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Interstellar Politics

G. Wells in 1898. Talk about how it mirrors the British colonization of Tasmania. Use specific examples from the novel to illustrate this. How it imitated violence occurring in the real world.

Project elevator pitch

The model helps it select the right interest rate for its credit card. The bank uses some explanatory variables including their monthly income, the length of their account with the bank (in years) as well as the consumers debt to income ratio.]Based on the above, create an “elevator pitch” speech for this project, which should cover:- State the business problem you would be solving- Define what success looks like for the project based on the business problem.  How can the company use this information to make better decisions?

Ask me why I care

Based on  Mr. Silva’s advice on solving public policy challenges, select a local or national policy issue, then outline and specifically delineate each policy process variable(s).Paper should include:Six comprehensive paragraphs – each paragraph heading will be listed as:Problem Definition and Analysis: In this paragraph, answer the questions of who, what, why, where, when, and howmuch.Drafting Policy Options: In this paragraph, identify policy options.Policy Decision Implications: In this paragraph, identify which stakeholders and what will be changed.Measuring Alternatives: In this paragraph, identify realistic and practical options.Ethical Implications: In this paragraph, identify what groups’ values or cultures may be affected.Desirable Conclusions: In this paragraph, describe the policy selected and why it was selected; anda summary. Conclude your remarks by illustrating why the public policy option was selected, why it was the best optionor not the best, and identify what lessons you learned from your research

1. You are tasked with importing a cargo of dried almonds (1,000kg) from Greece to

Writing Assignment Help You are tasked with importing a cargo of dried almonds (1,000kg) from Greece to Singapore. How can this best be done? What challenges would you anticipate and how would you overcome these?

Drug overdose death

1. Discuss the professional nurse’s  role in health promotion activities.2. Discuss health promotion, illness prevention, health maintenance, health restoration, and rehabilitation in relation to the nurse’s role in working with various population.3.  Identify health promotion strategies throughout  the life span.

Sci-Fi in/and the Middle East/ Sci-Fi and Colonialism

Give a BRIEF (1-2 sentences) idea of what each text is about. What is the main argument of each text? Following that, identify what you think the purpose of reading the text(s) is –that is, what is its significance in the larger context of what we are focusing on in class? Discuss what conclusions you came to and how you did so.2. When you take note of something in the text as interesting or surprising, start to draw specific conclusions or implications. Remember that discussion is a space to explore possibilities rather than to have fully formed thoughts or well-supported arguments, as in a paper.Try not to raise something in the text by just saying, “I thought it was interesting that…” Consider why the passage or example is significant, or what it reveals or implies about history (for example, “I think this passage was really interesting because etc etc”).3. Some questions to consider: What are the central themes and arguments? What are your differing interpretations? What questions did the readings raise for you? What evidence does the author use to arrive at their conclusions? Is their argument convincing? How does this text change the way you think about the topic, or history? For example, what becomes central? What is missing from this study, and how does this affect the author’s analysis? Why is what you learned from this text significant to you?4. How do these texts connect to each other (either similarly or differently); where or how do they intersect, etc?5. Develop 2-3 questions that you would like for the class to discuss. Try to make these ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions.*Remember: You are not summarizing any of the readings. Rather, you are “extracting” the most important ideas, themes, or questions you believe they offer.For the Campbell text, read chapter 2 ONLY. Do not use any external sources. Approx 300 words for each reading.

Proofreading Quiz

P. Pace Directions: Proofread carefully each of the three (3) documents below. Be sure to include the correct punctuation.  Make any necessary corrections.  Include a footer to include your name, the filename (Proofreading Test Part 1, A, B, C), and Date/Time submitted.  Submit the corrected proofreading document file in the corresponding homework link on or before the deadline date.) PROOFREADING QUIZ PART 1-A TRANSCRIPTION CARREERS?In each chapture in your text-workbook you have had the oppurtunity to learn about different carreers.  There is also several personnel profiles throughout the text-workbook that can give you editional information about carreers in transcription.  The people featured in these profiles tell you a little about their pass background educationally describe the advantages and disadvantages of their work and give you advise to help you in the future.?If you take a few minutes to read the profiles you will find the information they share with you to be very intresting.  Hopefully you found the information about carreers in each chapture to be intresting too.  Do you think you might deside to work in one of the fields or industries you have studied in Part 1?    PROOFREADING TEST FOR PART 1-B BE CAREFULL TO LISTEN TO THE DICTATION?Less people take time to listen carefully to the person whose giving the dictation they are transcribing.  When you don’t listen as closely as you should you could have several omisions in your dictation.  If you are disinterested in what the dictator says it is defenite that you will have errors.  Its easy to miss a word or a punctuation mark.?You of course have all ready seen how important listening can be when you transcribed the dictation in your lessens.  You know how necesary it is to descipline yourself to check your speling, grammar, and puntuation, however this would be true weather you are writting or transcribing something. PROOFREADING QUIZ FOR PART 1-C THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPRE PUNCTUATION AND SPELINGIn these few chapters you have learned several rules pertaining to the proper use of punctuation. Of course, you should never take the subject of puncuation to lightly. I could site several examples of people who have done this and they wish they had not done so. You need to know rules regarding the propre use of commas semicolons and apostrophes. If you have studied carefully you have all ready recieved a very strong review of of some of these rules.In the chapters to come you will learn even more rules about puncuation.  Spelling words corectly is also important. Be sure you have studied the list of words that are frequently mispelled and misused. Effect and affect are too words that quiet often confuse students.