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Week 5 | Every Nurse Is a LeaderCurrent All Save Link Assignment Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy Details:Rate yourself using the results from the “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory”: a reflection of 750-1,000 words in which you identify your strengths and weaknesses related to the four content areas below:Personal and professional accountabilityCareer planningPersonal journey disciplinesReflective practice reference behaviors/tenetsDiscuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace.Identify one personal goal for your leadership growth and discuss your implementation plan to achieve that goal.While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Cent

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Communication goal (I don’t know how to say no when friend ask me for help) For example. “I don’t know how to say no to a family member when they ask for my help” might sound strange to some. Of course you know how, you just say “no.” In reality however, saying no may not be that easy, it may not be your habit, may not come naturally, and so forth. In addition, you may not recognize that there is a time for “yes” and a time for “no” and part of rectifying this communication behavior is establishing criteria by which you evaluate the appropriateness of saying yes or no given the circumstances. Then, you develop the necessary skills, language, and so forth to say no effectively.List your interpersonal communication goal Keep a DATEDconversation log, spreadsheet, journal, or diary of SPECIFIC instances when you exhibited this behavior. Think about who, what, where, when, why, and how questions. Record who you spoke to, what you talked about, where you spoke, when you spoke – the time of the day, why you had this conversation – the circumstances, and how you spoke. Think about your feelings and your nonverbal communication. Did you listen well? Were you delighted, hurried, rude, polite, angry, frustrated, and so forth. Record other important or interesting conversations as well, even if they do not relate to your goal. You need at least five entries this week, but you may have many more.Be sure to include an entry each day from the time you begin monitoring your communication behavior (conversations with others) until the time you conclude 2A. If you do not face your challenge on a particular day, say so. If you face other challenges, perhaps related challenges, on any of these days, include that as well. If you cannot document a conversation about your challenge that day, record another interesting or important conversation. You should have at least one daily entry for your conversation log, and you may have multiple conversations on the same day.2B. Review your log and look for patterns. The following questions can help you to identify patterns of behavior. At what time and under what circumstances did I perform this behavior mosteffectively?In what places? With whom? Under what conditions?2C. Review your log and look for patterns. The following questions can help you to identify patterns of behavior.At what time and under what circumstances did I perform      this behavior least effectively? In what places? With whom? Under what conditions?2D. Review your log and look for patterns. What other recurring communication behaviors did Iexhibitwhen I did or did not perform this behavior?2E. Review your log and look for patterns. What seems to be your most pressing behavioral pattern? Is your greatest communication problem the same one you listed in your goal for CCC Part 1 E at the top of your page? Do you need to modify your goal for this project? If so, state your new goal by revisiting Part 1E in Week 1, Course Project.Remember, you should identify these patterns from the log you have recorded over the entire week. When you make a statement about an observed pattern, be sure to document it with specific data/examples from your log. You may find at the end of logging your communication behavior that your challenge is not what you first thought it was. As a result, it is possible that you may ultimately modify CCC Part 1E at this point in the project.Report In this section you are   to describe, in detail, the patterns you observed that were related to your   selected communication skill/behavior in CCC Part 1E. Use the process   described above as a framework for this narrative, and include in CCC Part 2   of your report the following items:2A. List your interpersonal communication   goal from CCC Part 1E.   A clean typed version of your notes in a DATED conversation log, spreadsheet,   journal, or diary format that identifies SPECIFIC instances when you were   faced with performing this behavior (instances when you were in a position to   discipline your daughter, for example). Each entry should explain the who,   what, where, when, why, and how of the conversation. See the detailed   explanation above.2B. A review of your behavior in a narrative   format, which clearly identifies patterns of communication behavior, as   described above on your most effective communication skills. Be   sure to include specific evidence from your observations that support your   identification of a particular pattern.2C. A review of your behavior in a narrative   format, which clearly identifies patterns of communication behavior, as   described above on your least effective communication skills. Be   sure to include specific evidence from your observations that support your   identification of a particular pattern.2D. A review of your behavior in a narrative   format, which clearly identifies patterns of communication behavior, as   described above on your other recurring communication   behaviors. Be sure to include specific evidence from your observations that   support your identification of a particular pattern.2E. A review of your behavior in a narrative   format, which clearly identifies patterns of communication behavior, as   described above on your greatest communication problem. Be   sure to include specific evidence from your observations that support your   identification of a particular pattern.

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Write a 8 page essay on Marketing.Demand in the United States, especially, has taken off, thanks to a marketing strategy designed to build mystique through stealth advertising and limited distribution”( Maynard)Mini Cooper has attracted world not only because of the unique features, but because of the innovative marketing strategies as well.The manufacturer BMW has created waves of innovation in marketing and advertising strategies adopted for their car Mini Cooper which captured the attraction of the worldwide people. This paper briefly analyses the features of Mini cooper and the marketing strategies adopted by BMW for marketing their product mini cooper in international market.“From the toggle switches for the windows and fog lights to the rocker buttons for the fan-speed controls, every switch and dial in the Mini feels of a piece with Mini and only the Mini. In truth, some of the components are gently massaged BMW parts, but thats not really obvious. And besides, BMW is a prestigious brand, so its not as if youre getting second hand Daewoo stuff in your Mini”( Frank). Mini Cooper is not only attractive in appearance, but it is filled with lot of useful features which other cars of same type may not possess. Its hatch layout is well designed, with a low well for groceries and with seat uprights that flip forward 50/50. Mini Cooper excels in safety features also compared to its competitors. It has defeated its competitors in most of the road tests and also excelled in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash tests. Moreover, it comes with six airbags (front, side, headliner), while its competitors only has standard front airbags. For an additional $500, people can purchase a Mini Cooper with stability control that will help keep the car on track in an emergency situation.‘A marvelous marriage of British character and German know-how, the 2009 Mini Cooper is stylish, fun to drive and remarkably good on gas. Stellar fuel economy, sharp handling, excellent all-around

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Identify and explain the importance of three major developments in transportation and or communication during the Industrial Revolution. Use specific examples and describe how they contributed to industrialization. Please help within the next hour. Thanks!

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Need help with question 7 on this assignment please and thank you.Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Analysis of Financial StatementsBalance Sheets EXHIBITS: INPUT DATA (XYZ) Table 1 Balance Sheets 2013E 2012 2011AssetsCash 9 85,632 $ 7,262 5 57,600Accounts receivable 678,000 632,160 351,200Inventories 1,716,480 1,267,360 715,200Total current assets $2,680,112 $1,926,602 5 1,124,000Gross fixed assets 1,197,160 1,202,950 491,000Less: accumulated depreciation 380,120 263,160 146,200Net fixed assets $ 617,040 $ 939,790 $ 344,600Total assets $3,497,152 $2,666,592 3 1,466,600 Liabiiities and equity Accounts payable $ 436,600 $ 524,160 145,600Notes payable 300,000 636,608 200,000Accruals 408,000 489,600 136,000Total current liabilities $1,144,600 61,650,568 481,600Long-term bonds 400,000 723,432 323,432Total debt $1,544,600 62,374,000 605,032 Common stock (100,000 shares) 1,721,176 460,000 460,000Retained earnings 231,176 32,592 203,768 Total common equity 768 Total common equity $1,952,352 $ 492,592 663,758Total liabilities and : – ul $3,497,152 $2,865,592 5 1,466,600

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You are required to submit an attachment a Partial Draft Submission #1 which is a copy of your project that includes the following: The Problem and Factors Bearing on the Problem, by February 12, 2017. The Partial Draft Submission #1 is to be posted on the message board in the area designated as “POST DRAFT #1”.Post should include: Cover Page, Problem, Factors Bearing on the Problem, Discussion (whatever has been done) and Annotated References – DO NOT INCLUDE A CONCLUSION or ACTION RECOMMENDED. You will number them as outline in the submission requirements. I am not expecting that these two are completed, but what I am looking for is the formation of your paper. The Partial Draft Submission #1 does two things, it allows you to begin to put your thoughts on paper and it allows me to review your progress. Any comments made by me to you will be communicated in a reply email. It is suggested that during all of the drafts you are submitting you color coat each of the factors a different color. Then when you research each factor, the information that you write on the factor is the color of that factor. This way, you can see how much information you have on each factor and it is a good way to judge what resources or information is needed. Remember the final submission must not have the colors, so for this submission, change all to black. If this is not clear, please get with your instructor.robl

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Concepts for Analysis 16-6 (EPS Concepts and Effect of Transactions on EPS) Chorkina Corporation, a new audit client of yours, has not reported earnings per share data in its annual reports to stockholders in the past. The treasurer, Beth Botsford, requested that you furnish information about the reporting of earnings per share data in the current year’s annual report in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.Instructions

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Lynne bought a bag of grapefruit, 1 5/8 pounds of apples, and 2 3/16 pounds of bananas. The total weight of her purchase was 7 1/2 pounds. how much did the bag of grapefruit weigh

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Write a program in a class FlowerCounter that computes the cost of flowers sold at a flower stand.Five kinds of flowers-petunia, pansy, rose, violet, and camation- are stocked and cost, respectively, R5.00, R7.50, R7.95, R8.00, and R9.45 per flower. Create an array of strings that holds the names of these flowers. Create another array (of type double) that holds the cost of each corresponding flower. Your program should read the name of a flower and the quantity desired by a customer. locate the flower in the name array and use that index to find the cost per stem in the cost array. Compute and print the total cost of the sale.

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This document of HRM 558 Week 2 Discussion Question 2 comprises:Why is it important for HR professionals to demonstrate proficiency in criteria selection and the use of criteria selection? Provide an example to explain your answer.

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Civil Rights Movement.

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PS124-3: Describe how the study of psychology is relevant to students’ career field.PC 2.1: Achieve goals through planning and prioritization.Creating a PowerPoint Presentation for Future ColleaguesFor this week’s Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint® presentation that illustrates the connection between current psychology research and your role as a leader in a selected career field. You will present a psychology research article that studies a specific challenge that could be encountered in your career field.Go to the Kaplan Library and select a topic that connects psychology with your career field. Be sure to select the peer-reviewed box, so that you know your research studies are primary academic sources.For example:A future addictions counselor may select the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy.A future business professional may select ways of improving work morale.An early childhood development professional may select behavior modification techniques to improve classroom behavior.After reviewing several studies, select one research study that most interests you.Be sure to email the Kaplan Librarian if you need help with this. (The Librarian will likely need one business day to respond.)Click on the Cite link to bring up an APA reference for your article.After reviewing the entire article, focus on the abstract for the main highlights of the research.Create a presentation that is at least 10 slides long to present this information to future colleagues. Consider this presentation training for future colleagues on how your study of psychology relates to particular problem in your career field. Your slides should address the following questions:Identify your career field and article you selected.Describe the highlights of the research study.Relate the research to your career field.Identify ways in which this information can be implemented into your career field.Consider reviewing the Kaplan University Writing Center article, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations” prior to starting your presentation.Writing Requirements and GuidelinesYour Assignment should be at least 10 slides, not the Cover and Reference pages.Cover page: Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and dateBody: at least 10 slides answering the questions provided in the Assignment directionsReference Page: Sources in APA format

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The differences in accounting for an activity in an internal service fund rather than the general fund may be striking.A school district establishes a vehicle repair shop that provides service to other departments, all of which are accounted for in its general fund. During its first year of operations, the shop engages in the following transactions:•It purchases equipment at a cost of $24 million and issues long-term notes for the purchase price. The useful life of the equipment is eight years, with no residual value.•It purchases supplies at a cost of $4 million. Of these, it uses $3 million. In its governmental funds, the district accounts for supplies on a purchases basis.•It incurs $13 million in other operating costs.•It bills other departments for $19 million.Journalize the four transactions presented in the problem.(1) Assume the Vehicle Repair Shop is accounted for in the General Fund and the basis of accounting is modified accrual.(2) Assume the Vehicle Repair Shop is accounted for in an Internal Service Fund and the basis of accounting is full accrualI needed helpwith the journal entries that would gowith the transactions that I listed forboth the generaland internal service funds.

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Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Egyptian Questions.

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MGT 425 SEU Modelling Autonomous Decision Making on Energy & Environmental Management Paper.

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PSYC 305 CTU Entrepreneurial Personality Traits and Behaviors Essay.

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FIN 101 Saudi Electronic University Principles of Finance Fast Food Case Study.

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Albany State University Reflection Peer Teaching Discussion.

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Kent State University PESTEL Analysis Approach Research Paper.

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UCI Impact of Art Marina Abramovic Body Art Expressing Feminism Discussion.

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NCMMOD2CA. The question of the respective interests of the two sides in the Hollywood conflict is ultimately a valid question in light of the article. However, perhaps before embarking on an exploration of what their respective interests might be, it would be wise to first clearly define what we are referring to when we reference the two sides of the debate. The clearest separation between the two sides shown in the article is that of the guilds versus the producers or movie houses.However, perhaps equally interesting is the gray area, which falls in between the two – for example, those members of a guild who are also producers. The point in this respect is to determine where those people lie on the scale of either being more biased toward the guild members (actors and writers) or toward the producers. If we take our two sides as defined, the producers versus the guild members then we are in a sufficient position to examine the respective interests of each side.It is immediately clear that this is a long-standing debate as we begin to examine the article, “On the morning of October 8, 1945, thousands of picketing film workers, some wearing white-painted civil defense helmets, were confronted by truckloads of scabs who attacked with lead pipes, monkey wrenches and nightsticks” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 1). From this inauspicious opening, we can already start to summon some idea of what the central debate might be.The principal concern of both sides of this debate is money – whether that money should be residual compensation for work performed on a completed product (for the actors and writers), or ongoing revenue from the marketing and sale of that product (for the producers).  While the article details the previous compensation rates for guild members, “When a consumer plops down $25 for a new DVD, for example, the credited screenwriter receives only 4 cents”  (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 10) it also clearly indicates the desire of the guild members – for additional compensation in this regard. Therefore, we can clearly define the interest of the guild members as being that of what they might regard as adequate compensation for their work.However, this is not the only interest at work in the guild members, as we look deeper into the article and examine the strikes that have taken place previously. “After last year’s costly six-month SAG-AFTRA walkout in the commercials sector, during which thousands of actors went without paychecks, there’s little rank-and-file enthusiasm for another season without work” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 33).Clearly, given the fact that the previous strike had damaged lives and caused hardship to guild members, the guild members themselves would indicate among their interests the fastest possible resolution to any conflict between the guild and the producers. As mentioned in the article by one IATSE official, “You don’t go on strike for six months to get what you could have gotten in the first week” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 15). Perhaps then, we have more than simply two sides at work in the conflict: the guilds, the guild members, and the producers.The producers, by contrast, clearly are eager to maintain the status quo. In one negotiation, specific figures are named, with the WGA scaling back its demands to a meager 25% increase, and being met with “an offer of a zero percent increase” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 13).It is worthwhile at this point to note that both sides have expressed interests and not positions. To clarify, the interest on the guild member’s side might be increased compensation, while a possible position for that interest would be the actual renegotiation of contractual agreements between the guilds and the producers. Similarly, on the producer’s side, the interest is maintaining the status quo, while the position would be the maintenance of existing contracts.To examine points, we should again discuss how those points affect both sides of the debate. The points are clear enough that they can be listed one by one. Due to the mild bias of the article toward the guilds, and guild members there are considerably more points presented from this side of the argument than the other.The first and simplest point is the sheer mass of guild members demanding better working conditions: “pent-up demand has reached a boiling point” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 5) mentions WGA vice president, Dan Petrie, Jr. Whether this demand and pressure is due to poor contracts with producers, or poor negotiations of the same is subject to debate, but is beyond the scope of this essay.Second, there are the many sides of the financial coin. Artists are concerned primarily with fair pay for the use of their work in both the original and recreated mediums. As mentioned in the articles, “artists are paid little or nothing in residuals for such reuse and resale of their work” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 9). This perhaps was less of a problem before the emergence of the Internet, and the growth of the International market. In fact, it is clearly stated that writers had previously accepted lower pay, however they “did so with the understanding that talent would eventually receive a fair share as those markets matured” (Cooper, 2001, ¶ 10). According to the article, this is something, which has now happened.An additional aspect to the financial issues is the matter of what the article refers to as “transfer pricing” abuse – the maneuvering of intellectual property among subsidiary partners of a corporate owner at less than fair market value to reduce the required amount of residuals, which are eligible to be paid. Just as these points are the primary ones discussed in the article, there are none mentioned for the producers – other than their interest in maintaining the status quo, as discussed earlier in the essay.The primary conflict of money for the two sides is, according to the article, a major threat to the movie industry as a whole. As this conflict approaches resolution, the successful negotiation by the unions to a deal which will allow for substantial enough earnings to appease their member base while still allowing for enough profit for the producers, will prove to determine if the actor and writer guilds can escape their status “as pampered poodles.” (Cooper, 2001)ReferencesCooper, M. (2001). Residual Anger. Retrieved February 11, 2007 from,

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their children. and their extended families; and quarterly  empowerment dinners where successful women in varying phases of their  recovery are featured speakers. These featured speakers are also invited  to participate in the Sande Society: the circle is completed and shall  remain unbroken.

run a newspaper ad reminding the public to book their holiday parties and order their party platters. If the place where restaurant located tourist destination then it is a good idea to place an ad in the local paper and or tourist paper prior to the busy season May for the summer months essay help from professional writers

run a newspaper ad reminding the public to book their holiday parties and order their party platters. If the place where restaurant located tourist destination then it is a good idea to place an ad in the local paper and or tourist paper prior to the busy season May for the summer months. November for the winter months. Many chambers of commerce or local tourism associations will publish a newspaper geared specifically toward tourists. It highlights all the sights and activities of an area. Advertising is key to gaining new business for your restaurant.

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you don’t have to spend a fortune to attract new business. when you think outside of the traditional advertising box. Lo3 understand pricing and profitability concepts within hospitality operations 3. 1 evaluate different methods of pricing taking into account additional pricing considerations It is all about product and how much to charge for product or service. There numbers of strategies to overcome problem in manage product price or menu price. There are some Pricing strategies to set the price of product and service like cost

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Sociology homework help. I will pay for the following article Character Behavior and Adolescent Development. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Pony jumps out of the car, runs and enters into the burning church intending to rescue the children (Hinton 6). He does this without thinking about his safety and because he has no skills in firefighting, and also because he does not have the right outfit for fire rescue. Pony agrees with this assessment. that he is not reasonable when he says that he sometimes does not think. Adolescence is a phase in life when a teenager considers himself/ herself as an adult and expects to be treated as one. The reality is, they are still teenagers and are under control and guidance to others with parents, and teachers. Therefore when their elders advise them on how to live, the teens start to feel like the elders are dictating them on how to live their lives. The loss of control makes teens feel life is not fair. For instance, Ponyboy knows that he is not safe walking on the streets of his neighborhood, but he still does it.Adolescents also have another behavior of bullying others as well as defending themselves, for example in the outsider, as Ponyboy comes from strolling he is attacked by a gang. Also, Pony is thinking of how he can defend himself and is looking around for a pop bottle or stick or something anything to defend himself. It is at this point that we hear Pony remembering how Steve Randle, had once held off four guys with a busted pop bottle. Such and other examples in the book go a long way in showing us that adolescents have a bullying habit and are also violent.Work CitedHinton, S.E. The Outsiders. New York: Viking Press, 1967.

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Gender Studies homework help. Before beginning work on this assignment, please review the expanded grading rubric for specific instructions relating to content and formatting.In this assignment, you will review compensation packages in healthcare organizations.Tasks:Select one healthcare organization of interest to you and research the compensation package in the organization.On the basis of your research and findings your paper should address the following: Do a cost-benefit analysis of the selected healthcare organization. Explain your analysis of the cost-benefit ratio and how it helps an organization. Explain the impact of the cost-benefit ratio on recruitment and retention strategies of a healthcare organization. Outline ways to improve the cost-benefit ratio of the selected healthcare organization. Explain the role of HRM in ensuring the most competitive compensation package for employees. Describe methods of improving the compensation package of the selected healthcare organization. Explain how your recommendations could enhance recruitment and retention strategies of the organization. Discuss how you would address competitive compensation, benefits packages, career development, and succession planning in working towards the selected healthcare organization’s strategic goals.Submission Details:To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. Your assignment should be addressed in an 8- to 10-page document. Submit your document to this appropriate Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

turnover and ensure the menu remains balanced in terms of sales mix and popularity. The menu can designed in such ways to seduce and convince the diners to choose a specific menu item by the wording and how the dish described. Fine dinning restaurant provide menu with less wording essay help: essay help

turnover and ensure the menu remains balanced in terms of sales mix and popularity. The menu can designed in such ways to seduce and convince the diners to choose a specific menu item by the wording and how the dish described. Fine dinning restaurant provide menu with less wording. naming exotic ingredients. Restaurant should clear explanation about customer perceptions and according to family restaurant environment should be attractive for kids and keep in mind the value of money.

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providing pay at time. opportunities to use skills and abilities

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Equality and Diversity – the Way That People Describe Themselves and Others. Describe the individual factors that make a person who they are, by giving examples of each of the following factors: a) Physical characteristics b) Emotions c) Likes and dislikes d) Values and beliefs Each of us has different individual characteristics and factors, and it is the combination of these that make up who we are.The individual factors are made up of physical characteristics (what people see –examples might be our size, build, colour of hair or skin); emotions (the way in which you feel – examples might be confidence, shyness, an outgoing nature, or miserable); likes and dislikes (things you enjoy doing or those that you avoid – examples might be work, hobbies, sporting activities, cooking / eating, socialising); and values and beliefs (how the world appears to you – examples might be your religion, your moral code, your political beliefs, or your life choices in terms of education and employment).Resubmission: In relation to values and beliefs, these are essentially our moral make-up. They are the thoughts and beliefs by which we live our lives, and which will help to provide direction for us. Although they may develop as we progress from childhood into adulthood, our values and beliefs will generally tend to stay the same for much of our adult lives. Our values are ideas and moral views that we, as individuals, feel are very important to the way in which we live our lives, for instance the way in which we raise our children, or the way in which we value integrity and honesty in others.Our beliefs differ slightly in that they refer to ideas that we hold to be true, for instance religious or political views and ideology. Describe the ways in which someone might choose to describe themselves by giving examples of the following topics: a) Personal interests and characteristics b) Religious and cultural characteristics c) Geographic characteristics People are moulded to an extent by what they have seen and experience in their lifetimes, and this is something that can and will change as time moves on.When people are particularly interested or motivated by certain areas of life, hobbies or beliefs, they may choose to describe themselves by providing reference to that persuasion. For instance: •Personal interests and characteristics – As we progress through life, from child to adult, and then as we grow older, we develop interests in certain aspects of life and certain hobbies and pastimes. It may be that we develop these entirely independently of anyone else, but we are often guided and influenced by people we know or see.Our interests may be reflected in our membership of certain personal interest groups – for instance political parties, social groups or sporting groups. Someone with a particular interest in politics, and with particular political persuasion may choose to join a local political party, taking part in activities, and helping to campaign for certain political plans. They may then refer to themselves as a Conservative, for instance. Those who have a particular interest in community involvement may join a group such as the Rotary Club and help to organise charitable events.It may be that an ardent football or cricket fan joins a particular team as a member, thereafter referring to themselves by the name of the club (for example “A Gooner” (Arsenal FC)). , or a “Hell’s Angel”. In terms of personal characteristics, people may tend to refer to themselves by way of their characteristics, and these can be elements of a person’s make-up that they have not necessarily chosen or developed. These could be with regard to their emotional characteristics, perhaps describing themselves as “outgoing” or “funny”, or otherwise making reference to the way that they appear to others.They may also refer to themselves with regard to a particular personality trait, for instance their sexual persuasion. Some may refer to themselves by way of physical traits, for instance the colour of their hair, the size of their bodies, or a particular disability. •Religious and cultural characteristics – a person may refer to themselves in terms of their religion and belief (“I am a Christian / Jew / Muslim”). They may also choose to refer to themselves as being part of a particular cultural group, or as having particular cultural beliefs.For instance some may choose to describe themselves according to age group (for instance a teenager or pensioner), or with reference to their standing in society or perceived membership of a class group (working, middle or upper class), or perhaps with regard to their profession (for example tradesman, health worker). The cultural characteristics can also link in to an individual’s ideology or belief – it may be that they are a member of a particular belief group, such as Scientology, and therefore cal themselves a Scientologist; or they describe themselves as being of a particular political persuasion (“I am a Liberal”). Geographic characteristics – a person may describe themselves as being a member of a particular group based in a certain part of the Country. For instance, a “Geordie”, “Londoner”, or “Northerner” and “Southerner”. These groups carry with them a number of different identifiers: This could be in terms of language and dialect used (one is often able to identify the geographic origin of those with particularly strong accents, or those using particular phrases); it may also be in terms of cuisine enjoyed within that particular region, the local sport, or perhaps the local customs and associated dress.In addition to these there has historically been differing geographic characteristics when it comes to employment and industry (for instance clay mining in the South West, coal mining in the northern areas of the UK, and steel making in areas such as Sheffield). All in all there are a number of different identifiers and characteristics that could be adopted by an individual as a result of where they originate from geographically. Explain what is meant by the following terms by completing the sentences: a) Dual discrimination means… b) Positive discrimination means… c) Discrimination arising from disability means… ) Discrimination by association means… e) Protected characteristics means… a) Dual discrimination means being discriminated against for more than a single reason (eg race and religion). b) Positive discrimination means receiving favourable treatment as a result of one of their protected characteristics (eg level of service due to their age, or offer of a job due to gender).c) Discrimination arising from disability means being discriminated against as a result of having a disability. d) Discrimination by association means being discimnated against as a result of our association with another person or culture that is also receiving iscrimination. e) Protected characteristics means the personal / social characteristics that are protected from discrimination by law (gender / age / race / religion… ). Make clear what it means to have multiple identities and then give three examples from people you know (not yourself) to illustrate your explanation of multiple identities. Having multiple or shared identities means that you are not just a member of a particaulr group or represent a single interest. People are made up of a number of different interests, beliefs, personal and geographical characteristics.Therefore when you describe yourself you would likely refer to a number of these identities in order to paint the full picture. For example: •A teacher, as well as a mother of two children, and a keen swimmer. •A doctor, as well as a cyclist, and a proud cook. •A schoolboy, older brother and keen gamer. Clearly explain what is meant by shared identities. Shared identities are interests or beliefs that we hold in common with a group of other people. This may be with regard to areas of life such as religion, sport, profession, or geographical area. Explain how an individual can identify themselves as belonging to a number of different groups. ) Give two examples for the above. An individual will almost certainly have interests, beliefs or membership that ties in with a number of different groups. As a result, they may choose to refer to any number of these when describing themselves as a person. For example: •I am a practising Christian and am also a proud Northerner. •I am a pensioner, but still enjoy cycling with the Middlesex Marauders Any individual will almost certainly be a member of a number of different groups, either due to their specific ideals or beliefs, their physical and emotional characteristics, or their personal interests and characteristics.A number of these have been expanded upon in previous answers. A person may choose to describe themselves by reference to one or all of these membership groups. This may be with reference to personal interest groups – for instance political parties, social groups or sporting clubs. It may be with reference to personal characteristics, for instance their size, build, hair colour, emotional characteristics or sexual orientation. A person may refer to themselves in terms of their religion and belief. They may also choose to refer to themselves as being part of a particular cultural group, or as having particular political beliefs.An individual may also refer to themselves as coming from a particular geographic location, or as having originated from a particular demographic within society – for instance “a Northerner” or “a Geordie”. Two examples of using multiple groups as a way of describing yourself are as follows: •I am a practising Christian, a proud Northerner and am a founding member of the Lakeside lumberjacks. Here we see reference to a particular religious characteristic, in addition to a geographical characteristic and a personal interest characteristic. I am a pensioner, but still enjoy cycling with the Middlesex Marauders, and am a keen campaigner for the local Conservative party. Here we see examples of cultural (age and politics) characteristics, as well as personal interest characteristics. Write a description of yourself in terms of your own multiple identities. I am married and also a father of two children. I work locally as a police officer, a job that I entered after attending the University of Birmingham. I enjoy playing cricket as well as watching it, and am also a keen cyclist. I originate from Oxfordshire and have always lived in the South of England.

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Religious Studies homework help. Watch the following videos in the Week Three Media Enhancements link: “Memory Processes,” “Storage and Recall,” “Study of Memory,” “Stages of Memory,” “Amnesia and the PDP Model,” and “Memory and Changes in the Brain”.How do theorists in the four major psychological theories explain the role of memory in learning?Films Media Group (1996). Memory processes. From Title: The Study of Memory.Films Media Group (1996). Amnesia and the PDP model. From Title: The Study of Memory. Films Media Group (1996). Memory and changes in the brain. From Title: The Study of Memory. Films Media Group (1996). Stages of memory. From Title: The Study of Memory. Films Media Group (1996). Storage and recall. From Title: The Study of Memory.Answer the question with the given videos to the best of your knowledge, please use citations and references.

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Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS. California should seek corporation from the national government and other counties in developing laws on global warming, consider possible unemployment due to the law, and incorporate health professionals in refining the bill.The legislature, as an arm of the government, makes laws that govern a jurisdiction and that may be specific to a sector, such as the health sector, or may affect multiple sectors. An understanding of contents, possible intended and unintended effects, stakeholders, and divergent views over a proposed law is important to life of a bill or a law. Below is a discussion of California Assembly Bill 21, based on these aspects.The bill associates global warming with public health concerns. It recognizes direct effects of global warming such as poor quality of air, reduced quality, and quantity of supplied water, and rise in sea level and these have caused health problems such as infectious and respiratory diseases. Consequences of global warming, such as damaged marine system and threat to biodiversity, also contribute to incidence of infectious and respiratory infections (California AB. 21, 2014). About 881500 children and more than two million adults in California suffers from asthma per year and ragweed that affects 9 counties and high smog levels that affect 31 counties are factors. Ninety percent of the state’s population also lives under polluted air. Air pollution due to wildfires, a factor to the respiratory condition, is also significant and is expected to rise by more than 50 percent. Incidences of Dengue Fever (35 between the year 1995 and the year 2005), West Nile virus (2982 cases between the years 1999 and 2010), and Lyme disease (2370 cases between the years 1990 and 2008) have been reported in the state. There is high risk of water shortage in 83 percent of California and dry condition has increased chances of wildfire.

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Physics homework help. Saludos Yo quisiera saber si me pueden Ayudar Con esta Tarea ahí le envío el trabajo Aprendizaje en servicioInstruccionesEn esta actividad entregarás tu trabajo final relacionado con tu experiencia en las actividades de aprendizaje en servicio. El mismo debe ser entregado en formato digital (utiliza el formato de PowerPoint) y debe contener la documentación que evidencie el cumplimiento de cada una de sus partes. Utiliza la siguiente rúbrica de referencia para completar el trabajo. Descárgala aquí.Recuerda que los documentos están en el Manual para el desarrollo del Proyecto de aprendizaje mediante el servicio: Desarrollo de valores y conocimientos correspondiente a este curso. Accede al Manual aquí.Asegúrate de que tu trabajo tenga las siguientes secciones:IntroducciónAquí deberás desglosar lo que estarás presentando en el portafolio.Tabla de contenidoContenido del portafolio. El contenido del portafolio debe incluir las siguientes secciones:Propósito del servicio ofrecidoDescripción del centro seleccionadoHistoria, visión y misión del centro seleccionadoEntrevistas realizadasRelato sobre las funciones que llevaste a cabo en el centroExperiencias obtenidas a través del servicio que rendiste en el centroLas tareas realizadas en los módulos 1 y 2 relacionadas con el aprendizaje en servicio.Diarios reflexivos (En esta sección debes incluir cada una de las reflexiones realizadas para tu trabajo. Se recomienda que hagas una reflexión por semana de servicio. Esto debe discutirse con el profesor del curso).Conclusión:Presenta una reflexión final del trabajo realizado. Considera los siguientes aspectos:Presenta tu impresión general del trabajo de aprendizaje en servicio desde que comenzaste hasta la culminación del mismo.Discute aquellas dificultades encontradas.Conforme a las dificultades encontradas, debes proveer recomendaciones específicas que puedan servir para mejorar el proceso de esta actividad de aprendizaje en servicio (para la actividad, para el centro, para el estudiante y cualquier otro aspecto que entiendas puede ser de ayuda para mejorar el curso).Menciona cuál fue tu fortaleza para llevar a cabo tu curso de manera exitosa.Instrucciones generales:Debes presentar tu escrito a doble espacio, en un tipo de letra Times New Roman, Arial o Courier New, con un tamaño de letra 12. Los párrafos deben contener 5 oraciones o más.Presta atención a las reglas gramaticales (ortografía y sintaxis).Tu trabajo debe ser original y no debe contener material copiado de libros ni de la Internet.Al citar el trabajo de otros autores, presenta las citas y las referencias utilizando el estilo APA a fin de respetar su propiedad intelectual y no incurrir en plagio. Puedes referirte la guía que se encuentra en la Biblioteca Virtual para conocer más información sobre esta instrucción.Examina los criterios que se utilizan para evaluar tu tarea en la rúbrica que se provee. De esta forma sabrás cómo obtener la mayor puntuación en tu trabajo.Esta asignación/tarea vence según estipulado por tu profesor(a) en el calendario del curso.

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International Development homework help. Selection structures, also called the decision structures, are one of the three basic control structures. You can hardly write a few statements of code without bumping into the need to take alternative programming paths based on some condition. What two types of operators are available to us to create Boolean expressions so that we can make decisions in our programs? Provide an example of each using correct C++ syntax.

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John oversees a bottle-filling machine in a company. The amount of fluid dispensed into each bottle is approximately normally distributed with an unknown population standard deviation. On a particular day, a random sample of 400 bottles yielded a mean of 357.2 ml and a standard deviation of 16.2 ml. John then concluded that the population standard deviation of the fluid dispense amount by the machine is greater than 15 ml. The lead engineer wants to use a 0.05 significance level to test John’s claim. (a) Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. (b) Determine the test statistic. Show all work; writing the correct test statistic, without supporting work, will receive no credit. (c) Determine the P-value for this test. Show all work; writing the correct P-value, without supporting work, will receive no credit. (d) Is there sufficient evidence to support John’s claim that the population standard deviation of the fluid dispense amount by the machine is greater than 15 ml? Explain.

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This paper will be 5 pages total:  (a) You are the IT Manager for a major bank.  The bank includes services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, and issues loans.  These services are provided at physical bank locations, through the bank’s web site, and using the bank’s mobile application.  As the IT Manager, what type of database backup plan would you choose for the bank?  Be sure to include details such as the methodology and frequency of backups.  Make sure you justify the reasoning for the database backup plan chosen over other database backup plans. – 2 pages(b) Describe the disaster plan you would set up for the bank.  Make sure you justify the disaster plan chosen and include key metrics such as allowed down time and the amount of time to get services up and running.  How does the chosen disaster plan reduce the interruption in banking services in the case of an emergency? – 2 pages(c) The bank’s corporate office has just been hit by a devastating hurricane.  The main power has just been cut off from the building and will likely not be back up for several days.  Key personal are located at the corporate office, such as the bank’s CEO, CIO, CFO, etc.  In addition, the bank’s main servers used for data storage and on line services are also located at the corporate office.  As the IT Manager, what is your plan of action to get the bank back into working order while the services are being restored to the corporate office? – 1 pageThe paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain a title page, five scholarly references, three to five pages of content, and a reference page. In addition, the paper will be submitted through the SafeAssign originality-checking tool.  More APA assistance can be found at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the above assignment link, which you will use to submit your assignment.Deadline 8 hours awayAPANo plagiarism

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Please carefully check the due timeyou have 10+hours to finish this 250 words paper, late work I will not accept, see the attachment.Response paper over the reading about “Voting Controversies” from the CQ Researcher Archive (CO7) This paper must be a minimum of 250 words long. You are also expected to provide appropriate citations for any material that is directly quoted and/or paraphrased in your paper.By checking this box, I confirm that this submission is my own work and I accept all responsibility for any copyright infringement that may occur as a result of this submission.

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Suppose a sample of 85 is taken from a population with a mean that is claimed to be 38 and a standard deviation of 9. If this is the actual mean of the population, which of these values would be within the 95% confidence interval for the mean of the sample?

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AssignmentFor extra help on completing your assignment, click your practice guide.Write a compare and contrast essay about Don Anselmo from Juan A. A. Sedillo’s “The Gentleman of Río en Medio” and Mrs. Higgins from Morley Callaghan’s “All the Years of Her Life.”Your assignment should discuss the similarities and differences of the two characters.Remember to pay equal attention to each character. If you point out a trait in one character, you should compare or contrast this trait in the other.Your assignment should be at least five paragraphs, written in 12-point font with standard margins.Tips for SuccessAs you write, pay attention to tense and transitions.TenseUse the present tense. Make exceptions if you need to show a time relationship between events.TransitionsTransition words help you move from one idea to the next in your writing. Below is a list of transition words that are especially useful in compare and contrast essays.buthoweverlikeunlikesimilarlyin the same waySelf-Assessment ChecklistRead each question and evaluate your short response. If the answer to the question is yes, check the box to the left. If the answer is no, go back and revise your work. Your teacher will use these same guiding questions to score your short response.Quality of IdeasDid I demonstrate an understanding of the assignment by: Comparing and contrasting the two characters in the stories? Using transition words to move smoothly between ideas and sentences? Paying equal attention to each character?Did I demonstrate the ability to think critically and creatively by: Using my language or ideas in a creative way? Going beyond basic information to make connections between ideas?Did I demonstrate the ability to write a thesis statement by: Making a claim that requires support?Did I demonstrate the ability to support my ideas by: Referring directly or indirectly to the reading or readings? Addressing all parts of the writing topic? Connecting each supporting sentence to the claim in the thesis statement?Did I demonstrate the ability to conclude by: Summarizing the ideas and/or restating the thesis statement?Did I demonstrate the ability to organize my writing by: Using transitions? Ordering ideas logically?Form and Presentation Did I follow presentation requirements (12-point font, standard margins, length requirements)? Did I properly cite all quotations?Style Did I use a variety of sentence types (simple, compound, and complex)? Did I avoid run-on sentences and fragments? Did I check for spelling and grammar errors? Did I use an appropriate tone?

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Which of the following hormones stimulates the development of the clitoris and labia during sexual differentiation?Select one:a. DHTb. Progesteronec. Testosteroned. No hormones are required to stimulate the development of the clitoris and labiae. Estradiol

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Assignment 2018 Sem 1Author: D. Carbone2Assignment QuestionYou are required to advise each of the partiesfor the legal disputesthat havearisen from the “Background facts” below, and briefly outline how a judge would decide the issues in dispute.The two legal disputesare:1)Adelaide Show Ltd v All Business Insurance Pty Ltd.2)Peter v Amusement Rides Pty Ltd.Background FactsThe Royal Adelaide Show is an annual event in South Australia that attracts thousands of visitors over nine days in September. The Show is oneof the biggest in Australia and features exhibitions and displays, including farm equipment and animals, fashion and competitions. Its major attractions include a variety of carnival and amusement rides. The Show is organised and operated by Adelaide Show Ltd on premises owned by it.One of the Show’s oldest rides is the “Mad Mouse”. This is a roller coaster ride in which separate open carriages holding two persons at a time ride at a rapid speed on a convoluted track built high above the ground. The track includes steep slopes and sharp turns that provide thrills and enjoyment for the roller coaster’s riders. The roller coaster is owned and operated by Amusement Rides Pty Ltd, which carries on the business of supplying and operating amusement rides.Unfortunately late on the third day of the Show, as one of the Mad Mouse’s carriages was riding around the roller coaster’s tracks, it broke away from the ride. The carriage plunged downwards landing on the ground next to the Mad Mouse ride. This accident caused injuries to two riders in the carriage at the time,Peter and his 8 year old daughter.He sustained injuries to his body that will require medical treatment at a cost of $50,000.Following the accident, the government agency SafeWork SA impounded the Mad Mouse ride to undertake an investigation of the cause of the accident. This investigation reveals that the ride did not have a current safety certificate that was mandatory under the law for the ride to be operated. The investigation also reveals that two of the four bolts that secured the front wheel of the carriage had snapped in half and that the remaining two bolts sheared off, which caused the carriage to break away from the ride.1)Adelaide Show Ltd v All Business Insurance Pty LtdShortly after the accident, Adelaide Show Ltd (Adelaide Show) sent a letter to its insurance company, All Business Insurance Pty Ltd (ABI), advising of the accident and the likelihood of claims being made by those who were injured or suffered loss as a result. Adelaide Show said that it expected the claims to be based on its negligence in failing to ensure that the Mad Mouse ride’s operator had a current safety certificate.ABI replied by a letter in which it stated that such claims arising from the accident would not come within the scope of the insurance cover taken out by Adelaide Show. The insurance cover provided was set out in a valid written contractsigned by both parties, the terms of which had been drafted by ABI. The insurance contract included clause 20 that states:Assignment 2018 Sem 1Author: D. Carbone3″(1)The insurance cover under this policy extends to any liability for personal injury or property damage arising from the acts or omissions of Adelaide Show Ltd, its employees, servants and agents on Adelaide Show Ltd’s premises, and from the acts or omissions of persons invited by Adelaide Show Ltd onto its premises.(2)However, the insurance cover does not extend to liability for personal injury or property damage arising fromthe acts or omissions of a person on Adelaide Show Ltd’s premises for an unlawful purpose.”ABI said in its letter that the insurance cover was excluded by clause 20(2) since the operator of the Mad Mouse ride not having a current safety certificate meant that the operator was “a person on Adelaide Show Ltd’s premises for an unlawful purpose”, namely operating an amusement ride without a current safety certificate that was mandatory and required under the law.Adelaide Show has now started legal action against ABI as a result of ABI’s refusal to indemnify Adelaide Show for any claims resulting from the accident. Adelaide Show claims that ABI has breached the express terms of the validinsurance contract.Adelaide Show points out that the day before the insurance contract was signed by it, Adelaide Show sent an email to ABI that stated:”Can you please explain the effect of clause 20(2). We are concerned that the clause will leave Adelaide Show Ltd exposed to a range of legal claims for which we would need insurance cover, especially the risks to the public arising from our animal display and competition events and from the other attractions on our premises during our Show.”Later the same day, ABI telephoned Adelaide Show and replied by saying:”Clause 20(2) is a standard term in all our insurance policies. It applies to ensure that we have no liability to indemnify for losses and damage arising from the acts of persons who are on your premises illegally, such as trespassers and burglars. The clause should therefore have no application to the risks mentioned in your email.”The next day Adelaide Show signed the insurance contract and delivered it to ABI.

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Assignment InstructionsInstructions: Review the quantitative and qualitative examples from this week. In 2-3 pages, define what the two research designs are, include a minimum of 3 examples of research of each  APA formatted), and end with a conclusion paragraph summarizing what you have learned.  peer-reviewed journal articles and include reverse logistics, qualitative, and quantitative as search words.

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