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Social media and psychology

It is assumed, generally, two modes (or more) are better than one. For example, in most cases having visuals and text increases cognitive processing/learning. Provide an example of an artifact that utilizes more than one mode of communication. Please apply the information from the readings in your statements.  (~200 words)2. A great amount of one’s thinking is influenced by vicarious experiences of the mass media; agree or disagree? Apply the readings to your comments.  (~200 words)

Please refer to Activity 6.12, bottom of page 198, for the document you will revise. Also, read below for details

Please refer to Activity 6.12, bottom of page 198, for the document you will revise. Also, read below for details that will help you get started.The material you will revise contains information that is poorly communicated in the following areas:audience connection/awarenessstyle/writing techniquesdocument designReflecting upon this week’s module, I want you to revise the existing document, thinking carefully about what you know about decision makers, how they read, what interests them, and what they are looking for in a document.Your audience is the Department Managers List. Christina Miranda invites department managers to three interviewing sessions to select student interns. However, to be effective, this message desperately needs revision.  Study the message and list at least five weaknesses.  Then revise to avoid excessive wordiness and repetition.  Also think about how to develop an upbeat tone and improve readability.  Can you reduce this sloppy 15-sentence message to six efficient sentences plus a list— and still convey all the necessary information?**  Please supply a title for Christina Miranda at  Cheyenne***The original document is an email. In your revision, please create a memo! Limit yourself to one page.You must maintain the topic and purpose of the original material; however, you are welcome to change style, develop content differently, and shape the design of the new document so that it more effectively meets the intended reader’s needs and expectations.

Student development

Then in  200 words, summarize and reflect upon your discussion with your mentor teacher, as well as your observations of and participation in the classroom. Discuss the small group literacy skills lesson plan you and your mentor developed, as well as the needs of the students for whom you designed the lesson. Be sure to explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.

Research Methods for Health Professionals

Writing Assignment Help You should have a separate title page and reference list. Considerthe following format when compiling your final project:1. Title page2. Abstract3. Introduction/background of your topic (include theory in this section)4. Research question5. Literature review (two articles you reviewed and text)6. Research design/methodology7. Survey questions8. Data analysis plan9. Dissemination plan10. Conclusion11. Reference pageThe conclusion section should include responses to the following questions:1. What do you hope to learn from your research findings?2. How will you communicate the findings?3. What will you do with the information that you communicate? Will you start a public health program? Will you startproviding education?4. Summarize the entire project.5. This additional section should be an additional 500 words.The final project should be seven to ten pages in length (not including the title or reference pages). Please remember thatthe paper should be in APA format and contain in-text citations.

Team Cohesion

Think of the most cohesive group you have ever been in. What factors made the group so close?2. What are some challenges you see to creating a cohesive group?3. How does team size affect cohesion?

Acute renal failure Concept map

Patient’s Diagnosis: Acute renal failure Patient’s manifestations: irregular heart rate, urinary retention, bloody urine. WORK MUST BE TYPED DIRECTLY ON THE BLANK CONCEPT MAP DOCUMENT UPLOADED. FOLLOW THE SAMPLE CONCEPT MAP.

movie choices

This assignment will be due by next Wednesday, 2/8/23 by 8am. It should be written in APA format, using the instructions below as your guide. Please do not overthink this. It is meant to be a fun activity for you to evaluate the main characters in the movie and how they handle their diagnoses. Think about how you as a nurse would care for this patient. If the main characters are healthcare professionals, evaluate the type of care they provide and give your insight… if you agree with the way they handled their patients, what you would do differently, etc. Additionally, include/cite any references you used to further understand the medical condition depicted in the film. Additionally, if there is a film you are very interested in reviewing that I have not listed, please email me with you selection so I can review it for approval. Thanks!Still AliceLorenzo’s OilYou’re Not YouThe UpsideBrain of FireAlive Inside    Gifted HandsAwakeningsPatch AdamsOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestA Beautiful MindWitThe English PatientFlorence NightengaleMASHThe Bag of Kneesexample  of the format