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I Need Help With Finishing My Introduction Paragraph For This Essay… College Application Essay Help

I need help with finishing my introduction paragraph for this essay i need to finish.
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‘ E_nglish Rubric Essay (I6p01’nts) From 1798 until the present—day literature has been used by writers toexplain and understand the world as how they saw it. Each era consists of similar yet unique topics of interest.The literary periods that will discussed are The Romantic Period (1798- 1832), The Victorian Age … Show more… Show more

Comptia Network Plus N10-008 : Most Routers Have More Than… Essay Help For Free

CompTIA Network Plus N10-008 Question:
Most routers have more than one network interface.
a.) True, as the purpose of routers is to interconnect networks.b.) True, as routers with only one interface are used for VLAN’s (router on a stick).c.) True, as routers with only one interface would not be functional on the Internet.d.) All of the Above

Your Audit Client Is Techgiant, A Listed Company That Invests In… Need Essay Help

Your audit client is Techgiant, a listed company that invests in the technology sector. Techgiant recently acquired Woofer, a communication platform primarily used by people with pets to share funny photos, videos, and stories about their pets for free. Woofer has established such a strong community that it has also become known as a dating site. Techgiant plans to generate revenue by creating a paid service for enhanced dating functionality within Woofer. Techgiant paid $100m to acquire Woofer (a substantial premium over the existing stock price), which was funded by a ten-year $100m loan. Immediate repayment of the loan is required if Techgiant’s assets (excluding Woofer) fall below $150m. Techgiant’s assets (excluding Woofer) are currently valued at $200m, comprising investments in around 50 listed technology firms (accounting for $170m) and 10 unlisted technology startups (accounting for $30m). Techgiant likes to hold investments in startups for at least 5 years and typically makes 1-2 unlisted investment transactions per year.


You have assessed Control Risk in relation to the accuracy, valuation and allocation of Techgiant’s investments in listed companies as low. From your initial review of the listed investments report, however, you have noticed that the year-end share prices for some of these companies have been input incorrectly.
(a) Provide one (1) example of an IT input control and one (1) example of a manual control that may have prevented this error (2 marks);
(b) Define ‘test data’. Explain how test data could be used to test the IT control you discussed in part (a) (2 marks);
(c) After undertaking additional testing you have determined that this is a systemic error and reassessed Control Risk as high. Discuss how this finding will change your planned nature of audit testing in relation to to the accuracy, valuation and allocation of Techgiant’s investments in listed companies (2 marks);
(d) In relation to the accuracy, valuation and allocation of Techgiant’s investments in unlisted companies, you have decided to employ an expert to provide an independent valuation. Provide two factors you would need to consider before placing reliance on the work of this expert (2 marks).

In The Module Overview , We Stated That An “aggregate Plan Will… Buy Argumentative Essay Help

English Assignment Help
In the Module Overview, we stated that an “aggregate plan will include the quantity and timing of production for the intermediate future (typically 3-18 months ahead).” Some factors such as demand, pay rate, and the ability to use overtime or subcontract some of the production must be taken into consideration to keep the total cost of production as low as possible.
You have been asked to build the aggregate planning schedule for your factory for the next six months and to determine the best option.
This chart provides the variables and cost for each variable.
VariablesCostInventory carrying cost$7 per unit per monthSubcontracting cost$25 per unitAverage pay rate$12 per hour (8 hours per day)Overtime pay rate$18 per hour (above 8 hours per day)Labor-hours needed to produce one unit1.5 hours per unitUnits per day produced50Beginning inventory0Planned ending inventory0Lost sales per unit$30 This chart provides the demand for the product and the number of production days per month.
MonthsDemandProduction DaysJanuary130022February80018March60021April150021May130022June130020 Complete the steps in each section and then submit your assignment for grading. Submit one spreadsheet containing a tab for each step.
Expand AllPanels Collapse AllPanels
Step 1: Prepare Aggregate Plan

Use the Excel OM Aggregate Planning spreadsheet and the data to prepare your aggregate plan. Produce a graph of your plan. The intent is to use a level strategy (or level scheduling) with no overtime, no safety stock, and no subcontractors.
Hint 1 – Consider that it takes 1.5 hours to produce a unit when determining your cost per unit for average and overtime pay.
Hint 2 – To determine regular time production, you need to multiply the units per day produced by the number of production days.
Continue to Step 2: Update Your Aggregate Plan Using Overtime
Step 2: Update Aggregate Plan Using Overtime

In the plan produced in Step 1, the production rate did not meet the total demand. If you were able to use overtime to meet the shortfall, what would your aggregate plan look like?
Use the Excel OM Aggregate Planning spreadsheet and the data to prepare an updated aggregate plan.
Continue to Step 3: Update Your Aggregate Plan Using Outsourcing
Step 3: Update Aggregate Plan Using Outsourcing

Instead of paying overtime, you might be able to outsource the shortfall in production. Use the Excel OM Aggregate Planning spreadsheet and the data to prepare an updated aggregate plan using outsources instead of paying overtime.
Continue to Step 4: Summarize and Submit
Step 4: Summarize and Submit

On a fourth tab of the spreadsheet, summarize your cost and determine which of the three options produces the lowest overall cost. Be sure to provide a detailed analysis along with your summary data.
Submit one spreadsheet containing a tab for each step. Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.
Review the Problems Rubric for detailed grading information.

While Many Ancient Cultures Developed Sophisticated Astronomical… My Assignment Essay Help London

While many ancient cultures developed sophisticated astronomical ideas, the Greeks had a large influence on cultures in Europe and the Middle East because of their cultural interaction. Did any of the Greek measurements or ideas discussed in the video surprise you? What ideas were “lost” and “rediscovered” centuries later?
While it may look like the stars are all attached to a giant rotating sphere, we know that isn’t the case. So why would astronomy teachers still discuss the celestial sphere and teach students about it? In what way is the concept still useful?
How much of the sky can you see from the north pole? How much of the sky can you see from a latitude of 45°? Is there any place on Earth where a person could observe all of the stars during the course of the year? Explain your answer.
What preconceptions kept people like Aristotle and Ptolemy from building a correct model of the solar system? Why did they have those preconceptions? How did the observations that Galileo made help other people to give up those preconceptions?
The Copernican model of the solar system did not have Earth at the center of the universe. What were the cultural and philosophical implications of that?
Galileo had conflicts with the Catholic Church over his support of the heliocentric model of the solar system. Give a modern example of a time when someone or some group objected to a scientific theory without addressing the evidence itself. Why did they object to the theory? What were the preconceptions they had that kept them from accepting the theory? How could you try to address such objections?

If You Play Tennis, You Know That Tennis Racquets Vary In Their… Buy Essay Help

If you play tennis, you know that tennis racquets vary in their physical characteristics. The data in the accompanying table give measures of bending stiffness and twisting stiffness as measured by engineering tests for 12 tennis racquets:

Bending Stiffness, xTwisting Stiffness, y419227407231363200360211257182622304424384359194346158556224474305441235
At 0.10 level of significance, determine if there is a significant relationship between the bending and twisting stiffness of the tennis racquets.
Statement of Hypotheses:
Ho: There is no significant relationship between the bending and twisting stiffness of the tennis racquets.
Ha: There is a significant relationship between the bending and twisting stiffness of the tennis racquets.
Use this site to compute for Pearson r coefficient:
Pearson r (4dp): Answer
Using this site to calculate p-value:
p-value (3dp): Answer
There is no significant relationship between the bending and twisting stiffness of the tennis racquets.
There is a significant relationship between the bending and twisting stiffness of the tennis racquets.

Determine the regression model for the relationship between the bending and twisting stiffness of the tennis racquets. You may use this site:
Regression Model Equation (2dp): Y = Answerx Answer
Estimate the twisting stiffness when the bending stiffness is x = 450 units.
Twisting stiffness(2dp): Answer

1. Discuss Intranets Vs Extranets In Your Own Understanding. 2…. Buy Essay Help

1. Discuss Intranets vs Extranets in your own understanding. 2. Identify ten specific ways in which you use Internet. 3. Are you, or is someone you know, hesitant to buy things over the Internet? What risks concern you? What are companies doing to ease consumers’ concerns about the safety of Internet transactions? 4. Why is studying IT important to you as a student? How will competency in this area help you get and keep a job in the future?

1.) What Is One Outside Research Source That Supports The Existence… College Admission Essay Help

1.) what is one outside research source that supports the existence of drug abuse in California.
2. ) what is one funding source that aligns with the problem of drug abuse in California.
3.) What is 1 potential collaborator that would benefit from addressing drug abuse and how can they compile to a grant proposal of drug abuse

John, A 17 Year-old Student Who Looks Much Older Than He Is, Walks… Online Essay Help

John, a 17 year-old student who looks much older than he is, walks into hislocal café and orders $500 worth of food for a party. The café owner whohas seen John before as a regular customer whohas bought coffees in hisshop, is happy to provide the catering, taking a 10% deposit which Johnpays. It is agreed the balance will be paid within ten days after the party.The food is duly delivered and consumed. In spite of a bill being sent to himand reminders, John refuses to pay.

You And Your Spouse Have Found Out In The Last Few Weeks That The… Descriptive Essay Help

You and your spouse have found out in the last few weeks that the child with whom you are pregnant has been diagnosed with anencephaly, a fatal genetic disorder in which the cerebral cortex of the brain does not develop at all. The skull is somewhat flat and quite deformed looking. Only the brain stem, which controls all the involuntary actions of the body, such as heartbeat, respiration, and digestion, develops. The child will be born in a permanent vegetative state and is not likely to live longer than a few months, though some have lived as long as a year. At present, the pregnancy is just into the second trimester.
your physician has recommended ending the pregnancy as soon as possible. Your doctor wants to avoid labor and delivery for you, and there are some additional risks in a delivery of an anencephalic child due to the larger shape of the the baby’s skull. A cesarean section would not carry those risks, but that is more invasive way to deliver the baby. You have strong feelings about the morality of abortion when done for nonmedical reasons. You wonder if this child is actually a person, since he or she will be born with only a brain stem and no higher brain.
What decision will you make?

You Are Analyzing A Firm And Find That Its Receivables Turnover Is… Writing An Essay Help

You are analyzing a firm and find that its receivables turnover is decreasing. Are you concerned, and if so, why?
Image transcription text
Yes, because the ?rm is taking too long to collect its receivables No, this is a good trend Yes, the ?rm may endup with a cash ?ow problem None of the answers is correct … Show more

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