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Sociological Theory: Parenting Guided Responses

These are not essays.  Just reference the questions in the writing so I know which question you are responding to.Attached will be the instructions on what to write about and how to write about it and answer along. The file iis called Parentng Guided Response Also the links to some resources.I will also upload the articles.The articles required for the guided responses focus on three of these parenting styles: tiger parenting, helicopter parenting, and free range parenting. Some argue that these modern parenting styles are similar to Baumrind’s traditional styles or at least heavily influenced by them. As you read about the modern styles, consider how similar or different they are from traditional styles.

Dissertation Chapter 1 Technology Integration Management in Ambulatory Healthcare

Introduction ?describing the background of the problem.2. The  ?need for the study (qualitative).4. The purpose and significance of the study.5. The research design.6. The research question(s).7. The assumptions and limitations of the study.8 Definitions of terms used in the study.( I HAVE QUESTIONS BUT THEY CAN BE PERFECTED).

Evaluate a News Conference

org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Intermedia_Holding_a_Press.pdf will select a video from YouTube that depicts a public safety administrator giving a press conference on an event.  You will write a 500 word paper that identifies 3 successful characteristics of the presenter and two recommendations for improving the news conference.  You must be detailed in describing the successful characteristics and the recommendations for improving the news conference.  Your paper must include 3 APA references in the body of the paper and include those APA references in a reference list at the end of your paper.  You must also include the link to the YouTube video.  Please double space your paper.thank you

hospital privacy laws

Writing Assignment Help Williams, to test for AIDS. As Glenn was leaving the office, his friend Harry came in and they greeted each other. Jessica took Harry into an exam room, and in the course of making conversation, he told her that he was a good friend of Glenn’s. He asked Jessica why Glenn was seeing the doctor. Jessica responded that it was just for routine test for AIDSWhen Harry arrived back home, he called Glenn and told him what the phlebotomist had said. Glenn called Dr. Williams and complained about Jessica’s action and said that he planned to sue Dr. Williams. Dr. Williams dismissed Jessica. Dr. Williams told Jessica that if Glenn did bring a lawsuit against her and she lost, then she would sue Jessica.In analyzing the case, include the following analysis in your submission. What should Jessica have done or said when Harry asked about Glenn’s reason for being in the office? Did Dr. Williams have a legal right to sue Jessica if she was sued and lost? What important right did Jessica violate?

expansion of the electorate changing political life across Europe

The textbook should be the sole source of your response.Post in response to the following question. How did the expansion of the electorate change political life across Europe? Use the following examples which are discussed in the textbook: the rise of Socialist Parties, the Dreyfus Affair in France and the Suffragette movement in Great Britain.  Using only the evidence and arguments presented in the textbook, discuss how these developments reflect the changing nature of politics in late 19th and early 20th century Europe. Your answer should consist of approximately one page.  When you cite the text (which you should do), please use parenthetical citations: for instance, (Cole, p.119)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA established a set of national standards for the protection of health information. There are two major components of HIPAA that pertain to healthcare. Research one of these, the Privacy Rule. Summarize HIPAA and specifically addresses the Privacy Rule and Protected Health Information.the penalties to healthcare organizations that violate HIPAA and the impact that HIPAA has had on healthcare.

cj 112 module 6 assignment

Do you agree or disagree that an emphasis on discipline and a zero tolerance approach in schools with a large minority or disadvantaged population creates a school-to-prison pipeline?First, title your initial post either “An emphasis on discipline / zero tolerance in schools with large minority or disadvantaged populations DOES create a school-to-prison pipeline” or “An emphasis on discipline / zero tolerance in schools with large minority or disadvantaged populations DOES NOT create a school-to-prison pipeline.”Then, make your case. Does this pipeline exist? Is there a disproportionate number of minority or disadvantaged juveniles in the juvenile justice system? Consider “the disproportionality of juveniles from disadvantaged backgrounds becoming incarcerated because of harsh school or local policies” (Peak). What do you think causes this? If you don’t think it is caused by strict school policies, why does this seem to be the case on the surface?What can be done to minimize the pipeline or the appearance of a pipeline?Beyond strong discipline and zero tolerance, what other approaches should schools take to ensure safety and discipline?In your responses to your peers, consider the alternatives they propose. Dothey seem achievable? What gaps do you see? Do you have any ideas thatcould expand on their initial proposal?Elias, M. (2013, Spring). The school-to-prison pipeline. Learning For Justice., K. J.,