choice? What do you say?

Small talk topics must be noncontroversial in the sense that they are something about which you and the other person are unlikely to disagree. If a topic is likely to arouse deep emotions or different points of view, then it is probably not a suitable topic for small talk.


Small talk is also relatively short in duration. The context in which small talk occurs allows for only a brief interaction. Waiting in line to get into a movie, riding in an elevator, or stopping briefly in the hallway of a school on the way to class are the kinds of occasions that create small talk opportunities. The cocktail party, at which guests are meant to mingle and exchange pleasantries, is perhaps the classic example.


Another popular occasion, which is an exception to this short duration characteristic, is sitting next to someone on a long plane flight. Here, the small talkassuming you keep it to small talkcan last for hours. Sometimes, as explained in the discussion of self-disclosure in Chapter 2, this situation produces a kind of in-flight intimacy in which you engage in significant self-disclosure, revealing secrets you normally keep hidden, largely because you know youll never see this person again.


Guidelines for Effective Small Talk

Although small, this talk still requires the application of the communication skills for big talk. As already noted, remember that the best topics are noncontroversial and that most small talk is relatively brief. Here are a few additional guidelines for more effective small talk.


Be positive. No one likes a negative doomsayer. So, comment on the weather when its nice; move to another topic when it isnt.


Be sensitive to leave taking cues. Small talk is necessarily brief, but at times one person may want it to be a preliminary to big talk and another person may see it as the sum of the interaction.


Stress similarities rather than differences. This is a good way to ensure that the small talk stays noncontroversial.


Answer questions with enough elaboration to give the other person information to use to interact with you. The more elaborate answer also signals your willingness to engage in small talk, whereas the simple yes response can be interpreted as indicating you dont want to interact.


Avoid monologuing. Listen and be responsive to the other person. Even small talk is two-way and requires each person to talk and each person to listen. Remember the principles of turn-taking and dialogue.


Remember that you will be associated with the topics you frequently select to talk about. If all your small talk concerns celebrity relationships, for example, then you might become defined as someone who is only interested in shallow gossip.


Introductions are extremely important, largely because of the long-lasting effects of first impressions. Making introductions of yourself or of others, however, often creates difficulties which are compounded by the simple fact that all situations are unique. Nevertheless, a few general suggestions for making these introductions easier and more comfortable may be offered.


Introducing Yourself

Here are a few suggestions that will help you introduce yourself to others whether youre at a club, in the college cafeteria, or at a party. Its important to remember that first impressions are long lasting and highly resistant to change. When you introduce yourself to someone, youre giving them a first impression that will influence your future interactions. So, although it is in many ways impersonal and brief, its tremendously important.


Your first step is to make eye contact and smile so that the person notices. If the other person avoids making eye contact, then this person may not be open to meeting you. If the other person returns eye contact and perhaps a smile, its likely that he or she is open to meeting you.


After this nonverbal contact, you can make verbal contact simply by saying hello and your first and last name (leave out any middle initials or name). In some situationsespecially business situationsyou might want to add your connection with the company or with the event, for example, Hi, Im Joe DeVito from the communication department.


In some situations, this would be followed by a handshake(see Table 8.4). In the United States, the handshake is the most essential gesture of the introduction and generally follows rather specific rules. In other cultures, different rules operate. For example, in Muslim cultures, people of the same sex hug, but people of the opposite sex do not. In Latin America, South America, and the Mediterranean, people are more likely to hug (and perhaps kiss on the cheek) than are Northern Europeans, Asians, and many from the United States. Given the great Hispanic influence on the United States today, its probable that the hug-kiss will grow in general popularity. Asians are more reluctant to extend their hands and more often bow, with lower bows required when people of lower status meet someone of higher status.


At the same time that you shake hands, the other person will likely respond similarly, Im Carol Taylor from computer science. At this point, you would probably then talk about the event that youre both attending. If this is a potentially romantic situation, then this might be followed by a compliment, nothing too personal at this point, for example, I saw you and thought theres a friendly face and someone I can relate to.


Florida Atlantic University The Art of Persuasion Paper university essay help: university essay help

single-spaced), in which you explain what the phrase, the art of persuasion meant to the classical Greeks. Since the time of the classical Greeks, one of the most common definitions for rhetoric is that it concerns the art of persuasion.” For the Greeks, atechn(the word usually translated as art) included three things: some theoretical understanding, some practical skill at carrying it out, and some experience with particulars to guide its application (Sachs 30n1). Sophists claimed that they taught the art of words, or the art of rhetoric. Plato, on the other hand, dismissed what they taught as an experience, a part of pandering. according to this definition, do you think that there is an art to persuasion? Why or why not?

Writing strategies:Be sure to develop a clear thesis for your essay. Often, you will not be able to clearly frame the thesis until after you have begun (or even concluded) a draft of your essay, so be sure to leave time for revision. Revision is especially important when you are writing a short but dense essay. Be sure to support your claims by referring to the course materials. Be sure also to write in academic voice that is neither pompous and formal nor conversational and chatty. Do not write in the second person (addressing your readers as you). Be very careful to document accurately and correctly. If you are referring to assigned course readings, you need only provide the author or title and page or line number (e.g. Kennedy 62; orGorgias464b2-d9). You should provide a reference for any other sources you choose to cite. Classical sources have a different citation form, which you can find here:

BUS3382 TROYONLINE Business Communication Company Report “essay help” site:edu

Identify a company you want to work for upon graduation. Research the company and any job openings that company might have.
Write a 2-3 page paper that includes background information on the company, requirements of a job you want to apply for, and what you might need to do to meet those requirements prior to application.
You should use at least two sources (Wikipedia does not qualify as a viable source) and at least one should be a printed source. Use appropriate citations and include a title page and a reference page (not part of the 2-3 page requirement) in APA style.
Technical requirements:
1″ margins; left justification; 12 pt. Arial font; appropriate headings/subheadings
Submit the report as a word document.

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Topic = Technology and Healthcare

I have to give a speech which the type is Informative speech and the topic is Technology and Healthcare.

Speech should be around 5-8 minutes.

Also i need an outline of the speech.


Your speech should inform us about a communication issue that is common in the workplace. Your goal is not to persuade, but rather give us information.

You shouldNOTbe reading your speech word from word from your outline. You should develop notecards while speaking. In addition, you should not simply read directly from your computer as well.


Interpersonal conflict

Communication issues

Workplace bullying


Low motivation

Lack of training

Ineffective employee recognition

Lack of accountability

Lack of proper facilities

A difficult boss

Managing work-life balance


Explanation & Answer length:2 pages

Arapahoe Community College Nonverbal Analysis Task Worksheet essay help for free: essay help for free

Arapahoe Community College Nonverbal Analysis Task Worksheet

Content Type

User Generated




Business Finance


Arapahoe Community College




Nonverbal Analysis Task Description:

This is a multiple step assignment designed to help you:

Pay attention to the nonverbal communication around you.

Interpret nonverbal communication more effectively.
Connect the material in the Nonverbal Communication Chapter to real world situations.
Take a notebook with you so that you can record what your see.
Pay attention to each persons nonverbal communication for at least thirty minutes. This would work with many activities you do every day—like having dinner with someone, going to the library, going to a park, airport, or even the mall. This may also be done in conjunction with another class assignment, like conducting an interview. You only need to be close enough to be looking at the subjects without being noticeable to them. If they feel they are being watched, they will often move and you cant complete the assignment.

In order to accomplish these objectives, please do the following:

Step 1: Go to any public venue and pick two people interacting to watch.

Step 2: Take TONS of notes of what you observe.

What kind of facial displays did you notice that had message value?

What kind of gestures or body movement had that message value?

What kind of eye movement, like eye contact or lack, thereof, communicated a message to you?

If you were close enough to hear, what kind of vocal behavior, like pitch, rate, volume, pronunciation or accent had that message value?

What kind of things did you notice about their physical appearance that communicated something about them to you?

What about their artifacts added value to the message?

Did you notice any emblems, illustrators, affect displays, or adaptors? What were they?

How did the other person use space to communicat3e?

How did they use touch to communicate?

Step 3: Write up a nonverbal analysis of interaction.

This papershould be no-longerorshorter than a three-pageaccount of at least three different behaviors that you noticed. Your fourth page will be your reference page (APA format please).

In the discussion of each behavior, be sure to address:

What the behavior was and what it communicated to you.

Whether or not you think the behavior was intentional.

What you did or thought in response to the behavior.

How did the behavior affect the communication that the subject had with the other person?

Somewhere in your discussion, be sure todefine and cite the key termsyou use (such as proxemics or affect display)

Need Preview and review main points, purpose, attention getter, and clincher statement in introduction and conclusion. Explain how your purpose connects to your results.

Need a detailed description of the public venue and the participants chosen to watch. Includes why these participants were chosen.

Need at least three different nonverbal communication behaviors(Hintthese nonverbal behaviors would be your 3 headings for that section of your paper)and each nonverbal communicationterm & definition iscitedin bold font.Identify communication patterns in other people. List and describe the basic theories of interpersonal communication behavior. Demonstrate skills in listening, and perceiving.

New York Medical College Seasonal Affective Disorder in Children Discussion buy essay help

Assignment 5.1: Combating Depression

ALL students shouldpost your individual Assignment 5.1 (of no less than 400 words and no more than 600 words)

directly intothis forum by pasting (recommended) or typing your reply in the box below

no attachments

your first reply MUST be your assignment, i.e., anyone who posts a reply just to see what other people did before posting an actual assignment will be penalized

anyone with questions shall use the Q & A Forum

Read the following instructions carefully and address the tasks described (12 points):

Present the best practices for treatingat least oneform of depression (i.e. major depression, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, etc.) inonespecific population (i.e. senior citizens, the homeless, children, people with a specific diagnosis [i.e. diabetes, HIV/AIDS, alzheimer’s, etc.], etc.). “Best practices” means the most effective means of treatment as we currently know them from evidence in the scientific literature combined with “real world” experience in health promotion or clinical practice.

Be sure to include in your presentation: A briefdescription of the form(s) of depression you are focusing on, including any epidemiological statistics you can find that define the magnitude of the problem, etiology, and outcomes if left untreated.
A characterization of the population you have chosen, including any statistics you find particular to this group, a description of how serious the problem is for them, and any specific biopsychosocial factors involved in the etiology of the disorder for this population.
Where treatment may be sought out and administered: what is the most common setting for this group and what type of clinicians treat them.
The treatments that seem to work best for this population as supported by the scientific literature with any statistics you can find on success rates; you should investigate different treatments from various disciplines and you may also include any future trends in treatment that are being studied.

Apollos University Communication Ethics Sets of values Journal assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

Question Description

I’m working on a communications case study and need support to help me learn.


The following podcast returns to a journalistic series by OBrien (2018). He interviews Cyrus Massoumi, one of the pioneers of fake news. While its interesting to hear about how he earns money, its even more important to recognize that, regardless of whether you agree with his beliefs and actions, he identifies as a marketer (i.e., communication professional) and bases his professional decisions on his own set of values.

OBrien, M. (2018, May 2). A junk news pioneer–with Cyrus Massoumi, part 1. Retrieved from(This is 55:00, so listening to the first and last sections will be fine)
OBrien, M. (2018, May 3). A junk news pioneer–with Cyrus Massoumi, part 2. Retrieved from(This is also long, at 54:00–if you can listen to most of it that would help but the first and last segment will suffice)

In your entry, answer the questions below. Show each question followed by your answer. APA format.

Listen to the podcast about Cyrus Massoumi. Like it or not, it is important to recognize that he identifies as a marketer (i.e., communication professional) and makes decisions based on his own set of values.

Name at least 2 values that influence how Cyrus Massoumi thinks and acts as a marketer. For each value, discuss at least 1 way in which it has affected his professional decisions.
Where do you think his values come from? Just himself or elsewhere?

Next week, you will start a critical examination of an actual moral problem that has surfaced in your current career as a communication professional or a potential problem that may arise in your future dream job as a communication professional. Throughout this examination, you will need to apply values. Youve already identified your personal values in your previous journal entry. Now do the following:

Find and attach the values and codes of conduct of the organization where you currently work or hope to work as a communication practitioner or researcher. The website of the organization is a good place to start. Then identify at least 1 value or principle that resonates with you.
Find and attach the code of conduct that relates closest to your current or dream job as a communication practitioner or researcher. Although this course shares some professional codes, you are welcome to use something else. The websites of professional associations are good places to start. Then identify at least 1 value or principle that resonates with you.

Paine College Career Report Worksheet essay help

Directions: Career Report
Will Help You Inform with Clarity and Intent


How you earn points

Part One: Analysis of Two Competitors, Response to items 1-3…… 50 points

Part Two: Analysis of Audience, Outline, 1.5-page memo to boss… 100 points


The rubrics are published in the Assessments/Assignment Folder and in the Content/Assignment Resources Cabinet in iCollege Dropbox.


Career Report Overview

You will explore the pros and cons of pursuing your desired career at two competing companies. You will pretend to work as an entry-level employee at Company A.

In part one, you will use the Part One Career Report Company Analysis form to guide you through the comparison. At the end of the research, you will write a three-paragraph response answering three items about your research. Specific requirements are on the form.

In part two, you will write a 1.5-page memo to your boss that provides information he/she requested. The boss wants to know which firm is attracting the best talent to fill the position you hold, and why? Compare the two companies and draw a conclusion about which firm is best for prospective employees like you. Use the Part Two Career Report Memo Analysis form to guide you through the steps.



Knowledge and Skills

The skills learned during this assignment will help you to:

Research companies effectively
Tailor messages to a particular audience
Demonstrate effective Q&A technique
Synthesize information into a concise, useful summary.
Demonstrate concise, grammatically correct writing skills
Practice the format and writing style used in business



Upload the Part One Career Report Company Analysis form to the iCollege assignment folder. You must rename the file by inserting your last name at the beginning of the file name. This form has your analysis of two competitors AND the message to the instructor.

Upload the Part Two Career Report Company Analysis form to the iCollege assignment folder. You must rename the file by inserting your last name at the beginning of the file name. This form has your analysis of two competitors AND the message to the instructor.

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