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PowerPoint is not acceptable. Also note that presentations must be saved as a QuickTime Movie. Click fraud is significant problem

PowerPoint is not acceptable. Also note that presentations must be saved as a QuickTime Movie. Click fraud is significant problem for Pay-Per-Click advertisers. However, there are solutions to help combat this ill-advised practice. Your assignment is to research available solutions, describe in-house solutions and at least one software, web based or outsourced solution: and prepare a 2 to 10 minute multimedia presentation to present to the executive management team. Please include a voice narration of your slides and an APA formatted reference slide. Remember, you are trying to sell the executive management team on your proposed solution. Therefore, you should include costs, features, benefits, etc. Submission Alternatives: Upload to FSO if the file is not too large Save to YouTube and upload a Word document containing the link and password if private Save to Dropbox and upload a Word document containing the link to the file. Do not send me an invitation to access your Dropbox. Be creative and have fun! Completion

The Four Educational Philosophies Draft Slides and Question

) webpage. (Links to an external site.) As you outline those major points, be sure to highlight how each of the phases impacted the educational experience of at-potential  (Links to an external site.)populations. Stick to the 7×7 rule as you design your slide (no more than seven bullet points per slide and seven words per bullet point). To further explain the concepts of each of the philosophies that you want your workshop participants to master, use the speaker notes feature on the slide to include a more detailed narrative.Part 2: In addition to your slide, compose one thought-provoking, open-ended question that you plan to ask the participants in the History of American Education Workshop you are creating as your culminating presentation. Add that question to your initial post so your classmates can provide you with constructive feedback.

Reflect on the Four Educational Philosophies of American Education

” This means educators must always take time to stop and reflect upon what they have done so they can identify areas in which to improve.In this journal entry, you will reflect upon what you have learned about the four educational philosophies in American education.In your journal,Identify each of the four educational philosophies the nation has experienced since the 1965 as outlined in the Federal Education Policy Over the Years (Links to an external site.) webpage. These should be the same philosophies you chose for your discussion post.Explain the context of the four educational philosophies that makes them important in shaping the education systems in America.Summarize the impact that those four educational philosophies have had on how students from at-potential  (Links to an external site.)populations are being served in today’s school systems.

deciding on a curriculum

Writing Assignment Help Using document (Links to an external site.), identify, research, and provide a one-page critique essay of three different curricula that were previously approved by MSDE.  Your selected criteria must be from the Comprehensive Early Childhood Curricula for 3, 4, and 5 year olds list. The critique should include pros and cons for each, as well as the cost and the ease with which it could be implemented.  In a final paragraph, include your thoughts regarding which you would choose for your program and why.

What Are the Boundaries of Civil Liberties in the Workplace?

Create a short video and give an overview of the topic, with specific focus on the arguments for both sides. Identify and describe ethical dilemmas within the dispute. Consider the ethical dilemmas from at least one ethical perspective.

Individual differences

Identifies three peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic covered in a popular media source and describes relevancy of the articles. Provides the full references of the articles in APA format.Compares and contrasts information provided in a popular media source with peer-reviewed journal articles, making a clear case for the validity or lack of validity of the media source.Describes how the topic of a popular media source can be applied to the real world, providing examples.Conducts a self-evaluation using established scoring criteria and identifying the proficiency level for each criterion, including comments for each criterion.Presents a focused purpose through strong organizational skills. Presents evidence through strong paraphrasing or summarizing and appropriate tone and sentence structure.Applies current APA style, including in-text citations and full references for sources with few errors.


Each type of work setting has some overarching safety standards. Compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is part of everyday record keeping and expenses within a business.You will have the opportunity to learn more about OSHA and how its work impacts modern organizations. By creating a memorandum for your leadership team, you will get practical experience communicating the legal issues, expenses, and benefits of compliance with OSHA regulations.ScenarioYour organization is reviewing their OSHA practices and expenses to determine if they are currently effective or if they need to be revisited. Your executive memorandum will serve as background information for the ongoing discussions between organizational leadership and the human resource department.Your ChallengeYou are a human resources specialist with experience in establishing OSHA protocols and the related costs. You will write the memo of explanation to the organizational leadership team so that they can have an informed discussion about practices in your organization.InstructionsWrite a 2–3-page executive memorandum to organizational leadership regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and its effectiveness in the workplace. Include the following:Describe the mission and function of OSHA.What is OSHA intended to do? Is it working?List some of the compliance objectives, or the overarching safety standards.Analyze the impact of OSHA in modern organizations.What does the HRM professional need to know about OSHA?Analyze the cost of regulations and enforcement versus the benefit in reduced worker injury. Is the cost of regulations and enforcement worth the results?Develop health- and safety-related best practices for human resources and organizational leadership.Are there different perspectives toward interpretation, monitoring, and compliance with OSHA, and do the differing perspectives enhance or hinder workplace safety?Evaluate the ways in which a company can mitigate risk.Your executive memorandum is to be written coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.Support your assignment with citations from relevant readings, and use real-world organization examples to demonstrate the importance of the concepts and analysis you have provided.Submission RequirementsThe deliverable for this assignment applies professional skills in Human Resources Management (HRM) to workplace situations which you will likely encounter in your day-to-day work in HRM. As part of your learning, we focus on the development of effective professional communication skills for the workplace.Length of paper: Your paper should be 2–3 double-spaced pages, 11 point font, Times New Roman.Organization: Make sure that your assignment writing is well-organized, using headings and subheadings to organize content for the reader.Resources: It is suggested that you use just the resources provided for this assignment and used in this course, no outside research should be necessary.Evidence: Support your assertions with data and/or in-text citations. Use current APA format for in-text citations and create a reference list at the end of your documents.APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.Written communication:Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.Write for a specific audience, using the vernacular of the profession.Use spell-check and  other tools to ensure correct spelling and grammar.Recommended Headings for the Memorandum:OSHA Description.Compliance Objectives.Risk/Opportunity (costs and benefits).Specific Steps (approach).

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