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Table of Contents
Introduction Variables of Segmentation Analyses Analysis of References Used in Appeals


Pepsi is a beverage firm that began operations in the late 1980s following a merger with Frito Lay Company and supplies beverages to people worldwide. Pepsi competes with Coca-Cola, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper Snapple, and Real Cola, amongst others, in the beverage sector. Pepsi was one of the first corporations to bring customer-friendly plastic bottles and premium beverages to its customers. The adoption of Pepsi's distinctive brand has resulted in increasing consumer willingness to associate with it. Moreover, the brand's consistency creates a perception of firm stability in the eyes of consumers who have acquired trust in the organization. The consistency of the brands that organizations establish is vital for fostering consumer confidence (Manzano, Rivas, & Bonilla 2012). To grab the attention of target consumers, Pepsi employs distinctive commercials that appeal to all consumer segments. Consequently, few Pepsi advertising are unviewed or ignored.

In the supplied advertisement, Pepsi uses female gladiators to attract the attention of target consumers and raise awareness about a Pepsi product. In contrast to the widespread idea that gladiators are men, Pepsi's advertisement features women. It is clear from the advertisement that Pepsi seeks to enhance the degree of awareness across all client demographics, particularly women. To illustrate the significance of Pepsi in unity, the advertisement also portrays female gladiators as united and united together. As the crowd consisted primarily of men who cheered female gladiators singing, this represents gender equality. According to Paracha, Waqas, Khan, and Ahmad (2012), advertisements must represent demographic characteristics, cultural views, and gender orientations in order to effectively market their products. Consequently, the advertisement highlights the benefits of Pepsi beverages in fostering unity and togetherness, particularly between men and women during festivities. It is clear from the advertisement that Pepsi targets both male and female potential customers. In addition, the corporation uses the advertisement to market its products to consumers of all classes and social standings. The presence of the king, noble individuals, and the crowd, as well as their communal joy while drinking the beverage, is a factor that promotes the beverage to all members of the society.

Variables of Segmentation Analyses

Analysis of the advertisement reveals that it incorporates market segmentation criteria such as gender, age, culture, and social standing. Typically, companies sell their products based on these criteria and adjust them to the interests and expectations of their target client segments (Hassan & Craft 2012). In the advertisement, Pepsi markets its beverages using criteria such as gender, socioeconomic status, and culture. The presence of people from various socioeconomic classes in the crowd demonstrates that Pepsi targets folks from all social classes. Furthermore, the usage of female gladiators as opposed to male gladiators illustrates that both men and women can consume Pepsi goods because the beverage does not discriminate based on gender. Pepsi emphasizes the idea that people of all ages can purchase and consume the beverage, given that the audience is comprised of persons of various ages.

According to the market segmentation hypothesis, organizations can efficiently subdivide their consumers through market segmentation. Using gender, culture, social position, and education as variables, the subdivision differentiates between a vast array of consumers. According to Burton, Gary, and Brian (2012), market segmentation theory enables marketing businesses to use the concept of market segmentation to identify their target consumers and their interests and preferences in terms of behavior. Thus, Pepsi effectively applies the principle of segmentation by creating a separation between the audience and the gladiators seen in the advertisement. Notably, significant market research and consumer surveys are indispensable when intending to implement consumer segmentation, as they provide a knowledge of the preferences and preferences of potential clients. The element of customer survey and research is visible in the Pepsi advertisement, as the product is creatively and effectively marketed to the target audience.

Analysis of Appeal Strategies

The advertisement for Pepsi exploits the pleasure-seeking nature of mankind. According to Pepsi's advertisement, female gladiators would fight in front of a large crowd eager to watch their battles. Instead, the gladiators begin singing, to the delight of the spectators. Female gladiator performances and the applause of the crowd best illustrate the hedonistic theory. According to the hedonistic theory, humans are pleasure-seekers; hence, advertisements that appeal to the sensations of pleasure are appealing (Kumar 2009). The singing, cheering, bangs, and movements in the advertisement appeal to human senses. The usage of utilitarian theory in the advertisement is clear as the crowd gathers to see and enjoy the gladiator performance for the good of all individuals. Advertisements should adhere to the utilitarian concept, which promotes the equitable sharing of benefits among all parties (Hunt & Arnett 2004). In the advertisement, the crowd, the monarch, noble individuals, and gladiators are in a celebratory atmosphere as they enjoy the beverage and the entertainment.

The advertisement considers individuals' cultural perspectives, which include pop and gladiator cultures. In essence, the crowd and the king appreciate gladiator cultures because they applaud the female gladiators' performances. Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, and Alecia Moore (Pink) are portrayed as three gladiators singing "we will rock you" in the advertisement. By addressing the culture of individuals, the advertisement demonstrates an awareness of the many perspectives of people. Pepsi's advertisement demonstrates the incorporation of cognitive theory that outlines the range of individuals' cognitive and conceptual capacities through its portrayal of understanding and care. Pepsi has, over time, continued to produce advertisements that are unique and outstanding to potential consumers. According to Hassan and Craft (2012), in order to produce unique advertisements that appeal to contemporary culture, marketers need combine traditional and unconventional aspects. In the advertisement, Pepsi combines gladiator culture and modern pop music, an enticing combination for potential customers. Consumer behavior theory is represented by the fact that the advertisement leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the performance's conclusion.

It is evident from the advertisement that Pepsi uses hedonistic, utilitarian, cognitive, and consumer behaviour theories to promote its products to all consumer segments in a unique manner. The originality and creativity of an advertisement best indicates its relevance in reaching all customer categories in terms of their cultural, social, and emotional perspectives (Hunt & Arnett 2004). The mix of pop and gladiator cultures in the advertisement boosts customer interest in purchasing and consuming Pepsi goods. Thus, the advertisement is quite influential in influencing the beverage purchasing decisions of potential customers. In essence, the unique quality of the advertisement improves Pepsi's capacity to persuade the appropriate market demographics, which include women of all ages and social classes. In addition, the advertisement leverages the principles of customer relationship management to promote its beverages without compromising the beliefs and attitudes of potential customers.


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