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How To Write A Good Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental science is a very significant subject of study. The impact that human activity has had on the environment and the global change in climate has made this a much sought after subject among students. Environment includes everything on planet earth and that makes it a very vast topic. The scope of study is only increasing every day. The research that is being done on climate change, and global warming is giving newer interpretations every day. So that makes environmental sciences a constantly evolving subject. Students of environmental sciences irrespective of their level of education will have to write a lot of essays on environmental pollution. This is because pollution is a very serious problem and one of the most fundamental of issues that need to be dealt with. It is not very difficult to write a paper on environmental pollution.

Custom Environmental Pollution Essay

The first thing that needs to be done is to narrow down the topic. Environmental pollution is a vast topic as mentioned before and it is important to deal with a particular aspect of it first. For example if the student is expected to write an essay on air pollution, the topic must be narrowed down. The student could decide to write more about air pollution and its impact on school children. This itself is a topic that needs thorough understanding but is one that can be addressed in a paper easily. The student must use the resources that are at his/her disposal to collect all the information about the impact of environmental pollution on school children. While collecting information it is very important to ensure that only material that is reliable can be used in the paper. When browsing through the internet for instance, there could be many sites and only a few give the correct information.


After collecting information, the student will have to plan the essay. The number of words per section will have to be decided and this will make it very easy while writing the paper. It requires a deep knowledge about the ecosystem to write essays on the environment. This information can be taken from books or internet sources. Usually the paper will have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is to give the reader an indication as to what the paper is going to be about. This is followed by the body which will have the discussion about the topic. Any arguments will be given here and solutions will also be given. The conclusion will be a summation of the material that has been discussed in the paper. The paper needs to be referenced as per the requirements of the institution.

Research Topics

There are a few things that need to be taken care of. The research for the topic needs to be thorough. Since environmental science is a very vast subject, narrowing down of the topic will help a lot during research. While doing research, only reliable sources must be taken into consideration. There are many forums and blogs that discuss topics related to environment and pollution. These should not be regarded as reliable sources. Peer reviewed journals or books only should be used. Only these sources will be reliable. As far as possible procrastination should be avoided because it will lead to essays being written in the last moment and such essays will not be up to the standard. These are some of the pointers that can be considered while writing an essay on environmental pollution.

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