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Management style

The hiring committee is interested in your style of leadership and how you will promote and drive change within the organization.Determine the leadership theory that best suits your leadership style. Create a 10- 12  Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the hiring committee that demonstrates your leadership approach and communication style. Your presentation should explain your leadership approach to organizational change and why you would be a good fit for the position.For your presentation you must:Explain your leadership approach. Explain how your leadership approach will mitigate issues and drive change. Describe techniques to overcome potential group behavior issues that may arise as change is implemented.Describe the types of leadership communication behaviors that can be expected from you.Explain additional aspects of your leadership style that make you suitable for the position.Write a 700- 800  executive summary on the contents of your presentation to provide the hiring committee.Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Submit your presentation and executive summary.

Reflection quest for sleep

You will need to use APA formatting for the style of the paper and also work to include in-text citations for the book. Please include a title page and reference page. Helpful information on APA is over in the APA module (go to modules page and scroll down). To complete the paper, you will watch the entire film of The Quest for Sleep.’ This documentary explores the importance of sleep and is narrated by Octavia Spencer. The film is 72 minutes long.The Quest for Sleep linkLinks to an external site.After watching, in at least one page, please consider the following questions:General Reactions (at least one of these should be answered)What did you learn?What facts do you think you’ll still remember a month from now and why those facts?Did any part of the film surprise you? Book Connections (please answer at least two of these, connect the documentary to our book (remember, use in-text citations!))Why do we need to sleep?What are some of the emotional impacts of insomnia?What are some of the impacts of sleep deprivation? Have you experienced any of these?What are some of the causes of insomnia?How can someone improve their sleep? (Sleep hygiene) How is this different from insomnia treatment?Early bird or night owl? How do you know which you are? What is the function of a chronotype?RubricQuest for Sleep ReflectionQuest for Sleep ReflectionCriteria    Ratings    PtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGeneral Reactions10 ptsAccomplishedYou clearly reflected on documentary’s intended and unintended messaging and answered at least one question fully from the ‘General Reactions’ section.7 ptsProficient/GoodYou connected information from our textbook to the documentary but could have used just a little more detail to clearly connect.4 ptsDevelopingWhile you provided some general reactions, it wasn’t specific enough to the documentary to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the film.0 ptsNo MarksThis section was missing or did not follow the directions as outlined.10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBook Connections20 ptsFull MarksYou clearly reflected on documentary’s intended and unintended messaging and answered at least two questions fully, supported by the textbook, from the ‘Book Connections’ section.15 ptsProficient/GoodYou connected information from our textbook to the documentary by answering two questions. but could have used just a little more detail to clearly connect.8 ptsDevelopingWhile you summarized the content and reflected, this was not clearly linked to our information from the textbook on discrimination/social psychology. You were supposed to answer two questions from the ‘Book Connections’ section.0 ptsNo MarksThis section was missing or did not follow the directions as outlined.20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting Mechanics10 ptsAccomplishedNo more than one or two minor errors in either grammar, punctuation/capitalization, or spelling. Paper was at least one full page of content.6 ptsProficient/Good2-4 minor errors noted. Be sure to read your paper out loud or use some of the resources available to help support your writing skills.4 ptsDevelopingMany minor errors present. I recommend using the writing center for paper reviews moving forward.0 ptsNo MarksSignificant errors present that may have made your paper difficult to understand. Please use the writing center moving forward for assistance in paper writing.10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA FormatYou will need to use APA formatting for the style of the paper and also work to include in-text citations for the book. Please include a title page and reference page.10 ptsAccomplishedStudent is using in-text citations for the textbook and has appropriately formatted the paper with: headings, title page, and reference page.8 ptsProficient/GoodAPA style and format are good, but with some errors. Please see summative comments for what they may be.6 ptsDevelopingStudent attempted APA formatting but was missing some of the major elements. See narrative summary for more detail.0 ptsNo MarksAPA format is not used in this paper. Please be advised, use of APA format is a requirement for psychology courses.10 pts

Research suggests that laughter improves people’s emotional and physical well-being. Write a research-based essay to

Write a research-based essay to inform the reader about the positive effects of laughter on emotional and physical health. Properly cite research evidence to inform the audience about the topic.

Gospel Message Friendships and Barriers

Writing Assignment Help But if you build an authentic friendship first, it can be easier to share your faith with them. Through those relationships, you may be asked about your faith. That is when 1 Peter 3:15 should be applied to your conversation. If you really love them, and believe there is a heaven and a hell, you will want to share the gospel with them. Based on the content of the course, choose 1 of the following worldviews (i.e., Secular Humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam) and answer the following questions. These questions must be answered in separate paragraphs.What practical steps would you take to build a friendship with a follower of this worldview who might be a co-worker, neighbor, etc.?What do’s and don’ts would you apply when preparing to share the gospel with them?What are some beliefs/reasons a person from this worldview might have that would hinder them from accepting Christ as their Savior?What personal challenges might you have with presenting the gospel?

Writing through Literature

..A tall slim tree…Night coming tenderlyBlack like me.• Can you draw comparisons? Is it possible to compare what’s happening today to some of the conflicts in the literature? How do events and issues happening today make you feel? How do the conflicts and situations in the literature make you feel?Write two or three fully developed paragraphs responding to some or all of this.Please complete this by the due date and time. Remember, you’re still able to submit this after the due date and time, but make sure you’re aware of the penalty for submitting this work late according to the policies on the syllabus.

Life Sciences

Read the five prompts below. Based on the data provided and the knowledge you have accumulated throughout the course, reply to the following questions in 1-2 paragraphs each. Your answers should be reflective on what it means to ask and answer a research question. Be mindful of how the scientific process should guide your logical thinking (make observations, form a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, form conclusions, and relate those conclusions back to your original thinking). Replies will be graded for both logical reasoning and proper grammar and syntax.•    Your replies to the prompts should be in coherent thoughts and complete sentences.•    Each response should be 1-2 paragraphs. ***Must have at least 3 references

Current Affairs Video

The item may be print or video—for example, an article from the current edition of a newspaper or magazine, a segment from a news or talk show, a YouTube video, vlog, or any program that features current affairs.Your item (up to 2 minutes) will be embedded in a PowerPoint that you will use to supplement your presentation.You may use clips of a video, pause a video as necessary to identify concepts, or use a clip for a full 2 minutes. However, you cannot use over two minutes of video in your own presentation.Items cannot be more than 90 days old.Clips and articles can be embedded in a PowerPoint that you will use to supplement your presentation or you can share your screen and show these separately during your presentation.Remember, your PowerPoint is there to guide you during your presentation. Do not overload this with text.Submit a 4-5 minute video in which you:Use any software you are comfortable with, including Panopto, in order to record yourself speaking and presenting a PowerPoint at the same time. You and your PowerPoint must be visible during the entirety of the presentation. This cannot just be a recording of your face presenting and it cannot just be a voice over with your PowerPoint – Video and screen option should be selected on any media you use.Clearly identify the argument. Present the premises and conclusion in your chosen article or video clip and explain their importance. Did the speakers/writers use deductive or inductive reasoning?In your article or video clip, identify three of the following: vague/ambiguous language; credibility; cognitive bias; rhetoric; logical fallacies; generalizations; arguments from analogy; cause and effect reasoning; and value judgments about morality, law, or aesthetics.Explain why you think the argument fits this concept. Also, identify if this was purposeful and why, and how this affects the strength of the argument.Provide a conclusion to your video. Was the argument convincing? What is your position? (30 seconds max)Length: 5 minutes maximumYou will be graded on:Your ability to identify arguments made about relevant issues in our world todayHow well you identify class concepts. Accuracy and a clear explanation are requiredYour use of terminology from the textbook/class lecturesYour ability to showcase your critical thinking skillsYour ability to use Panopto, Screencast-o-matic or any other media to complete your presentationYour presentation skills and delivery