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Sample Philosophy Essay Paper On Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness Argumentative Essay Help Online

There is a reason why Heart of Darkness has been thought of as a commentary on European imperialism. The more obvious reason is the setting and plot of – and characters in – the story: a white man in Africa, grappling with what his countrymen do to the natives. But another reason is the historical period surrounding the publication of the novel. First published in 1899, the book came out at a time of growing opposition (domestically and internationally) against the British Empire. This opposition began in the wake of the Second Boer War for which the British were accused of manufacturing a war with the intention of taking control of Southern Africa gold and diamond mines (Briggs 1). Heart of Darkness was therefore seen as Conrad’s contribution toward the British’s/Europeans’ critical look at the actions of their fellow citizens in far lands in the name of imperialism.

Charlie Marlow is the narrator of the story. He is a thirty-two years old man, curious and adventurous. Accordingly, he is a sailor who has spent most of his life at sea. In this particular story, he recounts his experiences during a journey through a Congo jungle (particularly along the Congo River) as he searched for Kurtz.

In all his journeys, this is the one that has stayed with him. It is a journey in which many significant events happen, and which enlighten Marlow about Africans and the institution of imperialism in a big way. Perhaps the two most important events during Marlow’s journey are, one, meeting Africans personally, and two, witnessing European imperialism in action. At the beginning of his journey, Africa and Africans remain only a far-off fantasy, something he could not quite figure out. Perhaps all he knew of them was what he had read, and as it were there was hardly – if any at all – European literature that examined Africans objectively. As such, Marlow was not critical of imperialism. However, his first encounter with Africans completely interrupts his European bubble of fantasy, and he actually has something positive to say about them. He still has a problem defining the natives, but – far from the fantastic stories sent back home – he does not doubt that they are human, just like the white man, and that they suffer a great deal under the imperialism (Conrad 19).

When Marlow finally meets Kurtz (the primary representative of imperialism in Africa), his attitude is not the same as (his first impression) when he had set off for the journey. Marlow’s perceptions of and attitudes towards Kurtz change considerably after the events that he has witnessed. After all, Kurtz (who imposes violence on the Africans) represents what he has come abhor. He is in fact ashamed of Kurtz. However, he does not reveal his feelings to Kurtz when they meet.

However, Kurtz does has an epiphany on his own, and he awakens to the cruelty of his deeds. Before he dies, he cries “The Horror! The Horror!” (Conrad 90). These words represent his horror at the true nature of his treatment of Africans. It is an implicit criticism of colonialism by Conrad.

What most stays with Marlow, however, is not the words per se, but the changes in Kurtz’ facial features at this moment. He says, “I saw him open his mouth wide—it gave him a weirdly voracious aspect, as though he had wanted to swallow all the air, all the earth, all the men before him” (Conrad 77).  It is a description of the same savagery said to be existent in Africans, and yet this is a white man. One can infer that, perhaps, Marlow finally understands what horror really, and that it lives in the white man just as it could in an African. It is the ultimately acknowledgement of Africans’ humanity.

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Sample Aviation Essay Paper on How NASA fits in as a High-Reliability Organization gp essay help: gp essay help

  As one of the companies in the world that has over the years engaged in high-risk activities, NASA has significantly changed its problem handling techniques to improve its overall performance.  With the different disasters that the NASA has experienced over the years, such as the explosion of the space shuttle Colombia in 2003, the organization has over the years formulated various strategies that would be vital in reducing such catastrophes in the future (Mason 128).  Considerably, the formation of an internal investigation team was the first step that was composed of six members was the first step the entity adopted in finding the solution to the recurrent challenges. After examining more than 30,000 documents and conducting 200 interviews, the committee laid off more than 400 NASA engineers and 120 staffs (Mason 129). The company has also depicted specific characteristics of High-Reliability Organizations (HRO) that are aimed at increasing the safety both to its staffs and to the environment. Essentially, HRO can be defined as an entity that has succeeded in avoiding calamities in an environment that normal incidences are highly expected due to the level of complexity and risk factors.

  Additionally, according to the board, the primary factor that affected the performance of NASA wares the cultural aspects that had been adopted by its staff.  Considerably, the entity lacked proper communication methods that hindered effective operation and interaction between all the members. In any company, communication is one of the important components that not only bonds the members but also limits any challenges that may be encountered from both internal and external factors (Mason 132).  Moreover, physical complexities were also cited as the main factors that are contributed to the increase in the number of accidents in the institution. Notably, the committee assessed that during the re-entry, the breach of superheated air resulted in the weakening of the insulating component thus resulting in the explosion.

   The board suggested that the company should implement strategies that could promote different cultures. The committee also helped in reshaping the agency’s culture to enable it to concentrate on excellence, bureaucracy and increased productivity among all its employees (Mason 135). As opposed to the former culture adopted by the company that stressed on efficiency over effective problem solving and safety, the new norm advocated for the more ethical methods of operation.

 NASA has also implemented a culture that emphasized on hierarchical decision making as opposed to the dedication on flawless performance. Considerably, this method demands that decision making is divided according to the powers of the operating managers who are in charge of different levels of the organization. Understandingly, this aspect is designed to ensure that informed information is used in the implementation of certain strategies and to eradicate the norm of silence, selflessness among the management, self-confidence, and arrogance among the executives (Mason 138). Notably, with the increase in the number of strategies set by NASA, the institution has over the years ensured that HRO principles and policies such as demanding for detailed explanation to certain problems, differing to expertise, preoccupation with failure and resilience.

 For instance, the institution has empowered its employees to raise any concerns quickly and readily to avoid and complexities. Sharing the problem enables the company to develop mechanisms that will not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of the information but also encourage innovation and creativity.  The respect and deference to expertise involve the listening of skilled personnel and let the knowledgeable individuals handle specific situations rather than those with high ranks.

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Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Improving Competencies in Nursing college essay help near me

Improving Competencies in Nursing

Nursing as healthcare profession focuses on providing care to individuals, families, and communities at large. It incorporates quality knowledge in caregiving, communication, and leadership skills, coupled with ethical considerations (Finkelman, 2016).

After completing the self-assessment, my perceptive of nursing has significantly changed. I have learned that nursing does not only involve taking care of patients’ healthcare needs, but also providing physical and psychological support. My communications skills have improved considerably. Understanding a patients’ needs encompass being a good listener, understanding gestures, empathy, as well as respect to their conclusions. Through effective communication, nurses are able to understand their clients’ needs and hence giving care accordingly (Finkelman, 2016). When I first took the self-assessment, I scored dismally in many categories. However, I feel more confident, focused and understand that learning is a process encompassing both failures and successes. I have now been a practicing nurse for a considerable duration of time. However, various areas of my nursing practices need improvements, a task I wish to accomplish in the next two years. 

First, leadership is an art I want to harness in proving my nursing practices. In nursing, Leadership is both an art and science of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common objective. Thus, leadership incorporates the essential qualities of inspiring others and being prepared to lead by example (Finkelman, 2016). Consequently, effective leadership is based on the ability to coin and communicate ideas in a way that engages other peoples and act in a desired way towards implementing those ideas (Finkelman, 2016). However, leadership does not only encompass supervisory roles, but also the trust and being counted on by patients and fellow nurses. Additionally, although understanding people, especially patients is challenging, I purpose to learn how different cultures and traditions perceive caregiving. This will improve my ethical leadership as it will help me make decisions based on patient’s culture as well as traditions.

Enhancing and participating in quality and patient safety initiatives to deliver evidence-based, patient-centered care is another area I endeavor to improve.  This will involve participating in relevant classes and seminars to gain insights on safety initiatives and emerging issues in the field of nursing. Consequently, it will improve my competence and confidence in my nursing career. I understand that competence and confidence is delivered from experience, and as the saying goes “you learn a new thing every day in your nursing career.” Therefore, I purpose to improve my nursing experience working as a volunteer in my community by giving care to the elderly and to the less privileged.

Communication skills include both verbal and none verbal messages utilized by individuals when interacting with others (Finkelman, 2016). Such messages include words, gestures, and phrases among others.  Effective communication skills are crucial in healthcare since they help to cultivate quality relationships between patients and healthcare professionals (Hughes, & United States. Agency for Healthcare Research Quality, 2008). As such, to effectively communicate with patients and other healthcare professions, I encompass being honest by being available and responsive to patient’s needs and other healthcare personnel requirements. Essentially, nobody likes to feel ignored, this is especially so when a patient health is complicated and where a healthcare profession is dealing with difficult patients.  Also, when communicating, I take into account the distinct cultural and ethnic background portrayed by patients and healthcare professionals in a healthcare facility. Therefore, encompassing such in my communication skills, I establish an effective relationship with my patients, as well as other healthcare providers in managing the healthcare of individuals, families, and other aggregates.



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Sample Women and Gender Studies Essay Paper on Masculinity Gender Struggle grad school essay help: grad school essay help

“Masculinity as Homophobia”, and Kimmel’s main argument in the article

Kimmel refers to masculinity as homophobia to refer to the man fear of humiliation. In detailed context, masculinity homophobia refers to any sign of feminity in a man that draws criticism from peers. He further states that both male and female conform to masculinity phobia through the use of words, violence, and isolation. Kimmel says that men put on mask to hide their true characters from other males (Kimmel, 2004).  Kimmel main argument in the article is that American men socialize in a very rigid and restrictive definition of masculinity. Kimmel states that men fear mockery of being too feminine by fellow men and the fear translates to homophobic masculinity (Kimmel, 2004). Kimmel, therefore, calls for political participation in defining the masculinity to end gender struggle.

 The “Mask you live In” shows how feminine perception towards masculinity is the source of homophobia. When boys undermine anything that is feminine, they tend to disrespect women. Joe Ehrmann deliberates how he showed off his “hypermasculinity” by playing football. Joe felt so much obligated when explaining his action. Michael says that calling a male sissy pisses them off and can result in fights among American boys (Kimmel, 2004). The film also explains how drinking, drug abuse, depression, and violence escalate in boys when they become teenagers.

Experts explain that boys portray such behaviors are because of loneliness and lack essential emotional outlets. The mask shows how boys are denied the freedom of expression and facing genuine affairs following their interests and desires. The makers of this film have an essentialist or a social-constructionist view of gender in US society.  The mask film challenges viewers to understand how gender constricts to the whole community.


Kimmel, M. S. (2004). Masculinity as homophobia: Fear, shame, and silence in the construction of gender identity. Race, class, and gender in the United States: An integrated study, 81-93.

Sample English Essay Paper on Jacob Belck Biography extended essay help biology

Jacob Belck was born 0n 11th October 1963 in Queens New York USA. His parents were the late Mr. John Belck and Mrs. Florence Belck. He was a second born in the family of three, a female and two males. Mr. Belck always had a passion for being a graphic designer such that he participated in photographic designer events and won rewards in New York School of a graphic designer in 1970 at a very tender age. Jacob was from a poor background the parents struggled to educate John regarding catering for his basic needs.

Throughouthis course, Belck struggled to achieve and accomplish his higher learning education on graphic designs because of inadequate resources. Belck faced more challenges until he decided to make a step of seeking help. He tried to find for assistant in different organizations, friends, and relatives for sponsorship in his education, however; no effort bored his fruits. None of his close family members or friends who were capable of empowering him in his school was willing to assist him. Jacob was almost giving up on his learning because he never got any reward or recommendation for his hard work.

Jacob started losing hope in his graphics and was not active as he would initially do. He, later on, recollected himself to get a way forward. Belck thought of website marketing. Finally, Jacob came up with the idea of setting up a Facebook page where he would do some of his designs and post. He decided to do so with the aim of attracting people and sell the graphics. Jacob designed some graphics and posted only to find out that people would take the graphics and sell them without his consent. He once more lost hope until one day when Nike saw the graphics and inquired for the original graphics. He presented the graphics to Nike, and in return, Nike offered him a job as a graphic designer.

Informational interview

Nike core values that any member need to comply with consists of performance, innovation, and authenticity. Jacob was a very innovative and performing designer and was also a determined and passionate career which qualified him a chance with the Nike Company. Therefore Nike Company chose to interview him to understand him.

The first question Nike asked Jacob was about his qualities and skill as a graphic designer. Creating great designs is not enough and therefore t but also should be in the designer should be able to articulate the information the graphics communicate. The second question was about how the Nike brand has influenced his designing job. This question creates an excellent opportunity to understand if Jacob loves and fits in the Nike Company.  The next question was about his experience working with Nike Company. This question shades light on the designers work style. This assessment is vital to understand company communication, organization culture, and company accountability.

Another question was on the most struggling things Jacob had experienced in his designing job. The question is important in understanding the performance designer which may involve working under pressure, disagreement with clients, and working without context. The sixth question was on what he loves most about graphic designing. The question sets a platform to understand the designer passion and value of what they do. The seventh question involved going through the portfolio of Jacob to understand which pieces of his designs he loves most. This helps in understanding the problem each piece explains, and solution to the problem and how it was accomplished. The last question was on how Jacob can measure the success of his designs. Designers should often have a feedback and opportunities to recapitulate.

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