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Select two of the components of western medicine and discuss a scenario (fiction or nonfiction) when those components can negatively affect patient outcomes

For this assignment, select a culture that is represented in your workplace or one in a prior workplace.Based on the information in Modules 5 and 6, submit the following:Select two of the components of western medicine and discuss a scenario (fiction or nonfiction) when those components can negatively affect patient outcomes. Ensure the elements in the readings are discussed in this assignment. Also, discuss how this experience with healing practices was foreign to western medicine and your nursing practice in relation to protecting or maintaining health with this culture. Give specific examples on how the interaction have been more culturally sensitive?Discuss and reflect on what you learned relating to this culture and the healing practice during your experienceDiscuss your experience and how you would apply an ethical principle.Attached is a completed assignment from someone in the class for guidance. Please do not copy as we are in the same class.

Mental Health and Insanity Defense in court

What do you think? Do you agree with the doctrine of retribution that a person must be punished for one’s wrong actions simply out of fairness?  What misconceptions surround the insanity defense and why are they important to understand?

Reply to 4-1 Discussion: Influence of Technology on Criminal Investigations

In this discussion, you will explore the influence of technology on criminal investigations. As you perform your research, consider the technology we have examined so far. Use credible news sites that report on criminal cases.For your initial post, find a real-world example of police using technology and explain the impact the technology use had on the criminal investigation. Specifically address the following:Find an article and post the link. Cite your source at the end of the discussion using APA format.Describe what technology was used and how it was used.Explain whether the use of the technology led to a positive outcome.In response to two of your peers, discuss how the use of their chosen technology aided in the efficiency of solving the crime. How do those efficiencies help law enforcement overcome potential challenges in cases?

the Toyota way

Writing Assignment Help Read these instructions at least twice. Do not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment. It is a challenging assignment.To earn all 10 points you must succinctly describe how you could or would apply only one of the 14 principles as indicated above. To earn all the points you must also paraphrase key thoughts of your specific management principle  from at least 3 separate pages from the book and provide the page numbers for each paraphrase. Enter as text into Canvas. I recommend you draft it in MS Word then copy and paste into Canvas. Do not exceed 1/2 of a page of normal writing or less than a 1/4 page

Answer The Question. Use different sources. “Are songs that express violent intent toward gay people,

Use different sources. “Are songs that express violent intent toward gay people, women, or ethnic or racial groups hate crimes. Or are such songs protected as free speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? “

1-1: Discussion: France

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to:Research the platform of health care in France.Identify statistical information concerning the health care in France.Illustrate findings of the political, economic and cultural factors of healthcare in France.B. Action ItemsComplete the following items listed in Module 1 Preparation:1. Read the article “Introduction to Healthcare in France”. Browse the website “Healthcare Statistics in France.” Watch the videos “Video Presentations: France.”

History of American adoption of South Korean children after the Korean War and its impact on American immigration system

(How the system affected the ‘actors’, which are American government, American(Christian)s who adopted Korean children, and organizations for adoption)And this is the abstract of my thesis for my professor, and he is well-aware of my topic.I’d like to compart my topic into three big parts; 1) the beginning that covers historical global issues, such as the Cold War, and Truman Doctrine, and 2) the process that could include Holt International, and 3) The outcome, which is modern American immigration system.The time period is between the Korean War and about the start of the Vietnam War. And I’d like to cover who were involved, and who got selected through this history.My biggest reference book is “To Save The Children of Korea” by Arissa H. Oh.

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