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reflection of a math interview

..Template” docx. 1.    Describe, in detail, two things that went well in the interview. What do these successes tell you about teaching and learning mathematics? What do these successes tell you about yourself as a teacher?2.    Describe, in detail, two challenges you faced in the interview. What do these challenges tell you about teaching and learning mathematics? What do these challenges tell you about yourself as a teacher? 3.    Based on the student’s problem-solving strategy and your conversation, identify two mathematical skills or ideas the student understands. Justify your claims using evidence from the transcript or student work.  4.    Describe one thing that was particularly surprising, unexpected, or has left you wondering more.5.    Describe one thing you will change or new thing you will try in your next interview. Be specific.

Food And Beverage

Please Answer all the questions. Use at least 2 number of sources preferably  from google scholar .Question 1 a)    Compare and contrast the concept of traditional and modern butler. (10 Marks)  b)    Butler should possess additional attributes in comparison to other waiting staffs. Justify. (10 Marks) Question 2 Discuss the different cooking methods used by establishments in the food and beverages industry (20 Marks) Question 3  a)    Food and Beverage Service is about serving the customers. However F

Exam 1

In the paper you will:- Explain why you selected the chapter (2pt)- Summarize key learnings in your own words (5pts)- Identify one concept that peaks your interest / curiosity and and explain in your own words (can be identified in the summary) -Find a research article from a peer reviewed journal that further explores a favored concept (2pts)-Summarize the article and draw connections to the reading (2pts)

Write an employee activity/performance report on what you accomplished at your job

Writing Assignment Help In your introduction, indicate how the work you did helps your employer meet his or her goals. In your conclusion, forecast how the work you expect to do next month illustrates your dedication to doing an effective job.Use the email example on page 576 (figure 14.2) to help guide the structure for your report. If you are not in a position that would allow you reflect upon your activity, use this course as your ‘job’. In your activity report, outline the work you have completed for the course, how does it help you meet your own educational goals, and how the completion of this course will provide you with a better understanding of workplace communication tactics.All assignments should follow APA 7th edition.

Why I want to go to a nursing school

1. A job that makes a difference 2.helping and connecting with people in their time of need3. Compassion for people4. Different specialties 5. Respected field Can you turn this into an essay

Freewill and Determinism

” Dr. Viktor Frankl was a Jewish Austrian neurologist and psychologist who survived the concentration camps during World War II. Frankl had his opinion on human freedom. Respond to the following questions:Explain whether you agree with Frankl’s opinion that it is important for a person to have the freedom to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances and to choose one’s own way.Describe a personal example in a business setting that supports your explanation. For instance, you might want to discuss how people deal with edicts from “on high” in a given organization vs. situations where employees have a voice in the decision making process. To what extent you believe that freedom or the right to choose is important from an ethical perspective and how does this choice impact business success?      How might one’s culture influence his/her attitude toward a decision?

Social Contract Theory

To what extent does SCT help to explain differences in ethics and ethical perspectives in a culturally diverse setting?  What is the efficacy of SCT in describing issues related to business ethics?How might different cultures react to social corporate responsibility?

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