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Statistics Assignment Using Python

A and 7.B (See attached problem statement).There is an ipynb file that is a starter code file for the assignment.Kindly use the zip folder for the data sets

anything I just need a brief analytical report on a real life or hypothetical work situation written to manager

Write a brief informal report that analyzes an issue for your manager and uses a table, diagram, photo/illustration, or graph to present a solution. You may use a hypothetical situation that uses a job/position in your field that you hope to obtain in the future OR you may use a current job or position that you hold. The assignment on p. 308 gives several useful examples that are narrow enough to manage in a brief report. Please include an Objective, Summary, Problem, and Solution, as well as at least one visual. Use APA documentation to cite any sources that you use. For your reference, see p. 279 in your text.

Obesity Synthesis Essay

The stance will be against obesity/ the dangers obesity. Use  atleast three quotes from reliable sources and include a works cited page. The essay should include logos,pathos, and ethos. I will upload a document with  direct instructions that MUST be followed. The word count and page length are listed in the document and MUST be done. If you have any suggestions or changes that will make the essay better feel free to include those but please follow the prompt.  If you have any question feel free to message me, thank you!

Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study (Part 1)

Writing Assignment Help NOTE: Do not rely on the content or wording in the Project Case Study Checklist (page 86).  A template guide has been provide Your work should be original and based upon your understanding of the full scenario presented in the case. Successfully completing the Logical Framework will yield different results. The case provides the information required to complete each assignment but leaves room for individual interpretation and assumptions.*One Goal statement is expected.*One Purpose statement is expected.*A minimum of three Outcome statements are expected.*The Goal, Purpose, and Outcome statements must be stated using the “Objective = Action Verb Object” format. Part 2: Project CharterUsing the information in the Logical Framework template and the case, complete the Project Charter template.

Hazardous Chemicals and microplastic emission from 3D printing process

Polylactic acid (PLA)List of hazardous chemicals and its adverse health effects2.    ABS plastic materialsList of hazardous chemicals and its adverse health effects3.    TPU plastic materialsList of hazardous chemicals and its adverse health effects4.    PETG plastic materialsList of hazardous chemicals and its adverse health effects5.    ultraviolet-curable resinsList of hazardous chemicals and its adverse health effectsB)    Microplastic inhalation and emission•    What is the Microplastic particles size in fused deposition modeling 3D printing process?•    What is adverse health effects when microplasic inhalated to the human repository system?Include at least 20 journal papers reference

Army Design Methodology

Answer the following questions:Question 1. Describe the process and concept of framing the operational environment and how you envision facilitating this process as a leader. Provide at least one relevant example to support your response.Question 2. Describe the process and concept of framing a problem and how you envision facilitating this process a leader. Provide at least one relevant example to support your response.Use at least two references. One reference must be (see attached labeled ATP5_0x1) or use link to source: 1 answer is attached labeled Chapter 3.Question 2 answer is attached labeled Chapter 4.

Here is your opportunity to dream! Choose a vacation destination anywhere in the world (to which you must fly)

Here is your opportunity to dream! Choose a vacation destination anywhere in the world (to which you must fly) for a 2-week trip (assume you have vacation time from work to take the trip) that you would like to take exactly 10 years from today. This can either be an individual vacation, a couple trip, or a family excursion, depending on your life circumstances.
After you pick your destination (remember, dream big), determine the following: (PLEASE SEE THE TRIP DESTINATION AND SOME COST IN THE ATTACHED FILE)

-Determine travel expenses for all members of the group.
-Identify lodging expenses for the entire time period of the trip.
-Estimate the daily food expenses.
-Make a list of activities that you would like to engage in every day of the trip. Determine a cost for each day’s activity list (e.g., tickets to amusement parks, museum entrance fees, boat trips, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, entertainment venues).
-Make a list and associated cost estimate of any other expenses that you believe should be included in a total cost estimate for your vacation (e.g., pet boarding, house sitting, airport parking fees).
-Determine if someone earning a high income or someone earning minimum wage would be able to afford this trip?

Note: You must research all aspects of your list to substantiate your cost estimates; that is, you must demonstrate and/or document how you derived each cost estimate in the list.

After gathering and organizing all collected data, prepare a document describing your destination (including your reason for choosing that location), listing (and substantiating) all costs of the trip (this can be done in a table and must be clear and provide sufficient detail so that the reader understands your interest and passion for your vacation), and determining a total cost of your dream vacation from the time you leave to the time you return.

Assuming that your estimated total cost will grow by 2.5% per year (due to inflation), demonstrate how you would compute the expected future cost of your dream vacation.

Suppose that you can invest money every month into a fee-free mutual fund and that this fund is expected to have a 10% nominal annual rate of return. Using your estimated future cost (including inflation) as future value, determine the amount of money you must save each month for the next 10 years (i.e., 120 months) to achieve your goal. Then, determine the monthly amount you must save if you delay your trip for an additional 5 years (that is, you will take the trip 15 years from today = 180 months) instead of 10 years from today. (Note: Be sure to add the 5 additional years of inflation to the estimated future cost.) Write an explanation for your calculations so the reader is completely clear on how you derived your required monthly deposits.

Based on this numerical representation of your dream vacation, write a well-contemplated critical analysis of your trip. For example, explore questions such as: is this something that you think is worth saving for, have you changed your mind after seeing the reality of the required sacrifice, are you rethinking the location or luxury level of your accommodations or daily outings, and so on.

Note that you must properly cite all reference sites that you used to collect data to estimate your costs value, etc.

Length: 8 to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including title page and references; (You may wish to include appendix pages in your presentation to accommodate any tables, figures, or images that do not fit within your presentation.)

References: As this is your dream vacation, you will be responsible for researching and providing your references. Please list at least three references.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.