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Sample English Essay Paper On Abused Children Gp Essay Help

Outline title: Abused Children

Introduction: (Thesis Statement)

Child maltreatment adversely affects a child’s future

Problems of Child AbusePainMaladaptive development complicationReduced playfulnessHindered play skillsEffectsEmotional turmoil among the affectedSpreads to adolescence and adulthoodDisrupted play growthBehavior disturbanceEarly pregnancyAbuse of drugsSchool evasionRecommendationsWorkers need to protect themselves from the pain, shock, emotional turmoil and frustrationsTherapists to come up with strategies for managing developmental and emotional prerequisites of childrenImprovement of knowledge on child abuseDevelop strategies to curb the effects in childrenConclusion

Summary of the problems, effects and recommendations

Abused Children


            Until the twentieth century, the society could not identify maltreated children, in as much as it was a common social challenge in America. This study highlights the problem of child abuse, its effects, and approaches to curb the problem. “Child neglect and abuse is mainly referred to as child maltreatment” (Trickett, Ji, Peckins & Negriff 1). Child maltreatment adversely affects a child’s future. The objective of the study is to describe child maltreatment, underline its effect on the child, workers caring for abused children, and the family of the child.


            Child Abuse is a worldwide challenge affecting all lifestyles. Social workers have been affected psychologically and further influenced their workmates unconsciously. The feelings of abuse, directly pain these workers, who often times feel defenseless and have intruded personal spaces. Childhood maltreatment habitually spread to adolescence, resulting in mental problems such as maladaptive development challenges. From the perspective of West (292), there is need for the workers and professionals dealing with abused children protect themselves against pain, emotional turmoil, and shock. According to Cooper (260), “an abused child has disrupted play development”. According to therapists, play is a therapy on its own to a child. Therefore, whenever a child has experienced abuse in form of emotional, physical, or sexual, the play development of this child is delayed. The child may besides experience behavioral disturbance, reduced playfulness and hindered play skills. There is need therefore for the therapists to come up with strategies of managing developmental and emotional requirements of such children. Occupational therapists are further called to improve their knowledge on child abuse and create strategies to curb effects of the abuse in children. From Leite et al perspective (75), “children from developing nations who suffer in silence face diverse negative impacts.” Among the effects, include early pregnancy, abuse of drugs, and evasion of school. Child abuses in various forms are interlinked and thus difficult to manage.

Child abuse is extremely detrimental. Abused children therefore have to undergo critical pain and challenges after such experiences. The effects workers managing such children have, have proved this to endure after they have has some sessions with the children. Occupational therapists likewise affirm that there is need for strategies to be developed to assist children who have been abused. From the study by Cooper, play is highly significant to a child for language development, creativity, and for socialization. Occupational therapists have to show more knowledge on abused children and the effects they experience in relation to play.

Often, workers caring for abused children emotionally shoulder the pain these children endure. Cultural expectation on children attributes this behavior. They are meant for nurturing and protection. Their personal spaces are mostly unconsciously intruded and they are left with no other option than to psychologically go through the pain. According to Couper (4), these workers need an emotional bunker where they can deflect and project unmanageable emotions. In finding out how the child’s pain was affecting the worker and their response, the researcher realized that the workers either by asking pushy questions or betraying the trust of the child. In overcoming these emotions, these workers at times record the daily activities; psychologically switch off from the work after the day’s activities while others prefer to share it out. Some workers are yet to realize the right strategy of unwinding the experiences and end up rolling to the group. There is therefore need for the perfect strategy to assist the workers and their workmates overcome the emotional turmoil they endure by sharing the experiences of these children. The effects on workers largely reflect the great impact sexual abuse has on children. West highlights these sentiments. It is intricate for workers to come to terms with the abuses. There is need for these workers to have their own therapists to transfer these issues from the unconscious to the conscious for minimal cataleptic effects. The workers may be totally cut off from their families or from social events due to the emotional pain, they carry from their profession.

Child abuse is leads to adolescent abuse as well as emotional interference. This is because these forms of abuse are interlinked thus making the child or the teenager difficult to manage. From the accounts of Leite, it is clear that the life of an abused child is likely to be ruined completely if no consistent assistance comes. The child looses hope in life. This is especially happening to children suffering in silence. The community ought to realize the challenges and the signs of abuse in children and in teenagers to help them and reduce crime rate and economical instability.


            Presently, the world needs to come to the knowledge of child abuse and approaches in overcoming this social challenge. More knowledge needs to be acquired by the occupational therapists. The society needs to reduce the rate of child abuse for reduced effects experienced in people related to abused children.

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Sample Engineering Essay Paper on Engineering Roles my assignment essay help

Engineering Roles

The roles of engineers are to design projects, solve engineering problems, develop new ways and technological solutions, apply engineering analysis when ascertaining failures in machines, and conduct research for specialized engineering work and management. Others are to contribute to the development of engineering theories, apply the code of ethics when serving customers, public or organization and machine design (Management 44)[1]. Each role here is guided by principles adopted by the engineering board to ensure that members conduct themselves in a professional manner.

One of the roles I am interested in is designing projects in computer engineering systems.  This role involves the process of coming up with new designs and structure for computer especially the systems (Slivker 34)[2]. The most amazing thing in the engineering world is the manner in which engineers develops small computers that have high performance speed. Computers have enabled people solve problems in the business world as well as individual world. In addition, the role incorporates the work of designing cables and peripheral devices that connect and operate together with the computer (Sommerville 23)[3]. Computer networking is also featured in this field. Accuracy in doing the work is not an option for practitioners because these devices must perform to the level of customer expectation. In the event a fault is detected, the whole process is deemed to start again.  I would like to design complex computers that will perform a variety of task for companies (Coyne and Davis 36)[4]. This is because the current devices in place present challenges in term of processing speed and breakdown.  In conclusion, engineering is a professional field that is not only influential to humanity but also makes work easier, thus offering solutions to technical challenges (Adams, Turns, and Atman 130)[5].

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Sample History Essay Paper on Qin Dynasty grad school essay help: grad school essay help

Qin Dynasty


Qin was a kingdom in the China of today and it was found in the central of city of Xian. The rulers of the dynasty could use many ways to make the kingdom bigger. Bringing power together and enlarging the kingdom led to many good results in making the dynasty more balanced. The Qin people created the government and conducted state issues based on being loyal people to their king and to supporting a strong army. The emperor had total power over everyone but he was usually checked by other important people in the government. This was useful so that he did not use his powers badly.  The Qin dynasty defeated many states around it and put place oppressive laws, which ended up making the China of many states into an empire with a central government that was authoritative (Li, X. (2012). The emperor was successful in his mission and China was one nation governed from a central point with all the powers being given to the emperor.

Over 200 years, B.C.E., the dynasty of Qin, was the single very powerful state within what today we call China. It had a strong army that helped it in winning other nations and communities that lived around thus making it so powerful during that day. War was always seen among the many small kingdoms that surrounding it during that time until it was called the Warring States era. The kindgom slow by slow defeated most of its neighbors and counted its powers making it to be the most powerful kingdom in that region in that day.  

The first emperor of the dynasty did not only unify China, but also went about standardizing writing, weights, and measures throughout his kingdom, this was used to promote internal trade among the newly acquired states. The Qin dynasty became large for the reason that the first emperor pushed the dynasty’s borders south to current day Vitnam, and current day Korea.

            The kingdom had big rulers who helped in consolidating and making its powers more. They achieved this by using special methods thus making the kingdom to grow and become who of the powerful dynasties to have ever existed. The most influential person in the history of the kingdom was known as Shang Yang, he who was a firm believer in the ideology known as Legalism. Legalism says that very mean punishing laws were necessary to keep the people in order and to make them follow the laws of the kingdom. Working under the king, Shang Yang became prime minister of the Qin kingdom and gradually began making changes in the government thus making it a strong state with many laws. Shang wanted total loyalty to the king and this was achieved when loyal followers were rewarded basing on their loyalty and abilities rather than just being of high and noble birth. The young Qin Shi Huangdi became a strong believing person in Legalism and when he became king, he used it to make his rule stronger and the Qin government.

Several changes were made in the army and this helped the dynasty to even consolidate its powers and make it to conquer other states thus expanding its territories.  Just to add on the changes that were made in the army, Shi Huangdi made many changes that were aimed to further unify the dynasty and make governing to be much easier.  First, the Qin imposed their own Legalist form of government in territories that it had conquered and dominated.  The form of government involved rewards for those who were loyal and harsh punishments to those who were disobedient so as to keep order.   Also, the state had absolute control over the people who were the subjects and were supposed to surrender all their rights to the states so as to enjoy certain rights from the state. The people who saw themselves to be noble losed most of their traditional powers and were also forced to move from their country homes to the capital at Xian.  This way the Emperor could better keep an eye on them and more easily stop any plans for fight back that they might plan. This helped to ensure that the state was in control of everything and no one posed a threat. The powers of the nobles were cut to only those of doing things that were official and for this reason the government was in control. “Specific policies were enacted during the reign of the dynasty including the same ruts for carriages and the same script for writing” (Zhang, 2015).

The growth of the dynasty had big results on the stableness of the kingdom because many things came up with the growing of the kingdom. Many different languages came up that led to confusion in communications thus making the dialects to be made standard. The currency used was also made common so as to make trade to be much easier within the kingdom. This made the people of the kingdom to easily trade with other kingdoms. This made the challenges that came with trading without using currency less.

Many public works projects were also done because of the unity that was seen in the dynasty. The dynasty became even more stable. A protective wall was built in the north to stop other bad tribes from getting in. For instance, the Mongols were enemy to the good of the kingdom. The building of the Great Wall of China came with many bad things. It came with large financial load as well as human life, and this made the people hate on the Qin emperor by his people. Most of the wall that was built has not been there over the centuries but some parts of it have been put into today’s Great Wall.

            The interaction with different cultures within the kingdom brought good changes in the way the dynasty was ruled. Many languages came up because of the different communities that were part of the kingdom. There language of the kingdom was made common due to the varieties that had come up because of the coming together of the many groups. This brought a consistent way of communication throughout the kingdom and brought unity into the dynasty thus making it to be more strong and powerful. The standardization of dialect made the king to rule easily for the reason that communication was made easy and subjects understood what was expected of them for the strength of the kingdom.


Even though the Qin dynasty did not live long, it had major impacts that brought about several changes and established what we know today as the country of China. Qin making common the written language allows all Chinese people to communicate easily and to share a common culture. Money was first used in the qui dynasty and this shows the positive impacts the kingdom had both to the ancient and current society.


Li, X. (2012). China at war: An encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO.

Zhang, Q. (2015). An introduction to Chinese history and culture

Sample Nursing Case Studies Essay Paper on Contraception for Adolescents college essay help online

Contraception for Adolescents


The APN’s role to this case is to provide guidance through counseling to Jocelyn taking into consideration that nurses in practice have a limitation when it comes to role play in particular treatments. By providing thoughtful consideration of respect to autonomy, professional gaining and social welfare nurses are able to provide dependable care (McCrink, 2010).


The adolescent stage makes individuals feel completely different from other individuals by developing a strong feeling of invulnerability which makes them have a feeling of immunity from whatever ailment that they may be suffering from (ANA, 2010). Providing emotional responses and ethical dilemmas to patients also puts them into proper perspective. It is with this regard that informing the parents will enable Jocelyn heal observe her intake of contraceptives.

The belief that parents should be responsible for contraception may indicate the adolescent’s self-identity as a child, requiring her parents to take responsibility for aspects of health care. This creates tension between her biology, as a sexually mature, fertile woman, and her stage of development, as socially dependent upon her parents. The need for parents to take control of this aspect of their children’s health care may run counter to the societal expectation that parents will discourage adolescent sexuality, and that fertility control is the responsibility of the individual.


The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Ethics Workgroup has developed a framework for addressing clinical (and administrative) ethical issues (Ulrich, Taylor, Soeken, O’Donnell, Farrar, Danis & Grady, 2010). It is a high opportunity for her to understand that her health is more important than anything thus neither her consent nor anything else will make her better other than heading to the direction of the nurse practitioners. 


The best contraceptive for Jocelyn is the pregnancy control contraceptive since she has no plans to start a family. Going as per increased indulgence in sexual activities, preventing pregnancy is a priority. Pills and condom use will be reliable and these additional methods may have prevented earlier unwanted pregnancies (Foster, Jackson, Cosby, Weitz, Darney & Drey, 2008).


American Nurses Association. (2010). Nursing’s social policy statement: The essence of the profession (3rd ed.). Silver Springs,MD: Nursebooks..

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Foster, D. G., Jackson, R. A., Cosby, K., Weitz, T. A., Darney, P. D., &Drey, E. A. (2008). Predictors of delay in each step leading to an abortion. Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health, 40,6–16.

Sample Coursework Essay Paper Sociology college admission essay help: college admission essay help


There are two main reasons as to why Amish children only attend school through eighth grade. First, the Amish engage in trades that involve manual work and craft. Second, they deem that if their children are educated past eighth grade, they might presume ideas that oppose their religious values. They reject the social security tax because they think of it as a part of obligatory insurance premiums. They believe that enrolling in any insurance plan expresses unbelief in God. The growing purpose of technology has created much tension between the contemporary society and the Amish relating to their limited application of technology.Adolescence is a phase in life that is limited by time. Hence, we cannot conclude that it is expanding. However, due to economic uncertainties, children are forced to live with their parents even past their adolescent stage. In this sense, when adolescents live longer with their parents at a given age they become adults.When my friends pressured me to attend a night party, I was against the idea but I later gave in since all my friends were attending. I was unhappy with the outcome because the next day, I was too sleepy to go to school.The four reasons for punishment are reintegration, reckoning, incapacitation and dissuasion. To some extent, these four rationalizations are contradictory. While deterrence uses punishment as a warning to deter people from offending, retribution supports actual punishment. Apart from retribution and incapacitation through execution, other justifications lack assured results. Rehabilitation violates the idea of retribution in that; it focuses on reforming the offenders than punishing them for their offences. In retribution, punishment is meant to demonstrate open condemnation for the offender’s misconduct.Every entity desires to have an affluent life .One’s possessions and reputation are often used as a reflection of a successful life. This notwithstanding, building a personal creative potential is equally significant for a high life. Creative individuals are of good reputation and highly honoured in the society.The expansion exhibited by McDonald’s and KFC restaurants constitutes desirable development. First, this expansion has created multiple job opportunities thus reducing poverty and raising the living standards.  Secondly, the government in countries where these restaurants operate collects taxes thatare used for further developments. Thirdly, the multiple franchises earn the restaurants profit. Given building a good reputation, the companies can create projects that benefit the society. Erotic alludes to an alluring kind of beauty that engages not only the senses but also aesthetics and the judgment on how given figures illustrate beauty. Conversely, pornography consists of books, videos and other materials that demonstrate sexual acts to arouse sexual feelings.The available natural resources are adequate to support human life. Some changes that can be made in pursuit of an ecologically sustainable way of life include preservation of the environment and adopting measures that curb environmental pollution. I would not support government regulations that are aimed at reducing fertility as a way of cutting down high population growth. Ideally, slow growth in population begets slow economic growth because the low population will not have strong purchasing power. This creates slow growth in economy. Additionally, these measures decrease the number of working age as compared to the number of retired people. I would not willingly accept lower living standards because it is degrading to humanity.

Sample Sociology Paper on Immigration Law and Marriage summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

Immigration Law and Marriage

Question: Does immigration really interview and test the couple about personal information, which is applying for citizenship?

Answer: Yes, the Immigration department carries out a thorough authentication process to validate a particular marriage. If a person lacks proper documentation it is regarded that he/she is not legally married or rather the marriage is not legally recognized. As if that is not enough, after presenting the documents to prove the legality of the marriage, a person is also required to prove that if at all he/she was in a previous marriage, the marriage was terminated.  

According to the United States immigration law, it is believed that a legal marriage in a person’s native country is still legal even in the USA. It becomes hard at times to verify the validity of an immigrant’s marriage status if there are variations in the laws governing marriages between two different countries. For instance some countries do not provide their citizens with certificates as proof of marriage especially cases where traditional ceremonies are used as a representation of marriages.

When applying for American citizenship, immigrants have a provision under law allowing them to prolong their stay awaiting approval as citizens if they are married to Native Americans. Strict laws apply for marriages done outside the United States; these types of marriages are regarded as a breakthroughs for individuals inhabitation of United States. In such a scenario, special visas are granted to the immigrant prior to the confirmation of his/her marriage.

Other legalities include the existence of a relationship two years before the marriage where green cards are issued for a maximum of two years while awaiting confirmation of the marriage’s legality.

HR Management Sample Essay Paper on Organizational Change custom essay help

Organization Change

Question 1

Team conflicts could emerge in the form of personal-role conflict. In organizations where there are unclear guides on the role of each member, conflicts are bound to occur. For instance, if old sales team members afford the items to customers through the old organization culture, the new team may feel that the behavior is consuming too much time. As a result, their objectives to serve customers may clash with that of the old members. Moreover, the new team might make major difference in the presentation of the manufactured products to the customers with little effort, hence conflicting with the old members.

Poor team management means confusion in the role taking. Building team-based organizations result to organizing team members around processes rather than departments and functions. Indeed, when everyone knows what to do and how to do it, it brings cohesion and mutual understanding between members. Accordingly, both the old executives and the new executives can monitor their efforts to see if the expected output occurs and takes remedial actions when needed without conflicts. The concerted efforts by the CEO to provide assurance of role clarity will bring both the old members and the new members into alignment with the new paradigm of the company. 

Also, teams are likely to experience relationship conflicts when newcomers join the organization due to the presence of overt social categorical differences in teams. According to social identity theory, people find it difficult to cope with the categorical differences within their team as they derive part of who they are, their self-concept, from important group memberships such as their work team. For example, the sales manager might not mingle well with the vendor relations managers particularly when one of the members is new in that capacity. Subsequently, people perceive that working with others who behave in similar ways, are trustworthy, and conform to their worldview. They tend to view fellow team members in a more positive light compared to outsiders. The new executives in the cloth manufacturing industry become the victims of an “out-group denigration bias.” In case they possess innovative ideas, conflict will emerge since some of their ideas may be unclear to the old team. Still, the old executives might question whether the new members work with the team’s best interest in mind.

Failing to train the new members in an organization could contribute to myriad problems ranging from confusion to their new roles in the team to not knowing where to offer supports in case their colleagues are experiencing challenges. Member of a new team, for instance, might wreck the sewing machine due to incompetence in its operation. The solution in such cases is to provide extensive training to the members, hence an effective and efficient mix of a given task. Training could involve educating individual members in different functional areas, thus allowing shared responsibilities. Through training, it is easier to communicate the objectives of the organization to all members, thus making it possible to achieve the end results. Interactive management, where both the old and new players participate, limits the potentials of conflicts by the proper understanding between one another.

Organizational socialization is the concept whereby new members are transformed and integrated to become part of the organization. Due to the elastic personnel needs, it could be significantly important for the CEO and the industry in implementing the socialization concept. Indeed, it enhances role adjustments, thus ensuring proper integration and consistency between the old and new executives. The reduction theory posits that socialization reduces misunderstanding between members of a time, thus contributing to their satisfaction in different roles.

Question 2

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a term used to describe the highest ranking executive in a company, whose role ranges from managing company’s resources to decisions making.

CEOs play a management role within the organization. They can appoint or dismiss the employees whenever there are ultimate and logical reasons for doing it. Oversight of the progress of critical matters and functions of the company is another critical role of the CEO. This goes hand in hand with complying with government policies across all the activities performed within the organization. For example, the CEO ensures that safety measures are observed in top-down system to prevent incurring unnecessary cost through accidents. Still, complying with the government policy on licensing of the workers is mandated by the CEO.  This aspect simplifies the full and correct accounting practices.

Decision making on the critical matters is another area where the CEO exercises their power. However, this occurs with exception to the decisions that require the definite involvement of the board members, supervisory council, and the shareholders of the organization. The board of directors has the capacity of monitoring the management behaviors of the CEO and corrects him where there are errors. The supervisory board conducts the review procedure, hence supplementing the CEO with the powers to delegate and command the best practices within the company without the occurrence of faults. For example, the board members review the salaries of the employees and propose the best decisions to solve workers aggression. Such cases persuade the CEO to follow the articles of association to act within the codes of the ethical decision-making and remain on board with the rest players.

CEO plays the representation role for the company in relation to third parties. Moreover, the representation powers are prevalent in the court proceedings, and transfer of assets subject to the requirements of relevant decisions of the members. The CEO is in charge of contract, monetary transactions, and signing of the projects that are intended to improve the performance of the company. The exception of this policy is in the case of registered collective representation of the industry. Perhaps such a case emerge, the collective representation of the organizations is through CEO and board members who bear the rights for transacting on behalf of the company. Alternatively, the CEO can appoint one of the managing directors the capacity to represent the company in its operation with relation to the third parties. Subject to the legal powers bestowed upon the CEO, it enables him to remain in the pole position to implement the decisions that determine the core values of the company; hence its culture.

CEO solves critical company contingencies through power base that helps to survive criticism for poor performance or unexpected outcomes, as well as to sustain competence performance to overcome the market competition. For instance, the supreme position guarantees his power to speak on behalf of the company as well as to sign for any funds received. The power base prepares the CEO to take the company’s reign to the next management without fall of its productivity.

Coercive power is gained by coercing others through the fear element. This aspect is exercised through punishing the non-performers, sanctioning ineffective employees, and harassing those with opposing ideas contrary to what is said by the CEO. This power ensures that nuisance executives and directors are prevented from mobilizing the employees, hence pulling together all resources necessary to develop the company.

Connection power entails CEO connection with the influential members from within or outside the company. Employees respect people with authority since they have the capacity of promoting them to better positions in the organization. Similarly, CEOs with high connection voltage are avoided, allowing them to execute various duties without pressure or negative criticism.

Reward power is based on the CEO’s ability to reward the best achievers within the organization. This ability enables the CEO to control the pay received by each employee, commanding increment of the best performing employees. The rewards may also be in non-monetary, prestige and esteem.

Question 3

A flatter organization and a wide span of control ensure that the managers or CEO can communicate effectively to all the stakeholders and employees of the organization. For example, the plant manager will have time to match different responsibilities with the resources available, hence maximizing time on the production practices rather than rectifying problems and bringing confusion in the company. Besides, a wide span of control facilitates sharing of responsibilities without over-utilizing some workers while underutilizing another unit. This is crucial since it improves the interaction of employees with different layers of practices within the organization.

In a flatter organization, the level of bureaucracy is minimized and decision-making is attained with ease. This means that employees can attend to customers’ requests such as loans and insurance claims without the interference from the top management. Less bureaucracy means the reduction of cost in the form of time and finances. In a manufacturing company, for example, the supervisor of the manufacturing system must ensure that the maintenance engineers and the development engineers directly report to him on the job progress.

However, a flatter organization and a wide span control have disadvantages that affect the organization directly and indirectly. While it would be feasible for a single manager to be in charge of many subordinates, a wide span control may slower the operation behaviors of the organization. It is because; different managers are likely to possess dissimilar interests in the company. As a result, they may tend to attend to a given problem with different perspectives, meaning that even commands may not be the same. Different managers delegating duties and responsibilities to workers could bring confusion, hence poor participation, and productivity.

Still, a flat and wide structure of the organization could hamper the forward growth of the company and well as career development of the employees. While the managers might show commitment in overseeing the performance of all the stakeholders, it could be hard to evaluate the behaviors of some employees. Some workers might be greedy to win financial favors after according support to the clients. This vice could simultaneously dwindle the profits and the general performance of the organization. The flexibility in decision-making will be complicated by the wide control span since it will consume much time in examining the contribution of every stakeholders. A narrow span of management would be ideal in such situations. The time spent in structuring and implementing decisions is converted into production, thus raising the performance of the organization.

In an organization where employees directly meet the clients’ requirements, democratic leadership could look fitting in such organization. However, that is not the case. Organizations where employees can do whatever they feel like might have a negative impact in the long-run. While the employees have the freedom to transact business on the behalf of the organization, it may slower the performance of the business through sluggishness in the sustaining the core values. Still, some employees’ behaviors might turn into questions of ethics. Dishonest and corruption from the hungry employees may lead customers to turn down the services offered, hence reducing the income that the company would generate. To prevent such outcomes, autocrat leadership is most appropriate, where the CEO or one director make decisions and delegate power to other subordinates. Through this approach, the employees would be coerced to submit to commands of the supervisors. Moreover, loyalty, working morale, honesty, and integrity are cultivated in the organization.

Question 4

Organizational change refers to change of the management structure and the production techniques from a known form to unknown form. For example, the company may plan to multiply the level of production but the means of doing it remains at stake due to numerous factors. The driver to organization change may include the customers’ demand, information technologies, competitive environment, prestige, and government policies. A given change is strategic when it affects the entire organization. Conversely, when a change is limited to a specific component of the organization, the change is treated as incremental.

A change agent is a person or a component that helps the company to become more effective and productive. It may be internal or external. An internal change agent, for instance, may involve appointing managers or employees to oversee the implementation of a change in the organization. Similarly, consultation from outside the organization may indicate an external change.

An external change agent presents options that are more radical to the organization, thus multiplying its productivity and level of service to the customers. Still, such a change creates the possibility of examining a wide range of alternatives within the organization.

People change type focus on the individuals participating in the business operations of the company. This change agent intends to improve the morale through motivation of the employees. Moreover, it reduces the levels of absenteeism and turnover of employees, thus improving the production and quality of the services rendered. Managers prefer this approach for job enrichment, goals setting and behavior modification.

Analysis also acts as the changing agent. It focuses on the evaluating the organization structure so as to boost the output and efficiency. Using the organization’s analytical systems and research activities help to change from the old production methods to the modern operation behaviors. This change is enhanced by the availability of the technology and the communication facilities. For instance, introducing advanced computer systems could improve the communication and data processing practices.

Several challenges necessitate the need of bringing change within the business arena. For instance, the internet availability supports customers with information about health related matters. Health organizations require internet availability to remain promising to the clients while improving the service delivery and operational models. Adopting the internet technology helps in fighting infectious and deadly diseases. Still, it helps in reducing the risks posed by the new medical products that are intended to curb the prevalence of deadly diseases.

Strategic change presents a challenge to the organization on the means of penetrating into the new market. Through diversification and opening of the outlets, integration of management and operational structures is necessary. It means that, a company that wishes to implements a feasible decision making strategy will require a change in its hierarchical organization.  Therefore, the strategy acts as the changing agent.

Finally, central to modern organization change is the competition. When a company producing similar products brings in a new team in their organization, more competitive team will be needed to sustain the competition presented by the opponent. It will involve absorbing more creative and innovative teams, who possess ideas of pushing the organization to the next top level. For example, bringing in young blood will add vigor and creativity in organization. In fact, sticking to one production technique could bring the business into financial setbacks.

Sample Business Studies on Propagating Welfare Exit by Enhancing the Individual and Contextual Factors gp essay help: gp essay help

Propagating Welfare Exit by Enhancing the Individual and Contextual Factors

Literature Review

            Welfare dependency is a major problem in the United States of America attracting the attention of all government agencies. Welfare programs were coined to act as a safety net for people living under the poverty line but have since become a lifestyle for the poor. The desire to shift the focus from welfare dependency to personal responsibility and independence is an issue that has faced many challenges over the years. The demarcation between the deserving and the undeserving welfare recipients is not clear. In fact, the issue has raised many concerns among different people with the opponents of the movement arguing that people should receive drug tests to determine their eligibility. Other people argue that only people who are led to poverty via uncontrollable factors should be eligible for the welfare donations (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). For instance, widows are considered eligible for the program because their source of inability to support the family is not self-inflicted. Single mothers, who have never married, on the other hand, are considered undeserving of the welfare help because their situation is as a result of their choices in life.

            The debate on the eligibility of the welfare program support has attracted a lot of attention from scholars and theorists. The classical economic theorists argue that people depend on welfare programs because they do not want to work. Classical economic theorists attribute poverty to personal incapability and the choices that one makes in life. In other words, the theories blame the victims for allowing themselves to depend on the welfare programs while there are other options in life. Most of the welfare depend persons are considered morally deficient in classical economic theories.

            On the other hand, the sociologist theories criticize the neoclassical economist theories for ignoring the structural factors that cause people to live in poverty. The desire to determine the causal effects of the increased dependence on welfare programs has led to increased research on the area of risk factors that lead to dependency. Temporary assistance for the needy families (TANF) is one of the organizations that try to propagate the exit plans for welfare dependent people to reduce the cost of the welfare programs and in turn alleviate poverty in the community (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). To achieve success in alleviating poverty and reducing dependency on the programs, one must understand the risk factors and the ways to mitigate these problems.

            Long-term dependency is highly associated with unwillingness to work but research indicates otherwise. Most single mothers dependent on these programs still have some form of paying jobs. However, their low skill and lack of quality education limits their access to well paying jobs thus making it hard to leave the welfare programs. The single mothers depend on both the welfare aid and the small income from their low paying jobs because none of their income sources can sustain families efficiently (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). Additionally, research indicates that the level of dependency among the black people is higher than that of the whites. The level of unemployment in America makes most black men unmarriageable thus leading to higher numbers of single mothers among the blacks. Lack of quality education and the support of the male partners in families have led the single mothers to view the welfare aid as a lifestyle rather than a safety net.

            Unskilled labor does not help to exit the welfare programs because the work associated costs do not match the income earned from the jobs. Additionally, the increasing number of teenage mothers poses a challenge to the exit plans. Teenage mothers tend to make the welfare programs a lifestyle because the disruption between their education and motherhood leaves them no chance to pursue higher education. The cycle then follows with low skills and unskilled employments that cannot fully support a family. Lack of affordable childcare, limited access t suitable jobs in affluent suburbs as well as high housing and transportation costs limits the success of the welfare exit programs (Telleen & Sayad, 2012).

            The rational choice theory argues that people often take the most appropriate choice to their problems. In this case, people dependent on welfare programs prefer to stay in the programs than to engage in unskilled labor that can barely sustain a family. Additionally, getting people out of the welfare program without an ideal source of income do not tackle the issue of poverty because such parents are bound to have welfare dependent children hence the continuation of the cycle. Welfare programs that focus on work programs should focus not only on the reduction of dependency people but also on the stabilization of those who exit the programs to prevent further dependencies (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). Access to suitable jobs, improved education levels through training, and reduced number of teenage mothers can go along way in propagating the welfare exit programs for welfare dependent people. Further, welfare programs can promote the formation and maintenance of two parent families especially among the blacks and the prevention out of wedlock children to enhance the exit programs. A focus towards cutting poverty rather than reducing dependency can propagate the exit programs and provide a success independent life for the welfare dependent persons.  

Research Questions

How can the TANF program shape the society to prevent further welfare dependencies among single mothers?How can TANF use the individual and contextual factors to ensure successful exit programs for welfare dependent people?

Research Model and Graphical Representation

            The study on transition mechanisms from welfare dependencies to the job market is based on two theories emanating from sociologist theories and neoclassical economic theories. The human capital theory emphasizes on the responsibility of an individual in choosing whether to depend on welfare programs or choose alternative options. In other words, the human capital model places the dependency blame on the victim. On the other hand, the neighborhood theory from the sociologist group of theories argues that the environment in which people live determine their socio-economic status (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). In this case, single mothers who dependent on the welfare programs are a product of the societies in which they live. Therefore, for TANF to facilitate effective exit program, it should focus on strengthening societies to produce better citizens while advancing the individual factors pointed out in the human capita theory.

Teenage parenthood Lack of skills Lack of quality education  

High cost of living Lack of quality jobs Discrimination Unemployment  

Individual FactorsContextual Factors

Formation of two parent families Educate the dependent persons Offer training Enhance cohesion in the society Provide avenues for suitable jobs    

                                                Welfare Dependency

Successful Exit Plan  

                                                                                    Poverty alleviation

Reduced dependency                                     reduced dependency  


Improving Individual and Contextual Factors Enhances a Successful Transition from Welfare Dependency to Personal Independence

            Previous researches indicate that contextual and individual factors promote the high levels of dependency on welfare aid among single mothers. Therefore, a reverse program can reduce the dependency habits and promote self-development among these people. Individual issues such as lack of quality education and poor skills can be improved by training people and offering short education programs for people dependent on welfares to foster their exit plan. The success of the dependent persons after the exit program depends on their ability to compete in the job market (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). Further, with the availability of ideal jobs and support programs in the community, single mothers can raise independent children thus reducing the burden of welfare dependency in the future.

Social Cohesion in the Neighborhood Leads to Low Welfare Dependency and Low Levels of Poverty

            Social cohesion in the society can prevent excessive dependency on welfare programs by equipping people to self-manage their economic situations in a better way. Additionally, social cohesion reduces the stigma and the discrimination against the poor, which often enlarges the gap between the rich and the poor. People dependent on welfare programs lack quality education and the right skills because life in towns and cities is fragmented into social classes. Only the wealthy have access to quality education and ideal training programs. Therefore, the poor end up in a vicious cycle of poverty and continuous dependency on government help. Enhancing social cohesion can eliminate these challenges and create an avenue for the financially challenged person to acquire similar education and training programs (Telleen & Sayad, 2012). Further, social cohesion helps in reducing the number of children born out of wedlock hence reduced number of single mothers and welfare dependency.


Telleen, S. & Sayad, J. (2012). The transition from welfare to work: processes, challenges, and outcomes. New York: Haworth Press.

Women and Gender Studies Essay on Labor and the Environment in Canada essay help us

Labor and the Environment in Canada

Dave Bennett’s article ‘Just Labor’ published by the Canadian Journal of Work and Society in 2007 has explained the labor situation in Canada by starting with a comparison of the state of affairs between Canada and the UK where he came from. Bennett remarks about significant changes that have taken place since the 1980s, especially the increased number of staff members. The labor unions have diversified to incorporate outsiders who are not part of the labor fraternity, but engage in specialized functions. Then again, his article is based on the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in Canada where he was a member (Bennett 1).

However, one of the major differences he identifies between UK and Canada is industrial relations. The industrial relations system in Britain was very informal and it was characterized by less arbitration, fewer limitations on taking industrial actions such as strike, and unenforceable collective agreements. Canada, on the other hand, had contrasting characteristics; enforceable collective agreements, highly restrictive regarding organizing strikes, and other draconian rules and regulations. Here, Canada seems to have oppressed it workers more due to the extreme rules imposed on union actions compared to the British. Another major difference concerns trade unionism that appears to be so different from Canada and UK. Bennett points out the high ratio of staff to members in Canada and non-payment of union staff whereby only a few elected officers and secretaries were paid for their work (Bennett 1-2).

The health and safety issue is, however, what Bennett has discussed more comprehensively. He notes there is no big difference between Canada and Britain since both of these countries have established laws on health and safety, and codes of practice. Bennett was able to take over at the Canadian Labor Office (CLC) as a representative of health and safety whereby he brought various significant changes in the department. By the time he takes office, however, there are several important laws on health and safety including the right to participate or join health and safety groups under union management, the right to information about hazards in the workplace, and the right to refusal of working under unsafe and unhealthy conditions (International Labor Office).

Bennett sees loopholes in the stipulated safety and health laws since they are more focused on workplace standards rather than on the rights of the workers. He argues that with those laws it was easy to work in a place where rights are assured, but still be vulnerable to serious health and safety hazards. However, new things come up whereby workers fight to have the issue of physical injuries and deaths is looked into. Another issue that workers need be included in health and safety agenda is environmental protection. The CLC then commenced smaller committees to drive the agenda whereby a ten-point program was produced to ensure a worker’s perspective on the environment and connection to health and safety are observed (Bennett 3-7).

The CLC has an environmental liaison group that is represented by environmentalists from the national and regional group. The different approach it has applied makes it unique compared to other labor unions. However, Bennett explains how CLC experienced various hurdles in their efforts to ensure a green environment. Another major area that CLC wanted to be solved is the pollution that affected the environment on which the worker lives and works. However, other groups would put pressure on them to stay away regarding the issue of environmental conservation especially their move to conserve forests (Bennett 3-7).

Works Cited

Bennett, D. “Labour and the environment at the Canadian Labour Congress – The story of the convergence.” A Canadian Journal of Work and Society (2007): 1-7. Print.

International Labor Office. Ergonomic Checkpoints: Practical and Easy-to-Implement Solutions for Improving Safety, Health and Working Conditions. Geneva: International Labour Office, 2010. Print.

Sample Healthcare Research Paper on Protein Supplements get essay help

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements refer to protein and nourishment sources, and sustenance items, that are used to assist weight competitors and lifters to achieve their wanted daily admission necessities. There are various protein supplements and they include the following; protein bars, protein powders, feast substitutions, and weight gainers. Nearly all protein supplements have over 20 to 30 grams of protein. They also come in different flavors for instance; we have those from organic product enhanced protein powders that are mostly used in treating and cream seasoning weight gainers. Protein supplements are one of the popular nutritional supplements consumed by athletes due to the belief that they reduce fatigue, increase muscle mass and enhance recovery.

Weight Gainer, it comprises of whey protein. It is used by body builders or athletes who have problems of taking enough calories to compensate the large amount they burn through doing intense exercise (NHS.UK 1).

Whey Protein, it is a protein supplement used as a byproduct when processing milk into cheese (Etcheverry 1).  It is important because it helps in fat loss and enhances the growth of lean muscle. Whey is less costly and it comes in diverse flavors for instance, true and tried vanilla.

Soy Protein,it is categorized among the few plant protein sources that provide all the required amino acids. It is prepared from soy bean that have been hulled and dried to make soy flour. Soy protein is very important because it plays a vital role in improving the immune function of the body and promoting bone health.

Benefits of Using Protein Supplements

Protein supplements come with many benefits to the consumers. The benefits include:

Grab and Go,It is very easy to purchase protein supplements because one is only required to visit a shop or a supermarket grab it and go away with it.

No Refrigeration and Exceptionally Versatile, One is not required to keep protein supplements under refrigeration because they are exceptionally versatile. This enables one to use the supplements at his preferred time. Additionally, protein supplements can save your cash because most of them are less costly making it affordable to most people.

Furthermore, proper protein timing is important to expanding muscle pick up because they reduce damage of muscles and delayed onset muscle soreness (NHS.UK 1). Consumption of whey helps in preserving muscles.

Should we be taking protein supplements? The question remains unanswered for the fact that we have a range of protein supplements and an individual circumstances will govern whether they will benefit or not.

Side Effects of Protein Supplements

Water Retention, Intake of proteins in high quantities especially when one is not eating enough carbohydrates can make the body become ketosis. One’s kidneys then overdrive when trying to get rid of these substances making it difficult for the body to retain water. This increases the dangers of dehydration especially if a sports woman or man loses fluid through sweat when doing exercise. Dehydration not only has a negative impact on the kidneys, but it can also have an effect on the functioning of the heart.

Fat Gain, Consuming excess protein in form of protein supplements adds extra calories. Based on the fact that the body cannot store proteins in its original form, if one does not burn these calories by doing a lot of exercise, or taking part in weight bearing activities to build his muscles, there is a likelihood of extra fats being converted into fat. An increase in the amount of proteins consumed together with calories without doing physical activities is most likely to lead to a similar gain in both muscle and fat, which may not be one’s target when one supplement protein powder.

Acne, Acne is majorly a hormonal disease and causes pimples or spots on an individuals face. Daily and milk products like whey protein comprise hormones that are most likely to increase sebum. Consumption of protein supplements like whey causes acne. This is because whey has a hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1. IGF-1 is usually regulated by a human’s body (Mooers 1). Overconsumption of acne makes an individual’s body to produce more oil. Excess use of IGF-1makes skin cell to increase very fast resulting in the clogging of pores. Whey protein powder is usually pasteurized twice forming complex protein and sugar that cannot be easily digested.

Damage to Kidneys, Increased use of protein usually put a lot of strain on the kidneys because of the ketones that are produced from such a diet and the need to release them. The condition for individuals with reduced kidney functions can worsen and may even result in reduced function in people with healthy kidneys.

Aggression, the majority of bodybuilders consume protein supplements. Studies indicate that extreme use of protein supplements causes mood swings and aggression. This is because protein supplements have metals like mercury and lead that are accountable for mood changes and aggression respectively. Creatine has some similarities with whey protein and when consumed in large quantities it causes aggression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Gynecomastia, Gynecomastia refers to breast tissues enlargement in men. Soy proteins have increased levels of phytoestrogen. The chemical structure of phytoestrogen is identical to the structure of estrogen. This implies that it has a similar hormonal effect on human body just like estrogen.

Hypertension, Studies indicate that protein supplements for example whey help in reducing hypertension. Beverages with whey protein play a significant role in reducing hypertension in individuals whose blood pressure has been formerly high. Whey protein has an outcome on the production of nitric acid which plays a significant role in regulating blood pressure.

In conclusion, protein supplements have both good and bad effects depending on how someone uses the supplements.

Works Cited

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Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Essentials of Strategic Management gp essay help: gp essay help

Discussion Board

Boeing used organizational design strategy to turn around its business in the manufacture of airplanes. This resulted in the company attaining superior business financial performance. The process involved the following issues. They include reshaping the organization structures, leadership, behaviors, functions and customer relationships. Boeing engaged in an intensive process of changing the business structure that hindered innovation and efficiency amongst workers. Therefore, the leadership structure changed from bureaucratic leadership to transformation leadership where members contributed to the development and growth of the company as a whole. Aligning the company’s vision to the goals and structure enables higher productivity and efficiency while reducing cost of operation. Moreover, it involved carrying out SWOT analysis to determine the strength and weaknesses of the organization (Hill and Jones 32). This helped come up with attainable goals both in the short run period and in the long run period.

Managerial functions were devolved in the sense that they embraced the delegation style of leadership where workers would make crucial decisions that enhances efficient operation. Strategy managers have ample time to concentrate on the structuring and learning of strategic goals and vision of the company hence able to advice the workers accordingly (Kesler and Kates 34). Lastly, organization design covered employee-customer relationship, which was deteriorating. The reason behind this is that competition in the market was intensifying and customer satisfaction was going down due to the delays in the supply of airplanes. Working closely with the customers aided Boeing capture and maintain its clients especially through the personalized services rendered, increasing customer satisfaction. The end result was increased profit for the organization. This is how the company managed to avert the operating inefficiency experienced before, due to structural limitations (Hill and Jones 23). Thus, the firm identified its competitive performance in the market.

Works Cited

Hill, Charles W. L, and Gareth R. Jones. Essentials of Strategic Management. 2nd ed. Boston: South Western, 2008. Print.

Kesler, Gregory, and Amy Kates. Leading Organization Design: How to Make Organization Design Decisions to Drive the Results You Want. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011. Print.

Sample Cultural and Ethics Studies on the Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Climate writing essay help

The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Climate

Annotated Bibliography

Carle, David. Introduction to Air in California. Berkeley: U of California P, 2009. Print.

            The source is a book which talks about the climatic change in California. One of the most influential chapters in this article is about industrial pollution. It therefore offer credible information about the gases released into the air by companies that help steer the economy ahead. However, the situation needs to be addressed by different environmental agencies.

EPA. “Carbon Dioxide Emissions | Climate Change | US EPA.” US Environmental Protection Agency. Unites States Environmental Protection Agencies, 12 Sept. 2015. Web. 28 Oct. 2015. <>.

            This source is a website article on the environmental pollution through carbon emission. The article provides alternative causes of action to reduce the amount of gases in the air that deplete the ozone layer. It gives proposal on the way forward concerning the rate at which carbon is produced.  The research was conducted by a formidable institution hence authoritative.

Isley, Steven C., Robert J. Lempert, Steven W. Popper, and Raffaele Vardavas. “The effect of near-term policy choices on long-term greenhouse gas transformation pathways.” Global Environmental Change 34.1 (2015): 147–158. Print. DOI:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.06.008

            This journal is based on a research finding about greenhouse gases. The world has been faced with the problems, administration and control of carbon gases in the air. Countries have been coming together from time to time to try and get a lasting solution for this menace. However, very few countries are ready to walk the talk due to the accrued economic repercussions. This information is well covered in the article.

Kavita Suranaa, and Laura Diaz Anadona. “Public policy and financial resource mobilization for wind energy in developing countries: A comparison of approaches and outcomes in China and India.” Global Environmental Change35.1 (2015): 340-359. Print.

            The authors articulately show the measures adopted by developing nations in solving environmental issues. This has not been a walk in the park due to financial constraints experienced by individual countries. In addition, developed countries turn a blind eye towards conservation initiatives and they are the biggest polluter of the ozone layer. This is according to a comprehensive study carried out between china and India. Consequently, wind energy is being adopted as a measure of conservation by some of the developed countries to replace traditional energy generation methods that pollute the environment.

Pasgaarda, Maya, Bo Dalsgaardb, Pietro K. Maruyamab, Brody C. Sandeld, and Niels E. Strangeb. “Geographical imbalances and divides in the scientific production of climate change knowledge.” Global Environmental Change 35.1 (2015): 279–288. Print.

            Knowledge about climatic change in the environment is crucial for the development of a nation. Most countries have experienced climatic change that causes harsh conditions such as floods and strong winds that culminate from increased heating by the sun. This knowledge contributes a lot to my research by giving insightful ideas and critical information on environmental issues.

Rafelski, Lauren E., S. C. Piper, and R. F. Keeling. “Climate Effects on Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide over the Last Century.” Iop Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 61.5 (2009): 100-150. Print. DOI: 10.1088/1755-1307/6/4/042026

            This journal is rich in factors that causes or produces carbon dioxide. Some of the conferences held to discuss the issue have denoted that reduction of carbon gases in the air is dependent on a country’s policies that guide companies about the emission matters. An example of the effects widely discussed in this document includes: loss of aquatic animals, ozone layer depletion and seasonal cycle changes.

Stern, P. C., O. R. Young, and D. Druckman. “Identifying and explaining framing strategies of low carbon lifestyle movement organizations.” Global Environmental Change 35.2 (2015): 307–315. Print. DOI:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.09.009

            The article is structured along the united nation initiatives to reduce the rate of carbon emission. The strategies adopted at a national or international level may not effectively cater for the environmental needs of nations in the world. Many strategies instituted by government end up failing because of lack of local support from the industrial sector that is the main source of income for the state.  The diverse approaches provided by the authors make this article to be one of the most influential journals in this field of environmental studies.

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. “How Much Carbon Dioxide (and Other Kinds of Greenhouse Gas) is Already in the Atmosphere? | UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.” UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research | Understanding Atmosphere, Earth, and Sun. National Center for Atmospheric Research, n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2015. <>.

            Green house gases have been attributed to the environmental degradation and negative effects not only to the human beings but also to plants. Death has occurred in places where concentration of these gases is on the high level hence causing conflict between nations. Dumping of computers  and carbon products in poor countries has also been on the rise hence need to tackle the elephant in the room as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Thus, this website offers very useful information and new perspective on the same issue.

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Rafelski, Lauren E., S. C. Piper, and R. F. Keeling. “Climate Effects on Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide over the Last Century.” Iop Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 61.5 (2009): 100-150. Print. DOI: 10.1088/1755-1307/6/4/042026

Stern, P. C., O. R. Young, and D. Druckman. “Identifying and explaining framing strategies of low carbon lifestyle movement organisations.” Global Environmental Change 35.2 (2015): 307–315. Print. DOI:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.09.009

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. “How Much Carbon Dioxide (and Other Kinds of Greenhouse Gas) is Already in the Atmosphere? | UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.” UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research | Understanding Atmosphere, Earth, and Sun. National Center for Atmospheric Research, n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2015. <>.

HR Management Research Paper on Journal of Computer Information Systems cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

Human Resource Management 


Human resource has evolved from several forms and functions. These changes are also present in the manner in which organizational human resource managers are carrying out their roles in managing the working force. Evolution of human resource has occurred from the old ages when human force was under intensive abuses like slavery to modern times where human effort is being valued and appreciated as an integral force in the success of organizations. Human resource is the combination of managerial and employees’ functions with performance. Human resource management on the other hand refers to the management of a company’s manpower through human resource. In other terms, HRM also implies the human resources role of managing employees, including recruiting, selection, training, compensating and evaluating (Desser, 2005).

Initially under HRM, the managers did not concentrate so much on the information of organization employees. This is because of too much paper work involved which would consume a lot much time, energy and costs. This gave in to the introduction of the HRIS system. HRIS is an acronym for Human Resource Information Systems which refers to a process of developing information technology for effectual administration and management of human resource functions and applications. HRIS is a processor system in computers entailing a database which trail all employees and their detailed information in an organization (Gill & Johnson, 2010). HRIS is basically a system for gathering, storing and exploring data of a company’s employees (Hendrickson, 2003).Through HRIS, the HR manager gets the best opportunity to improve their input through planned direction of an organization.

In developing HRIS technology in Fortune 500 Company, I would recommend several issues to be considered. In the first place, I will deeply look at what exactly the organization needs to match all the requirements. Getting the correct HRIS is not an easy task but through careful planning and by coming up with a clear portrait of the organizational needs can simplify the process of acquisition of the accurate software.

The HRIS is a relevant input in this organization because of its energy, time and cost effectiveness. There are five important systems in HRIS to be applied in Fortune 500 organization.


Recruiting in broader terms entails all activities undertaken in an organization with an aim of identifying and attracting potential employees (Breaugh & Starke, 2000).This is an integral function of human resource managers in drawing human capital in the organization. E-recruitment has become an online development for HR in companies across the world in getting their new work force (Bussler & Davids, 2006).Using online recruiting process in Fortune 500 Company will be useful in easing the selection of workers.

E-recruitment will use the internet to draw possible workers in the organization. It basically involves advertising open positions in the organization on an online platform in the HRIS software application. Using this type of recruiting model is useful for this organization because it addresses the issues of successful recruiting strategy which like demographic factors and cost implications.

Using information in the HRIS system in the organization about the existing employees will also play a critical role in enhancing the likelihood getting the best match for a given opening in the company. There is also a reduced application cost and procedure which will attract a large pool of applicants for the opening. This will make the organizations get the best match from a variety of applicants due to a tight screening process.

It is evident that recruitment is one of the centre HR activities in an organization. This needs to be well planned and conducted in an efficient and successful way. Using databases of information in the HRIS software in the e-recruiting process provides the best platform in ensuring that the process is effective and successful for the company.


Selection of employees in an organization involves the process of taking a step beyond recruitment. It implies making of a decision about a particular individual who fulfills the organizations requirements to fill in the open position thereby hiring him. The process of e-selecting entails sorting applications, contacting the potential employees, closing the deal and incorporating the employee into the organizations culture.

Applying e-selection system will assist in settling for the best potential employee. These are candidates who have the right knowledge, skills and ability to step in the organization and fill the vacant position. One of the challenges we as HR managers are faced with in out duties is to develop the precision of selection process in order to meet organizational requirements. Using e-selection provides a concrete evidence for the process altogether.

This technology will cut down on the time and resources used to handle the selection process. The use of e-learning in the selection procedure in this organization is effective as it will increase the flexibility in the selection analysis and administration. Using the traditional methods require candidates to physically appear before the organization’s selection panel from the HR department. However, applicants will now use e-learning platforms on the organizations websites to take the web based tests in different localities.

Through e-selection, the organization will also be able to improve on the value of selection evaluations to the candidates in order to get the best fit. In as much as the organization has developed the capacity to analyze the competence of a selection evaluation, HRIS important in presenting longitudinal performance information for appraisal the efficacy of selection test. This is important in projecting the long-standing performance.

Self-Service & HR Portals

Employee self-service incorporates a combination of technological system which enables users who are employees and their line managers interact directly using their HR information. They are able to query, assess and act on matters in the organization. This system is also called employee self service, manager self service, employee direct access system or HR portals. Through this system, paper work is done away with in the office since all employees and the directors will transact their business on an online interactive platform.

Self-service and HR portals systems will allow organizational leaders of this organization to access a variety of data or information regarding their employees. It will also enable me as HR directors develop my function paper work concerning the employees with a lot of ease. This will enhance the system because information on employees’ resume, merit assessments, and other employee track information is readily available. The application system will provide an extensive podium for my effective execution of duties pertaining my office and position.

By allowing the employees and line managers have a single secure portal provided by the system will offer the employees an easy way of updating and recording their information. This will also allow the work force to edit and make change request as they come along and HR managers confirming the requests instantly. The flexibility and platform of this system also allows both the employees and managers to carry on with the stated tasks not necessarily in the organization premises but anywhere they are provided there is internet connection.

Self-service & HR Portals are vital in allowing the HR Director with an opportunity to carry out responsibilities in an undisturbed manner. Over the years, the work of the human resource manager has been hindered severally because of too much handling and compliance clerical work. The system however does away with all these clerical stages providing the HR manager a platform to play a crucial role in the company operations.

E-Learning & Training

E-learning encompasses courses or programs of learning, and education training in which electronic appliances and applications are used for knowledge creation, management and transfer. It stands for applications and processes including web-based knowledge, computer based learning and digital collaboration among many others.Content in e-learning is relayed via the internet while e-training on the other hand refers to the delivery of learning, training or teaching through an electronic means. The system also uses computer or other electronic devices in providing important knowledge or expertise enhancement information.

Most organizations across the globe including Fortune 500 Company require a flexible personnel in order to achieve its goals and objectives. In the situation that this organization is implementing dynamic e-learning and training systems for employees, they stand a chance of being flexible in dealing with different circumstances they find themselves in within the organization. This therefore implies that e-learning and e-training are efficient ways the organization can increase the competence level of the workers.

The human resource in today’s economic sector is the fundamental factor for the success of any organization. When the human resource is effective, capital is also raised. Effective human resources in this organization will therefore enable it exploit different resources and increase production levels. Different other leaders or departmental heads are responsible for upholding this organization’s position. The most effective way of achieving all these is through increasing our employee’s knowledge levels thorough learning and training. It is to this effect that courses like e-learning and e-training which are on job practices widen proper knowledge, skill and capability of the employees to foster the growth of organization. These methods are cost and time effective as the employees do not have to leave get the knowledge while working at the same time.

Performance Management

Performance management involves a well developed program within an organization that addresses personal and the company’s performance issues in order to come up with an effective and healthy organization’s culture. Performance management goes beyond annual assessments. Their main objective is to translate goals into results thereby not only focusing on employees but on the organization as a whole (Fitz-enz & Davison, 2002).

For an effective optimization of employee performance, it is indispensable to have a reliable system which records employee objectives and evaluate them with his performance with relation to achieving the objectives. The goals too must be well defined thereby requiring an effective system established for achieving a commendable performance. This means that HRIS is important an system which will aid in establishing performance footpath, and managing performance reviews. Incorporating the system provides effective performance management services like optimal goal setting, quick feedback and tying actions to consequences in an optimized manner.


In conclusion, it is evident that there are several types of human resource information systems. These systems have adequately increased the performances of organizations across the globe. HRIS play a critical role in saving organizations from time, energy and costs in their operations. Incorporating the systems in Fortune 500 company will not only make my work easy but will also move this organization to the next level due to the benefits involved. Given the population of employees in this organization, the system will help in maintaining an effective database inventory that will be helpful in implementing plans and strategies aimed at moving this organization to greater heights.


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Sample Geography Essay Paper on Human Geography “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

Human Geography

Geography, defined as the study of the surface of the earth as the space occupied by the human population, plays a fundamental role in the interpretation of contemporary issues in policing. It is divided into two; physical and human geography and the latter’s role in the interpretation of contemporary issues in policing cannot be ignored. According to human geography, an individual’s context or location in the world influences or shapes his or her view of the world and the people in it. Simply put, it shapes the theories, beliefs, or perceptions that a person has about another. In the interpretation of contemporary issues in policing, the location of a person clearly underlines the activities that he or she may get involved. It is easier for policing agencies to make interpretations of contemporary issues in policing while leveraging on a person’s context or location, which are concepts that can only be learnt by having a thorough understanding of geography.

Moreover, the interpretation of contemporary issues of policing is dependent on the geographical concept of philosophy, which aims at or focuses on the clarification of thoughts in a logical manner. Without the integration of philosophy, thoughts remain cloudy and indistinct, and thus, the solution to a problem or situation remains compromised. A geographical concept, philosophy too plays a key role in policing agencies. It enables policing agents and agencies to make clear and sharp boundaries regarding activities or operations in the sector. Thus, in the interpretation of contemporary issues in policing, having knowledge about the concept of philosophy is important, and this can only be achieved by having a more thorough understanding of the discipline of geography.

Sample Marketing Critical Thinking Essay paper on Customer Service Problem essay help for free

Answer Questions

Question one

Certainly, there is a customer service problem that has a negative impact on them resulting in a poor customer experience. There is a discrepancy in the way some customers are treated such that there is a non-fair categorization of the customers based on from whom they purchase the compactors. From the investigations, it is clear that those customers who purchase the compactors from the distributors receive better services that those who purchase from the authorized retailers. The poor customer services go to an extent that the compactors take long to be delivered, sometimes installation is not done, and customer do not receive the proper guidelines on how to use the compactor and are left to figure it out themselves from the users’ manual.

            The distributors are also seen to mislead the customers on where they can purchase the product. They compel them to deal with them directly thereby ignoring the role the retailers play in supply chain management. To compound the problem, the installers portray a gross act of unprofessionalism by being rude to the customers with whom they Aare meant to establish a strong business relationship.

Question two

Though the distributors are exploiting the retailers, they are not likely to complain because this will trigger personal differences with them. Since the system was that the retailers acquired the goods from the distributors for reselling, there it appears that if any wrangles of any kind exist between the retailers and the suppliers, then the incensed retailers would be on the losing end. They could also force all transactions between Handy Andy and the customers to be direct and completely keeping the retailers out of the picture.

Question three

The marketing vice-president should redesign and redefine the distribution channels as a way of gaining a competitive advantage. This can be realized by having strategic and efficient distribution channels. This will enhance the success of retailing. Further, the intervention of the marketing vice-president will be required in cleaning the name of the company and creating a better image following the bad customer experience that has been experiencing. This will enhance productivity through production and retailing operations of the organizations.

Question four

This is a problem for Handy Andy because the distributor purports not to be separate entities from the organization. They appear to make deals that are outside the operations of the company. This would result in a conflict of interest leading to counterproductive. This is done the aim of frustrating the efforts of the retailers, which is not only a bad approach in the supply chain but also brings out an ethical issue. The net effect is that there will be no customers’ satisfaction and hence ruined loyalty.

Question five

The best approach is to email a brief survey about the installation experience within three to five days of receiving a warranty activation form. This gives the customers enough time to gauge the quality of the service. Further, in the absence of the installer or any persons within the supply chain, the customers will not be under duress to fill the forms, and there is a high chance that the responses on the experience will be more honest since there is no fear of intimidation.

Question six

Retailing without the intervention of the distributors has several advantages. Such include;

Retailers tend to be closer to the customers and them, therefore, understand their needs better and work to fulfill them.Unlike distributors, retailers carry out marketing activities more effectively.Information from the company is easily communicated to the customers while feedback from the customers is easily relayed to the company.

The disadvantage of not involving the distributors is the likelihood of poor inventory management. This is because the distributors play a key role in inducing both push and pull demands.

Question seven

It is not too late for Handy Andy to attempt service recovery. The company can still explore a variety of alternatives that can help fix post purchase dissatisfaction. This can be done through apologizing to the customers, and then take responsibility and offer the customers something of value that will win then back to the organization. For example, they can offer subsidized overhaul offers or commit themselves to cheap servicing of the equipment.

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Nursing Theory.

Nursing metaparadigm is a global concept that describes the main interest of nursing and it is made up of four integral parts that are nursing, person, environment and health. The concept is important in nursing theory since the four parts represents main areas of focus during the patient care.

Metaparadigm Grid

Metaparadigm conceptTheorist 1Callista RoyTheorist 2 Martha RodgersMy metaparadigm definitionsPerson          According to Roy, a person is a biopsychosocial being who continuously interacts with changing external and internal environment.Martha defined a person as an irreducible pandimensional energy field that has pattern characters and expresses unique quality as a whole and cannot be anticipated in parts.In this metapardigm, a person does not necessarily mean a patient; it can be more than one person, patient’s friends or even family members. Nurses attempt to empower patients to manage their health while making them feel like their health and wellbeing is cared (Alligood, 2014).  Health          Roy defines health as the ability of a person to adapt to the environment and hence develop effective coping responses. The description further defines health as both the condition and a process of being and becoming integrated as a whole.Martha describes health as the ability of a whole person’s energy field to interact successfully with the whole of the environmental energy field. Health as a component of metaparadigm refers to the wellbeing of a patient that includes generic factors, and their emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness. Nurses should ensure all these factors are well considered when attending to patients (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, & Hanson, 2014).Environment          Roy’s definition of environment referred it as world around and within the person who is in her point of view an adaptive system. The environment according to Roy includes every circumstance, condition and any influence that surrounds and has an impact on the growth and behavior of a person.Martha describes the environment as an irreducible energy field that is identified by pattern and exists as an essential constituent within a given human field.Environment refers to everything that surrounds patients affecting their illness and gradual healing. The environment includes both external and internal factors such as culture, mental states, locations hence necessitating nurses to ensure a suitable environment for patient’s recovery (Alligood, 2014).Nurse          The theorist describes nurse as an individual who attempts to manipulate stimuli that allow patients to deal successfully with the changing environment.Martha defined a nurse refers to an individual who maintains and promotes health, preventing diseases through conducting diagnosis, interventions and rehabilitations of the affected person.Refers to an individual who has acquired skills in nursing to carry out a diagnosis, assessments interventions, planning and evaluation of a patient’s health (De Chesnay, 2014).


Alligood, M. R. (2014). Nursing theory: Utilization & application (5th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby Elsevier.

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Illegal Migration in the United States (Against)


IntroductionDefinition of illegal immigrationThesis Statement: Illegal immigration emerges as the basis of controversy resulting to diverse challengesMajor challenges resulted from illegal immigration:Overpopulationhigh number of people rely on the available resources thereby resulting to overconsumptionThe quality of education is wanting as there are diverse focus to meet the needs of the peopleIncrease of environmental issues such as environmental degradation are effects of overpopulationIncreased rates in crimesIllegal criminals pass through and cause havoc to the citizensYouth gangs are arising due to poor quality education and lack of education in totality. These have also resulted in violent crimesDanger to the society as anxiety and psychological issues ariseUnemploymentPovertyPoverty leads to increased crime, a negative sociological and economical effectsRecommendationsConclusionSummary of the issuesSummary of the recommendationsReferencesBibliography

Illegal Migration in the United States (Against)


Several challenges experienced in the US are a repercussion of illegal immigration. Overpopulation, environmental challenges, and increase of crime rate are some of the prevailing confrontations in the nation. Illegal immigration emerges as the basis of controversy resulting in diverse challenges. There is a need for the government to manage immigrants as an approach to curb social problems. This study addresses the controversy of illegal immigration in America. The study focuses at the challenges, and recommendations to curb the problems.


            Illegal immigrants have had modifications since early 1990s due to changes in the policies (Chiswick, 1988). These modifications have led to diverse definitions. Presently, illegal immigration is a term referring to movement of people from a poorer country to a developed nation against the laws. Illegal immigrants search for security, peace, and better sources of living from these countries. Previous research shows that the aliens come from middle class economically (U.S. House of Representatives, 1986). Illegal immigration has been a major challenge in America as long as the immigration laws were present. The first illegal immigrants were the Chinese. They illegally gained entry to America due to political relations between the two countries. Lately, these immigrants gain access from different places, and for diverse purposes (Djajic´& Michael, 2014).


            Illegal immigrants are related to diverse challenges. First, they strain the political relations between America and their countries (Haddad & Balz, 2006).  America as a developed nation may enforce some legalities, which can vastly affect developing nations and thus their relations. Illegal aliens cross to US due to economic challenges in their nation or for criminal activities. Socially, the immigrants come with limited education, resulting in increased cases of crime. Limited education and their status prevent them from acquiring prestigious lifestyles and job opportunities. Most resort to crime for survival, increasing insecurity in America. These immigrants, due to idleness form youth groups and gangs, which terrorize the citizens. They also face psychological challenges, and emotional turmoil due to separation from friends and relatives and anxiety (Seigel, Jeffrey & Gregory, 1981)

            . Economically, they add up to the already overpopulated number. This leads to overconsumption of the limited resources (Günter & Úrsula, 2009). The level of education has been reducing due to the high number of students enrolled at limited institutions. Additionally, these immigrants often have limited understanding of the English language. Environmental degradation has been rising due to overexploitation of the resources (Mumford, 1985). The American citizens have been competing for similar positions with the immigrants. This has forced more than a million citizens to search for greener pastures in other countries. The economy growth reduces, as some of the citizens are unemployed, others have low-income jobs while others continue to search for greener pastures.


            Among the recommendations of managing illegal immigrants incorporate implementation of the IRC 1986 Act (Chiswick 1988). According to this policy, the government through the immigration agency can penalize the employers who knowingly offer opportunities to the immigrants. This approach will force employers to acquire the details of all employed refugees, and send to the government for verification. Illegal immigrants other than the relations of the legal immigrants offer amnesty. These immigrants can be deported back to their nations of originality. These approaches also have limitations (Djajic´& Michael, 2014). First, the Americans cannot willingly perform some jobs, and this may kill the industry if employers do not seek for employees from other nations. Deportation and amnesty heavily relies on the relationship between America and the nation of origin. There are some nations, which are not willing to conquer with amnesty policies. Another approach is for America, through the trade organizations and EU, to form an agreement with developing and neighboring nations (Spence, 1979). In these agreements, the nations can conquer to protect their borders against intrusion and illegal movement of the citizens. This will reduce the cost of maintenance of borders in America (Connelly, 2012). The last approach is to continually secure the borders against intrusion. This is tasking economically to American government.


Illegal immigration has led to diverse challenges in the US. Among them is overpopulation, environmental challenges, and increased crime. This study has addressed related challenges and offered recommendations to curb the problems.

Annotated Bibliography

Djajic´, S., & Michael, S. M. “Controlling Illegal Immigration: On the Scope for

Cooperation with a Transit Country.” Review of International Economics. 2014. 22(4): 808-824 DOI:10.1111/roie.12137.

The source highlights the increasing cost of EU nations in managing borders as an approach of controlling illegal immigrants. In U. S., patrolling officers were going round the borders eight times more in 2002 than they did in 1986. This is in implementing the IRC 1986 Act. During this period, the budget grew of the agency increased by ten. The authors analyze the implications of the relations between destination country and poorer neighbor in connection to immigration management.

Buchanan, J. P. (2009). “Hire Americans, Not Illegals.” Human Events. 2009, 19th October. 865-866

According to the writer, there are increasing cases of unemployment among the Americans. For more than 21 months, Americans have been struggling to apply for employment without much achievement, increasing the rate to 9.8 %. For every one opening, there are at least six unemployed Americans. This source is significant as it highlights the rate at which Americans are jobless and the basis for the increased economy hardship. Almost one million Americans have further quit their jobs due to low wages. The employers are in the catbird’s seat as they can cut the wages despite the desperation of the citizens. This is arising due to increased number of illegal immigrants in the country who are willing to do all kinds of jobs. Buchanan goes on to highlight the effect of immigrants in the labor force, thereby highlighting the economical challenge caused by illegal immigrants. Most of the illegal immigrants settled in the country or overstayed their visas creating a surplus of redundant labor.

Chiswick, R. B. (1988).  “Illegal Immigration and Immigration Control.” Journal of Economic Perspectives. 2(3):101-115

Chiswick defines an immigrant from the political, economical and policy approach. He further highlights the objective of IRCA as removal of illegal immigrants from the labor market. From the source, there are two approaches of dealing with the immigrants through the policy. The first one is to grant amnesty and the second one is to penalize the employers who knowingly employ the aliens. This source offers an approach in curbing this issue and limitations in this source. Through this study, the reader comes to understand the economic analysis of the aliens and its consequences.

Connelly, C. C. (2012). “Illegal Immigration through the eyes of a child: Patricia Riggen’s La misma luna.” Studies in Latin American Popular Culture. 30: 94-109

Riggen draws the attention of the audience to the positive experiences of the immigrants in America. This film is however contradicting the masculine status quo of the immigrants as exploitative and tragic. This Mexican film highlights the love between a mother and a son that overcomes every obstacle including international borders. Positive results are a blissful ending defines the movie. The application of a child as the protagonist emphasizes the perception of the immigrants. This source is significant in this study as it highlights the benefits immigrants have when working in America. The source as well underlines real life elements such as financial and emotional challenges on the family, exploitative employers and fear for deportation.

Mumford, D. S. (1985). “The Overpopulation problem as it affects the United States: A Step towards a Societal Response.” The Humanist. Pages 14-21

This source is highly essential in this study as it reviews problems related with overpopulation because of illegal immigrants accessing the nation. The author cites nuclear war, environmental degradation and depletion of resources as consequences of overpopulation. According to the author, all these challenges affect national security over food, resources and diseases. He compares Africa with America in terms of the problems. American industrialization heavily relies on agriculture. When unemployment is rising, the sector is greatly affected. The author asserts that as the Latinos are increasing so are their desires to permanently settle in America. There are needs to therefore protect national security to protect poverty rate in neighboring places encroaching America

Spence, A. “European Nations Move on Two Fronts to Secure Supplies of Strategic Materials,” Wall Street Journal. 1979,September 9. Page 1.

This source highlights the problem of overpopulation in relation to the Catholic Church viewpoint. Overpopulation is among the worries of the American leaders due to threatening of the resources. Among the approaches is for the church to review its policies as regards family planning and population control. One of the approaches according to the author in overpopulation is controlling population as China.

Seigel, J. S., Jeffrey S. P. & Gregory, J. R. “Preliminary Report on Existing Studies of the Number of Illegal Residents of the United States.” In Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, U.S. Immigration Policy and the National Interest, Appendix E, Papers on Illegal Migration to the United States. Washington,

            D.C.: U.S.G.P.O., 1981, pp. 13-40.

Immigrants in USA enjoy diverse benefits. This is due to more privileges acquired than in their original countries. Aliens from Mexico enjoy economic stability, food security and protection, which is rare in their nation due to increased population and overexploitation of the resources. These immigrants are said to acquire technological benefits in relation to other privileges. These have changed their perception towards America despite harsh employers and segregation. Thus, majority of them are likely to make America their permanent residence. This information calls on the relevant agencies to ensure that every immigrant adheres to the stipulated rules for citizenry. The move is to protect the nation from challenges related to illegal immigrants.

U.S. House of Representatives, Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: Conference Report, Report 99-1000. Washington, D.C.: U.S.G.P.O., 1986, 14th October

From the source, it is still uncertain as to the quantity of assistance neighbors are to acquire in for the immigrants and the quantity the destination country is to offer as a means of intensifying immigration management. Success of this predicament lies on the internal policies between the two nations. In America, to control the aliens, North African neighbors must be willing to implement measures necessary for preventing undocumented aliens from moving out of their territories to EU. American states must besides be willing to protect their borders from inflows of these immigrants.

Haddad, Y. Y. & Balz, J. M. 2006. “The October Riots in France: A Failed Immigration Policy or the Empire Strikes Back?” International Migration.44 (2):23-34

According to the authors, the immigration agency has roles to perform to ensure that the immigrants adhere to the policies stipulated by the IRC. This is to minimize the number of immigrants to one immigrant out of every 400 American citizens. This resource is useful in the study as it highlights some of the security challenges related to illegal immigrants.

Günter, H. B. & Úrsula, J. G. (2009). “Facing Global Environmental Change: Environmental, Human, Energy, Food, Health and Water Security Concepts.” Springer. Page 304.

The authors are keen on the environmental challenges related to overpopulation in America. According to their studies, more natural resources are depleted in managing the population. From the study, it is clear that the Latinos are increasing in their population and its government is assuming this threat. The population increasing in that nation and other nations in Africa has seen more of the illegal immigrants crossing over for greener pastures. America’s economy is thus on the verge of collapsing due to increasing demands.


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U.S. House of Representatives, Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: Conference Report, Report 99-1000. Washington, D.C.: U.S.G.P.O., 1986, 14th October

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