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Poverty and Perceptions

After decades of stigmatization of both those in poverty and the policies designed to help, federal action sought to shift society’s responsibility for the poor from the government to the individual. The culmination of this process was The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996.In this Discussion, you analyze this policy through varied contexts that are relevant to the tenants of social welfare policy and to practice.This Discussion also begins a common requirement to provide context in a concise way when discussing a policy. The ability to quickly note or explain a key historical factor contributing to the social problem or policy can help establish relevance. Remember that the goal when doing this is to provide context, not to establish a complete timeline or narrative.Post a response to the following:Describe the historical context of the policy in 2–3 sentences.The goal is to concisely point to an important historical event for context rather than conduct a deeper historical analysis.Identify the population the policy serves.What programs fall under this policy?Explain how the policy aligns with or does not align with the social work mission and values.Explain how society’s perception of vulnerable or marginalized populations relates to the development of this and other policies to address poverty.Resources:Popple, P. R.,

Compensation and Benefits Proposal

Using the job description and evaluation method that you created for the exercises in Weeks 2 and 3, and the feedback from peers,•    Design a proposal for a competitive compensation package for the position, including the following elements:o    job descriptiono    method of job evaluationo    intrinsic and extrinsic benefitso    compensation package and rationale for the overall proposalo    how performance will be measuredo    compensation strategyIn your compensation package paper, be sure to address the following:•    Examine how job description, job performance and evaluation, compensation, and benefits packages are interrelated for the workplace.•    Explain two reasons why the proposal is appropriate for the market at this time. The Designing a Compensation Package Paper•    Must be four to five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style Links to an external outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft WordLinks to an external site.•    Must include a separate title page with the following:o    Title of paper in bold font?    Space should appear between the title and the rest of the information on the title page.o    Student’s nameo    Name of institution (The University of Arizona Global Campus)o    Course name and numbero    Instructor’s nameo    Due date•    Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice Links to an external site.resource for additional guidance.•    Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.o    For assistance on writing Introductions

Argue against the Death penalty

It will also contain a Works  Cited page which will document at least SEVEN valid secondary research sources MLA style.It will follow the general essay guidelines (i.e. all components of introduction, body, conclusion are carefully and clearly presented). Your thesis is especially important because it will control all that follows.This paper will be persuasive, and all primary points must be fully supported with secondary source evidence. In short, this is a longer version of the Classic Argument.Be careful to synthesize your own thoughts and those of your sources in a manner that ensures your own voice remains the controlling one. Your critical thinking will be key to the success of the project.

What types of technologies exist to help prevent environmental pollution?

Writing Assignment Help Research current and new tech in manutfacturing. Other various topics on other sustainable technology such as technologies that is being used in big industries or for the main “culprits” of pollution. What technology is being used in homes such as solar power. What tech is being used in big in The purpose for each, the benefit of each, and any challenges/ barriers. TitleIntroCurrent and new technology in transportation Current and new tech in manutfacturing and big industries What technology is being used in homes such as solar power The purpose for each, the benefit of each, and any challenges or barriers. ConclusionInclude scholarly refrences in applicableno limit for resources

I have a research paper for my Caribbean

) exposing your topic and thesis, and building an argumentation supporting it. For the paper itself, I will evaluate the Intro and Thesis (10%); the organization/structure or your writing (20%); the content/information/arguments (40%); proper citation of sources (15%); and quality of your writing (15%).Papers must follow MLA format. Basically writing a paper on Rafael Trujillo and the rise of him into power. Must write about his background, his cruel methods, his family, what he did with his power, how he got into powers and more. Its a research paper.

The second we have is a zine by Ashleys about the differences between her and her father’s lives at the

The second we have is a zine by Ashleys about the differences between her and her father’s lives at the same ages, but different geographic locations.Then we have a Tims that is about the different parenting styles between his parents one born here and one not, and how it leads him not to feel Asian enough.Then comes Rivers about the space between her and her parents and their own perspective upbringings.and last but not least Angelas “note to self” is about learning to be who you are instead of being stuck between two different identities, in this case Asian and whiteWe haven’t had much time to collaborate on a writer’s statement and conclusion as a whole group, so I’m just going to use what Angela and I came up with in class on Tuesday.Writer’s Statement:Our Zine collection combines different aspects of cultural appropriation and adaptation. Whether it’s from food to how we live our daily lives, there is a lot that is different now than has been in the past. We are using our Zines to highlight the different ways in which we have ALL been affected by time creating the identities that we now have as societies and individuals.In today’s world it is becoming increasingly easier to learn who our ancestors are and what they have gone through in order for us to be here, and this zine collection highlights the ways in which our vesterday’s affect our todays, sometimes in ways most wouldn’t notice or understand from the outside.Conclusion:While we may not understand what events or actions made things how they are today, sometimes just taking the time to learn about how we got to where we are helps usunderstand how the past has formed the present, and how we can inform a society to understand our pastsANY and ALL feedback is welcomed. (Speaking for myself that is. Lol.)For your feedback, first read through the Writers’ Statement to the collection. Then, complete the following:Offer Statements of Meaning to the Group: What was stimulating, surprising, evocative, memorable, touching, challenging, compelling, unique, delightful in what you read?Note: Peer reviewers/readers refrain from “liking” an aspect of the work–such feedback is vague and unhelpful and circles back to the respondent as the focus of the workshop.Instead, provide statements of meaning that are both specific and evidence-based. This helps us all see that there is value inherent in the work as it is. To celebrate something is part of critique.Comment on each individual zine in the collection using the name of the writer. Share statements of positive meaning and issues that came up for you as a reader.Address Questions from Writers’ Statement: Address the craft-based questions the group has posed in their Writers’ Statement. Feel free to also pose neutral questions for the group to consider.

Post an explanation for how you think the cost-benefit analysis in terms of legislators being

Then, explain how analyses of the voters views may affect decisions by legislative leaders in recommending or positioning national policies (e.g., Congress’ decisions impacting Medicare or Medicaid). Remember, the number one job of a legislator is to be re-elected. Please check your discussion grading rubric to ensure your responses meet the criteria. To Prepare:•    Review the Resources and reflect on efforts to repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).•    Consider who benefits the most when policy is developed and in the context of policy implementation. Regardless of political affiliation, individuals often grow concerned when considering perceived competing interests of government and their impact on topics of interest to them. The realm of healthcare is no different. Some people feel that local, state, and federal policies and legislation can be either helped or hindered by interests other than the benefit to society.Consider for example that the number one job of a legislator is to be reelected. Cost can be measured in votes as well as dollars. Thus, it is important to consider the legislator’s perspective on either promoting or not promoting a certain initiative in the political landscape. NOTE**Please use APA 7th edition; give at least 3 references; Use in-text citation and reference list***Required Readings•    Milstead, J. A.,