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Environmental research project

) are being applied to understand and address the issue/problem. The following suggestions are general. Actual topics should be more specific as to the location, type of pollution or problem, species of animal, health threat, etc. This should not be a broad investigation of a problem, but a more detailed analysis of a current or recent problem at a specific location. For example if you wanted to look at deforestation, investigate it at a particular location (think local- state or country level is too broad), rather than deforestation in general.Potential topics include but are NOT limited to:Water pollutionAir pollutionErosionBiodiversityDeforestationSoil contaminationEcological restoration Conservation of habitatManagement of water supplyManagement of solid wasteFormat: Please create a 15 – 20 slide Power Point presentation. This should include graphics and approximately 2,000 – 2,500 words. This exercise will require research and you are to use at least 5 legitimate scholarly sources, cited in MLA format. Do not use retail sites or any site advertising their products or services. Try for official and credible sites and sources such as peer-reviewed academic journals, the UN, NASA, etc. There are some past project examples given, however the project has changed some since those were submitted and there are additional requirements that were not included in those examples.The presentation should cover the minimum of the following sections:-What and where is the environmental issue?-Why is it important? Who/what is impacted and how?-What policies are involved and at what level (local/state/federal)?-Which environmental geosciences are being used to study and solve the issue? (Explain/illustrate the science and techniques)

Gun Control (Pro)

LandaetaProf. Richard RodriguezENC 110129 November 2022Gun ControlIn 1791, the Second Amendment was ratified, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (“The Constitution of the United States,” Amendment 2), because there was a strong need to keep the newly established country safe, but since then, it has been more than 200 years, and the circumstances have changed. In 2020, gun-related deaths were reported to be more than 45,000 (meaning that about 124 people died from firearm-related injuries every day in 2020); roughly, 43% of those were intentional homicide, and 53% represent suicide cases (“Fast Facts”). Gun control is any type of legal restriction intended to prevent, reduce, or prohibit the possession of guns. In any other country (even undeveloped ones) gun control is very common, yet in the US this a very controversial topic. “The director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the nation’s top public health agency – is speaking out forcefully about gun violence in America, calling it a ‘serious public health threat’” (Cohen et al.). Guns are a great risk to public health, and the US government should increase the restrictions on gun ownership.The increase of guns has a direct relation with violence, homicide, and crime. In 2018, a survey was done to determine how many guns were owned per 100 residents in various countries. The US was ranked first on the chart with 120 firearms owned per 100 residents; for reference, in 2011 there was a rate of 88 firearms per 100 residents (“Mass Shootings: America’s Challenge”). This study states that there are more guns than people in the US. Another study made by the Annals of Internal Medicine in February 2022, found that 7.5 million US adults became gun owners between January 2019 and April 2021. These studies are merely taking notice of the increase of firearm owners and the number of firearms in the country, however an unrelated study (which used data from those same years) reveal the consequences of this. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a national law enforcement agency that compiles crime statistics, studied the increase of active shooter incidents in 2021. They reported that in 2021 there was a 52% increase in active shooter incidents compared to the previous year, and a 97% compared to the previous four years (“Gun Control”). This actively demonstrates that the recent large increase of gun owners across the country is directly proportional to the increment on active shooter cases.Gun control, when applied correctly, lowers crime rate. A pew survey determined that a third of US adults believe that there would be less crime if more people owned guns, “However, multiple studies show that where people have easy access to firearms, gun-related deaths tend to be more frequent, including by suicide, homicide and unintentional injuries” (Fox et al.). In states that have what they call right-to-carry, anyone who passes minimum requirements can get a concealed-carry permit. These right-to-carry law are intended to, supposedly, deter crime since there would be more people to stop a shooting. Though this kind of thinking was backed up by a controversial 1997 analysis, more actual studies prove the exact opposite. A study analyzes how RTC (right-to-carry) laws affect state’s homicide rates, in particular firearm homicides, which increases a 9% in states that promote RTC (Cook and Donohue). Another study that supports this idea was done comparing state crime rates in 1977 (before the crack era) to the crime rates in 2014. In states that did not adopt RTC, the ratio of violent crimes fell 42.3%, whereas the comparable decline in states that did adopt RTC the ratio fell just 4.3% from 1977 to 2014 (Cook and Donohue). This proves that there is strong relation between the bear of firearms to the gun violence.The US mass shootings become more often every year. GVA (also known as “Gun Violence Archive”), an organization that record gun violence data, reported that 2021 had seen 638 mass shootings in the year, and the year prior had seen 575. Every year is reported more and more mass shootings in the US (“Gun violence archive”). Not only the mass shootings are more often, also the new era has brought higher and better firearm equipment which in consequence has made them deadlier. 10 years ago, the deadliest mass shooting left 16 people dead. In 2017, Las Vegas mass shooting (deadliest mass shooting now) left 60 people dead and 850 injured. On June 12, 2016, three hundred people were in the Orlando’s Pulse dance club. The club was hosting its popular Latin Night. Just after 2:00AM, Omar Mateen opened fire near the entrance with a Sig Sauer MCX semiautomatic assault rifle (legally bought on June 4, 2016). That night, he also used a Glock 17 9mm semiautomatic pistol (also legally bought on June 5, 2016). Almost immediately, Adam Gruler, an off-duty Orlando police officer working as security guard at Pulse, begun a gun engagement with the shooter, but Gruler had to withdraw because of the great difference in firepower. Gruler requested backup which arrived within minutes. Additional police officers and an emergency team began to carry injured to a triage made across the street. Meanwhile, officers, several trained in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), entered the building and exchanged fire with Mateen. Only 10 minutes has passed to this point, dozens of people were already dead, injured, or trapped in the club. If the US is not the only country with school shootings (Germany in March 2009), why school shootings are labeled as a US problem? “…since the 1970s there have been more than 2,000 school shootings in the US with nearly 700 killed” (Maher). According to research, the US is the country with more school shootings in the world, with a stunning number of 288 from January 2009 until May 2018. Is this a lot? It is compared to the second place, Mexico, who had 8 in the same timeframe. A group of RTC activists believe that the necessity of owning guns comes directly from the need for self-defense in the country. Yes, guns are used in self-defense, but reportedly for every single gun that was used in self-defense, forty-three were used for intentional murder in 1997 (“Unsafe in any hands”).

Amenity Development Strategy

Outline the steps involved in an amenity development strategy.    Apply the amenity development steps to an actual resort property (provide a link to the property) and demonstrate how these were followed.    Compare and contrast an equity club, a right to use club, a convertible club and an association membership.  Which one do you think is the best choice for a developer who wants to maximize return on investment while minimizing risk?It is anticipated that your assignment  is at least 500 words (double spaced, 12 point font, using MLA formatting) and use a minimum of 3 cited sources. Please make sure to include in-text citations throughout your paper.

interior design solution

Writing Assignment Help Select a designer and discuss one of his/her interior design solutions. The selected interior designwork shall be done between 1850 to 1999.Research Instructions:1- Select the designer and identify the associated design movement.2- Write a short bibliography about the selected designer. The paragraph shall show the best ofhis/her design project and the significance of his/her contributions.3- Select one of his/her interior design solutions, discuss its main characteristics, and analyse thepros and cons of this specific design solution from your point of view.4- A minimum of one illustration (Picture or sketch) for the interior scene shall be added in highresolution.5- Explain why you select this designer and this particular design solution.

Identify and evaluate the main factors that resulted in Mcdonald’s (Fast food company) becoming a very successful multinational business

4. Express a comprehensive personal world view on the complexity of the global business environment and the integration of local and global dimensions within the international business operations; Task 2: Students are required to provide a coherent conclusion based on reasoned judgement • S.4. Demonstrate transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge of the global business environment to assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy, competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms implemented in different countries on multinational business organisations and their activities and how global expansion decisions are taken in view of such policies; • JS.2. Make judgements on how global business environment affects businesses and on the significance of the global factors that shape business operations;

Business Ethics – Bribery

Base responses on course materials, and use 7th ed. APA citations.•    Should the company pay bribes to enter the Chinese market?  Why or why not?•    If the company should pay bribes, is this an example of cultural relativism?  In other words, is the company simply doing something that Chinese society finds acceptable?•    Assume that you are a manager at Pegasus and the CEO asks you to manage the company’s entry into the Chinese market.  He also makes clear that you are expected to make the Chinese decision makers happy by providing them with sums of money.  Using your ethical tools from the class, decide what would you do?Ethics for Managers: Philosophical Foundations and business realitiesGilbert, J. (2016). Ethics for Managers: Philosophical Foundations and business realities. RoutledgeThe case of the million-Dollar decision. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.University, S. C. (n.d.). The case of the million-Dollar decision. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Retrieved from  Perception of Business Bribery in China: The Impact of Moral Philosophy.Tian, Q. (2008). Perception of Business Bribery in China: The Impact of Moral Philosophy. Journal of Business Ethics, 80(3), 437–445.  Differentiating between gift giving and bribing in China: A guanxiPeikai , L., Sun, J.-M.,

Differences in health in Black and white mothers during pregnancy and their infants (up to one year old)

In this paper, I will discuss the differences in health of white mothers and their infants and Black mothers and their infants, during pregnancy and shortly after birth. I will also compare the differences in age and socioeconomic status of them. There are many noteworthy differences that have been found between these two populations, particularly in the United States. Racism is the biggest threat to Black mothers and their infants.Evolution Background(1-2 pages), discuss the evolutionary literature on your topic.Evolutionarily, there are risks of giving birth at an early age as discussed in class (Source). This is compounded by racism (Hoffman, et al.). I say racism and not race because that is an important distinction. The race of the mother does not cause health issues. It is overwhelming racism that does (Suliman, 2021). So, for this section, I will discuss the known risks of childbirth, based on available research and statistics, for teenagers (19 and under) and compare the health of white and Black teenager mothers and their infants, in the United States.Sociocultural Background(1-2 pages), discuss the sociocultural dimensions of your topic. At least some of the background must be centered on the United States, but you can also say a bit about the global picture of your topic as well.Case Study(2-3 pages), lay out the public health picture of your topic in Florida, including the appropriate statistics. Local and state news articles or public health reports can also be used here to help describe the state of your topic in Florida. Discuss any inequalities you see here.Discussion(2-3 pages), connect the findings from your case study to the Evolution and Sociocultural Background sections. Do your findings conform to previous findings or are they different? Elaborate, and analyze whether you should accept your thesis statement.Public Health and Clinical Implications (1 page), discuss how your findings are relevant to public health. Is there anything about an anthropological point of view that can help change the current health picture for your topic in Florida? How should practitioners proceed in an ethical way? Hoffman et al., (2016) discusses how the racial bias of medical professionals affect their pain assessments and medical treatment of Black Americans. These false beliefs that Black and white people feel pain differently contributes to Black mother and newborn deaths in alarming numbers (Suliman, 2021). This also leads to underprescription of medications for black patients when compared to white patients with the same health issue or injury (Hoffman et al, 2016). These racist attitudes, in the United States, are believed to stem from the need for whites, by way of white doctors, to justify slavery and medical experimentation and mistreatment.     Tina Suliman, of John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, said in her article titled, “Black Maternal Mortality:’It is Racism, Not Race’ that “The maternal mortality crisis in the United States emphasizes the truth behind this declaration: It is racism, not race, that is killing America’s Black mothers and babies” (Suliman, 2021). According to Suliman, in Maryland, Black women are significantly more likely, four times more in fact, to die than white women, from a pregnancy-related death. Robin Bravener, of the Florida Phoenix, states that this is about the same in Florida, approximately three to four times more likely (Bravender, 2020). Suliman (2021) claims that changes are happening over the last five years since the date of her article with organizations that highlight this problem working to make government policy changes and healthcare advocacy. However, there is still a long way to go to have Black mothers and their infants treated with the same consideration as their white counterparts.    In class materials, it was discussed that female bodies developed evolutionarily to give birth later than other apes and although biological health cannot be separated from social or economic health, there are several evolutionary factors that contribute to why giving birth below a certain age can leave mothers more vulnerable to complications and health issues, as well as their infants. However, Kramer (2017) compares teen births in what she called developed societies, such as the United States and the United Kingdom with traditional societies such as Pumé in South America. Kramer says that in developed societies, researchers tend to group teens in categories such as years 15 to 19, which is too broad and therefore underrepresents the risks. The Pumé people were chosen as a comparison primarily because they are hunter-gatherers, do not have access to education and health care as we know it, and their society is not stratified like ours, which is a stark contrast. Kramer notes that the Pumé people are relatively young and this population has a high child mortality rate. The average birth is at 15.3 years. The research shows that the infant mortality rate is higher in early teens. This is also true for U.S. teens, and more specifically Florida teens. In 2020, the rate per 100,000 population of Deaths From All Causes (All), ages 15-19 in Hillsborough County was 65.9 compared to Florida at 58.6. Since the oldest age at death varies, an ending age of 999 is used to retrieve all records up to and including the oldest age. References American Health Rankings. America’s Health Rankings. (2022). Retrieved December 8, 2022, from Birth Rate Query System. Click here to go to FLHealthCHARTS. (n.d.). Retrieved December 8, 2022, from Bravender, R. (2020, January 30). ‘it’s not fine.’ black mothers and babies are dying in Florida. Florida Phoenix. Retrieved December 8, 2022, from Hoffman, K. M., Trawalter, S., Axt, J. R.,