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Fraud Examination

You have been asked to write a preliminary report on the  scenario below, based on the information presented in Units 1 to 4 and findings from your additional research. Submissions should have one page for references following APA 7th edition citation rules, double-spaced, 12 pt font Times New Roman. The submission must be in Word and not a PDF document.The Harold Richards Fraud Case:The following case study features the story of Harold Richards, a Certified Public Accountant.Harold Richards doesn’t look like a criminal. His clear eyes and boyish demeanor lend Richard an air of youth that belies his age. He combs his curly hair to the side and favours pullover sports shirts. Certainly nothing in his appearance suggests that he’s an accomplished thief. Maybe that’s why Harold’s story is so disturbing. He is an ordinary guy, working diligently at his chosen profession; he has a wife and four kids; he’s not after fast cars or a Hollywood mansion; he just wants a good life. Harold is as surprised as anyone to realize he’s a crook.Harold was born in Wharton, Texas. Due to his father’s work with the Airlines, the family moved around for a few years. They eventually circled back to Texas in time for Harold to graduate from Wharton High School. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, graduating with a degree in accounting in 2000. Two years later, he earned his Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) and began a promising career.As an auditor for the state of Texas, Harold tracked operations at several state-run hospitals in the Houston area, including the University of Texas-Health Science Center and the Medical Branch in Galveston. He enjoyed the work and the people he worked with. When a staff position at the Health Science Center came open, Harold applied. He was hired as the Health Science Center’s Assistant Director for Reporting. Harold’s career was gaining momentum. He left the UT Health Science Center to become Director of Accounting for the University of Houston. Then, in 2004, he joined a private consulting firm called MFC

Who Makes Up My Community?

Include demographic data, income range, educational range, industry, recreation, community resources, higher educational opportunities and an overview of the school district. Area description (urban, suburban, waterfront)Community resources and activitiesPrimary sources of employmentPercentage of povertyPercentage of college graduatesMedian income – cost of homesEthnic demographicsChurches – primary affiliationAvailability of private schools.Access to higher educationOverview of school district.

Write UP Assignment

Will probably not be 835 words. The patient is imaginary. Jon Doe as far as the studies too and the over view so you are free to pick and choose what you are comfortable with  Thank you

world history,islam

Writing Assignment Help Consider yourself a non-Muslim person living in one part of the Abbasid Empire at some point between during the 750 and 945 C.E. You are faced with the decision of whether or not to convert to Islam. What reasons would you have for converting? What hesitations might you feel? What reasons would there be for rejecting the faith? How would you make your decision? Who would you consult? Are you a Christian in Syria? Are you perhaps a Jew in Egypt or Spain? Are you a polytheistic Arabian nomad? Are you a member of the former Persian military elite? Are you a Turkish tribal leader? When exactly are you living? Are you male or female – and do issues of sex play a role in your outlook? Do you have impressions about science, medicine, or Greek philosophy? Would you choose one particular branch of Islam over another? Why? Based on the sources we have studied so far, compose as detailed a portrait as you can of your decision-making process.        Length: 2 Pages, Double-spaced, 12 point font Submission Type: PDF, Word Doc., or Google Doc link

Carolyn Chen’s Carolyn Chen’s “When Your Job Fills in for Your Faith, That’s a Problem.”

“Your thesis should be about 10-12 lines (about 100 – 150 words). Longer theses are OK, but remember that a strong thesis should also be concise. As you write your homework, consider what is essentia/ information and what isn’t. Remember that a good thesis is also specific and it should therefore contain references to Chen’s article.

What is the most important of these concepts in explaining the state of religion in the modern world? How does

What is the most important of these concepts in explaining the state of religion in the modern world? How does that concept compare to at least one of the others?

Venture capitalists will want to know as much detail as possible for this section to understand where their money may

Venture capitalists will want to know as much detail as possible for this section to understand where their money may be going. They will audit this to decide if the project has the financial reward they want.The report should include:The amount of start-up capital needed until the business can support itself.Calculate the ROI for the investors over 1, 3 and 5 years.What can investors expect to gain from supporting your business idea? How much and how soon?resources for this assignment:

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