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From our Bowersox Chapter 11 on Network Design, Table 11.17 identifies Supply Chain Network Design Considerations as they have evolved from 1990 to 2010 to 2020. The author states that “it is clear that all considerations are not weighted equally, nor will they have equal impact.” This provides an opportunity to define and rank – according to your learning and individual assessment – those considerations that have emerged from 2010 to 2020.
These are: Water, Regulatory, Compliance, Supplier Relationships, Commodity Availability, and Cross-Sale Requirements.

1) Definition of the six considerations listed above;

2) Rank these considerations by importance / impact and explain – personally and academically – why you have chosen the ranking
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Table 11.17 Supply Chain Network Design Considerations 1990 Considerations 2010 Considerations 2020Considerations . Demand . Demand . Demand . Raw material . Sustainability . Sustainability . Production .Energy . Energy . Transportation . Labor cost . Labor cost . Political environment . Political environ… Show more… Show more

Analyze The Following Sentences Identifying The Structures And… Best Essay Help

analyze the following sentences identifying the structures and functions. Drawn diagrams to show relationships. Remember to differentiate between restrictive and nonrestrictive modifiers. The picture is an example of what a diagram for each sentence should look like. I think it will be easier if you write it out on paper by hand. Here are the sentences: 1. Large and dark, the bear raced across the forest floor, leaving the hunter alone in the clearing. 2. The night sky displays wondrous objects: giant galaxies that look like pinwheels, gauzy nebulae that drift through the milky way. 3. Like thousands of Honduran children, Wilmer Alvarado begs in the streets while his mother sells trinkets in the market.

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MClause Nonrest Mod VP: Pred PresPartPh: Adv-condition NP: DObj PrepPh: Adv-place MV: Pres GenNp NP VT NP: Obj/Prep PrepPh: Adv-contrast NP: Subj Det NP: DObj Det NP: Obj/Prep PropN VT PossPron GenN N: Adj N PresPart N: Adj N Prep DefArt N Prep PropN Julie bakes her mother’s rhubarb pie using safflower oil in the crust instead of Crisco.
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I Need A Detailed Connection On How The Theme Is Connected In The… My Assignment Essay Help

I need a detailed connection on how the theme is connected in the book landlady
Author: Roald Dahl
task: detail connection on how fear is used to gain control of people in the book landlady
theme: how fear is used to gain control of people

As A Social Worker At A Center That Provides Services To Victims Of… Essay Help Site:edu

Management Assignment Help
As a social worker at a center that provides services to victims of domestic violence a sample Case Situation is A 34-year-old mother of three, aged, 5, 9, and 11 has been hospitalized following a violent confrontation with her boyfriend. In addition to her physical condition, she is depressed and concerned about her children. During the period of her hospitalization, the children lived with an aunt. The hospital social worker met with her to perform a psychosocial assessment. During the brief session, she stated, “I never want to see him again (the boyfriend). If it weren’t for my children, I would hang it all up. I seem to always end up choosing the wrong men in my life. I don’t want my kids to see me as a loser, but it is true, I am. I just want to get out of here and live my life with my children in peace.”
How would a social worker use the Solution Focused Brief Treatment Model to write:

Two scaling questions
Two coping questions
Two exception questions
Two miracle questions
How would a social worker describe the basic tenets, techniques, and procedures of the Solution Focused Brief Treatment Model are appropriate for this scenario? And how would they include the strengths and the limitations of the model in relation to this scenario

Easy Car Corp. Is A Grocery Store Located In The Southwest. Next… Essay Help

Easy Car Corp. is a grocery store located in the Southwest. Next year dividend is ?$4.00 and plans to increase the dividend annually at the rate of 3.0?%. It currently has 1,000,000 common shares outstanding. The shares currently sell for ?$13 each. Two years ago, Easy Car Corp. issued 40,000 semiannual 25-year bonds with a coupon rate of 10?% and a par value of ?$1,000. The bonds currently have a yield to maturity? (YTM) of 11%. What is the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for Easy Car Corp. if the corporate tax rate is 20%?

Having Trouble Drawing This Graph… See Directions Create Your Own… Essay Help Services

Having trouble drawing this graph… see directions

Create your own diagram of any one of the four market interventions listed below.
Price Ceiling
Price Floor
Here’s what I want your graph to show:
Original market equilibrium
The size of the tax or subsidy OR the level of the controlled price (depending on which intervention you choose)
The final market quantity
The area of deadweight loss (lost gains from trade) that results from this market intervention (shade it in and label it)
All other appropriate labels (D, S, P, Q, etc.)

Take A Company Dealing In Digital Goods. Read The Relevant Reading…. Custom Essay Help

Take a company dealing in digital goods. Read the relevant reading.
Question 1: Describe the cost structure of the company you choose.
Keep in mind: high fixed costs, high sunk costs and very low variable costs so that if the company has to base the price on MC-based pricing, it will be near zero.

I Would Like Some Detailed Explanation To The Follow Statistical… Cbest Essay Help

I would like some detailed explanation to the follow statistical methods exercises
Image transcription text
X A graduate student augments hisscholarship by tutoring at a rate of$300 per hour and worki… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text
QUESTION 7 Determine the bestdistribution to model this scenario: If anaverage of 500 persons in… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text
Determine the best distribution tomodel this scenario: Hot MondaysSession has a strict over … Show more… Show more

Community Is A Great Teach Value To Focus On, Especially In Light… Summary And Response Essay Help

Community is a great TEACH value to focus on, especially in light of current times in the pandemic. We need teamwork in every area of healthcare; we must rely on our coworkers at times and help them, as well; however, we must work with our communities in order to achieve our goals.
Home care is unique in that you are so physically distant from your team members and there can be huge ranges in patient knowledge and understanding of medicine. What might improve community education? How can we teach individuals in-home care (and reach those who are not being followed by any team)? I used to be frustrated when my home care teaching would be wasted time and, no matter what method I used or how hard I tried, it was not understood or appreciated. I worked for the VNA over 10 years ago. My patient population did not use cell phones, however, I think much of this has changed. Could we use technology to do better?

Please explain thoroughly and give examples and scholastic references. Thank you.

Please Solve The Above Question Answer As Fast As Possible I Am… Extended Essay Help Biology

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What isthedispla… Show more… Show morePlease solve the above question answer as fast as possible

I am also sending model question

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What isthedispla… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text
* sol: -Givendata L… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text
(MIX )segm… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text
fromegnoAC ( ) … Show more… Show more

Dr. David Smith Comes Into The Office. He Is 60 Years Old And Is… Cheap Mba Definition Essay Help

Dr. David Smith comes into the office. He is 60 years old and is divorcing his wife of 40 years. He is a professor at UCF and started his job thirty-five years ago. She has always been a home maker and the main issue in the divorce is the split of his retirement account. She has asked for 50% of the value of the account. The total in the account is 2 million dollars. He is angry as she has put no money into the account. Imagine having to write a memo to Dr. Smith answering whether his wife is entitled to a portion of the account and what that portion would be.

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What Iwouldlike yo… Show more… Show more

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