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Even though the concept of mass media has been around since times immemorial, the field as a branch of education has just emerged recently. Mass media without a doubt has a very profound impact on human society. Every single message or information that is disseminated through the mass media is readily absorbed by the general public. Students of journalism and mass media will have to write plenty of essays during the course of their curriculum. These papers will give the student a very good idea about the working of the industry and also enable them to come up with works of prose that are persuasive and intended to reach a target audience. Even if the type of mass media that the student is not interested in is not the print media, there will be a tremendous amount of assignments that will require them to write essays on mass media.

What is Mass Media ?

Anything that comes under the heading of communication can be termed as a part of the media. So when the student gets a topic on mass media there will be an extensive amount of material to sift through before starting to write. Media is a very broad term and hence it is important to not panic. The first step will be to make the topic as specific as possible. The main topic will have to be broken down into many topics and a particular topic will have to be chosen. For example if the topic in question that is given to the student is media violence, then the student will have to first breakdown the topic. There are many types of violence and it will be a daunting task to write about everything in one paper. So it would be ideal to focus for example on media violence on teenagers. It will not only be easier to search for material but will also make a well informed essay.

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Even if the topic has been narrowed down, the research for the material will be a task by itself. Libraries and the internet will have to be used to gather enough material for the paper. Every bit of information that can be made available should be researched and collected. The more information that is included in the paper, the more the paper will be appreciated. It is very important when taking information from the internet to see if the information is authentic. There are many websites which could give a rather biased view and these sites should be avoided. A media essay will also look good when the paper made colourful. Apart from convincing arguments and prose, it would be well appreciated if the student uses images to add more visual impact. Adding photos and figures will create a good impression of the writer. It is also important to ensure that there is nothing contradictory in the paper.

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Media therefore is a vast topic and it is important to ensure that the topic is identified and simplified. This makes it easier to do research on the topic. This research is then converted into the essays. Adding some visual appeal to the paper will make it look more attractive. Pictures and figures can be included. In some cases, the students will be given the source material. If not, the source material will be newspapers, websites and books from libraries. When searching for information on the internet, only reliable sources must be taken into consideration. Any unreliable source will tell upon the credibility of the author. These are some steps that can be taken to write an essay on Mass Media.

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