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research methods in psychology

The Stroop Effect is a phenomenon that occurs with the Stroop Task, a test that looks at what happens when we are asked to perform an ordinary task (such as reading or identifying a list of colors) when there is some sort of visual interference. You are acting like you are the researcher who conducted this study! However, you do not have to actually collect the data – I already have that for you. In order to understand how the study works and how data was collected, you will need to participate in an online experiment on the Stroop Effect located within the “psychology learning tools”. Remember that you did this earlier in the class! Once you have completed the experiment you will need to analyze data (remember that I will give you data) and write a lab report (7- 10 pages – this page count does not include the title page or references) in APA style consisting of the following sections: Title Page Abstract Introduction Method Results Discussion References (More information on each section is located below) Here is the data file: DATA You will write the report as if you were the researcher conducting the experiment. Hypothesis question: whether or not age influences the Stroop Effect. It is hypothesized that individuals aged 25 or below will have less of a difference between the two Stroop Tasks than individuals aged over 25. The data you are given includes the gender and age of the participants as well as two columns of results data (reading the words and saying the colors). If you have a particular interest and want to modify the data, you have that choice. We will talk about this as you work on your hypothesis. You should try to use as much of your data as possible. Do not discard data unless there is a really good reason to do so. Main components on your research paper Title page – Make sure that the main points of a title page are included. Abstract – This is a well written summary of your paper. A reader should be able to get a clear picture of your paper based on the abstract. Include everything from a quick introduction of the topic to a sentence that implies that you will discuss results and implications. Introduction – This is so much more than a summary of your paper and should not be treated that way. For this paper, your introduction should be 2-3 pages of double spaced writing. Start by introducing your topic in general. Then you should discuss research from relevant published studies. Most, if not all, of your 8 references from peer reviewed sources will be cited in this section. Discussing these studies are important as they help provide a rationale for your study. Give that rationale next. Finish by clearly stating your hypothesis. Here is an article to get you started. Remember that this website isn’t the source for this article. You need to locate and cite the original source! Methods – Split this section into participants, materials and procedures subsections. You know the gender and age of all of your participants. You are welcome to include other demographic or recruiting information as it helps you with your study. Try the study here so you can adequately write about the procedures. Results – Use the data I provided to calculate your results. Remember that your hypothesis drives your statistics. Think about what statistics you need to include to test your hypothesis. Write out all of your results even if you are including them in a table. Don’t forget to include a chart or table! Discussion – This is the best section because it is finally time to talk about what YOU think. After restating your results, talk about what they mean. What are the implications of your findings? Why are they important? For instance, why should we care that one gender is better at this than the other or that there aren’t gender differences for this study? After that, talk about the limitations to your study and give specific ideas for future research. References – Don’t forget that your references (and all of your paper) need to be in APA format. You need at least 8 references from peer reviewed sources (e.g., journals).

Correspondence Letter to Employees

Answer the question below.Write a memo as a correspondence to your employees.Here is the situation:An incident has happened within the local community that has affected the safety of the employees coming back into the office the following day. You are to draft a message based on your method of communication.In this short message, including what method of correspondence, explain the following:1.    What happened (be creative)? Use one of the following reasons as the basis for your message:A technological incidentA man-made incidentA natural disaster incident2.    In the message, communicate the office closure without creating a panic for the employees. Here is where your mode of communication is defined.3.    Explain the immediate transition to begin working remotely, including follow-up employee instructions and activation of the remote work policy.4.    Conduct research and provide an example of a company that experienced unexpected closure

Discourse on Menthod

)    Format for all homework reading and written assignments1. Express in your own words the questions of the author addressed in the reading assignment.2. What is your understanding of the author’s insights regarding the replies to the questions?3. What are your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s insights?4. What difficulties did you experience in understanding the reading assignment?

Analysis of the Agricultural Guest-Worker System (the H-2a) Program

Writing Assignment Help docx). In addition to the details provided below, please refer to the essay prompt attached. The below summary is just a  abridged version of the actual prompt, but you will need to read in detail the actual prompt to get a full understanding of the essay requirements. Thanks!Greetings! Please write an argumentative essay (essay must have a strong thesis) based on the agricultural guest-worker system. You will need to read the three attached PDF files for source material before writing the essay (Calavita, Sterett, Bedoya). You will also need to familiarize yourself with the Plenary Power Doctrine and any related source documents that you feel will facilitate the writing of this essay. Questions to keep in mind when writing this essay are: How is a program such as this possible given that itallows for “captivity” and deep economic exploitation? Is this program justifiable in a democracy—why or why not? Thank you!!!

Communication through Illnesses and Disorders

Page 101 lists them. In a written paper,briefly describe or define the illness or disorder. Who does it effect? How does it effect thepatient? Include other aspects such as treatments available, challenges the patient or family mayface. Then as a healthcare professional, develop an interaction as if you were talking to thispatient, who has the illness or disorder. Barriers and challenges you would face plus how youwould overcome them should be included. Additional pertinent discussion may be included.Give your patient a name.Submit your typed, double spaced paper using Times New Roman, 12 font size. Organize yourpaper with an introduction, body of paragraphs and a conclusion. The paper must be a minimumof 3 full pages, paragraph form. You may attach the paper as a Word document. Remember tolist any references at the end using APA format. Paraphrasing the textbook requires it to be areference the illness i have chose is generalized anxiety disorder

Shark Tank – 180 Cup

be/KV3yWau7wlQThen answer the following question:1. Would you invest in this product? Why or why not?2. Do you have any recommendations for this entrepreneur to grow his company? Be specific!Your response should not be longer than 2 pages.

Sustainable Living Guide Contributions: Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: first, to enable you to explore a term (concept, technique, place, etc.) related to this week’s theme of sustaining Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems; second, to provide your first contribution to a collective project, the Class Sustainable Living Guide. Your work this week, and in the weeks that follow, will be gathered (along with that of your peers) into a master document that you will receive a few days after the end of the course. The document will provide everyone with a variety of ideas for how we can all live more sustainably in our homes and communities.To complete this assignment,Select a term from the list of choices in the Week 1 – Term Selection Table. Term chosen is (endangered species).Download the Week 1 Assignment Template Download Week 1 Assignment Templateavailable in the course and replace the guiding text with your own words based upon your online research.Please do not include a cover page. All references, however, should be cited in your work and listed at the end, following APA Style expectations.In the template, you willDefine the term thoroughly, in your own words.Explain the importance of the term using evidence.Discuss how the term affects living things and the physical world.Suggest two specific actions that you and your peers might take to promote environmental sustainability in relation to the term.Explain exactly how those actions will aid in safeguarding our environment in relation to your chosen term.Provide detailed examples to support your ideas.The Sustaining Living Guide Contributions: Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems paperMust be a minimum of three paragraphs in length (not including title, any quoted text, or references) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the  Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Word 2013Links to an external site.Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic VoiceLinks to an external site. resource for additional guidance.Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.