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.  what made you wake up and become the adultyou are today, what’s  your goals and what you wanna be in life and how far you came from where you been in 2500 words

Auditing and Aviation Safety

Please add specifics as much as you can to help support your discussion.


I have the information I want added I just don’t know how to write it out, I also need a review over the paper and to make sure I have the formatting correct.

Aviation Operational Safety Audit

Writing Assignment Help 1. What motivated Pennzoil to conduct the audits?2. Describe the planning involved ahead of each audit.3. What was the scope of each audit, and who was involved and why?4. What is the benefit of asking the six bulleted questions in column 2 of page 4?5. Thinking about the closing remarks offered in column 2 of page 8, do you believe that Pennzoil will implement all the auditor’s reservations and why/why not?

Internal Evaluation Program

Please read Pg. 2-7 of AC 120-59B (IEP) and answer the following 5 questions.1. What is the purpose of the Internal Evaluation Program?2. Who is required by FAA to implement the IEP described in AC 120-59B?3. How are the IEP and the IOSA related?4. How are the IEP and Safety Programs related?5. What are the different types of evaluations noted in the IEP AC?

supporting gun control

paragraph 2 needs a topic sentence with one reason to support my claim. evidence using CHELPS OR EVIDENCE FROM ARTICLE (2-4 sentences)paragraph 3 needs a counterclaim (1 sentence), a rebuttal, and to elaborate my side and reason.paragraph 4 needs to explain how my side is better using a transition (Obviously, Ultimately, Undoubtedly, Clearly). Explain why my claim is important or what your claim will do. Do not repeat. (1-2 sentences). use a rhetorical device in that paragraph.

Digital Product Design (Software Project Management)

Assume your next mobile app project uses Braintree as the payment gateway to charge payment from the user’s credit card. Complete the following questions based on Brainstree’s documentation site ( you are familiar with other payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc, you cananswer the following questions in general too.1.) Does your server process or store users’ credit card information? And why?(~300 words)2.) Please draw a sequence diagram (example here: to illustrate the communication of payment charging flow between the app, your server and payment gateway’s server. (~150 words)3.) If the payment was done successfully in the app, but in the next day the transaction found to be problematic and rejected by the bank. Please describe how does your system know such problem, and what will your system do upon such event.(~400 words)Your answer will be evaluated based on: Clarity of your communications Your technical understanding and elaboration ability The completeness of a feature planning