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Merchandizing Strategies Wet Seal Case Study Mba Essay Help

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Product Pricing Location Product Promotion Product Selection Marketing concentration

Wet Seal differentiates out as a retailer that caters to youthful, fashion-conscious women. It targets adolescent and middle-aged women who are not only interested in fashion but also care about their image, which is reflected by what they wear. Its primary customers are fashion enthusiasts, those who prefer to shop frequently, and those who can shop both in-person and online. In reality, its brand characteristics are tailored to fulfill the needs of girls who enjoy having fun.

In addition to targeting fashion-conscious females, Wet Seal also satisfies the needs of budget-conscious girls. In essence, the business caters to tech-savvy, fashion-obsessed young women. In contrast, Wet Seal has a sister store called Arden B. The sister business caters to ladies between the ages of 21 and 39. This is a group of women who are not only fashion-conscious, but also eager to keep up with developing trends and constantly update their wardrobes. To address the needs of this dynamic market, a properly considered and planned product mix is required.

Wet Seal's desire to redefine itself as a fashion hub necessitates the adoption of operating techniques that will restore its growth and promote its long-term success. Major focuses include delivery of quality products at affordable prices, understanding and appropriately responding to market trends, driving traffic through disruptive marketing and visual merchandising, creating a relevant platform for social media outreach, reaching out to the market via popular media such as music, and leveraging online presence to not only drive sales but also deliver real-time messages to prospective customers (Borden 286). In actuality, Wet Seal's product mix should take into account every essential attribute of the target market.


Wet Seal's product portfolio must represent its target mix. Fashion and trend must take precedence. Girls, and particularly young girls, are customarily fashion-conscious. In addition to seeming intelligent, a modern woman would also like to be considered fashion-compliant. Women between the ages of 21 and 39 are already financially independent and desire to frequently update their wardrobes. Logic dictates that they would not want to update their wardrobe with previously acquired items. Therefore, it is essential to always restock with the latest fashion clothing.


Price is an essential consideration for the intended market (Banting and Ross 232). Despite the fact that a significant section of the target market is already employed, these customers are frugal and so have spending control. Consequently, it is essential that the prices of the items be average in order to meet the needs of the intended market. In addition, the majority of adolescents are still dependent on their parents due to their lack of employment. Few parents can afford to spend freely, therefore clothing would be reasonably priced. Therefore, the corporation should adopt a fair pricing approach.


The target market consists of customers who can buy in malls and online. Therefore, the marketing strategy should employ both traditional and online marketing platforms (Brian 202). The newest fashions should be strategically displayed at malls to attract shoppers' attention. Increasing online advertising should also take into account that the intended market comprises internet users. Specifically, the target market has a strong presence on social networks; hence, a great deal of marketing efforts should be put in this direction.


This is an essential component of marketing. The target market consists of clients who are interested in the promoted products (Kotler 112). Media such as music and social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter are excellent venues for ads. Noting that Wet Seal's biggest competitors, including American Eagle Outfitters Inc., Forever 21 Inc., and the Gap Inc., already enjoy internet sales, it is necessary to engage extensively in this segment.


The business divisions of Wet Seal and Arden B enjoy a strong brand position. Wet Seal concentrates on satisfying the fashion needs of two distinct customer demographics, teen girls and middle-aged women, as opposed to other clothing retailers that offer a variety of products. This is accomplished by use of the Wet Seal and Arden B brands. In addition to adopting merchandise strategies that match their diverse fashion needs, the firm brands have developed a tight relationship with their customers. Therefore, the business divisions offer fashionable garments and accessories at reasonable pricing.

Wet Seal is applicable to the merchandising model of providing fashionable items at reasonable pricing. The business involves the identification, stocking, and selling of a broad selection of affordable contemporary and attractive apparel and accessories. The approach also entails collaborating with clients to guarantee successful product selection, promotion, and price. A substantial amount of the merchandise should be sourced domestically, reflecting the needs of the local market. In addition, this sourcing method will let the distribution of goods more often. The strategy will also include occasional markdowns to enable slow-moving inventory to sell quickly and ease regular restocking (Jerome 37).

Variety of merchandise

Summer will soon arrive. Typically, one would anticipate that customers will seek out apparel that offers both comfort and a beautiful appearance. It is recommended that Wet Seal stock jeans, leggings, and jackets for this reason. In the event of cold, a vast selection of tops will be available, as they will be concealed by jackets. Some suggested collections are displayed below:

Figure 1: Jeans.

These jeans will make you appear fashionable and stylish.

Figure 2: Leggings.

Like jeans, leggings protect the legs from summer heat by covering them. In contrast to jeans, which are bulky and may result in discomfort, leggings are lightweight and more comfortable.

Figure 3: Tops.

The tops can be layered with jackets or worn as desired. The cost of the tops ranges from $15 and $25.

Figure 4: Jackets.

The provided selection of coats allows teenagers and middle-aged ladies to maintain a fashionable appearance while protecting them from the winter cold. The coats are priced between $25 to $40, making them affordable for the target population.

Figure 5: Boots.

Winter boots are the suggested footwear due to their affordability and compatibility with winter conditions. The price ranges from $32 to $36, making it affordable for middle-aged ladies and adolescents alike.

In addition to the specified selection of apparel, it is suggested that more close-toed shoes be provided in preparation for the winter season. In cold and wet seasons, closed shoes are recommended over open shoes, which expose the wearer to many cold weather effects, such as mud and cold. Boots will be more suitable.

Marketing emphasis

Marketing is really important. The idea presented is to promote apparel based on the approaching season. This will include social media marketing initiatives in addition to television advertisements. The objective is to provide as much visual exposition of the varied apparel as is practicable. The emphasis should be placed on both middle-aged women and adolescents. The majority of middle-aged women who are already employed or in college will be looking forward to updating their summer wardrobes, whilst the majority of youngsters will have just begun their summer vacations and will be in search of summer-appropriate attire.

It is vital to highlight, however, that the target market is cost-conscious; hence, the summer market will be founded on the tenet that excellent apparel can be purchased at reasonable prices. Social marketing will mostly consist of publishing photographs and information about the apparel on social media, along with links to the Wet Seals and Arden B websites. As a matter of fact, this will involve a large number of infographics that display the items as fashion- and trend-appropriate while also emphasizing their suitability for the following season. The clothing brand currently constituted will be promoted largely as an economical summer apparel line that adheres to rising patterns and trends. Moreover, direct emails should be explored when they are available.

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