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Quantitative Data Assignment (Links to an external site.)Select FBI’s Crime Data Explorer linkInitial Post: Due 9/22Part A. Scroll to the middle of the page with the map of the U.S. labeled “Explore by Location and Dataset”; hit “Go” for “All Data Collections in the United States.” In total your response for Part A should be at least one page (no longer than 1.5 pages).I. Using the “Explorer Page Filters” option, navigate to the crime statistics for North Carolina in 2020. Scroll down to review the charts and graphs provided. In complete sentence format, please answer the following questions: a) Describe the violent crime trends from 2010 to 2020 for North Carolina and the U.S. in general; b) How do the 2010-2020 violent crime trends compare to the violent crime rates from 2000-2010?II. Using the “Explorer Page Filters” option, select two agencies within North Carolina to compare. For example, you can select Fayetteville PD and Raleigh PD to compare. Please select any 2 agencies in North Carolina for the year 2020. For each agency: a) describe the violent crime trends from 2010 to 2020. Which agency reported higher violent crime rates? b) describe the demographics of both violent crime offenders and victims by age, sex, and race/ethnicity. What demographic differences do you see across the two agencies/locations?Part B. Explore the following website, which is one of the largest repositories for quantitative databases that exist for the social sciences: (Links to an external site.)Use the search bar to type in key words related to your research topic. For example, you can type in “crime data” or “victimization data.” Click on the study that sounds interesting to you to learn more about it.If you had to have a quantitative component to your research project, what kind of quantitative data/information would you prefer to have? After reviewing the databases available in the ICPSR’s website, indicate the name of at least one data source that relates to your topic. Describe the data source and how it may relate (even just a little) to your topic. If there are no data sources that match your project, describe how you would go about gathering quantitative data for your project from scratch. In total, your response for Part B should be 4-5 sentences.Response post to a classmate (due 9/25): Describe a different way your classmate could add a quantitative component to their study. Be concise and specific (not general or ambiguous). Response should be 4-5 sentences.

management decision problem

You have the choice to focus on a pressing issue in your industry (or company/client, in this case, feel free to change company name for confidentiality), or select among the three clients available at Stukent: Amazon, Timex, or Yahoo. •    Prepare a managerial report, starting with an executive summary, expected length up to 5 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of content, and appendices.•    Define the management decision problem (MDP)•    Define the appropriate market research problem (MRP), based on the MDP you have identified.•    Formulate your approach to the market research problem.

medical ethics

This can be an event in which you offered or received care, an event from a loved one’s life or, if you cannot think of any event worth analyzing from your own experience, an event that you have heard of or seen depicted fictionally.In a three-part reflection paper address the following: 1) Describe the encounter by offering a narrative account of what happened, including any relevant medical or practical details; 2) muse on the important issues that arose during the encounter that may have affected the judgments made by the health care practitioner(s), the patient(s) and any other interested moral agents; 3) offer an opinion as to whether or not the encounter resulted in ethically sound judgments and actions on the part of the practitioner(s) and patients(s). If, in your opinion, the encounter was ethically disturbing, offer an opinion as to how the situation would have been improved if other decisions had been made or other actions taken.

Financial Analysis: Cash Receipts (Ethics)

Writing Assignment Help Your training involved spending a week at the largest and most profitable store in the district. The store manager assigned the head cashier to train you on the cash register and closing procedures required by the company’s home office. In the process, the head cashier instructed you to keep an envelope for cash over and short that would include cash or IOUs equal to the net amount of overages or shortages in the cash drawer. “It is impossible to balance exactly, so just put extra cash in this envelope and use the cash when you are short.” You studied accounting for one semester in college and remembered your professor saying that “all deposits should be made intact daily.”RequiredDraft a memo to the store manager detailing any problems you see with the current system. This memo should address the issue of the accuracy of the cash receipts number. It should also answer the following question: Does this method provide information to the company that would enable someone to detect whether theft has occurred during the particular day in question? Your memo should suggest an alternative method of internal control for cash receipts.Separate from the memo: Research the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. What are your thoughts on this legislation? What are some of the key aspects of the legislation? Do you think it has accomplished its purpose? Compare the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Why is the apa important to answer the following questions.  You will go to the following sections of the website:(1) Use the link: to address the following- provide a four sentence summary of the definition of Psychology as purported by the APA.  (10 Points)(2) Explore the link: related to the Code of Ethics. Identify one of the ten sections that you believe is most important for a psychologist to be aware of when working with clients. Please name the section and provide a four sentence response indicating why this section is most important. (10 points)(3) Use this link to explore the divisions of the APA: many divisions are there? Please pick 3 divisions that interest you and write a three sentence summary for each division explaining why this division interest you. Please identify the division by name, the division number and then your explanation in 3 sentences. (30 points)Please write each item in its own paragraph using only #1, 2, 3. Please double space each entry. Use Times New Roman and 12 point font. Put your name and WA#1 as header!

Chapter one video discussion

Select a behavior you have seen in someone you know. Based on what you have read and watched, share if you believe that this behavior is more heavily caused by one’s nature, by nurture, or by an equal combination of the two.In response to your peers, after reviewing their posts and referring to chapter and videos, share a related, relevant experience. Respond to 2 peers!

How does education impact income levels in the United States

That should spell out the research puzzle that will be the subject of your project. The problem statement should spell out the research question you are addressing and the major aspects of the research question that need to be explored in some detail. Identify and read 10 scholarly journal articles on your topic: do not include in your annotated bibliography articles from newspapers, news magazines, opinion magazines, government documents, or material available on the web. You should list your 10 articles (using the correct citation format) in “References” section at the end of your annotated bibliography (on a separate page). Prepare one page summary of each article and a 1-2 page problem statement: The article summaries should spell out the themes, hypotheses, and findings that are relevant to your research question. Each article summary should spell out the major issues addressed by the authors, the theoretical approach they used, and their analysis, methods, and findings.

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