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Materialism and Dualism Discussion. Grad School Essay Help

We have discussed various philosophical theories on the question of what is the nature of reality. When it comes to explaining reality, many people today subscribe to either some kind of Materialism or some kind of Dualism. Materialism where all of reality is composed of, or explained solely in terms of, material or physical stuff and thus here one generally subscribes to a more scientific view of reality. With Dualism, the world contains both material stuff like that described above and immaterial stuff like minds, spirits, and perhaps God(s). Dualism tends to correspond with a more spiritual view of the world. Certainly there is the possibility of Idealism, where only immaterial minds and their ideas exist. However, very few philosophers today subscribe to this view. Given all this, and your understanding of metaphysics, please respond to the following:

Question: When it comes to the question of the nature of reality, where do you stand–that is, what metaphysical account of reality do you hold? Are you a materialist? An immaterialist? A dualist? What arguments can you offer to defend your position? How is your position justified?

1) In a detailed and well-thought out manner answer the prompt above.

2) Summarize the major themes of the unit. Remember that we discussed three different questions regarding metaphysics. For example, for this unit you would provide a description of each view and discuss how they relate to the other views. Your 2nd post should be your longest post.

The Truth about Relativity by Ariely. free essay help: free essay help

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Truth about Relativity by Ariely. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. According to Ariely, we should move toward more appropriate cliques (19). It is most difficult to change one’s own behavioral patterns in isolation. So, one way of effecting these changes is to switch social groups either gradually or immediately. What does that mean? That means avoiding people who are most profoundly engaged in the accumulation of wealth, the climbing of perceived social ladders, and the winning by comparison game. It means seeking like-minded people. For some, it will be a welcomed relief from the prima fascia nature of their lives, but for many people in Western society, this will feel very uncomfortable. They may begin to ask themselves certain questions. Who am I without my six-figure job? Who am I without my expensive car or my manicured lawn? The stark truth smacks of irony.

According to Ariely, no remedy exists for problems associated with the phenomenon of ownership (138). There are those who have diverted too much energy to competing for things that do not really matter that much on a cosmic level. They are themselves, completely secure in virtue of their accomplishments and possessions – completely dependent on externalities for a sense of self-worth. No amount of winning or having will ever make them be what they should be or ask the questions about themselves they should ask. Am I a decent person? If so, how can I help less fortunate people? It really boils down to reframing our values.

Describe the features of crime. instant essay help

Describe the features of crime.

Localizing Global Feminist Values and Actions. essay help app: essay help app

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Global, not Western, Feminism: Localizing Global Feminist Values and Actions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Nowadays, global feminism seeks to be more inclusive, in order to form alliances that promote “universal sisterhood” that can build a more humane and unified world. Feminism shows the tension between the local and the global by showing the differences in particular struggles and advocacies, which are made complicated by differences in social, economic, political, and cultural experiences, values, and priority goals, although global feminism provides tools that seek to address common feminist interests by analyzes intersectionality in feminist ideology and ethics and universalizing feminist issues for the creation of a humane and united international community.

Local and global feminist movements show tension because of diversity in particular goals due to contextual divergences. Basu argues that the local and the global movements of feminism are in conflict when they have different primary goals because of social, political, economic, and cultural differences. An example is the feminist movement in India that emphasizes the economic and materialist needs of women because of widespread feminized poverty and sexual violence experienced in their country (Basu 440). The Self-Employed Women’s Association in Gujarat, for instance, organized women to fight against low wages, dismal working conditions, and absence of access to needed credit lines (Basu 440). These concerns are within global feminism, although economic needs are not always the main or only focus of their advocacies. Furthermore, the feminist movement in India seeks to transform the Indian state by linking political and women’s issues. Indian feminists want to lobby for laws that protect women from sexual violence and cultural practices that socially justify women’s oppression, while also&nbsp.demanding reserved Parliamentary seats for women to promote and ensure greater political participation (Basu 441).&nbsp.Indian feminism asserts state transformation as part of gender equality. Moreover, as global feminism focuses on human rights in general, it may be clouding stronger local values and practices.&nbsp.

Information Systems in Transport and Logistics. write essay help

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Information Systems in Transport and Logistics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. These individual companies use these type of systems to manage their own resources and alas carry out tasks involving transportation on behalf of their clients. However, these systems are best applicable if the transportation of goods is carried out using a single-mode i.e. a single transport vehicle from the origin to destination.

Those systems applicable by authorities for the purpose of receiving information about either future or ongoing transport operations. Other systems that fall under this group include those used in managing traffic i.e. provision of information regarding infrastructure capacity as used by service providers involved in logistic. These systems are normally based on local levels i.e. Port Community Systems that are used for communicating purposes between authorities and other stakeholders in the commercial services around the port. Other examples involve those used at the national level for instance the National Single Window (NSW) systems that are applied in mostly for the regional level. Example of such a system is Safe Sea.

The figure below (Figure 1) shows the illustration of such a transport system. For instance from Figure 1, the individual providers of single transport services have developed their own legacy systems used to manage their fleet and also carrying out booking. The following services i.e. a terminal, rail and maritime transport services are centrally managed by a composite service offered by an organization. These organizations may include either a logistics integrator or a freight forwarder and they perform these functions with the help of application of a transport chain management (TCM) system. The second rail, terminal discharge port, warehouse or logistics terminal and provision of a truck for transportation are provided by another second company that is also ether using a second transport chain management (TCM) system or a supply chain management (SCM) systems depending on the situation at hand.

Oil and gas development discussion. essay help for free

Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses oil and gas development. Range Resources Limited is an exploration and Production Company that is dual-listed and has a diverse portfolio when it comes to gas and oil assets and has a strategic focus on Trinidad where Range Resources holds 100 percent interest in about three production licenses. The company also has interests in Guatemala, Somalia, Colombia, Puntland, Texas, USA and the Republic of Georgia. In Trinidad, the company has six operational drilling rigs plus further completion of rigs and operational personnel (David et al., 67).

Chariot Oil and Gas Limited is an independent gas and oil exploration company that is focused on creating transformational value for stakeholders through the discovery of hydrocarbon mineral accumulation. The company has four licenses that cover eight blocks of offshore Namibia, one covering offshore Mauritania, three licenses offshore Morocco, and four offshore Brazil licenses. The company doubled its portfolio over the last 18 months and currently holds an acreage of about 60,000km2. Prospective regions include frontier and emerging basins as well as established ones. The company has prospects in Brazil that are promising owing to the country’s potential and political stability. The company’s areas of interest, BAR-M-292, BAR-M0293, BAR-M-313 and BAR-M-314 are in the north-eastern part of offshore Brazil in the Barreirinhas Basin (David et al., 67).

Bowleven plc is also an oil and gas exploration group which has assets in West Africa, specifically, onshore as well as offshore Cameroon and onshore Gabon. The company’s onshore Cameroon acreage does, in fact, sit adjacent to the acreage of the Logbaba&nbsp.gas field which is owned and operated by the company trades as LSE: BLVN.&nbsp.The African based oil and gas group have interests in Kenya as well. It has an interest in many unexplored areas which makes it attractive to potential investors due to the high chances of finding oil and gas in these unexplored areas. It is good to note that the company is focused on positive aspects such as raising awareness on ethical, environmental, and social matters in the communities it operates in (David et al., 43).&nbsp.

Bullying in American Schools. narrative essay help: narrative essay help

Need help with my writing homework on Bullying in American Schools. Write a 500 word paper answering; Introduction Bullying in schools is one of the major problems that United States is experiencing. This paper aims at understanding the impact of bullying on victims, and the steps needed to eradicate it. However, to eradicate bullying, it needs to be tackled from its roots, which lies not in the individual behavior, but in the social system that bully and victim is associated with.


Bullying is defined differently by different experts studying the behavior of bullying. According to Boulton (1997), there is a debate regarding the term ‘bullying’ (Sanders 3). However, there are some definitions which are popular and are accepted by most researchers studying bullying. One of the popular definitions of bullying is by Olweus (Sanders 3). According to Olweus (1993), bullying is a behavior in which “a student is bullied or victimized when he is exposed repeatedly and over time to negative actions on the part of one or more other students” (Sanders 3). According to Olweus, not just physical assault and aggression but also the nonverbal aggression, such as staring and teasing, is considered as ‘negative actions’ (Sanders 3). Also, Olweus believes that for the assault and aggression to be known as bullying, it has to be repetitive in nature (Sanders 3). Other definition of bullying that is popular is the one by Smith and Sharp (Sanders 3). Smith and Sharp (1994) defines bullying as “systematic abuse of power” (Sanders 3). According to Smith and Sharp, the victim in the incidents of bullying is weak for reasons like physical inferiority, being outnumbered etc., and hence, is not able to defend himself against bully (Sanders 3). This definition also considers bullying as a form of aggressive behavior. According to Camodeca et al. (2003), the idea that intention of hurting other lies at the core of bullying behavior is accepted by most of the definitions of bullying.

Impact of bullying

Bullying has very harmful and negative impact on lives of the victims. The effects of bullying are so strong that they not only affect the childhood of a victim but also destroy his future by lowering his self-esteem, social confidence and emotional health. Not only that but due to helplessness and miserable condition, some victims take extreme measures to tackle the problem and become violent themselves. According to Vossekuil et al. (2002), the analysis of school shooters in the U.S. (from 1974 to 2002) by Secret Service revealed that the shooters were victim of chronic bullying (Espelage and Swearer 2). This shows that school violence is rooted in the experience of bullying (Espelage and Swearer 2). Moreover, the negative psychological outcomes of bullying were found to be common among all the victims and bullies (Espelage and Swearer 2). A study by Nansel et al. (2001) has revealed that there are major long term negative effects of bullying that prove detrimental for both, the victims and the bullies (Marsh et al. 66). According to Olweus, the negative outcomes of bullying like “peer rejection, delinquent behavior, criminality, depression, psychological disturbance, further violence in school” and suicidal tendency, continue in adulthood of both, the victims and perpetrators of bullying (Marsh et al. 66). This shows that bullying not only destroys the lives of the victims but also affects the lives of the perpetrators negatively. Hence, intervention at right time is essential.


Studies have found that “bullying does not occur in isolation” but is a result of complex relationship between the individual and his social elements like family, peer group, school, community, culture etc., and is encouraged by individual’s interaction with his social environment (Espelage and Swearer 3). It has been found that individual factors like getting bullied at home can instigate the bullying behavior in child at school (Espelage and Swearer 3). Moreover, the family environment and parental behavior also affects the bullying behavior (Espelage and Swearer 2). Hence, if bullying is to be eradicated from schools, then not only the individual, but his social system like family, peer group, community etc., needs to be assessed to plan intervention (Espelage and Swearer 2). Bullying can be reduced only when it is understood as a part of social system and not only as an individual behavior pattern.


The discussion above proves that bullying is not an isolated behavior but is a behavior that is developed due to environmental and social influence. Hence, bullying can be eradicated only when the social elements responsible for the development of bullying behavior is removed from the environment.

Works Cited

Espelage, Dorothy and Susan Swearer. Bullying in American Schools: A Socio-Ecological

Perspective in Prevention and Intervention. Mahwah : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2004. Print.

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Web Portal System for University Implementation Phase grad school essay help

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Web Portal System for University Implementation Phase. The software development team would after sampling documents of design together with tools for equipment such as editors, debugging tools and compilers would begin coding the web portal system. It is indeed a long phase as compared to the other steps in the production cycle. Each individual in the team would be allocated a module to work on individually than at the end, the modules would be integrated together to form the system. The modules would be revised independently using open source revision control systems. During the revision, appropriate changes would be made to the modules.


This is a critical stage in the web portal production as it is important for long term product support as well as the image of the institution. The quality of the product would be determined to conform to standards set by other productions presently in the application. To avoid crashes at the staff or student ends which would lead to poor credibility on the institution’s side the testing would be extensive and comprehensive. The main goal of this stage is to enforce quality assurance. The testing part would be divided into the following steps.

Unit Testing

This would be a section of the whole system and would follow the coded modules. Its intention would be to ensure that the product really meets its objectives of the design. A lot of issues would be fixed in this stage since it would be done by the coding team. The resultant product would then pushed forward to a selected group of testers to conduct test cases on each module and ensure that they are all working as expected.

Sanity Testing

This would be a simple check to ensure that all the modules of the system integrate well with each other. Its main goal would be to ensure that the development team has not made conflicting definitions of global variables and several functions.


Multinational Companies and Marketing descriptive essay help: descriptive essay help

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Multinational Companies and Marketing. It needs to be at least 1750 words. In the rapidly changing environment of globalization, the dynamics of the business across the globe is undergoing a tremendous transformation. The organizations need to implement necessary changes to not only survive but compete with their rivals with confidence and effectively meet the challenges of the constantly evolving business environment. The highly competitive nature of emerging new models of global business has increased the risks and responsibilities of the organizations. The role of marketing strategy, therefore, becomes increasingly vital to the strategic management of the organization and projection of its aims and objectives in the eyes of the public and stakeholders, especially in different economies.

The compulsions of the present times require versatility in the work ideology and functioning, thus making it imperative that new skills and strategies are evolved to meet the emerging challenges with efficiency and unmatched proficiency. ‘Countries have different political, economic, and legal systems… All these differences can and do have major implications for the practice of international business’ (Hill, 2004). The wider perspectives of the changing paradigms of the business environment have become important ingredients of business to understand and address the emerging challenges in the dynamics of new business equations.

The emerging new economies of the developing world have made the global market more competitive, challenging and interesting. It is for these reasons that the business houses need to become less rigid and change their business and market strategy as per the socio-economic compulsions of the host countries.&nbsp.

The rapid globalization has created a pluralistic society which has diverse needs and requirement. Understanding of socio-psychological needs and requirements of the host countries has become imperative for MNCs that are operating in different countries.

Should the History of Psychology be X Rated. cheap essay help: cheap essay help

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Should the History of Psychology be X Rated. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As Erns Mach (1960) puts it, “They [students] that know the entire course of the development of science, will, as a matter of course, judge more freely and more correctly of the significance of any present scientific movement than they, who, limited in the views to the age in which their own lives have been spent, contemplate merely the momentary trend that the course of intellectual events takes at the present moment” (pp. 8-9).

The idea of rationality which is the ability to provide a logical, consistent, and understandable explanation of and justification for anything is the cornerstone of Western civilization. In the twentieth century, representatives of the positivist tradition founded by Augustus Comte made an attempt to refine the essence of rationality inherent in science by designing a set of methods that could be applied to any area of human life and behavior. This attempt was successful and from the middle of the last century had been influencing psychology tremendously (Brush, 1974).

However, this conventional view on the role of history in teaching science in general and psychology, in particular, has been recently put in question. The main point of the criticism relates to the claim of science to be a uniquely ‘uniquely rational enterprise’: this assumption has been also questioned heavily, and the history of science played an essential role in the process. Many believe that learning about the history of science may have a negative influence on the training of the next generation of scientists because it detracts students from a genuinely scientific approach (Brush, 1974). The essence of this belief is brilliantly worded by J. B. Conant (1960) who claims that “while knowledge of the history of science may help a scientist to function better outside the laboratory, it has nothing to teach him about the methods of research he will need in order to make new discoveries” (Conant, 1960 cited in Brush, 1974, p.1166). In a similar vein, Thomas S. Kuhn (1963) claims that the student “might discover other ways of regarding the problems discussed in his textbook, but he would also meet problems, concepts, and standards of solution that his future profession has long since discarded and replaced” (p.344).

Why Free Speech Matters article. essay help site:edu

I will pay for the following article Why Free Speech Matters. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In the current world of intense political and social awareness facilitated by higher literacy and technological levels globally free speech proves to be of paramount importance. Freedom of speech in many countries is non-existent while in others it has been restricted to a certain level. Governments and human rights groups have been at loggerheads in order to strike a balance on what freedom of speech entails. There is no country where this freedom can be termed as absolute since the political class on numerous occasions curtails it. This applies to democratic countries like the USA, Canada, and Britain, African countries, and extends to the East and the Arab World where free speech has been badly hampered (Barendt, 2005). The United Arab Emirates to be precise has offered minimal platform towards the development of free speech and this hampers other developments economically, politically, and socially.

The world is drifting towards being free where all have the freedom to choose what to say and when to say it without fear of punishment. This has been a result of much pressure from countries that exercise this freedom to a huge extent like the United States. Democratic governance does not go well with certain countries more so in the East where freedom of speech is almost absent (Barendt, 2005). This freedom is significant because it results in changes in the way people live and most importantly, governed. It is important to note in general that freedom of speech results in a wide-scale spreading of lies and propaganda as we usually see in the media and day-to-day political gimmick. This hits on the political class than it does the corporate or any other. Free speech is fought for where the governance of a country or region has failed in one or many aspects of service delivery. This is one of the major reasons why we see governments being against free speech.

The other issue with free speech lies in the extent to which this freedom is to be exercised. Looking at the UK for example, Nick Griffin and David Irving are controversial figures based on their sentiments on the Holocaust and other politically unsound arguments (Books, LLC, 2010). The two have for a long time triggered violent demonstrations across the UK where they have been scheduled to speak.

Disaster preparedness techniques. college application essay help online: college application essay help online

Discussion Question:

Identify your own level of preparedness should disaster strike in your area. Visit the Red Cross site: to review details on disaster preparedness kit, plan and information. Discuss your response to this information. Were you surprised at your level of readiness? What steps will you take to prepare yourself and your family for the possibility of disaster? How can you share this information with your community?

Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.


2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

3. Consider the discussions and the any insights gained from it.

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


· Create a PowerPoint with the intended audience to be a community health department.

· Focus on a real or fictional disaster that has or could affect your area. For example, if you live on the Florida coast you might choose potential hurricane.

· Discuss the role of the Community Health Nurse in each stage of disaster. You should include a few slides on each stage of disaster: preparedness, response, recovery with specific activities and resources that the public health nurse would use in each stage.

· Identify other agencies that might be involved.

The assignment should be submitted in PowerPoint format, with at least 10 content slides (in addition to a title slide and reference slide) and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.

Diacylglycerol in nephron: Cell Signaling Pathway ccusa autobiographical essay help

Write a 1 page paper on diacylglycerol in nephron. Cell Signaling Pathway: Three pathways of phosphatidylcholine metabolism lead to DAG generation, catalyzed by PC specific phospholipase, PC-specific phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid phosphatase (PAP) activation, and conversion of ceramide into sphingomyelin (SM) catalyzed by PC ceramide choline phosphotransferase respectively (Carbon & Lopez-Sanchez, 917).

Changes in Cell Signaling Pathway with Age: With age, the diminishing DAG levels enable its action as an attenuator of the PKC system (Nogaroli et al, 80).

Pathophysiology Due to a Problem with the Signaling Pathway: Activation of the DAG-protein kinase C (PKC) pathway is a recognized characteristic of diabetes. “PKC is an important intracellular pathway that can be activated by many of the metabolic and hemodynamic factors involved in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy” (Schrijvers, Vriese & Flyvbjerg, 971).&nbsp.

Conclusion: From the above study it can be concluded that DAG has a significant role in nephrons and need to be studied in details to understand its functioning.

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