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How To Write A Microeconomics Essay

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Introduction for Microeconomics Essay Writing

Writing a good essay is like an art. It is a skill that has to be acquired over a period of time. This goes for any subject whether it is managerial sciences, sociology or economics. Students who pursue economics will have to write a variety of written assignments. Some may be in the form of reports, analyses and some may be in the form of essays. In this article however all the various kinds of assignments will be referred to as essays for ease of reference. The various steps that are involved in writing an essay for economics are preparation, defining the structure and presentation. Simple as they may sound, these aspects have several minute things that need to be paid attention.


Preparation is the process that precedes the actual writing of the paper. Enough time should be taken to plan the work ahead of starting it. A timetable needs to be prepared so that the work can be well spaced out. The points that the student feels necessary must be first jotted down. These points should then be developed. Paragraphs should be formed that flow into each other in a cohesive manner. Preferably they should be written on separate papers and then arranged. The introduction and conclusion can be left for the last. It is very important to ensure that the paper is in relevance to the question that has been asked. The material that is referenced should be relevant to the question. Each paragraph should be read to see if it is relevant to the topic.

Outline of Microeconomics Essay

The essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction will set the tone for the rest of the paper. The person reading the introduction should get an idea of what the paper is all about. The body of the essay will contain a series of well structured paragraphs that progress in a logical manner. The most difficult part is perhaps arranging the paragraphs in a way that they seem cohesive. Usually the essay will be an argument and the various arguments should be arranged in a proper order. The structure of the essay will be based on the judgement of the writer. It is also necessary to give both sides of an argument and this should be done in subsequent paragraphs.


The conclusion will be the summation of the ideas that have been mentioned in the paper. The ending should be definite. Economics in particular is a subject where it is not possible to give a definite solution. There need not be a simple answer. The problems will usually be complex and these complexities must be conveyed in the conclusion. The body of the paper would have elaborated on this but the conclusion will give a finishing touch to the paper. While writing an economics paper originality should be attempted. If possible, examples that are used should be new and not those from textbooks. This will show that the student is trying to do something new.

Standards of Microeconomics Essay
The paper should confirm to the standards that are set by the faculty. The word count should not exceed the recommended count. Essays should be focused and should not be unnecessarily long. The presentation should look good as well. Headings and sections should be as per the requirement of the paper. Any graphs and diagrams that may be included should also be referenced. Any book or source that needs to be referenced has to be done in the style that is accepted by the institution. If these tips are followed it will be possible to write a very good economics essay.

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