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[Revision] Taxation, income tax

[November 21, 2022 09:39] 11/18/2022 11:44 Hello, I have adjustments. I tried to make an adjustments but it wasn’t letting me click send. I’ve looked at the word document but I’ve realised you’ve done it in a report from. It was meant to be done in an official letter form then the calculations in the appendix

11/21/2022 07:31 I’ve attached 1 new document, the document I attached You should use that as a guideline to answer the question/ do the calculations in the assignment. Please and thank you

Crop Social Responsibility

Offer specific examples of this, use references, internal company sources.OR-  Research and profile a company that does not exhibit Strategic CSR. Offer specific examples of this, use references, internal company sources.•For either topic, your conclusions should include recommendations moving forward if you were the CEO!Identical format to Paper #1 (single spaced)•1

How hackers negatively affect the Social media community

For this essay, you will write an argument-driven, evidence-based essay that addresses a significant problem or issue in your community today. You do not have to use the same community you wrote about in your writing journal, but re-reading your entries will give you some ideas about what community you wish to write about. Remember, your definition of community might include geographic communities (e.g., your country or city), groups you belong to at school or home (e.g., hobby or interest-based, sports, etc.), religious communities, generational communities (e.g., Gen Z), online communities, fan communities (e.g., BTS ARMY), identity-based communities, etc. Feel free to think broadly at first, then narrow your focus to a single, discrete community.Once you’ve decided on a community to write about, brainstorm about problems or issues facing your community. These issues could involve access to resources, political challenges, interpersonal issues, etc. As this essay requires outside research, you might decide to start with a broader topic related to your community and then narrow it as you research and find quality sources. In order to make your research manageable and relevant, please limit your topic to problems and efforts to solve it from the last 5-10 years.Note that the assignment does not require you to solve the problem! Your job is to define the problem for a specific** #audience **of your choosing and discuss specific efforts to solve it or potential solutions that have been proposed. Your audience might be your peers in this class, members of your community, or a group of people you think can help solve the problem. Keep your audience in mind as you draft–what kind of information would they have? What would they need to know? Your goal is to argue that X is a problem in your community for Y reasons, and can potentially be solved by Z.Now that you have a community and a topic, develop a working thesis as discussed in session 15. **A draft of your topic, thesis, and audience is DUE in your Essay on Community Preparatory Assignment workbook by session 16. **Using your thesis as guide,** conduct library research to find reliable sources on your topic. Aim to find five sources that demonstrate #sourcequality by being reputable**. The very best way to do this is to use the ZU library. We will have a library research session to help you learn to find good sources. Remember, anyone can put anything on the internet without it being true, accurate, or unbiased–that’s why it’s harder to evaluate #sourcequality on the open internet. Use the library for your initial research.Once you’ve identified five sources on your topic, choose three of them and prepare an annotated bibliography. Further instructions on how to prepare an annotated bibliography can be found in your Essay Preparatory Assignment workbook.** Your annotated bibliography is DUE in your Essay on Community Preparatory Assignment workbook by session 18. **Please follow the APA style guide in your bibliography and essay.At this point, you have a topic, a thesis statement, and 3-5 solid sources. Now, you’re ready to outline your paper. Further instructions on how to outline your argument can be found in your Essay Preparatory Assignment workbook. Your outline is DUE in your Essay Preparatory Assignment workbook by session 20.Now it’s time to turn your outline into a well-written essay that contains an introductory paragraph with your thesis clearly stated, two or more supporting paragraphs containing evidence from reliable sources that support your claim, and a conclusion that emphasizes the importance of your argument. You will need to complete several drafts during this step. At a minimum, expect to write a rough first draft (this should have a beginning, middle, and end, but can be short and messy), a revised second draft (this will have a strong thesis and clearly connected supporting evidence and be close to the final length), and a polished third draft (this will be a draft you’ve proofread that is relatively free from errors related to spelling, grammar, and mechanics). Your final essay should be 900-1,100 words. ** – After writing your paper, write a short 200-300 word reflective letter to your instructor .The essay should include:- 1,100-1,400 words total (including essay

Comparative Residential analysis between the Florida Keys, FL and Tampa FL

Accounting Assignment Help This project has multiple purposes, such as: -It lets students apply what they have learned about the analysis of real estate to the real world, specifically to a geographical area of their interest.  -It makes students search for, collect, analyze, and present real estate related information, thereby using critical thinking skills. -It helps students improve their communication and time management skills. -And, finally, it aids students to gain team-work experience. Research shows that the ability of students to work in a team, even if it is virtually, is one of the most important soft skills that employers are nowadays looking for.  I hope you will enjoy the project and find it to be a very valuable learning experience. Task For this project, a written Real Estate Market Analysis will be created by each team in Word docx format and submitted via Canvas.  Note: please name the Word doc as follows: Group#.region.REEproject.docx For example: Group01.Tampa_vs_Atlanta.REEproject.docx Students will be assigned into teams of 3 or 4 students.  Canvas will be assigning a “team leader”. Please go to “People” on the Canvas menu, and the “Project” tab to see which group number you are in, who else is in your group, and who the team leader is.  The team leader is identified by a little icon.  (Note: if you use the Canvas App you may not be able to see that little icon.)  © 2021, Martina Schmidt, p. 2 The topic of the paper is a Real Estate Market Analysis of a geographic region. The specific region for this analysis is selected in a joint effort by the group. You can choose a community, a development, a city, a county, an area, a state, or even a country.  The analysis can focus on either residential or commercial real estate.  The analysis can also compare two different regions.  Select the region for your market analysis based on either personal reasons (for example you are from a foreign country or you want to move to a certain region after graduation) or because region is particularly interesting (as it has seen a lot of changes or may be set for growth and could be a good place for a real estate investment), etc. The topic “Real Estate Market Analysis” is covered in Chapter 13 “Understanding Real Estate Market Dynamics”.  A sample market analysis prepared by HUD is given in the Ch. 13 student activity.  Note: This sample analysis only serves to identify some of the variables that can be part of such analysis. However, the structure that should be followed by the students for the project differs from the HUD analysis. Factors that are typically part of a real estate market analysis include the following: general economic conditions, employment trends, population, crime statistics, household and other demographic trends, absorption

5-1 Discussion: Choosing a PMS Tool

You have also been exploring some of these tools and applications. In this activity, you will identify one PMS tool that you think can be used to track and monitor the XYZ Business Workflow project efficiently. Keep in mind that in Project Two, you will need to create a project schedule and generate a Gantt chart.For your initial post, answer the following questions:    Choose one tool and describe its features and available options. Include a short description of the tool and its features and provide a link, if possible. What do you think are its pros and cons?    If you are currently using the tool or have used the tool in the past, discuss your experience. If the tool is new to you, describe how the tool could be useful in managing projects.    List one or two other tools you tried and did not choose for this project. Why did you decide not to use this tool?OverviewYour active participation in the discussions is essential to your overall success this term. Discussion questions will help you make meaningful connections between the course content and the larger concepts of the course. These discussions give you a chance to express your own thoughts, ask questions, and gain insight from your peers and instructor.DirectionsFor each discussion, you must create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.For your initial post, do the following:    Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs.    In Module One, complete your initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.    In Modules Two through Eight, complete your initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.    Consider content from other parts of the course where appropriate. Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources.

Read the Netflix case study. Now, using the data and information in the case study, discuss the following questions:1.   

Read the Netflix case study. Now, using the data and information in the case study, discuss the following questions:1.    Did Netflix do the same jobs for consumers that Blockbuster did? How did this evolve over time?2.    Compare Blockbuster’s and Netflix’s profit models. How might the differences affect each company’s strategies?3.    What assumptions checklist might you have used for VOD?

comparison /contrast Poe and Hawthorne are masters at revealing the dark side of the human psyche

This may be a comparison of two authors, two works by the same author, or two works by different authors. You will need a minimum of three sources for this paper; your text counts as one source for each author/work (fin other words, your textbook counts as two of the required three sources). The remaining source must adhere to the guidelines for using sources. The paper should have a clear thesis statement (i.e., Poe and Hawthorne are masters at revealing the dark side of the human psyche.) As with any comparison/contrast paper, you should develop your paper either using the point-by-point or subject-by-subject method. thesis or rough draft, I will be happy to do so. (I will not edit the paper, but I will give you general comments.) I expect a minimum of four quotes from your primary sources (i.e. if you are comparing “The Wild Honey Suckle” to “Each and All,” I would expect two quotes from each poem) as well as two quotes from each outside source used. Your paper should be written following MLA guidelines (internal citations for each source; line numbers for poems; page numbers for other works). Your paper should be double-spaced using 12 pt font (Times New Roman) with 1″ margins on all sides. Remember, too, that the Works Cited page is also double-spaced throughout with a hanging indent for the second and subsequent lines. your choice of authors/works must begin with your syllabus; at least one author/work must be from the syllabus. The second author/work must appear in your textbook. All citations must be from your text, not from an online or electronic copy of the work