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Suppose I Am Going To Open A Rehabilitation Centre For Obese… Essay Help Writing

Suppose I am going to open a rehabilitation centre for obese children and growing athletes in society as an entrepreneur in Pakistan. How should I start stratrgic position and risk assesment of my business? What should my operation plan, Management, and operations ? What should my development mile stones and exit plan? Please explain my answer in a well standard business manner.

Part 1 What Mass Of Naci Is In 1.25l Of 0.414m Solution? Part 2… Rice Supplement Essay Help

part 1 what mass of NaCI is in 1.25L of 0.414M solution? part 2 what type of solution is formed if 10g of KCIO3 are dissolved in 100g of water at 30 degrees C? un concentrated , saturated , unsaturated, supersaturated. part 3 according to the kinetic theory -the collisions between gas particles and between the walls of the container and the gas particles are elastic , the particles are far apart , the particles exhibit no attraction to or repulsion for each other, all of the above are true.

question 1
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fill In The P(x = X) Values Essay Help Cheap

question 1
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Fill in the P(X = x) values to give alegitimate probability distribution forthe discrete random varia… Show more… Show morequestion 2
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Fill in the P (X=x) values to give alegitimate probability distribution forthe discrete random varia… Show more… Show more

1) Which Of The Following Is A Solution To The System Of Two… English Essay Help

Business Assignment Help
1) Which of the following is a solution to the system of two equations y = 3x – 7 and 4x – 5y = -20?
b.) (5,8)
c.) (2,-1)

2) Using the Addition Method, solve for y in the following system of linear equations:4x – 2y = 62x y = 7
a.) y = 2
b.)y = 4
c.) y = -1
d.) y = 2.5
3) Substituting the equation y = 4x 1 into the equation 2y = -x – 1 will produce the equation ________.
a.) 7x = -3
b.) 9x = 1
c.) 7x = 1
d.) 9x = -3

4) At competing grocery stores, bananas are 80 cents a pound at the first store and 85 cents a pound at the second store. Apples are 3 dollars a pound at the first store and 2.50 dollars a pound at the second store. Suppose you buy x pounds of bananas and y pounds of apples at each store. You end up spending 10 dollars at the first store and 12 dollars at the second store. Which system of equations represents the amount of money you spend on bananas and apples at each store?
a.)0.80x 0.85y = 103x 2.50y = 12

b.)0.80x 0.85y = 123x 2.50y = 10

c.)0.80x 3y = 100.85x 2.5y = 12

d.)0.80x 3y = 120.85x 2.5y = 10
5) Which of the following points is a solution to this system of linear inequalities?


6) Travis has a budget of $300 that he can spend on perennial or annual flowers. He wants to buy at least 8 perennial flowers and at least 6 annual flowers. Perennial flowers are 18 dollars per plant and annual flowers are 15 dollars per plant. Let x be the number of perennial flowers purchased, and let y be the number of annual flowers purchased.Which system of inequalities describes this situation?

a) x ? 18y ? 158x 6y ? 300

b) x ? 18y ? 158x 6y ? 300

c)x ? 8y ? 618x 15y ? 300

d) x ? 8y ? 618x 15y ? 300

7) Nadia has a budget of $16,000 dollars to spend on tracking devices to study grizzly bears. A radio tracker costs $850 and a GPS tracker costs $1300. Nadia wants to buy more than 8 radio trackers and at least 4 GPS trackers. The following system of inequalities represents this situation, where x is the number of radio trackers and y is the number of GPS trackers.x > 8y ? 4850x 1300y ? 16000

A Formal Paragraph On The Effects Of Racism On Indigenous Peoples… Homework Essay Help

Background Information:
According to Arthur Manuel, since the formation of so-called Canada, colonizers have used racism as a “weapon” against Indigenous peoples in Canada to subdue and dominate them (“The Race” 76).
QUESTION: According to Arthur Manuel, how does racism affect people upon whom it is used as a weapon of domination?
Art Manuel Chpt 3 The Race Question (See screenshot)
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CHAPIER 5 THE RACE QUESTION I know Canadians, even many of those who support us, are a bit tired ofhearing about racism. I am sorry and I will keep ‘ this section short, but this issue has to be aired once again,if only for you to understand what a wounding weapon you wield against us — against Indigenou… Show more… Show more

In The Class We Discussed Some Of The Important Cultural Dimensions… Cheap Essay Help

In the class we discussed some of the important cultural dimensions which help us to differentiate cultures across the globe. Do you think these cultural dimensions would lead us to make more stereotypical assumptions about people from other cultures? What are the implications of this stereotyping in business setting? Explain with examples

Do You Think An Athletic Trainer Would Be A Good Career Field To… Admission College Essay Help

Do you think an athletic trainer would be a good career field to get into and would fit in here? Why or why not?

Especially as we work on ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency in our current health care system those are going to be incredibly difficult goals to accomplish until Americans get a bit healthier in general from a lifestyle standpoint. Do you see more fields like this increasing in the coming years?

Please Use The Head To Tail Method And Clearly Show The Direction… Online Essay Help

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a = (2, – 1) and b = ( 1, 3). Represent a b by using the parallelogram method. Use the Vector tool to draw thevectors, complete the parallelogram method, and draw a b. To use the Vector tool, select the initial point andthen the terminal point. Move Vector Undo Redo x Reset 6 5 4 3 No 1 – 7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 2 3 4… Show more… Show morePlease use the head to tail method and clearly show the direction of each arrow when graphing the vector

Please Help
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5] Explain In Words, What The Solutionls} College Essay Help Near Me

Please help
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5] Explain in words, what the solutionls} represents and explain how you would find the solution. (3 marks} y =3(2x — 5)(x 2) Part B: Thinking 6} Write the quadratic equation that has two solutions…if a = 2 and b = 6 {T 3)7} A} Write the quadratic in standard form with the 8} Solve using quadratic formula. Round the ro… Show more… Show more

Journal Article Presentation T We Will Utilize Communication,… Essay Help Service

Journal Article Presentation

t we will utilize communication, cooperation, and collaboration skills. Science is rarely an independent endeavor. For example, most scientific articles typically have numerous authors who contributed to the project in one way or another*.

*The first author is generally the contributor who did most of the work, the last or senior author is typically the person from whose lab from which the work was done and the authors listed between the main and senior authors are listed according to their relative contributions to the project. Author rank is very important.

Being able to identify, interpret, and explain scientific data from the primary literature is also good practice for graduate school, medicine, journalism, teaching, or any other scientific endeavor, so think of this as a learning experience. Public speaking is also an important skill for doctors, nurses and scientists to develop, but it makes many people nervous. Practice is the best remedy.

Individually you choose an article related to this course. It should be a “primary” science article published in the last 5 years and not a “review article”.

Each one of you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on one recent article chosen from a primary journal and present it to the class with 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. This 15-5 ratio is often the time allotted to scientists to present their data at a conference (as you will see this is SHORT!)

Step 1: Find one article you would like to present. Use articles from “primary” journals such as those indexed and searchable in NCBI.

Step 2: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with between ~15-20 slides. Make images and type as large as possible to fill the screen. The presentation should at minimum contain:
“TITLE” which should include the following- title of paper; journal, volume, page numbers, year; authors and institution.
General background- why the topic is of interest and other information to understand the research.
Introduction of the research (Specific Aims)
Data for their key experiments. The experiments you will describe should be chosen with care. Make sure that they are the key experiments in the paper.
Summary of results of any of their other experiments
Your critique of the article

Research And Find Details On A Current Event. This Event Should Be… Essay Help Online Free

Research and find details on a current event. This event should be directly related to the cyber security industry, be a detailed
incident of a breach or exploitation, or description of vulnerabilities in a given environment.

Construct a short report that will include the following:
Who, What,Where,When,Why and How.
What realm of Cyber does this fall under. (please note it may be more than one.) Network Security, Information Security, Application Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, End-user education.
What state was the Data in ? (Please note it may be more than 1) Data at Rest. Data in Motion. Data in Use
Which security principles is compromised of the CIA Triad ? Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

What was the initial vulnerability?

How was the vulnerability exploited? what state was the data in when it was exploited ?

What remediation or mitigation have been used to recover from the incident?

What could have been done in the first place to prevent this from happening?

What is the end user education, what can be learned from this event?

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