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The death penalty and maximum sentencing.

The topic is up to you.Do a complete biographical citation of your sources in MLA format. Check the [email protected] for examples.Do a 150 or more word annotation for each source you have. This can include:Describe the content of the sourceTell the thesis of the sourceTell examples or evidence the author usesIndicate any strengths or weaknesses of the sourceEvaluate the overall reliability of the sourceIs it a good source for someone to use for a research project or paper?

Leadership Trait and Change

The questionnaire is completed by yourself and five other people that know you well.Compose a 5-8 page paper (not including title page or references page) in APA format (font, margins, title page, references page, etc.). Integrate at least 4 scholarly resources into your analysis. Include the following components as headings in the assignment:1) Introduction2) Analysis of Trait Preferences – Analyze your scores and the scores gathered from the five other raters. Discuss your preferred traits, and analyze the similarities and differences in scores, and what may account for these differences3) Impact of Trait Preferences on Leadership style – Evaluate the strengths and limitations of your preferred traits and how they might impact your leadership style.4) Genesis of Traits –Reflect on the source for your preferred traits. Considerations may include, but are not limited to: upbringing, value system, beliefs, attitudes, experiences, etc.5) Reflection – What did you learn from this assignment. How will this impact your leadership behaviors, perceptions, etc.?6) Conclusion

What is the purpose of art?

font, with standard margins. (Note: that means at least three FULL pages, and everything above the first line of the essay itself does not count towards the 3-page minimum.) Your paper should refer to at least three of the authors we have read so far (out of Plato, Aristotle, Tolstoy, Freeland, and Barthes). See the document ‘Art Rubric Essay’ to get a sense of how a good paper should be composed. The following topic: 1) What is the purpose of art?Your essay should clearly convey the views of the authors you choose to write on. You may choose to argue for or against those views, but if so you must provide reasons for your criticism.

Explain why you think they are most comfortable with these strategies? Discuss how you think these teaching strategies are classified

Writing Assignment Help Explain why you think they are most comfortable with these strategies? Discuss how you think these teaching strategies are classified according to Bloom’s revised taxonomy. Include at least 1 Reference6DQ2:  Using Bloom’s revised taxonomy ,  create three learning objectives for the following topic(PICC line insertion)

Benchmark – Nurse Educator Lesson Plan

use the engagement, student learning, and creating effective learning environment strategies e to develop a lesson plan on similar content for two additional settings (such as an asynchronous online session and teaching a nursing student in the clinical setting, etc.). The topic is PICC line insertion. Include the following in your outline:Lesson objectives.Timeframe and target environment.Three or four teaching strategies based on evidence-based practice.Activities.Summary of the types of assessments you would use in your lesson and why?Rationale for the teaching strategies you implemented into each lesson and why they differ.Explanation of how the teaching strategies planned for the lesson plan meet the needs of diverse learners in the environment.Must have at least 2 references

The Future of Bush Brothers

Assess the clients’ current financial condition.2. Identify the major Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. (SWOT)3. Identify and disclose specific assumptions used in analyzing each goal and need.4. Discuss the resolution of any conflicts between the clients’ goals and needs, and the ability to satisfy them due to financial or other constraints.5. Identify the extent to which other professionals are required to implement any recommendations.6. Conclude by stating your recommendations and implementation plan.

Microscopic Companions

In addition to the researched facts you present as your answer, you may provide opinions and real-world experiences where appropriate.Summarize the benefit (or need) for “good” microorganisms in and on the body.Choose a part of the body that is normally colonized by “good” microorganisms (e.g.- skin, intestines, vagina, other). List examples of normal microbes and their relationship with the human body. What factors or specific pathogens could threaten this microbial population and how can a person prevent this?What specifically happens when the normal microbial population in this area is disrupted? Provide examples to illustrate your points. How can a patient restore this population to a normal state? Probiotics and Prebiotics: Frequently Asked Questions for healthy skin Transplantation for the Treatment of Clostridium difficile Infection

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