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Qualitative Research ~ Love Goddess

Explain methods used, who was surveyed, and how. State the results and explain them. What are the implications of the research? What would you recommend to future researchers? What would you do differently in a similar study? Please make sure that your work is done in APA style

Literature Review II / Developing the Research Hypothesis

Oftentimes, these variables are labeled as dependent and independent, with the independent variable meaning the intervention, treatment, or other change that is introduced. The researcher then wishes to measure the impact of that change on the dependent variable.Why might it be important for a researcher to predict the findings and show the variables’ expected relationship in this manner? What purpose does the hypothesis serve? In this Discussion, you answer these questions and generate a hypothesis for your own proposed study.To Prepare:Review the Learning Resources on the research hypothesis and its purpose.Consider the problem you have identified, the research question, and your initial reading of the peer-reviewed research articles. Based on these, generate a research hypothesis.Note: If your research question is qualitative, for the purposes of this Discussion, consider how you would change the question to use a quantitative approach. Then develop a hypothesis that would be generated from that question.By Day 3Post your description of the hypothesis’s function in the research process. Then, share the hypothesis you have generated for your research question. Identify the independent and dependent variables in your hypothesis.Note: If your research question is qualitative, for the purposes of this Discussion, consider how you would change the question to use a quantitative approach. Then develop a hypothesis that would be generated from that question.Resources:Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W.,

1st Healthcare System Summary: Germany

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to:1. Research the platform of the health care system in various countries.2. Identify statistical information concerning the health care system in various countries.3. Illustrate findings of the political, economic and cultural factors of health care system in various countries.B. Action Items1. This week country is: GERMANY2. Complete a two to three page, double spaced, written summary outlining current health care issues in Germany to illustrate your understanding of the political, economic, and cultural factors of the health care system in this country based on current facts; the history and current health care statistics.3. Be sure you include references in all academic work submitted using the APA Reference and Citation Guide

Write a rationale for the inclusion of SEWB, and SEL for future teachers, K-12 students,

Writing Assignment Help You are required to:Define SEWB and SELExplain and justify the need for and importance of SEWB and SELIdentify strategies currently used when addressing SEWBExplain how you as a future teacher will implement SWEB and SEL strategies in your routine as you complete your courses and begin your field and student teaching experiences.Identify and describe at least one current issues in education where the implementation so SWEB and SEL will ultimately benefit societyJustify your position in relation to conflicting views, summarizing your overall stance in relation to the inclusion of SEWB and SEL in schools Prezi Presentation RequirementsUse color and graphics effectively.CreativityOrganize ContentInclude a minimum of 10 slides, including introduction

Persuasive Letter

It lacks only one thing: some way to print outyour homework and other files when you need hard copies. Your college’s libraries andcomputer labs provide printers, but you live three miles from campus, and it’s a long walk or aninconvenient bus ride.Your task: Write a letter to the owner of the coffee shop (make up a name for the shop owner)encouraging her to set up a printing service to complement the free wireless access. Proposethat the service run at break-even prices, just enough to pay for paper, ink cartridges, and thecost of the printer itself. The benefit to the shop would be enticing patrons to spend moretime—and, therefore, more of their coffee and tea money—in the shop. You might alsomention that you had to take the bus to campus to print this letter, so you bought yourafternoon latté somewhere else.Remember: Make a case to the shop owner that includes the owner’s point of view and what isimportant to him or her by including facts that will help the reader come to the conclusion thatproviding a printer will impact the shop’s revenue, and customer visits and build brand loyalty.Yes, students do their homework while visiting the coffee shop, however, you want toemphasize that they also eat, drink coffee, and buy snacks!Formatting and Layout Requirements: Use Block Letter format for this letter. Use the attachedBlock Letter Template to develop your letter

Writing the Literature Review

In scholarly writing, to synthesize means to bring various ideas and pieces of information together. In this “bringing together,” new comparisons are drawn and new meanings derived. So, even though you are reporting on information in four different articles, you are also molding that information into a new and unique story you are telling about the research topic.For a visual, you might think about each piece of information within a theme as a strand of yarn or rope.  You weave those strands together, put them against each other, twist them, and eventually you come up with a beautiful shape. In the literature review, this “weaving” looks like comparing, contrasting, and analyzing the articles in relationship to one another and the social work profession.In this Assignment, you write a short literature review on your research topic, keeping the principle of synthesis in mind.To Prepare:Review the Learning Resources on writing a literature review. You may also wish to consult the Writing Toolbox in the left navigation of your classroom for additional resources relevant to writing your literature review.Review the annotated outline you submitted last week and any feedback you have received from your Instructor.With this feedback in mind, write a 2-page literature review based on your annotated outline.  By Day 7Submit a 2-page literature review demonstrating what is known about your topic and any identified gaps. The literature review must include at least four of the peer-reviewed research articles you found. At the end of your literature review, write 1 to 2 paragraphs answering the following question:How will you change, refine, or focus your research question based on your exploration of the literature? Provide justification.Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.Reference:Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W.,

U6 FP Part 2

1. Start with the document turned in for Part 1. Review each stage of the process and identify where an internal control SHOULD exist. Then, determine if a control actually DOES exist. Extend your document by creating a new section at the end that explains the nature of the internal controls currently working and that identifies controls that should be put in place. As this exercise involves a single business process, include only manual (i.e., human) and application-level IT (i.e., system) controls. Use the guidelines below for your documentation and make sure to reference your system flowchart.2. Documentation Guidelines of Existing Controls:Identify the risk the control mitigates.Detail if the control is manualor an application-level.If manual, identify the person(s) involved and explain what they do.If an application control, classify the control as an input, processing, or output control and explain how the control works or should work.  3. Documentation Guidelines of Missing Controls:Identify the risk not covered by existing controls.Propose an internal control that would mitigate the risk. Make sure to include the same information from the guidelines for existing controls documentation.  4. Documentation Guidelines of Existing General IT Controls: Identify and document five general IT controls important to (or should be important to) the organization:Identify the risk the control mitigates.Classify the control as one of the five types listed within your textbook: 1) personnel policies, 2) file security controls, 3) business continuity planning, 4) computer facility controls, or 5) access to computer file.Explain how the control works or should work.Add Part 2 of the Final Project to Part 1. The Final Project (Parts 1 and 2) should be 10–15 PowerPoint slides with APA reference list of 5-10 references and will be evaluated for content and professionalism. Please remember to add brief notes to the slides. Flowcharts and other figures may be included at the end of the PowerPoint. Do not write a paper. Submit your PowerPoint file via the course Dropbox by the final day of the unit (i.e., Tuesday midnight).

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