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learning strategy plan

the directions and the background is on on the bottom it is a little table what goals was chosen put it in the chart and fill out the rest of the questions

Government Budgeting

In the box below, please indicate all sources used to answer the following questions and include a URL to the source.  cite the source you use that informs your answer. 2. Briefly describe the historical context of the program. What arguments were made to support the enactment of this program, and what problem is the program intended to solve?3. Describe the qualification criteria of the program. For example, are there income limits? If so, what are they? 4. How much does the program cost on an annual basis, and where does the funding for the program come from?5. How does a potential beneficiary go about enrolling for benefits from this program?

Sports organization breakdown (AVIATOR SPORTS AND EVENT CENTER)

You may introduce yourself and get close to the management. This assignment should be 5 pages. Using that sport organization, discuss Satisfaction = Benefits – Costs (list 5 benefits and 10 costs not financial costs!), Revenue = Markets * Consumption, Primary Customer, the escalator concept, maximize customer value, the pareto principle,

Liver resection

Writing Assignment Help I will also need pictures. The case study has to be done on the template provided. If all questions are answered on the template I can transfer all the information. Each question must be explained in death for anatomy to diagnosis etc  Thank you

BPM Essay

The paper needs to define business process, describe the BPM discipline, discuss what is ‘the supply chain’ in business and compare/contrast to Michael Porter business ‘value chain’.  Explain how applying information technology can support and drive innovation in these core business processes (look for examples – Search internet, business journals, BPM journals .  Finally select a company you are interested in learning about and chose  one of their Core Supply Chain Processes: Supplier Relationship; Process / New Product or Service Development ; Order Fulfillment  or Customer Relationship) you will be documenting and analyzing during the term. Here is a recommended outline:I. Introduction – Open paper with what are processes, what is BPM and then introduce the concept of companies supply chains (what is the supply chain)II. Supply Chain and Value Chain Compare and Contrast – discuss a companies supply chain and value chain (Michael Porter- Corporate Strategy) – why are processes critical to ensure organization effective and efficient performance – bring up competitive advantage (Michael Porter) opportunities.III. Information Technology – Bring up what has dramatically change in the past 20 years – ERP, Information Systems, CRMs, Mobile Apps, Process Re-engineering – all due to the emergence of broad and inexpensive, and productivity driven enabling information technology into processes.IV Introduce the Company you will be looking into and select the ‘Core’ Supply Chain processes you will be studying during the term.  Will it be Supplier Relationship?  New Product Development?  Order Fulfillment?  or Customer Relationship?  See Module Power Point Slides on Supply Chain Core Processes.    Do not say you will study the supply chain.  This is too broad of an undertaking.V. Conclude – summarize what you have discussed.

Costs, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of offering hospital revenue bonds in the bond market.

The chair of the board of directors’ finance committee has asked about investment risk in the healthcare industry and hospital revenue bonds. Using the article by Chen (2018) as your foundation, discuss the costs, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of offering hospital revenue bonds in the bond market.Article:Chen, J. (2020). Hospital Revenue Bond. Investopedia.

Identifying Financial and Nonfinancial Motivators Presentation

For example, some cities had to stop picking up recycling because services were no longer being offered. These changes are often driven by financial and nonfinancial motivators. Consider a recent change that occurred in a public organization, such as the parks and recreation department, sanitation department, law enforcement, department of transportation, etc.Imagine you are a leader for this organization/agency and have been asked to present about the change in an employee meeting. Create a 8-9 Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you: Analyze and summarize the change.Describe the change that occurred.Describe how the change affects the community.Explain the nonfinancial motivators for the change.Explain the financial motivators for the change. Include detailed speaker notes and a reference slide for your sources.