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I believe dominance structuring is an interesting tack here because our fundamental ideas and ideals of right and wrong make

I believe dominance structuring is an interesting tack here because our fundamental ideas and ideals of right and wrong make it seem natural for us to be against gun violence. Who would want to stand in the way of laws that save lives? Yet, as we know, the United States does not have enough laws in place to protect our citizens from gun violence, if we are looking at current events including the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs two weeks ago. Thus, our System 2 logic is forced into play when we try to mentally unpack why in the world are we would be lagging (or, I should say, leading) on the global stage in terms of gun violence when we are supposedly the pinnacle of democracy. If, as Facione and Gittens point out (p. 225), critical thinking goes beyond simply claiming a belief as one’s own, but involves the entire journey of “reflective judgement” which enables us to reach said belief, I, for one, am, going to require not only analytics and data but some decent explanation from lawmakers about why we can’t enact policies to save our own citizens. ResourcesAbdalla, S. M., Keyes, K. M.,

Analysis essay about the Performance in the film Atlantics

Choose ONE Non-Narrative primary aspect of Cinema from our lectures (Performance, Visual Design, Composition, Editing, or Sound), and perform a Formal Analysis of another film from the list (OR a film NOT on the list that I have approved). As with the first assignment, only ONE student will be permitted to write on any given film, so sign up in advance. When you sign up, make sure to tell me BOTH the name of the film and the Lecture Concept you’ll use to study it. In this assignment, the fundamental question to answer is: How does the formal aspect you’re studying construct meaning in the film you’ve selected? As with the first assignment, use your lecture notes and the readings to help you focus the paper.So: If you’re writing on Performance, interpret the Persona of the actor you’re studying, as well as the specific Performance and Character in the film, plus Styles of Acting, Types of Performance, etc. If Visual Design, consider Mise-en-Scene and Objective Correlative (as well as Color, Lighting, Costume, Props, Sets, etc).  If Composition, consider Framing, Staging and Photographing; If Editing, consider Scene Building, Cross-Cutting and Montage; If Sound, consider Music, Voice, Sound Effects and Silence.

Spanish Comp 5

Give details such as: where, with who, what youwill do, and what you like for the new year to bring (año nuevo). Give as much detailas you possibly can, using a variety of vocabulary words that we have learned so far.Be as creative as possible and don’t be afraid to use the language however you want.This is only the beginning and there isn’t much to write about. Don’t be discouraged andfeel free to write what you can.

At the root of many disparities, systemic racism andstructural oppression inform the experiences of people who have been marginalized.Answer the

Writing Assignment Help At the root of many disparities, systemic racism andstructural oppression inform the experiences of people who have been marginalized.Answer the following questions separately in a 3-page paperplus reference pages. Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper. Your answers to the questions should be supported by reference to 2 sources: the Marsiglia, Kulis, and Lechuga-Peña and Coker, Cannon, Dixon-Saxon and Roller textbooks, scholarly journal articles, and/or government websites. 1. Define the issue and provide information on the prevalence of it on a local and national level. Use statistical and other data to support your statements.2. Discuss who is affected and explain how they are affected.3. Identify and discuss the efforts made to address these disparities/disproportionalities and the unintended results when they are not addressed.

Part 1 watch the video and answer the questions part 2 read the article and answer the questions part 3 excel project

But what if your local pizza shop could use AI to predict which flavor would sell best each day of the week? Andrew Ng shares a vision for democratizing access to AI, empowering any business to make decisions that will increase their profit and productivity. Learn how we could build a richer society – all with just a few self-provided data points.  Discussion Questions:1.    Why is AI used by large corporations and not small companies?  Expand on you answer.2.    How could small companies use AI and how could they benefit?  Give some examples.3.    From the Video, “The coming era for AI is to democratize access.”  What does this mean and how does it affect businesses?Part BrArtificial Intelligence in RetailQuestionsWhat potential problems can arise from retailers implementing machine learning applications? Provide examples to support your answer.Are ML applications more important to physical stores or online stores? Support your choice with examples.

reading questions

How do you like the online comics in Chen’s article? Do you think these comic arts are effective in expressing opinions and/or grappling against censorship?2. What are the driving forces and key trends in Chinese online culture according to Li?3. In Tang’s article, why does the author say it is “not yet the end of transnational digital capitalism”? What are the evidences to support this argument?4.  which reading (or argument or example from the reading)  is the most interesting and impressive for you? Explain why. 5.  which reading (or argument or example from the reading) is the most challenging and confusing to you? After taking this course and now reflecting on what you have learned, did you gain better understanding to that confusing reading or argument? 6.  what  is one take-away for you by reading and interacting with classmates on these discussions?

two pages essay about Great Depression

Democrats dominated presidential politics in the years following the Great Depression, but by the 1980s their majority had begun to fade.  Explain how two of the following contributed to their loss of influence:  the decline of labor unions, suburbanization, and deindustrialization.Instruction: For the citation, you must put the material in your own words or quote it, and give credit to the source.  Essay should be at least two 8 1/2” x 11” pages in length.  Use the reading that is uploaded in the files, for additional information, you can use other sources, including anything on the Internet but it should be credible and quality.• Has a clear thesis—this is a one-sentence answer to the question that you are trying to prove.  Usually it should be in your first paragraph.• Gives sufficient evidence to support the thesis• Analyzes the evidence to connect it to the thesis• Answers all parts of the question• Is well structured with an introduction, body and conclusionDemonstrate an understanding of change over time in the context of industrialization and the growth of the modern state.Construct an argument and support it using historical evidence.