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Five Levels Of Influence That Stability Essay Help Service

1) Explain the five levels of influence that stabilize a societys institutional framework, according to C E Ayres. (3)

2) What is the general purpose of conspicuous behavior, and how has conspicuous behavior changed over time? What consequence for societies results from peoples tendency towards conspicuous behavior? (3)

3) How is the ceremonial-instrumental dichotomy of institutions reflected within companies? What follows for the relation of businesses and society in general? (3)

4) How does Marxs understanding of economy and society differ from the equilibrium perspective of the classical economists? (2)

5) Briefly explain, which are the main inherent weaknesses of capitalist systems according to Marx? (4)

6) Where is the imbalance of power rooted in a capitalist system in a Marxist view? How does power expand beyond the economic sphere? (3)

7) What is the role of government in the Marxist view? (1)

8) How is the concept of exploitation explained in the Marxist system? (2)

9) Galbraith points out possible weaknesses of the Marxist analytical system. Explain two of these. (3)

10) Give an economic example for the fallacy of composition. Describe the fallacy of composition in general terms first. (3)

11) Outline Keynes explanation for persistent involuntary unemployment. (3)

Week 8 Discussion Patho assignment university essay help: university essay help

Discussion Prompt

Initial Post:Explain what happens physiologically with chronic renal failure and the GFR. Support with evidence. Include important labs that are monitored in the process.
Response #1:Explain the role of Angiotensin II and proteinuria as they relate to advancing renal disease.
Response #2:List at least three other body systems that are impacted by chronic kidney disease and why.

please use apa references.

explain the process end stage renal Faliure. And what are some new studies on improving life with renal failure.

Major element of every familys financial planning. nursing essay help

Given the increasing longevity of Americans and the costs of providing long-term care, anticipation of the costs should be a major element of every familys financial planning. Current information suggests however, that very few families or individuals give this consideration. What factors might impede this advance planning? What measures might be effective in raising awareness among Americans about this important matter?

1. Identify the major factors that have resulted in the shift in utilization from inpatient hospitalization to ambulatory care services.

2. What are the implications of this shift for hospitals, consumers, and the health care delivery system as a whole?


3. The recipients of mental health services in the US represent only a small percentage of those in need of services. Discuss the factors that impede access to mental illness treatment.

What to Do When Faced with A Problem admission college essay help: admission college essay help

When faced with a problem, what do you do to solve it? This assignment asks you to apply a six-step to problem solving process to a specific problem scenario. You will write a paper that presents a synthesis of your ideas about solving the problem using this systematic approach. As Voltaire said, “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

Choose one (1) of the problem scenarios as a topic choice for your paper (Note: Your professor must approve your topic choice before you begin work on the assignment.)

Scenario 1: You have worked at your company for eleven (11) years. You have returned to college to earn a Bachelors degree in order to increase your chances for a promotion. You are nearly finished with your degree, when a supervisors position in a competing company becomes available in another state. The start date is in two (2) weeks, during your final exam period for your courses. The position offers a $15,000 per year salary increase, a car allowance, and relocation expenses. Your former supervisor works for the company and is recommending you for the position based on your outstanding job performance; if you want the job, its yours. All of the other supervisors at this level in the company have Masters degrees, so you know that you would be expected to earn your Bachelors degree and continue on to a Masters degree. Your present company offers tuition reimbursement, but the new company does not.

Review the six-step problem solving process outlined in the webtext, based on the article The Problem Solving Process located at:

Step One: Define the problem
Step Two: Analyze the problem
Step Three: Generate options
Step Four: Evaluate options
Step Five: Make your decision
Step Six: Implement and reflect

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
1. Define the problem in the scenario that you have chosen.
2. Analyze the problem in the scenario.
3. Generate options for solving the problem in the scenario.
4. Evaluate the options for solving the problem.
5. Decide on the best option for solving the problem.
6. Explain how you will implement the decision made and reflect on whether this option was the most effective.

Analysis of Mobile Application Development Choices academic essay help

Mobile Technology Report


Imagine you work in an information technology consulting firm. In this position you are approached by a company that offers wired Internet service. The company is interested in developing a new mobile business service. You are asked to present this company with a report on the business and technology aspects of developing this mobile business.

Your report is the output of your course project and should be no more than 5,000 words.

You may suggest any mobile business you wish. Choose a topic you are knowledge about or are comfortable with. Some possible examples include:

Mobile marketing (advertising)

Mobile banking

Mobile purchasing

Mobile brokerage

Mobile information services

Mobile health

Location-based services


Note:Once you choose the type of mobile business service you would like to research, please submit a topic proposal of no less than 200 words

Issues and Resources

As you select and discuss amobile business serviceandwireless technology, be sure to use relevant information from your reading material. The following are some important points that should be discussed.

Why use a mobile application (and wireless technology) and not a wired application for the business you suggest? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Why use the specific technology and infrastructure you recommend? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

How does your solution address wireless security issues?


In addition to your reading material, you are expected to use other sources such as articles from the Web. You are encouraged to use examples of real companies and mobile businesses/services as much as possible, where appropriate.

When preparing your project report, be sure you follow the suggestions for developing wireless projects as explained in detail in Chapter 13 of your reading material. Refer to the following sections in Chapter 13 to review the issues recommended for discussion in your report.

Business Strategy Analysis (especially establishing an m-business strategy)

Analyzing Business Processes and Business Workflows

Mobile Application Identification and Selection

Architecture Analysis to Support Mobility

Wireless Infrastructure Planning~-Identifying Technical Capabilities

Analysis of Mobile Application Development Choices

In-House Development and Deployment of Mobile Applications

Acquisition and Installation of Wireless Infrastructure

Renting and Outsourcing through Service Providers

Application Renting and Outsourcing through Wireless ASPs

A one-page executive summary is a mandatory part of your report. Prepare the executive summary after you write the report and include it as the first item. Summarize your report, stressing your recommendations (business and technical) in order to make a favourable impression on the reader. The executive summary should stand on its own, separate from the actual report.

Here is the link to the reading


Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications 2ndEdition



Landing Page




Cover Page





Scans of the required pages can be provided



1) 200 word proposal of chosen topic

2) A report of no more than 5,000 words.

3) One-page executive summary












Check list guide

Writing (spelling, grammar, organization, and report structure)

Executive summary

Summarize the report, stressing your recommendations (business and technical) to make a favourable impression on the reader.

Define the problem/question; clear research objectives

Clearly define themobile business serviceand your research objectives (i.e., business strategy, technology).


Introduce your report topic to give the readers a good sense of the content.

Establish the importance of the topic (i.e., is themobile business serviceyou propose important? Why? Does it make sense to use a mobile/wireless application for that service?

Comprehensive background

Thoroughly review literature/research papers as well as Web information related to the mobile business you suggest.

Bring in concepts and theory from the course and textbook, where necessary.

Business analysis/discussion

Critically analyze the information reviewed. It is important not to simply tell the reader what the literature says but also to assess and criticize what is being said. Identify gaps in the mobile services and technology solutions now on the market, discuss emerging trends, consider areas of growth and opportunity, and so on.

Follow the textbook’s recommendations for developing wireless projects.

Bring in concepts and theory from the course and textbook, where appropriate.

Technology analysis/discussion

Evaluate options and select themobile serviceand wireless technology to be used for the proposed mobile business.

Bring in concepts and theory from the course and textbook, where appropriate.


Stress the main contributions of your paper. What should the reader learn from reading the paper?

Summarize your business and technology recommendations.

The Organizational Communication case study a level english language essay help

Case Study II (Organizational Communication):

Please Watch this video first


Case Study II (Organizational Communication):

This is an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned in the course, readings, discussions, and personal experiences into a well-developed analysis. There is no specific right or wrong answer with these cases, just a means to demonstrate your mastery of the knowledge.

Review the video in this week,What is Organizational Communication?,and consider the various details associated with the theories they support. After examining all the data, consider an organization you know well and implement some of these ideas to increase the communication process within your organization. Consider how the organizational culture impacts these, how receptive leadership will be, and how employees will accept these changes.

Due Sunday at 11:59 PM ET

Here are the minimal requirements for the assignment:

Identify the key and underlying issues. This is not a simple listing, but more of an in-depth analysis and how these apply to the concepts and theories you have learned within the course.
Develop the key facts to support the issues. This is area that will require some thought with the expectation that you will only list pertinent data.
Discuss the solution to the problem and how to implement this to become more effective. This is an analysis of the problem within the Case Study. Also, make efforts to support your solutions with references from the textbook, readings, or other sources.
No more than 15% of your paper should be from direct quotes.
This is expected to be 2-3 pages (excluding the Title Page and Reference Page). Ensure the paper is typed, double-spaced, and enumerated on the top right corner in the margin with 1″ margins on all sides. Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font. In addition, submit the final copy as a .doc, not .pdf. Do not submit an Abstract. You must include a Title and Reference Page.

ViewTriangle Fire, the American Experience free essay help online: free essay help online

Here are the instructions for your Final Paper (there is no final exam in the course; thispaper takes its place.)The Final Paper is worth 100points.

ViewTriangle Fire, the American Experience series documentary (53:47) about the Triangle Shirtwaist fire that occurred in New York City in 1911. (We will talk abouthow to access the free documentary–which takes only a few seconds to do–in class. I will also post another message about how to access the film.)This was a seminal event, impacting how the American public perceived the behavior of employers, and changing basic attitudes toward workers, many of whom were voiceless immigrants. Imagine that you were an hourly employee at the factory prior to the fire of 1911. What were conditions like in the factory? Would you have agitated for betterworkplace conditions? Would supporting small changes in the behavior of your employers have presented any risks to you? How have attitudes toward workers changed since the fire? Do you think workers feel more empowered today than they did a century ago? Are workers more valued and respected by the American people?

Compose a five (5) page-long paper in which you address these questions. You are free to address other issues, too, but the questions aboveMUSTbe answered. Also, please note that for this assignment, you will almost certainlyneed to conduct some research of your own. If you use that research in your paper, you must cite the sources you consulted. Please do so using APA formatted citations. I want to emphasize this point about your paper and its contents: I am interested in YOUR thoughts and ideas, not those of historians, bloggers, or other commentators. I do not want to see lengthy excerpts of the work of other people in your paper, or lengthy references to their thoughts. And I expect your work to beentirelyin your own words.

The Final Paper must be typed, double-spaced, and use a standard, 12 pt. font such as Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman. You shouldalso use standard, one-inch margins. It is not necessary to do a title page, though that decision is up to you.

Maintaining a competitive advantage final analysis buy argumentative essay help

Competitors are firms competing in the same market, offering products that are similar, while targeting specific customers in order to gain a competitive advantage. In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of how to create and maintain a competitive advantage, answer the following questions:

What is market commonality? What is resource similarity? What does it mean to say that these concepts are the building blocks for a competitor analysis?
What factors affect the likelihood that a firm will take competitive action?
What factors affect the likelihood a firm will initiate a competitive response to the action taken by a competitor?

Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length.


The book is Strategic management competitiveness and globalization concepts 12e, chapter 4 and 5


please no plagarism and reference please, no paper that was submitted to anyone before.

BMGT 496 Week 3 Learning Activities essay help: essay help

BMGT 496

Week 3 Learning Activities

Actions for Week 3 Learning ActivitiesMust post first.

Learning Activities #1 and #2 are due on Thursday at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.LEARNING ACTIVITIES 1 & 2 MUST BE POSTED SEPARATELY.Respond to 2 classmates by Sunday 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Learning focus: recognizing your personal ethical values, recognizing the importance of ethical values in the workplace, unique ethical dilemmas and decisions, personal ethical decisions

Learning Activity #1: due Thursday, 11:59 pm ET

Following is a list of ethical issues that are significant in most workplaces and issues that are often associated with ethical dilemmas in organizations.

invasion of privacy
confidentiality of personnel information
being penalized for refusing to do something in violation of common morality
being penalized for after work conduct
written reasons for demotion or transfer
privacy related to accessibility of others to personnel files

Which one of these is personally most important – or would be most important – to you in the workplace and why?

Learning Activity #2: due Thursday, 11:59 pm ET

Scenario:Assume you have frequently been late to work in the past several months, not for a specific reason except that you overslept several times, are often disorganized about getting your children to the school bus in the mornings, and about getting yourself ready for work. Your manager asked to meet tomorrow to discuss your tardiness. You are concerned you will be fired.

You are considering lying to your manager about the reason(s) for your tardiness.

How would you respond to your manager and why?

Anthony owns and operates a bee hive business, Buzzy Bees, Inc., (BB, Inc.) from a shop in his Pennsylvania hometown. BB Inc. advertises and sells in Pennsylvania from the shop, and advertises and sells over the internet. Using BB Inc.s website and her credit card, on April 5, Sandra purchased $5,000 worth of live Bees and hives from her home in Nashville, Tennessee. She requested the bees to be shipped to her family farm hotel in Indiana on April 15. The bees arrived on April 14, but Sandra claimed they were either dead or dying.

Sandra sued BB Inc. in a Texas court to recover her $5,000. Peter, on behalf of BB Inc., filed a motion to dismiss claiming the Texas court has no jurisdiction.

Analyze and explain/justify your rationale: which court has jurisdiction to hear the case, and why? Think of all the possible jurisdiction and analyze each one.
What is the legal basis for the court’s jurisdiction over BB Inc. (i.e., what type of jurisdiction exists over BB, Inc.)?
Would you advise Peter to use ADR or go to court to resolve this dispute? Why or why not? If you advise ADR, which type of ADR would you recommend and why

The rhetorical situation project proposal paper compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Course Project: Week 4Defining a Problem

The first stage of the project is to select a topic, begin preliminary research, define the rhetorical situation (subject, purpose, readers, and context of use), and describe the problem. This is a pre-writing assignment designed to help you start researching, gathering, and analyzing information.

After reviewing the possible topic scenarios in Doc Sharing, select a topic to research, watch the tutorials on APA Style and Finding Sources, and use the DeVry Librarys databases to find at least two potential sources that will give you some background on the issue described in the topic scenario. Please also review Chapter 8: Proposals in your textbook for guidance on completing the questions.

Answer the questions below. Base your answers on the information provided in the topic scenario and on what you learned from your preliminary research. Include in-text citations to show when information is coming from a source.

The information you generate here can later be used in the introduction and current situation sections in your proposal. When you write your proposal, you will have completed additional research and will be able to build on this information to demonstrate that a problem exists and needs to be solved.

1-Define the Rhetorical Situation

a)Subject: Describe the topic you are writing about. What exactly will the proposal be about? What information must your readers know if they are going to approve your ideas? Why is this issue important?
b)Purpose: Write a purpose statement. What is your goal in writing this proposal? You should use verbs such as to persuade, convince, or recommend. See page 204 in your textbook for sample purpose statements.
c)Readers: Define the primary and secondary readers of your proposal.
d)Context of Use: Identify how physical, economic, political, and/or ethical issues may influence your readers and their company. See pages 204205 in your textbook for ideas on what to include here.

2-Define the Problem

a)Brainstorm a list of possible causes of the problem.
b)Brainstorm a list of possible effects of NOT solving the problem.
c)Write a few sentences that define the problem clearly. Your goal is to describe how the current situation has created problems that need to be solved.

3-Identify Potential Sources: In APA format, list the two potential sources you found using the DeVry databases.

Economics Based On Video Presentations my assignment essay help london

NEED ASAP please.

2 small papers on healthcare economics based on video presentations

(total 4 pages double spaced)


1.A summary of the video presentations

2.Your personal view of the video

3.Length is 2 pages double-spaced with 11 pt. type

the 2 video presentations:



Diversity Project Guidelineshomework medical school essay help: medical school essay help


Diversity Project Guidelines

The World is fast becoming a Global Village. As students preparing to work in this diverse and competitive environment, it is important that you understand and appreciate diversity. This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore different cultures, make connections between your culture and other students cultures.

What to do:

Create a PowerPoint presentation to discuss the culture of any country of your choice.

Things that could be incorporated into the presentation

Maps showing geographical locations of your country

Brief Historical facts, population, climate and language

System of government, education and economy

Flags and their symbolisms

Currencies and their values

Literature and music pertaining to your culture, Sports and musical instrument

Samples of cuisine and apparel

Holidays observed and their significance

Customs and traditions (e.g. marriage, religion, family values)

State at least, two major contributions made to society by individuals from the country researched

Contribution could be in any area —e.g. sports, music, invention, art, human rights, production etc.

The website below is a good place to start your research. You could use other sources as well. Cite all sources used.

11 slides only

For Hr Leadership For Hospitality english essay help


Please read the following articles:

1. Emery, C., Calvard, T. S., & Pierce, M. E. (2013). Leadership as an emergent group process: A social network study of personality and leadership.Group Processes & Intergroup Relations,16(1), 28-45.

2. Judge, T. A., Heller, D., & Mount, M. K. (2002). Five-factor model of personality and job satisfaction: A meta-analysis.Journal of applied psychology,87(3), 530.

Answer the following questions. Your answer must reflect your personal interpretation of the material you read.

1. How did the Big Five personality traits affect leadership emergence according to (Emery et al.s (2013) article?

2. How does this study compare and contrast with Judge et al.s (2002) meta-analysis on the correlation of the Big Five personality traits and leadership?

Assignment requirements and format style

The following format is applied for this assignment:

You need to have a minimum of (2) and maximum of (3) pages excluding cover page, references, any diagrams or appendix

12-point font, double-spaced, normal margins, page number, and font type: Times New Roman

No TYPOS or spelling errors

Hand written papers will not be accepted

Please number the pages in the lower right hand corner

All paragraphs must be indented 5 spaces

All assignments must be submitted with the correct APA formatting and all sources cited according APA standards

Subheadings should be used to break up topics in the paper, helping to organize the flow and facilitate reading.

Catholic Church Service Reflection popular mba argumentative essay help

Catholic Church Service Reflection

Complete the information in this chart. After you have completed it, select all and copy.

Post INLINE using the assignment tool on Isidore.

Make sure you also EMBED the required images: selfie, images of the church and all handouts.

Images must be jpg or png.Do notattempt to embed a pdf or attach the images.

Do not email them to me.



Describe each of the parts of the mass. Type directly into the form. You must connect your observation with the required reading material. Use the correct citation format.


Describe the music performed at each point of the Mass: title of composition, who performed the music, what instruments were used and other information. Be sure to give your reactions.



Discuss the rites observed. Make connections between what you saw and the required reading.

Entrance Processional:


Gathering song




Penitential Rite


Opening Prayer





First Reading:


Responsorial Psalm


Second Reading:


Gospel Acclamation


Gospel Reading:


3. Homily

Who gave the homily? What was the topic? What were the main points?

Prayer of the Faithful or General Intercessions:


Presentation of the Gifts and Preparation of the Gifts


Prayer Over the Gifts


Eucharistic Prayer


Eucharistic Acclamations


Lord’s Prayer Our Father


The Sign of Peace


Breaking of the Bread / Lamb of God


Distribution of Communion


Prayer After Communion



Final prayers and blessings.


Solemn / Final Blessing






Disorders of the genitourinary system paper college essay help free: college essay help free

Title of Assignment:

Disorders of the genitourinary system

Purpose of Assignment:

Health care providers must be aware of the issues related to sexually transmitted infections. This recent news release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Retrieved from:

Course Competency(s):

Determine pathophysiologic alterations that affect the reproductive and endocrine systems.


Review information in your assigned readings to work on the assignment. The website below also has a variety of information to support your readings for the week.


Select a sexually transmitted infection (STI)(GenitalHerpes) and do research on it. Write a 3-pagepaper about the condition/issue. Create aconcept map(not a paper) about the condition/issue. In the paper discuss the concepts below:

What is the pathophysiology of one STI

What is the etiology of the selected STI

What are the clinical manifestations of the selected STI

What is the treatment for the selected STI

Use at least FOUR scholarly sources to support your findings. Examples of scholarly sources include academic journals, textbooks, reference texts, and CINAHL any nursing PROSPECTIVE. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a References, page using APA format.


Due 5/11/2021. Please ASAP. Very late on this assignment.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report computer science essay help

The) is an epidemiological report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This weekly report contains data on specific diseases as reported by state and regional health departments, as well as recommendations that have been issued by the CDC. Access theand select a report pertaining to one of the eight national practice problems to address the following. The eight national practice problems include cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, heart disease, infectious disease, mental health, patient safety, and substance abuse.

Describe the epidemiologic principles and measures used to address the practice problem.
Discuss the use of descriptive and/or analytic epidemiology to address the practice problem.
Recommend additional measures required to integrate proposed changes into practice.
Share your professional experience related to the topic.

Case study, empirical analysis, or theoretical analysis history essay help: history essay help


For this course, I will accept three different types oforiginalresearch papers: case study, empirical analysis, or theoretical analysis. Your paper should have a clear link to what we cover in this course (lectures and readings).

(b) Focus on a common feature of modern markets Examples: role of new technology, government regulation

After choosing one of the two general approaches above, you should decide whether you want to do a case study, an empirical analysis, or a theoretical analysis within that general approach.

(a) A Common Practice of Modern Firms

Select a firm practice that interests you. In preparation for undertaking the research, you should evaluate the industries and major firms to which this practice appears to be important. Compare and contrast: why is this practice more prevalent in one industry than another? Why does firm X adopt this practice more than firm Y?

Brainstorming in this manner should lead you to some interesting research topics.

For a case study, you should examine a particular instance of this practice by a firm (or a select group of firms) in an industry. In general, you should pick an instance where the practice raises some public policy concerns. As you are choosing a single instance, I will expect a detailed, micro-level analysis, along the same lines as the case studies presented in The Antitrust Revolution.

For an empirical study, you should collect data on firms and/or industries in which these practice occur in differing amount or form. Use the data to measure either the determinants of the practice (what are the factors that lead firms to adopt this practice) or the impact of the practice on firm/industry performance. An ideal paper would examine both. The main constraints would be [1] the availability of relevant data and [2] familiarity with econometrics and econometrics software.

For a theoretical study, you can do one of two things: you can either write a literature review on the recent models proposed by academic economists to explain some aspect of the chosen


firm practice or write your own model (can and most likely will be an extension of an existing model). The first option will require you to read and synthesize quite a few academic papers, some of which will be technical in nature. The second option will require you to gain familiarity with the analytical tools of modern economics, including constrained optimization and game theory.

(b) A Common Feature of Modern Markets

This approach is similar to (a) above but focuses on a market feature instead of a firm practice.

The paper should be approximately 6 pages (doubled-spaced, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins).

ACA, ASCA, or NAADAC or APCB homework grad school essay help: grad school essay help

1) in-depth reaction to a specific concept(s) covered in class discussions and/or readings, (2) alignment of the concept(s) with specific ethical codes of ACA, ASCA, or NAADAC/APCB (3) relevant scholarly literature that supports the discussion of the conc

This paper is a detailed and specific forum for you to consider the ethical, legal, applied, and philosophical issues relevant to counseling. Though these papers are youropinionthey must beinformed opinion.Thus, you must reference and discuss specific ethical code(s), cases, articles, etc discussed in class. Each paper must be at least 5-8 pages long. What you state in these papers are your informed opinion. You are graded on how you interpret and think about the ethics of counseling as per the specific topic of the week. DO NOT SIMPLY RE-STATE WHAT YOU READ AND/OR WHAT TRANSPIRED IN CLASS


Needs- Ethical Decision Making fro the 21st Centurny Counselor Book by Donna S. Sheperis, Michael M. Kocet, and Stacy L. Henning …from chapters 5, 6, 8, or 10

Needs- ACA Ethical Standard Casebook

Needs- Peer Reviews Journals

APA 7th professional paper!

Fundamentals of Resource Management reviews essay help services

Case study

Relating to Human Resource Management class

500 words



In Fundamentals of Resource Management, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright stated, The Supreme Court has held that the selection guidelines in the federal governments Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures also apply to performance measurement (2011, p. 249). Locate a recent court case or lawsuit related to discrimination or unjust dismissal by a performance management system. Write a paper at least 500 words in length about the selected court case or lawsuit. You are required to use at least your textbook and a court case as source material for your paper.

Be sure to include the following information in your paper:

Provide a brief description of the selected court case or lawsuit.

Identify the selection criteria and methods, and relate them to the needs of the organization in the case.

Provide a discussion of the purpose of performance management.

Include an analysis of the criteria and methods used for measuring performance management in the court case or lawsuit.

Include a discussion of the legal and ethical issues related to performance management in this court case or lawsuit.

What impact will this court case or lawsuit have on HR management?

All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.


Provide URL of website of the court case you use

Petro Distribution Corporation substantive essays best college essay help: best college essay help

Secure Courier, Inc., has a requirements contract with Petro Distribution Corporation that obligates Petro to supply Secure with all the gasoline it needs for its delivery vehicles for one year at $2.30 per gallon. A clause inserted in small print in the contract by Secure, and not noticed by Petro, states, “The buyer reserves the right to reject any shipment for any reason without liability.” For six months, Secure orders and Petro delivers under the contract without any controversy. Then, because of a war in the Middle East, the price of gasoline to Petro increases substantially. Petro tells Secure it cannot possibly fulfill their contract unless Secure agrees to pay $2.50 per gallon. Secure, in need of the gasoline, agrees in writing to modify the contract. Later that month, Secure learns it can buy gasoline at $2.40 per gallon from Refined Oil Company. Secure refuses delivery of its most recent order from Petro, claiming, first that the contract allows it to do so without liability, and second, that it is required to pay only $2.30 per gallon if it accepts the delivery. Discuss Secure’s contentions.In the News: Based on your reading, think of ways in which the Government is actively involved with the purpose of changing the economy. Why does the Government use these tools of fiscal policy? What are the hoped for results? Do you agree the Government should be involved? Why or why not?

Use the key word “economic news” in a Google search to find an appropriate news story or article that illustrates the ideas presented in the reading for this week.

Write a 3 to 5 paragraph summary of the information and also explain how it relates to what you have just learned.

Textbook references:

Miller, Roger L. Economics Today, 17th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2013-01-01.

VitalBook file.

Chapters 13 and 14

Final exam for finance mangers document gp essay help

Final Exam


1. Calculate the Future Value of an Annuity that has the following characteristics: (a) PMT: $1,505, (b) RATE: 10%, and (c) NPER: 25.

2. Determine how much you would be willing to pay for an annuity due that has the following characteristics: (a) PMT: $5,500, (b) RATE: 8%, and (c) NPER: 15.

3. How much would you be willing to pay for a bond that pays semi-annual coupon payments and has the following characteristics: (a) NPER: 18, (b) YTM: 8%, and Coupon: $35.80.

4. What is the maximum price that you would be willing to pay for a no-growth stock that has the following characteristics: (a) Dividend (Has Paid): $4.00 and (b) Required Rate of Return: 12%.

5. What is the maximum price that you would be willing to pay for a constant growth stock that has the following characteristics: (a) Dividend (Has Paid): $3.25, (b) Growth: 7%, and (c) Required Rate of Return: 12%.

6. What is the maximum price that you would be willing to pay for a non-constant growth stock that has the following characteristics: (a) Non-Constant Growth Rate: 20%, (b) Constant Growth Rate: 5%, (c) Dividend (Will Pay): $4.50, and (d) Required Rate of Return: 12%.

7. What is the current yield on a bond that has the following characteristics: (a) Price: $1,055, (b) Coupon Rate: 5%, (c) YTM: 4.6%, and (d) NPER: 22.

8. What is the Expected Rate of Return on Stock XYZ given the following information (Use CAPM): (a) Expected Return on the Risk Free Asset: 3%, (b) Expected Rate of Return on the Market: 9.5%, and (c) Beta for XYZ Stock: 1.32.

9. What is the Beta for XYZ Company, given the following information: (a) Expected Return on Company XYZs Stock: 9%, (b) Expected Return on the Risk Free Asset: 3%, and (c) Expected Rate of Return on the Market: 9.5%.

10. Calculate the YTM on a bond with the following characteristics: (a) Price: $884, (b) Coupon: $50.00, and (c) NPER: 24.

11. Calculate Company As weighted average cost of debt, given the following information: (a) Tax Rate: 20%, (b) Average Price of Outstanding Bonds: $1,120, (c) Coupon Rate: 5%, (d) NPER: 27, (e) Debt: $33,000,000, (f) Equity: $24,000,000, and (g) Preferred Stock: $5,000,000.

12. Calculate Company Bs weighted average cost of equity, given the following information: (a) Dividend: $1.50, (b) Growth Rate: 4.5% (c) Price: $21.50, (d) Debt: $33,000,000, (e) Equity: $24,000,000, and (f) Preferred Stock: $5,000,000.

13. Calculate Company Cs weighted average cost of preferred stock, given the following information: (a) Coupon Payments: $6.00, (b) Price of Preferred Stock: $50.00, (c) Debt: $33,000,000, (d) Equity: $24,000,000, and (e) Preferred Stock: $5,000,000.

14. Calculate Company Ds weighted average cost of capital, given the following information: (a) Tax Rate: 22%, (b) Average Price of Outstanding Bonds: $1,280, (c) Coupon Rate (Debt): 7%, (d) NPER (Debt): 10, (e) Dividend: $4.60, (f) Growth Rate: 6%, (g) Price: $40.50, (h) Coupon Payments on Preferred Stock: $4.00, (i) Price of Preferred Stock: $45.60, (j) Debt: $10,000,000, (k) Equity: $15,000,000, and (l) Preferred Stock: $2,000,000.

15. Calculate Company Es weighted average cost of equity, given the following information: (a) Expected Return on the Market: 14%, (b) Beta for Company E: 1.34, (c) Expected Risk Free Rate of Return: 4%, (d) Debt: $33,000,000, (e) Equity: $24,000,000, and (f) Preferred Stock: $5,000,000.












Note: For Problems 16 through 23 use the data provided in Table 1

Table 1: Cash Flow Summary

Project A
Project B







16. If Company XYZ has a WACC of 7% and the two projects are independent, which project would you accept based upon NPV rules?

17. If Company XYZ has a WACC of 26% and the two projects are mutually exclusive which project would you accept based upon NPV rules?

18. What is the Internal Rate of Return for Project A?

19. What is the Profitability Index for Project B?

20. What is the Discounted Profitability Index for Project A (WACC: 8%)?

21. What is the Payback Period for Project B?

22. What is the Discounted Payback Period for Project A (WACC: 8%)?

23. What is the Crossover Rate for Projects A and B?

24. Calculate the difference between daily and annual compounding, given the following information: (a) PV: $52,000, (b) NPER: 30, and (c) RATE: 10%.

25. Calculate the PMT on a mortgage, given the following information: (a) PV: $439,000, (b) RATE: 4%, and NPER: 30.

26. Calculate the present value of a lump sum payment with the following characteristics: (a) RATE: 5%, (b) NPER: 22, and (c) FV: $75,230.

27. Calculate the RATE given the following characteristics: (a) PV: $29,325, (b) FV: $54,000, and (c) NPER: 15.

28. Calculate the NPER given the following characteristics: (a) PV: $100,000, (b) FV: $134,000, and (c) RATE: 5%.

29. Calculate the RATE given the following characteristics: (a) PMT: $20,000 (you are paying), (b) FV: $134,000, and (c) NPER: 5.

30. Calculate the required rate of return on a companys stock that has the following characteristics: (a) Constant Growth Rate: 5%, (b) Price: $50.00, and (c) Dividend (Has Been Paid): $5.00.