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why are we doing this? Many career positions required associates something. In the medical field it may be a may involve procedures or medications. In the engineering field it may be instructions or spectifications. In the bussiness field it could be policies and procedures. In the journalism field it would be news.  what are we doing? your speech will include an attention getting statement your speech will include a reason for us to listen your speech will include a thesis statement your speech will include acredibility statement the body of your speech will include connecting transitions your conclusion will include a review of the main points, a restatement of your thesis statement and a strong concluding statement. New times Roman         12    double space        2 pages

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  In this week’s Discussion, you explored challenges related to workplace diversity, such as gender inequality, negative stereotypes, and discrimination. In this Application, you will expand on your exploration of this topic by also considering benefits of workplace diversity and best practices for helping organizations embrace diversity and promote multiculturalism. To Prepare: Read this week’s Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to the benefits and challenges related to workforce diversity. Also consider the strategies and best practices that I/O practitioners can implement to help organizations embrace diversity and promote multiculturalism. Identify two benefits and two challenges related to workplace diversity. Think about specific strategies and best practices you would use to address the challenges you identified and help organizations embrace diversity and promote multiculturalism. By Day 7 of Week 11 Submit a 3–4-page paper that addresses the following questions. Your paper should follow APA style, be double-spaced with one-inch margins, and include a title page and reference list. Explain at least two benefits and two challenges related to workforce diversity. Be sure that the challenges are different from the one that you addressed in this week’s Discussion Describe strategies that an I/O practitioner could use to address the challenges and why each strategy would be effective. Be sure to use evidence from the literature to support your points. If you were hired as a Change Management consultant, explain how you would help an organization embrace diversity and promote multiculturalism. Include at least three best practices that you would suggest.

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  It is incredibly difficult for a person to know ahead of time what measures they might want taken in the case that they are unable to communicate their wishes for what actions to be taken.  There are so many situations that would need to be taken into consideration.  It is even more difficult to make that decision for a loved one that you want to survive but you also do not want them to live in a way they would not want to. As a healthcare administrator, I feel that securing advance directives at the time of inpatient registration or emergency care may not be the best time to get that information.  In those instances, people are not completely focused on what their actual wants are and are possibly under a lot of stress.  I feel that in that moment many people are scared and this is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  I feel that people need time to  think about these decisions and decide what they would really want. In both the Quinlan and Shiavo cases an advance directive would have been really good things to have.  This would take the decision off of the family and if they wish was to terminate life at that point, it may not have put them through the turmoil and pain of court hearings and watching their loved ones being kept alive in such a capacity.  The wants and wishes of both of them would have been facilitated.  The problem that may have come about is the advance directive may not have given the family time to come to terms with it and decide that it is what the patient wanted.  So this could have also caused much turmoil and pain if the family decided to fight it.  But in both cases, the patients were not able to fill them out upon arrival. They were also both very young and this tends to not be something that someone that age thinks about seriously.   I believe the reasons why patients don’t create such documents include some of the following: being young and healthy and believing that nothing will happen to them fear of making the wrong decision avoidance due to not having all of the facts of what the situation may be I feel that the immediate family should be involved in the decisions, unless there is reason to believe they do not have the patients best interests at heart.  I do feel that therapy for those involved should be included as well as the use of the ethics committee.  Once all evidence is looked at, and it is decided it is in the patients best interest, then proceed.  Self determination is very important.  I feel that if there is a point that the patient has expressed his/her wants that it should be recognized and taken into consideration. 

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Purpose of Assignment  The Week 4 individual assignment is the second part of a three part strategic management plan for the company selected by the student in Week 3. The purpose of the assignment is for students to establish long-term goals and objectives; indicate, specify and discuss strategies; and investigate, consider and describe specific business strategies including vertical integration and strategic alliances, to achieve competitive advantage in the industry. The student also generates an appropriate organizational chart in alignment with the stated strategies.  Weeks 3, 4, and 5 Individual Assignments are integrated to generate a Strategic Management Plan. This is Part 2 of the three part Strategic Management Plan.  Assignment Steps  Write a 1,050-word report on the company you selected in Week 3, following up on the Individual Assignment of Week 3 (Environmental Scanning), and address the following:  Establish Long-term Goals and Objectives Strategy Formulation. Indicate the markets that the company will pursue. Specify the unique value the company will offer in the selected markets. Discuss the resources and capabilities that are required. Analyze how the company will capture value and sustain competitive advantage over time.  Business Management Strategy Consider Cost and Differentiation Advantages. Describe the Corporate Strategy. Investigate Vertical Integration. Describe Strategic Alliances. Detail the Company Competitive Advantage. Generate an Organizational Chart of the company you selected.  Cite at least 3 scholarly references. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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Select a relatively current event that deals with one or more ethical dilemma. Compose and essay that addresses the ethical factors from an organizational perspective. National examples may include Department of Defense contracting events, Hurricane Katrina (or similar catastrophic events), election campaign funding, BP oil spill, or lobbyist operations. Local or state events may include nonprofit or public organizations. You may also use international events. Be sure to address the following requirements in your essay:       Identify the key stakeholders, and introduce the organization.        Summarize the context of the ethical dilemma with specific facts (who, what,         where, when, why).      Using Svara’s (2007) problem-solving model as a point of reference, identify the selected ethical decisions and obligations. Be specific if the actions resulted in best consequences or a full, open and honest process projected to the public.         Identify implications that resulted in successful or unsuccessful future operations.         Summarize what you have learned from an analysis of this event.  Your response should be at least 700 words in length (not including the references page) in APA style. You are required to use at least your textbook and 3 other references as source materials for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.                                                                   Course Textbook Cooper, T. (2012). The responsible administrator: An approach to ethics for the administrative role (6th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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