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Nursing Care Management

You have recently been hired as the LNHA for a “trouble facility.” The facility has poor quality care, high staff turnover and low census.  After a few months of evaluation, you have realized that the pressing issues all fall under these special areas of nursing care management as identified in your book.  In the last few months, you have noted a high prevalence of preventable falls, worsening pressure ulcers, misuse of restraints (specifically side rails), failure to properly assess incontinence and implement appropriate interventions and poor staff education on how to successfully care for individuals with dementia.You are overwhelmed with the issues so have decided to pick two of the above problems to start with – a process you will take very seriously.  Since you are new to the facility, still figuring out staff training and policies, are a fairly inexperienced LNHA and have little or no clinical training, you will recruit a team of individuals to serve with you on a special committee that addresses these issues.  Your paper begins with a summary of the two issues you have chosen and the team that you will develop.  Your paper then breaks down each issue in more detail, identifying potential causes (not just the obvious) of these care breakdowns and how you plan to address them, along with your expected timeline to turn them around and your ongoing practice that will help to keep the issues resolved.You must find and use at least two references per issue – that’s 4 – plus your book.  This means you have a minimum of 5 references that are to be cited both in text of your paper and at the end under References.The underlying causes you come up with – and planned interventions – for each issue must be at least partially supported by research findings and recommended best practices.  Your process to begin addressing these problems must be realistic and insightful.  A. Formatting requirements for this assignment include:1 inch marginsTimes New Roman 12 point fontdouble spacedrunning headpage numberslevel 1 headings Page 1 of 3APA format of reference(s) and in-text citationsB. Additional paper layout requirements:Cover pageAbstract Paper contentTitle (centered, not bolded per APA formatting requirements)Begin paper below the title with a short paragraph that introduces the paper content, mentioning your two chosen issues, and the people (by discipline) you have chosen to be on your special issues team – and WHY.  Be creative with your team members. I am not a fan of students being “Captain Obvious.”After the intro paragraph, begin with Level 1 Headings which are the following:Issue 1: then title of your chosen issue such as Misuse of SiderailsState the problemAddress underlying causes of this problem – not just the “symptom” which would be the misuse of side rails if you choose this one (your research will help with this part)State your planned interventions and hopeful timeline to turn this problem around (your research will help with this part)State how you will monitor and keep the improvement ongoing – as well as help you to address failures along the wayIssue 2: then title of your chosen second issue such as Staff Education on Dementia Care, etc. from list above or your bookSame as aboveConclusion (paragraph, 5-6 sentences max)*remember that Level 1 headings in APA formatted papers are centered, bolded and upper/lowercase, see example paper of OWL Purdue paperReferences (your book is one you must list here in APA format, also list all others you utilize for this assignment as applicable; remember double space and second line indent)Note: Do NOT exceed four (4) pages (excluding the cover page, Abstract and References) of content. See the example APA paper provided by Purdue OWL for formatting help. Your paper content must, at minimum, show insight and thought into this process.  I will grade heavily on creativity and supportive research.

DB #7 Organizational Structure are many types of organizational structures.  Each has its pros and cons.  Select which of the following structure would most likely contribute to more effective communication and empowerment of employees. – Matrix – Flat- TallExplain your selection.Please include reference page.

Program Capstone

Describe what attributes you need to consider in selecting the company for your capstone project.For your first discussion, you must choose a global company with operations in at least 3 countries. (Your instructor will let you know through this discussion if your company is a viable option.)Click to access IBISWorld data from the AIU online library to search for a company.ReferenceDun

Supervisory Role

Writing Assignment Help What do you consider your leadership style to be? Why did you choose that particular style?How will your chosen leadership style influence the behavior of the officers who work under you?Police supervisors often have many tasks that they must accomplish in a day. How important is it to have a time management plan in place? Be sure to discuss at least three pitfalls of ineffective time management and how they can affect an agency’s mission. Also, discuss the types of strategies that could be utilized in the workplace to remedy ineffective time management among staff members.For this assignment, you will provide your responses to the questions above. Following your responses, you will develop an example of a time management plan that you might use as a police supervisor. Include any tools or technology-related strategies you could use to manage time.Your response should consist of at least two pages. APA Style will not be required for this assignment.**MUST BE WRITTEN FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF SOMEONE WHO IS PRO LAW ENFORCEMENT**

Marketing Plan Project

I chose a waterpark resort. I’ll attach more descriptions of the waterpark down below. For this project my professor wants questions answered for this project. The questions can not be one worded. For example a question asked what social media platform will I use for advertising. It can’t just say “facebook” there has to be explanations for each question. There’s not word count for this project. If you need more information contact me @ 3617779270Thank you.

Reading responde

What did it do and how did it do it well? How did it elevate what otherwise could have been communicated with simple descriptive statistics? Based on your example, would you add any more principles to Tufte’s framework? (b) Reflecting on any of the last four readings (Weber, Halloran, and the two planning documents), what visualization techniques (moreso the methods than the content) did you find most compelling? What recurring visual themes do they use? What are some ways these examples make their data expressive (in emotion or identity)?Tufte. Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Ch. 1-3› Wei. “Remove the Legend to Become One”. Remains of the Day.› Muth. “What to Consider When Choosing Colors for Data Visualization”. Datawrapper› Weber. “How W.E.B. Du Bois Meticulously Visualized 20th-CenturyBlack America”. Hyperallergic.

Trader Joe’s

Single-spaced•  12-point Times New Roman font •  Address the following:o  Thesis – identify the central lesson the author is trying to teach. o  Central pillars – define and discuss at least three major learning outcomes. o  Strategic Model – identify and discuss the strategic business model of the case. o  Discussion – your takeaway from the class discussions as applied to the HBS case.Talk about the trader joe’s case and then the cola wars is an example of how it should be. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.