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In Week 4, you developed a plan for how to inform employees and managers about a new policy. For

In Week 4, you developed a plan for how to inform employees and managers about a new policy. For this discussion, you must develop a new and more comprehensive communications strategy which responds to an audit finding that the previous Communications Strategy was not sufficient and had contributed to a controls failure.

A recent internal audit uncovered a lack of knowledge on the part of employees and included a finding that this lack of knowledge contributed to a compliance failure for IT security controls related to privacy and data security. The auditors recommended that the company needed to improve its communication of policy changes and revisions to both employees and managers. The auditors also noted that Red Clay Renovations has been experiencing a great deal of change especially with respect to how the company protects information from unauthorized disclosures, including theft of data by cyber criminals. The company agreed with the finding and in its response noted that it has developed a substantial number of new and revised policies, plans, and guidance procedures to help manage the associated risks but that it could improve internal communications about those changes. Now, the company needs to fix the “communications” problem. The CISO has asked you to help develop a communication strategy that can be used to explain the cybersecurity and privacy related policies to a non-technical workforce.

Your Task: Prepare a briefing that identifies your top 5 strategies and explains why you chose each one. Provide examples of the types of policies which need to be communicated to the workforce (use your work for Projects 1, 2,

In this module, we have learned about the methods of security control testing. The steps in creating a secure

In this module, we have learned about the methods of security control testing.
The steps in creating a secure information system: identify threats, establish controls, and perform audits to discover breaches.

Considering this, respond to the following questions:

Do you believe that security control testing is a requirement for every organization? Why or why not?
What aspect of security control testing, if any, do you believe is more important than the other? Are they all equally important?

Is security control testing the same in every country globally? Is it allowed in every country around the world? Which countries, if any, regulate which types of security controls you can or cannot have, and/or how you test them, if at all?

Corporate Proposal III: Windows and Linux Integration

500-750 words

1. Explain how Windows and Linux can work together in diverse environments.
2. Recommend a configuration for your corporation that best leverages the features of each operating system. Explain your recommendation.

The recommendation includes server, the operating system for server and workstations, what solutions bridge both linux and windows together

I have added links below for references if you’d like to use them, otherwise you can use your own.


Corporal Punishment

Writing Assignment Help Some states are still using corporal punishment as a form of behavior management. Read the USA Today report, Texas school district to begin paddling as punishmentLinks to an external site. and read, Corporal Punishment Continues in U.S. Schools, Despite Its IneffectivenessLinks to an external site. and respond to the following questions:Do you feel corporal punishment is an appropriate means of behavior management in schools? Why or why not?How does corporal punishment impact a child’s psychological development? Do the ends justify the means?How does corporal punishment align with any of the management models presented in our text? Be sure to provide reasoning for your response.Select one of the following management models that you would choose instead of corporal punishment. Describe the principal characteristics of your selected classroom model and why you think this model works well. List specific instructional strategies related to your selected management modelRoger’s Humanistic ModelMarland’s Caring ModelKounin’s Teacher With-it-nessSkinner’s Behavior ModificationCanter’s Assertive Discipline

Assessment shifts

How are the Common Core State Standards assessment shifts different from high stakes testing? How are they similar? Do you think these assessments will be able to better evaluate student needs? Why or why not?How important is formative assessment (ongoing) in the new era of Common Core State Standards assessments (see Frequently asked questions Links to an external site. about the Common Core Standards) to gain a greater understanding of this new initiative)? Why is the use of formative assessment an important method in diagnosing your students’ needs in order to create effective instruction?

“The Mother” By Gwendolyn Brooks

Choose any poem from our Week 1 or Week 2 poetry reading list. Tips for the EssayOpen your introduction with an engaging opener, such as a question, quotation from the poem, or interesting idea. Then, connect to the poem and mention the title and the author. End your introduction with a thesis statement that interprets one literary element of the poem.The body paragraphs should support your thesis. Present specific aspects of the poem that help to illustrate your points. Make sure to quote from the poem and analyze specific lines that support your argument. Typically, body paragraphs will contain at least two short quotations each as supporting evidence. Do not do any outside research. This should be only your own interpretation.Include a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and explains the significance of the thesis. Finish this paragraph with a strong and satisfying ending.

Assignment 3 For assignment #3, you will be working with the variables to answer your research question. To begin

Assignment 3

For assignment #3, you will be working with the variables to answer your research question. To begin with, read the Walters, et al. (2020) article. This article provides a good overview of the theory, constructs, and variables associated with the data set.

Next, you will need to identify variables of interest. Use the article, your social work experience, and your data to identify the variables. There is not a correct number of variables. It will depend on your question and your population as to what data will be available to operationalize these constructs.

Finally, you will start your data log. This will be a working document of your study variables. Headings should include original name of variable, rename of variable, original value, recoded value. You will use the data dictionary to document variables as you modify, create, and convert in the upcoming assignment. Also do not forget to keep up with your version control document. For this assignment, please submit the descriiptive statistics to me in a written format and with a frequency table.


Original Name Renamed Value Recoded value

M4 gender 1=yes




OVERALL: For assignment 3, please turn in a written narrative of your descriiptive statistics and a table to display the data as well.

Please use my


I have attached my Assignment 3 CodeBook—the first bottom tab is the code book. Please be descriiptive. Also, I have attached photos of the exact same layout needed. Also, I gave you the Assignment 2 Assignment Log. It is where you will add everything while following the layout of the pictures. Please use my code book and find the data in the statistics. If you can not find it you are able to make it up, but please please make it all realistic.