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Guidelines for Article Critique   Begin by summarizing the article. Here are some questions that will help you summarize your article: 1.     What is the question that the researchers are attempting to answer? 2.     How does this question fit into the research that has already been done in that area? Why is it important? 3.     How did the researchers answer their question? In other words, what did they do? Explain what the article was about. 4.     What were their findings/results and conclusions? 5.     Were their findings consistent with previous research? If not what were some of the reasons?   The next step is to critique the article. Use these questions to guide you in your critique. 1.     Did the researchers answer their question? Was the method of answering the question appropriate? Did the procedure make sense? Was there a better way to answer the research question? 2.     Are the results consistent with the hypothesis and are they correctly interpreted? Would you interpret them any differently? 3.     Are the conclusions valid and justified by the data? 4.     Are the generalizations valid?   I NEED IT 2 PAGES PLEASE  

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With this forum, you are to discuss THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS. In your discussion, state the purpose of the reading and cite the thesis statement (if applicable). If there is no explicit thesis, state the reading’s claim. Then, lay out the structure of the reading to the class, and let the class know if this structure is organized and logical (you may claim that it is not organized – it’s up to you). Let the reader know how this method of organization helps or does not help the author’s purpose. Then, discuss the style of writing – does the style help the author prove his/her point? Finally, study the introduction and conclusion of your chosen reading. Explain how the author ‘hooks’ the reader in, or, conversely, if the introduction is not strong, explain why. Discuss the conclusion of the essay as well, and point out its strengths and weaknesses. Please answer these questions fully in your response (use thoughtful sentences).       In your response, cite the essay at least once using an in-text citation.   MINIMUM 300 WORDS, YOU MUST USE IN-TEXT AND WORK CITED MLA FORMAT. THE ARTICLE ATTACHED IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE SOURCE. NO PLAGIARISM.

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As demand for services increase, tax rates and service fees often increase. This results in a slower rate of new development and revenue growth. Discuss a local policy example where this principle applies. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 125)                                                                                                                         CLASSMATE’S POST The first thing that comes to mind regarding a policy example that results in a slower rate of growth is Tax Increment Financing or TIF.  TIF is used to alleviate taxes for developers in housing development.  In the small town where I live, local developers utilize tax abatement to build spec houses and sell empty lots within a community.  However, because of those tax abatements (and this particular example in my small town) that have been going on for over twenty years, the developer hasn’t necessarily expanded the tax base within that development.  The various iterations of the council have allowed extensions even if no significant work has been accomplished to finish or lure new home builders within that particular development.  This year the developer asked for ANOTHER five year tax extension with no clear plan as to how they are going to finish that development.  Unfortunately, the current council allowed the extension to happen again.  This slow rate of revenue growth not only affects the revenue sources for the city, but it affects the county and school tax base as well because they are also affected by the abatement.  This example of ‘slow rate development’ while helpful to the developer and those that have built homes within the TIF area, it should have a completion or end date.

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  Typically, we think of verbal communication as the words that we use to convey messages. The reading for this week helps us see that other things may be communicated through our verbal messages beyond the actual words used. Our choice of words and how they are conveyed can have a tremendous impact on our interactions with others, including clients and colleagues in human services settings. In this first discussion forum for the week, you will review a fictional case study in which you will be asked to provide examples of effective verbal communication techniques in a human services setting. Read Chapter 4 of The Interpersonal Communication Book and review the summary information found on page 107. Last week we discussed how a cultural framework might shape the meaning or understanding of communication. What other factors may determine the message conveyed through verbal messages? Consider some principles of verbal messages that would be important for working with clients in human services settings. Would these principles also apply to working with colleagues or community members? Think about some guidelines that could help us communicate more effectively with others. Case Study: You have a new job as a case manager in an assisted living facility for individuals over the age of 65. Part of your job is to help new residents get settled in to the facility, including explaining activities that are available to them. You also try to help new residents become part of the community at the residence. John is a 70-year-old man who has recently moved into your facility. You discover that John has a slight hearing impairment which affects his ability to both communicate as well as participate in group activities, and you must consider this when interacting with him. Up until now, he has only lived in his own home. Using this case as your example, please address the following: Discuss two factors that are a part of verbal communication, beyond the actual words themselves that might be important in your first meeting with John. Using information found in Table 4.1 (page 94) of your text, provide two or three examples of effective verbal communication techniques that you could use to engage with John within this particular setting. Describe one communication theory that can be applied to your interaction (e.g., how you verbally communicate, how you perceive John’s verbal communication, etc.). Describe one communication theory from Week One’s required website reading (i.e., constructivist, attachment, communication accommodation, attribution) that can be applied to your interaction (e.g., how you verbally communicate, how you perceive John’s verbal communication, etc.). What do you think may make it more personally difficult for you to communicate effectively with John? Why do you believe this to be the case? Initial Post: Prepare a 300-word minimum reply that sufficiently addresses each of the items above. Don’t forget that it is critical to cite your sources of information, including the textbook, in APA format. The initial reply is due no later than Day 3 (Thursday) of the learning week, and at least two substantive replies of at least 100 words to two different peers will be due no later than Day 7 (Monday) of the learning week. Guided Response: Consider ways in which you might like to interact with your peers. For example, what additional information might you share with your peers that could be helpful in their analysis of the case study? Did you respond in the same manner, or differently? Please be courteous and adhere to the rules of respectful engagement throughout your replies.

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Assignment 3: Sales Force Compensation Due Week 7 and worth 250 points For companies that have a mission of selling, a major objective is to motivate the salespeople.  While there are many factors that go into motivating these people, one of the primary factors is the compensation plan that describes how they will be rewarded. Research a large organization’s sales force and its compensation plan. Write a seven to eight (7-8) page paper in which you: Review the five (5) total rewards components outlined by WorldatWork and discuss how the components can be used to motivate the sales force to achieve high performance. Be specific. Describe the behaviors of the sales force that are targeted with the compensation plan. Define value proposition and assess how a value proposition is achieved for current and future employees leveraging a total rewards package. Based upon the type of plan you may create or WorldatWork’s model, indicate how attracted you think future salespeople may be to this plan and why. Use at least four (4) quality academic resources in this assignment preferably from Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; paragraphs are properly indented and all lines of information double-spaced; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. 

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  Planning Considerations for the HR Project  Assignment 6 Overview At this point, you’ve organized your HR project team and you are  familiar with the importance of leading and managing the project and  team. It is now time to plan your project, which happens to be a large  and critical part of project management. Project planning tends to be  collaborative and integrative in that many factors, such as scope,  resourcing, budgeting, and risk, need to be considered. Instructions Write a 5–6 page paper in which you: Define and discuss scope and scheduling as they each relate to  project management, and provide a statement of importance to your  project team so they know the relevance of each task. Review the behavioral skills associated with project resourcing  listed in the textbook in Section 9.1, and select any four of the skills  you consider more critical. Be sure to explain why. Explain to the management team and your project team how you have  determined the budget associated with project costs. How are costs  aggregated? How would you explain determining cash flow for separate  activities? Be specific with your responses. Discuss at least three ways the project manager is able to identify possible project risks. Go to Strayer University Online Library to locate at least three quality academic (peer-reviewed) resources for this assignment. This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards  (SWS). For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer  Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Review project management tasks and skills, including project scope, scheduling, resourcing, and determining costs and risks.

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Application: Evidence-Based Practice Interventions Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) includes a variety of approaches and therapeutic systems, the most well known of which include cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and multimodal therapy. Multimodal therapy is a type of CBT that is based on the idea that humans are biological beings who think, feel, act, sense, imagine, and interact. Each of those “modalities” should be addressed in psychological treatment. The multimodal therapy acronym “BASIC I D” signifies behavior, affect, sensation, imagery, cognition, interpersonal relationships, and drugs/biology and is the basis for treatment. Various types of cognitive behavior therapies such as Trauma-Focused CBT are valuable when working with child and adolescent disaster survivors. Relaxation training is a cognitive behavioral adjunct that is helpful for anxiety reduction. Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) is time-limited and employs homework, structured interviews, and assessment tools. It focuses on the interpersonal context (rather than intrapsychic) and on building interpersonal skills. IPT may change the client’s interpersonal behavior by promoting adjustment to current interpersonal roles and conditions. Similar to other counseling and psychotherapy, crisis interventions include assessment that is ongoing throughout the intervention process. The dissimilarities of crisis interventions, however, include the persistent emphasis on problem-solving techniques as well as safety assessment. To prepare for this assignment: Review Chapter 7 in your course text, Crisis Intervention Strategies, and think about the potential scope of impact a crisis may have on people suffering from PTSD. Review Chapters 10  in your course text, Crisis Intervention Strategies,and think about how special populations and/or substance abuse might require additional attention when PTSD is involved. Review the types of responses to trauma, including but not limited to responses to PTSD. Review this week’s media, During a Crisis-Counselor Interventions and Strategies, paying particular attention to Dr. Berger’s presentation on differences between military and civilian trauma reactions. Review the article, “Responsive Therapy and Motivational Interviewing: Postmodernist Paradigms,” and consider the benefits of motivational interviewing. Review the article, “Best Practices for Counselors Who Treat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,” and think about ways these best practices could fit into the implementation of CBT and IPT. Review the article, “The Treatment and Prevention of Depression: Implications for Counseling and Counselor Training,” and consider how you might teach this information to make it useful for counselor educators and in crisis training. Review the article, “Psychosocial and Moral Development of PTSD-Diagnosed Combat Veterans,” and think about whether this information transfers to civilian populations too. Review the literature to support CBT and IPT techniques for use with survivors of crises suffering from such illnesses as PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse. The assignment: (4-6 pages) Briefly describe two CBT and two IPT evidenced-based practice strategies that may be applied to working with crisis survivors. Then explain how these strategies might be changed if the crisis survivor was diagnosed with PTSD prior to the current trauma. Finally, provide a brief analysis of how your intervention strategies for persons with PTSD might differ if you were working with military personnel rather than civilians. Give specific examples.

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COMPANY: CISCO TECHNOLOGY READ BELOW AND ADDRESS EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO COMPANY!!!!!!! PROFESSIONAL  WORK! One often hears a CEO say, “Our most important asset walks out the door every night.” In  Many organizations rely on the knowledge and skills of its employees for its success. Without its human capital, the company has little to offer its customers.  As a part of your review of your company’s HRM systems, you will need to examine the critical areas of training, performance management, and career management. For each of the areas of training, performance management, and career management: (ADDRESS BELOW TO COMPANY CISCO TEChnology) 1…Identify at least three approaches or trends that relate to each of the three HRM areas. Provide a brief description and a note on the potential relevance of the approach and trend for each area. 2.    Choose one of the approaches or trends to discuss in more detail and analyze and discuss the relevance to  your organizations situation. Justify your answer with appropriate examples and reasoning. This assignment requires Web and/or library research to identify approaches and trends that may be appropriate for your organization. Make sure that you appropriately document your sources in your paper. Submit a paper of approximately five pages following the correct APA style requirements. After you locate and utilize various sources, provide citations for at least three references other than the textbook and online encyclopedia-type reference sources. Your write-up should be a 5 page Microsoft Word document. Cite any sources you use using the correct APA format on a separate page. >>Analyzed and identified at least three approaches or trends that relate to each of the three HRM areas and provided a brief description. >>Chose one of the approaches or trends to discuss in more detail and analyzed and discussed the relevance to your organizations situation. >>Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the correct APA style.

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  Module 2 – SLP HIRING PRACTICES AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE Another important aspect to finding the best person to hire is pre-hire assessments. Read the following: Rhodes, J. (Oct. 26, 2016) Physical Skills Test for Paramedics Violated Title VII Retrieved from Maurer, R. (Aug. 24, 2017) EEOC: Strength Tests Risk Bias Against Women. Retrieved from Now imagine you are an HR Professional for a large warehouse company. You have been asked to prepare a 2- to 3-page memo for your company’s hiring managers, explaining to them the employment law issues to consider in preparing pre-employment physical tests or assessments. Many of the warehouse jobs require physical skills of varying kinds, so pre-hiring physical tests are appropriate. In your memo, you should address the key legal concepts hiring managers should keep in mind when working with medical consultants to design pre-employment physical tests. Be sure to discuss disparate treatment, disparate impact and how the EEOC might assess the test, among any other relevant issues. You should do your own additional research to make sure you are confident about the contents of your memo. Turn in this memo by the module due date. Paper length: 2-3 pages, not counting the cover and reference pages. SLP Assignment Expectations Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment: Meets assignment requirements Critical thinking Writing and assignment organization Use of sources and mechanics Timeliness of assignment

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 you have to choose 4 out of 5 from the questions I need tow answers with no plagiarism I needed by tomorrow afternoon. 1. Discuss the concept of culture as “tool kit,” and explain why this approach is important to understanding the human response to culture.   2. Discuss voluntary and involuntary resocialization.  For each type of resocialization describe the process and use concrete examples of each stage of the process. 3. Describe the functionalist, conflict theory, symbolic interactionist, and postmodern perspectives on culture, emphasizing the criticisms of each and the differences among them.    Why was a cross-cultural adoption at eight years old more difficult than a similar adoption of a 14 month year old child? Be sure to use at least three of the developmental theories in Chapter 4 to craft your answer.   Many of you reacted very strongly to Faith’s behavior and the apparent lack of discipline associated with what most would consider bad behavior. How does this reflect differing norms within U.S.  culture concerning discipline?  Use concrete examples of where you think Faith’s adoptive parents were too lenient or too tough.

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1 page  Directions for discussion Board Collaboration leverages the collective knowledge of a team. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than generally possible by the efforts of an individual. Please describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5 and present a brief outline indicating how you intend to organize the project deliverable.       Directions for the UNIT 5 ASSIGNMENT BELOW   You have just attended a manager’s meeting about establishing self-directed, high-performing teams. The company is concerned because some of the managers are having success building self-directed, high-performing teams while others are not. A discussion occurred that identified the characteristics of the successful team building elements and compared them to those managers that have not been successful. This is a situation where those who are struggling need to learn from those who are doing well. The discussions included identifying what could be going wrong and what steps might be taken for success. You have been asked to write a research report that summarizes the meeting and offers some recommendations that might be helpful to those managers who are struggling. Specifically, your report must include: Identification of the difficulties the managers may be having in establishing self-directed, high-performing teams Identification of the successful characteristic of establishing self-directed, high-performing teams Recommendations for success A designed plan that might help guide the struggling managers and improve negotiation and conflict resolution skills    

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     Read the scenario shown below and discuss: a. What stage of group development was the group in?  b. What are the leader’s tasks in this stage?  c. Using Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory, explain what style of ledership Ramila Zamora should have used given the current situation. Why?  Scenario for Question 4 Ramila Zamora looked forward to her recent promotion to management and was looking forward to her transfer within the large county hospital to another nursing unit. She was enthusiastic and hopeful about working together with other nurses to improve patient care through effective teamwork. She felt that she was well prepared to lead and supervise and was grateful for the opportunity.  Ms. Zamora was provided very little information about her predecessor and knew less about her subordinates. She was stymied and baffled about the behavior of the nursing staff during her first team meeting. Ms. Zamora introduced herself to the group and with what she thought was great enthusiasm, distributed her agenda and immediately began to delegate tasks to the team members. She noticed that three of the five members began to look at each other and roll their eyes. As she continued to read the list of responsibilities, designating team members to the various tasks, two members got up and began pouring coffee and speaking softly to each other. Ms. Zamora was exasperated. She told them that the meeting was over and that she did not want to take any more time away from their jobs then was necessary. She returned to her new office feeling deflated and discouraged. She asked herself several questions. What went wrong? Why did the nursing staff treat her so rudely? Had she made a grave career mistake? What should she do?

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  This course is organization behavior.. Describe your personal learning goal(s) for the course. Expand on your expectations and the steps you have to take in order to achieve your personal goal(s) for the course. One page maximum.   COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students are expected to: 1. Develop an understanding of key concepts that influence human behavior in organizations (Related to DSLP Information Literacy) 2. Demonstrate a practical understanding of how these concepts influence employee performance and organizational commitment 3. Achieve an ability to think critically about human behavior in organizations (Related to DSLP Creative & Critical Thinking) 4. Demonstrate an awareness of business ethics (Related to DSLP Ethical Reasoning) 5. Apply their understanding of organizational behavior to real-life situations (Related to DSLP Professional Practice) 6. Link theoretical concepts with their personal lives and experiences 7. Develop and/or improve skills needed for successful managers (Related to DSLP Global Competence & DSLP Leadership) 8. Develop and/or improve written and oral communication skills (Related to DSLP Communication)          

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Summarizing Paragraphs   You will be summarizing FIVE paragraphs from your coursepack in one to three sentences.  This assignment is practice for your upcoming summary paper.  You will be writing for your English 101 teacher, so keep that rhetorical situation in mind as you write.  You may choose from the paragraphs found on pages 16-17 (letters A-F).  You must use each of the example summaries under paragraph number one on page 15 at least once.  (The example summaries are 1A-1C.) Keep in mind that each summary is not necessarily applicable to all the following paragraphs.  You will lose points if your summary is one sentence, but the paragraph warrants a longer summary.    Requirements: ·      The ENTIRE document must be formatted according to MLA guidelines. o   Double-spaced o   12 pt. Times New Roman Font o   Formatted according to MLA guidelines o   Use of parenthetical citations and attributive tags o   MLA works cited is not necessary ·      You must have five separate summaries that are labeled according to which paragraph you summarize. o   For example, if your first entry summarizes paragraph A, it would be labeled “A.”  

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  Topic: What are the top ten managerial skills for leading organizational behavior?      Daniel Chinn has one more task for you to do before asking you to give your final preferences for the job openings mentioned in week three. He would like you to select the top ten skills a manager needs to develop healthy employee relationships in the global business arena. Review the themes and topics from the last seven weeks, and this week’s required learning materials; consider this within the context of the learning organization. Identify the top ten skills VMI managers can develop to create or defeat the accomplishment of the two major goals an employer wants from its employees: excellent job performance and organizational commitment. In identifying the list discuss the following:  Directions:  1. By FRIDAY, complete the following: Identify and justify your selections, of the five most important skills needed by a manager for enhancing job performance. Be specific about types of performance.  Identify and justify your selections, of the five most important skills needed by a manager for enhancing organizational commitment. Be specific about types of commitment.  Summarize why these skills are important now and in VMI’s future workplace.  When considering their future workplace, what do you see as the major challenge to VMI meeting its goals of performance and commitment, and why are these selected skills the most necessary to meet the challenge?   In responding to these questions, avoid simply repeating from past discussions. Instead, share that which you now understand about OB as a result of the learning that took place these two months.  You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list

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In 2012, the compensation group at Google embarked on an 18 month mission to create a variety of reward and recognition programs that met the specific needs of its workforce. HR’s goal for its rewards-and-recognition programs was always to support employee innovation and performance. So the group engaged in a monumental task, using every communication vehicle available to solicit, gather and interpret employee and external feedback. It administered surveys, held focus groups, conducted academic research, perused U.S. studies, and interviewed and observed employees. In the end, the company figured out what turned employees on and off in terms of rewards and recognition. It then launched (in the second half of 2013) a rewards-and-recognition platform housing two programs that employees not only support but can call their very own. The company had been supporting four types of reward/recognition programs. Although they all still exist, two of them — Kudos, a peer-to-peer recognition program that lets employees send online thank-you notes to co-workers without going through an approval process, and Peer Bonus, whereby they can nominate their peers for $175 rewards — have been modified based on the compensation group’s findings. A third reward/recognition program, the Spot-Bonus program, allows managers to award any employee who served on their project teams with a larger monetary award of their choice or noncash recognition, such as dinner for two. In a 2-3 page report, prepared in APA style with at least two references, do the following: Explain why you think Google decided to review their recognition program Describe one recognition program they have in detail Give your opinion as to whether or not you would appreciate this program

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300-500 words each. topic 1: The Phonology of English and the Phonemic Script:   -Describe a pronunciation problem you had in learning a foreign language. How did you overcome that difficulty? What did your teacher do to help you with pronunciation? -Explain why the English alphabet alone is not a very good guide to the pronunciation of English. Give examples (beyond what you may have seen here). -What are some of the advantages of using the Phonetic Chart in class to help your students with their pronunciation problems?   -Describe a specific student/teacher interaction in which it would be used. -see file mod 9.2 for reference     topic 2 Teaching Sound Recognition and Pronunciation:   -Research and then tell what the rules are for the pronunciation of final ´ed´ in past tense verbs that you saw in this section. How would you teach this to your students? Look in our Resource Center for the rule.   -List the minimal pairs you´d use to teach the following for initial, medial or final location: / i / and / I / / p / and / f / / r / and / l / / r / and / h /   / v / and / b /   -see file 9.3 for reference                

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  Value Proposition in Patient Care Paradise Hospital, Inc., is a for-profit hospital. As the facility’s new hospital administrator, you have been tasked with improving the service value of the hospital. The administration has not done this process since the hospital began operating in the year 1995. The investors are not familiar with the value proposition strategies of hospitals in current-day America. Note: You may create or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. Write a 4–6 page paper in which you: Articulate the meaning of value-added service as it pertains to patient care services, and argue the major reasons why it matters to add value to patient services. Justify your response. Outline a system for identifying the functional areas in which changes might be necessary in order to improve the hospital’s service value. Recommend the key methods that you would use to acquire the information necessary to identify the specified functional areas. Specify four specific areas where you believe the administration can add value in Paradise Hospital, and argue the most significant reasons why such a value proposition would improve the value of services to the patients. Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to find four recent (within the last five years) quality academic resources for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as quality academic resources. This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

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  Deliverable 4 – Global Environment Challenges Competency Create solutions for organizational and leadership challenges in a global environment. Scenario You are the HR Training and Development Manager at Lots of Stuff International, a global company. The company has offices around the globe, which requires employees to work with peers in multiple countries in cross-functional and cross-global teams. The company has recently conducted an employee engagement survey across all areas of the company. The results indicate a lack of engagement and satisfaction of employees who work in these global-cross functional teams. Upon investigation, you discover that employees indicate dissatisfaction with a lack of community and social interaction in their teams. They indicate this may be a function of culture and religious differences, time zone differences, or work ethic differences. This has led employees to be less invested in working together. The CEO, Ms. Amelia Rienhardt, has tasked you with creating a plan to develop community within these teams across the global workforce, with the end goal of enhancing engagement and satisfaction. This plan will be unveiled to all teams in a company-wide presentation. Instructions Create a presentation, including speaker notes, presenting your global employee engagement plan. The presentation should: Assess factors that may lead to a lack of employee engagement and satisfaction in working in global cross-functional teams. Address each identified factor from your assessment: Cultural differences Religious differences Time zone differences Work ethic differences Recommend a process to develop communication channels in diverse teams. Provide counsel on dealing with cross-cultural conflict. Develop a strategy for ongoing cross-cultural team building. Identify ideas for enhancing social interactions between cross-cultural work teams. Include a plan for the use of technology for employee engagement and social interaction. Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the presentation. 

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Throughout history, community leaders deemed it necessary to determine core principles, rules, and values to ensure the existence of a productive and healthy community. These principles, rules, and values serve as the foundation for establishing and maintaining societies that support the mental health and welfare of their members. Your values give rise to passion around issues that you believe need changing and that motivate you to take action. By upholding these values, you can contribute to a society that supports its members. To prepare: Select a societal issue from anywhere in the world about which you are passionate. If you selected a societal issue for your Capstone Project, select a different one to use for this Discussion. If you selected a profession-related issue for the Capstone Project, you should select a societal issue for this Discussion. Think about your personal values that make this issue important to you and how upholding these values might contribute to society. Reference: Wronka, J. (2008). Preface. In Human rights and social justice: Social action and service for the helping and health professions (p. xix). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. With these thoughts in mind: By Day 4 Post a brief description of the societal issue you selected. Then, explain the values that give rise to your passion for this issue. Explain how upholding these values might contribute to creating a society that supports the mental health and welfare of its members, remembering the broad conceptualization of mental health and human rights. Finally, explain how you might work with individuals from a different profession to address the issue. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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Antitrust laws were essentially created to stop businesses that got too large from blocking competition and abusing their power. Mergers and monopolies can limit the choices offered to consumers because smaller businesses are not usually able to compete. Although free and open competition ensures lower prices and new and better products, it has the potential to significantly limit market diversity. Review the following examples of how mergers and acquisitions have affected the way in which companies do business. Prepare a research paper in APA format that demonstrates your analysis of the international legal issues that are involved in both examples.  Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, you will need the following: Title page: Remember the running head and title in all capital letters.  Abstract: This is a summary of your paper, not an introduction. Begin writing in third-person voice.  Body: The body of your paper begins on the page following the title page and abstract page, and it must be double-spaced between paragraphs. The typeface should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics except as required for APA level headings and references. The deliverable length of the body of your paper for this assignment is 5–7 pages. In-text academic citations to support your decisions and analysis are required. A variety of academic sources is encouraged.  Reference page: References that align with your in-text academic sources are listed on the final page of your paper. The references must be in APA format using appropriate spacing, hang indention, italics, and upper- and lower-case usage as appropriate for the type of resource used. Remember, the reference page is not a bibliography, but it is a further listing of the abbreviated in-text citations used in the paper. Every referenced item must have a corresponding in-text citation.  Example 1 Federal antitrust enforcers are investigating whether a multinational pharmaceutical company has attempted to minimize the impact of generic competition to one of its most profitable prescription drugs. This antidepressant drug is the company’s best seller, with sales last year of $2.11 billion, representing a 22% increase from the year before. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is conducting an investigation to determine whether the company engaged in activities to prevent generic alternatives to the prescription drug from entering the market. Specifically, the FTC is challenging a practice among brand-name and generic drug manufacturers to agree to delay the introduction of the lower priced generic drugs to the market.  Answer the following questions: Why would the drug maker want to stymie generic competition? Explain your response.  What types of legal barriers to market entry exist?  What are the possible ethical dilemmas that are present in this example?  Example 2 The boards of 2 major telecommunications companies recently agreed to a $16 billion merger that would create the world’s largest telecommunications company in the world. Although some agree that the synergy between these companies could be dynamic, others feel consumers could ultimately pay the price for the merger, depending on which company becomes dominant in the various service areas. Answer the following questions: Why do you think consumer advocates have expressed concern over such merger possibilities?  Other than pricing, what are some pitfalls that consumers might have to deal with when 2 major companies merge?  What are the possible ethical dilemmas that are present in this example?

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  Deliverable Length: 800 – 1,000 words Details: Your fast-food franchise has been cleared for business in all 4 countries (United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico, and China). You now have to start construction on your restaurants. The financing is coming from the United Arab Emirates, the materials are coming from Mexico and China, the engineering and technology are coming from Israel , and the labor will be hired locally within these countries by your management team from the United States. You invite all of the players to the headquarters in the United States for a big meeting to explain the project and get to know one another. In preparation for the meeting, you want to avoid cultural silos, while ensuring all parties engage with each other. Answer the following questions in preparation:. ·         What do you know about these cultures—specifically their economic, political, educational, and social systems—that could help you in getting them together? ·         What are some of the contrasting cultural values of these countries? As you begin to plan, you are concerned about some of the language barriers, particularly the fact that the United States is a low-context country, and some of the countries present are high-context countries. Furthermore, you only speak English, and you do not have an interpreter planned at this time. What strategy would you use to begin to have everyone develop a relationship with each other that will help ease future negotiations, development, and implementation? Address the following questions in your response. ·         How will this affect the presentation? ·         What are some of the issues you should be concerned about regarding verbal and nonverbal language for this group?        

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For  this assignment, read the article indicated below that discusses the       differences  between the generations within the workplace and how to develop       interpersonal  skills for better employee involvement and interaction with       fellow  employees. Also, this article  identifies how the values are placed       upon each generation (Generation Z,  Millennials, Generation X, and Baby        Boomers) and  leads  into how to better manage and involve the multiple        generations within the  workforce.  In  order to access the resource below, you must first log into the myCSU   Student  Portal and access the ABI/INFORM COLLECTION database within the CSU      Online  Library.  Kelly,  C., Elizabeth, F., Bharat, M., &  Jitendra,   M. (2016). Generation  gaps:  Changes in the workplace due to  differing      generational values. Advances   in Management, 9(5),  1-8.  Note:  The birth year range for Baby Boomers in the article differs from    the range  found in the textbook (p. 41) and the generally accepted range of      1946-1964.  Complete  the article review by showing your understanding of the article’s    contents by  addressing the questions and directives below. Your paper should     be  a minimum  of  two completely full pages, not including the title and reference pages. The     following are  questions and directives to be used in completing the review:                      1. What is the author’s main point?         2. Who is the author’s intended audience?          3. Identify and address the differences in the interpersonal skills from                            the generational differences and how they might be overcome.  Be  sure to apply the proper APA format for the content and reference        provided.

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As you learned in previous weeks, alignment means that a research study possesses clear and logical connections among all of its various components. In addition to considering alignment, qualitative researchers must also consider the ethical implications of their design choice, including, for example, what their choice means for participant recruitment, procedures, and privacy. For this Discussion, you will evaluate qualitative research questions in assigned journal articles in your discipline and consider the alignment of theory, problem, purpose, research questions, and design. You will also identify the type of qualitative research design or approach the authors used and explain how it was implemented. Narrative, ethnographic, grounded theory, case study, and phenomenology are examples of types of research designs or approaches used in qualitative research. With these thoughts in mind, refer to the Journal Articles document for your assigned articles for this Discussion.  Post a critique of the research study in which you: Evaluate the research questions and hypotheses. The Research Questions and Hypotheses Checklist serves as a guide for your evaluation. Please do not respond to the checklist in a Yes/No format in writing your Discussion post. Identify the type of qualitative research approach used and explain how the researchers implemented the design. Analyze alignment among the theoretical or conceptual framework, problem, purpose, research questions, and design. APA  references Hunleth, J. M., Steinmetz, E. K., McQueen, A., & James, A. S. (2016). Beyond adherence: Health care disparities and the struggle to get screened for colon cancer. Qualitative Health Research, 26(1), 17–31. doi:10.1177/1049732315593549

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Compensation Plan Instructions Select a company for which you would like to work and determine the necessary components of an attractive compensation plan. Note: You may use the same company you selected for your assignments in Weeks 3 and 6. Requirements Write a 5–7-page paper in which you: Describe (briefly) your “dream job” with the selected company. Create a rewards and compensation package for this position that would attract skilled workers and control costs. Create a benefits package for this position that is competitive and advantageous to the company. Speculate on how the negotiating and collective bargaining of this position would contribute to the company’s talent management strategy for retaining high performing employees, including your rationale. Use at least five quality academic resources in this assignment. Consider beginning with your course textbook and scholarly sources that can be found in the Strayer Library. Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource. This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Create a compensation package for a position that considers the impact of collective bargaining on organizational goals.

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As discussed in the LASA: Working Ahead section, you will prepare a business plan on a specific project or an initiative to be implemented in the business areas covered by your respective MS program of study. In Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4, you submitted individual assignments that will be part of the final document. The final document needs to be submitted as the course LASA. In this module, you will consolidate all the information collected throughout the course, organize the information, and prepare your business plan. This is the first milestone of your business plan—the choice of business. Tasks: Complete the following tasks: Using the Internet or the Argosy University online library resources, research different projects or initiatives that could be implemented in the business areas covered by the program you are registered in (Master of Science in Management [MSM], Master of Science in Organizational Leadership [MS_OL], Master of Science in Non-Profit Management [MS_NPM], or Master of Science in Human Resource Management [MS_HRM]). Read through the final LASA project (Module 5) and identify an appropriate project or initiative on which to complete the LASA project. Create a 4- to 5-page research paper that includes: An explanation of the initiative, its mission, its vision, its core beliefs and culture, and its social responsibility commitment, if applicable. A comprehensive venture description, including the industry in which it will be participating, the type of organization it will be, the needs to be satisfied by this initiative, the strategic advantage it has, and the legal structure it will take. A justification of the choice of this initiative for your final project. (You can use what you have learned throughout the program.) A description of the research methods used to assess the feasibility of this opportunity (e.g., surveys or statistics), including a succinct strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, to address industry trends, environmental trends, the target audience, and the competition.

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Assignment Requirements Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document. The body of your document should be at least 200 words in length. Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary. Students must cite and reference at least one credible source from the PG Library. Resources to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments are found at the APA Central link. Part Instructions 1 Part Instructions 1 Summarize (5) accreditation standards that relate to utilization from the TJC, NCQA, CARF, CHAP, and the URAC. You will pick one standard from each accreditation organization and give examples that connect the accreditation standards to departmental and organizational survey readiness for accreditation and/or the certification processes. Submitting Your Work Submit your work to the Dropbox by completing the steps below: Click the link that says “Submit an Assignment.” In the “Submit to Basket” menu, select Unit 5: Assignment. In the “Comments” field, make sure to add at least the title of your paper. Click the “Add Attachments” button. Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document. To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted Assignment. Grading Criteria Be sure to review the grading rubric for this Assignment in the Course Resources.

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answer post with 75 words and reference   Allen Wong  Hello Everyone, Hope you all are well. First. I would like to say that really enjoy this discussion as job search has always been a passion of mine. I would like to direct the discussion in terms of how it relates to my path in dentistry.  In terms of applying for positions, there are many different options available. Dentistry can revolve around opening a private practice, working as a partner for dentists, and working under a hospital or military division. Notably, there are multiple government job offerings in rural areas (ruralhealthinfo). In terms of marketable skills, much like any health administration position, managerial and leadership qualities are necessary as the dentist is often the leader of the dental assistants, front desk, private practice, and finances. Technical skills that relate to hand coordination is necessary (trusty).  In terms of experience for the resume, it is important to note school experience as well as volunteerism. This is important to show a dentists skill as well as experience in serving others. Other strategies to help one stand out as a dentist is to really emphasize patient care. In private practice, the amount of procedures done as well as the amount of patient flow shows success in the practice. It is so important to make sure that patients enjoy their experience in the chair enough to to refer their friends and families. 

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  For this assignment, you will read an article that discusses interviewing techniques, and you will then apply what you have learned by creating your own set of interview questions. To begin, navigate to the Business Source Ultimate database in the CSU Online Library, and locate the following article: Oliphant, G. C., Hansen, K., & Oliphant, B. J. (2008). A review of a telephone-administered behavior-based interview technique. Business Communication Quarterly, 71(3), 383-386. Part I: After reading the article, summarize the purpose of the study, and then answer the questions below. What are the authors’ main points for conducting the study? Do you agree with the authors’ findings? What evidence from additional sources supports your opinion? What are the reasons employers use the employment interview to fill job openings? How effective do you think behavior-based interviews that are conducted via telephone are? Briefly describe the main features of equal employment laws, and tell how this article demonstrates these features. Part II: Using the knowledge you have accumulated throughout this unit, develop a minimum of five (but no more than eight) non-discriminatory interview questions that you would ask when conducting a telephone interview. These questions should be listed on the last page of your critique. Use the guidelines below to prepare your article critique. Parts I and II combined must be at least three pages in length. Summarize the article on page one. Identify the main topic or question. Identify the intended audience. Think critically about the article and how it applies to the course when answering the questions. Organize the material logically by using smooth transitions and by grouping similar material together. Submit Parts I and II as a single document. Format your article critique using APA style. Use your own words, and avoid plagiarism. At least one source other than the article must be used. All sources used must be referenced; any paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

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   Your proposal will be 18–25 pages (not including the title page, table of contents, reference list, Appendix A, or Appendix B). The proposal will be constructed using APA 7th Edition, formatting. It should be in the following format: Introduction: Tell   the reader what the proposal is about and how the proposal is organized  (you will write this after you have written the body of the proposal). Theoretical Framework Explanation of the theory of action research that includes at least 5 different sources, properly cited Explanation of the theory of  process consultation that includes at least 3 different sources, properly  cited Explanation of the philosophy of  appreciative inquiry that includes at least 3 different sources Practical Framework: Explain how you will conduct action research. Include the following elements: Entry, Informal Data Collection,  Micro-Diagnosis Identification of Grand Objective Identification of First  Sub-Objective/Diagnosis Planning Phase How will you approach the problem  within the confines of your organization? Action Phase Emphasis must be on how you will facilitate this phase as you employ appreciative inquiry and action  research values. Facilitation of the Reflection  Phase Identify the new knowledge created during the cycle (covering the “What? So what? Now what?” model), and employ the values of AI/AR. Evaluation of Project Facilitation Discussion of self as  instrument and how you will engage this construct of AI/AR,  including at least 2 different sources Discussion of systems theory, leading to a discussion of open systems theory and how you will include an awareness of systems theory Overview of Organization Overview of client system: Industry, history of organization, mission, vision (if any), geographic location, and number of employees Roles: What are the roles and tenure of each of the 2–5  additional people who will participate in the cycles of AI/AR? (Create a  pseudonym for each person.) Presenting issue: Describe the issue or opportunity that will serve as a starting point for your work

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Self-reflection and discussion of diversity with a personal action plan for improvement.  This is a self-analysis. Write an 800-1000 word personal reflection paper based on the following questions which address key aspects of diversity. Write a narrative paper – do not simply answer the questions. What has the diversity mix been (how have diverse groups been represented) in organizations where you have worked? Where you have lived and now live? Where you grew up? When you were growing up, did you interact with diverse groups? What was the result or impact? Do you make an effort to learn more about diverse groups of which you are not a part? If so, how do you do this? If not, would you consider doing this? Which diverse groups? When you meet or begin working with a person who is a member of a diverse group you are not familiar with, what do you do? Do you sometimes tolerate bias or prejudice in the workplace, to avoid conflict? (Up to 90% of people are known to do this, according to the television show “What Would You Do”.) If the head of your organization or work unit said that the next open position would be reserved for someone who is: Gay/lesbian/bisexual, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, or someone with a disability or is older or has a different religious orientation, what would your reaction be? What 1-3 things will you do differently, in order to expand your diversity understanding and behavior? This will be your personal action plan. You will not be graded on how you respond to the questions; you will be graded on your description, discussion, and analysis as well as your action/improvement plan. This and all assignments in this class should be formatted using APA Style including cover page, running head, page number, headings, citations, reference page; including a minimum of 3 references. This Powerpoint file on APA gives a brief overview.  For additional information: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  And: this YouTube video: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Note: It will be easier for you to write this assignment in the first person, using “I” rather than the usual third person.Please submit your assignment in Microsoft Word.  Please include a minimum of three (3) credible references along with citations throughout the paper.  Use the school’s databases rather than random unknown websites.  Please be aware that all assignments in this course will have Turnitin enabled. This will generate an originality report that will match text from your paper with text found in a variety of sources including websites and previously submitted student papers. Your instructor will review these matches to be sure proper credit has been given for sources. Also, be aware that direct copying from websites or other sources without giving proper credit is a violation of the academic honesty policy.  Please be aware that all assignments in this course will have Turnitin enabled. This will generate an originality report that will match text from your paper with text found in a variety of sources including websites and previously submitted student papers. Your instructor will review these matches to be sure proper credit has been given for sources. Also, be aware that direct copying from websites or other sources without giving proper credit is a violation of the academic honesty policy. First offenses will receive a failing grade for the assignment. Second offenses will receive a failing grade for the course and other possible consequences as 

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  The assigned resolution choices will be: Wars have had a greater impact on human expression in the 20th century than the other movements addressed this week. Technology has had a greater impact on human expression in the 20th century than the other movements addressed this week. Political events have had a greater impact on human expression in the 20th century than other movements addressed this week. Civil rights have had a greater impact on human expression in the 20th century than the other movements addressed this week. Gender equality has had a greater impact on human expression in the 20th century than the other movements addressed this week. By Thursday, each team member will present an opening statement of between 200 and 350 words establishing his or her position. After both opening statements, each team member needs to then produce an additional three posts as responses to the other teammate’s starting with the affirmative position. So it will look like this: Opening statements – affirmative – negative – affirmative – negative – affirmative – negative There will not be a word requirement for the other posts, but the idea is that you are both refuting the last point of your opponents, while presenting new ideas and support for your positions. To do this effectively, you must fully research both points. If you do not understand the opposing points, you will not be able to create an effective rebuttal. In addition, you want to make sure that, in your preparation, you have more points than you present in your opening statement. These will then be used in your rebuttals. Make sure all resources are cited in all posts. Students will be evaluated on how effectively their position is defended, how well they rebut opponent’s points, and the quality and quantity of supporting resources. After the debate has concluded. One member of the team should compile the arguments (in the order that they were made) into one document and submit for grading. While this is a team assignment, grades will be based on individual contributions.

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Imagine that you have been tasked with creating a training and development program for midlevel business managers in an organization (you can use your actual organization or one that you create). A midlevel manager is defined as a manager of managers. You have to present your proposed training program to your supervisor. To do this, you must decide on a training model, conduct a needs analysis, write learning objectives, and create the content of the training. For your assignment, you will create a 12- to 14-slide presentation (not counting the title and reference slides) that includes specific information as outlined below.   The topic of the training can be any subject relevant to a midlevel manager that we covered in the course, such as how to deliver real-time coaching feedback, how to communicate unfavorable news to employees (e.g., compensation status changes), or how to communicate that a complaint has been made against an employee concerning harassment. If you are unsure that your topic is appropriate, contact your professor for approval.  ? Be sure to include the information below in your PowerPoint presentation.  ?Discuss your selected training process model, and describe why you recommend this model.  ?Explain the steps you would have taken to conduct a needs analysis.  ?State how this training links to the organizational objectives.  ?Provide a sample of two measurable course objectives (from input objectives through impact objectives).  ?Present one of the program’s completed modules. For example, this should be one or two of the objectives that inform or engage the participants in an activity.   Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide with proper APA style. In addition, a minimum of one academic source that was not used in the Unit III Lesson or listed in required reading must be used, cited, and referenced. If you need assistance, the CSU library staff can help you with your research for this assignment. You may also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary, but this is not required.

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*I just need help with the underline part. I have added the rest of the directions for information  purposes only.*This is a CLC assignment. Each side must construct propositions for specific viewpoints on the issue and counterarguments against the other side’s viewpoint. we My Part of the Assignment:To complete this assignment, write a  300-word persuasive paper on the controversial topic of physician assisted suicide. In this paper you must argue against physician assisted suicide. Your paper will be graded on the quality of the argument. First person and opinion should not be used.Final Product: Each side is responsible for approximately 500-600-word paper that will be combined into a single group submission culminating in a minimum of 1,500 words, including your introduction and conclusion.Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.Include a minimum of two to four scholarly sources per viewpoint. This can include past classroom materials as well as your textbook. You will compile all references used on both sides to complete an APA formatted reference page of four to eight references. The reference section and title page are not included in the word count.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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Should the federal government pass trade restrictions to bring jobs back  to the US that have been offshored? Why is this important? Answer in 50 words or less

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You have reviewed the “Functions of Management”, now review the Inspector General’s report on the escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility. Identify three improvements that the Warden could make in Controlling/Monitoring.

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 Review the article “Terminating the Employee-Employer Relationship: Ethical and Legal Challenges,” located in the Business Source Complete database of the CSU Online Library by clicking the link below:  Van Bogaert, D., & Gross-Schaefer, A. (2005). Terminating the employee-employer relationship: Ethical and legal challenges. Employee Relations LawJournal, 31(1), 49–66. Retrieved from url= direct=true&db=bth&AN=17091666&site=ehost-live&scope=site   This article discusses how terminating the employer-employee relationship can be one of the riskiest tasks for an employer due to the many possible impacts of the termination as well as numerous potential legal hurdles. After reading the article, briefly summarize the purpose for the article and answer the following questions:   What is the authors’ main point, and what evidence is used to support it?  How does the termination of the employer-employee relationship create risk and legal issues?  How do exceptions to the employment at-will doctrine factor into termination decisions?   Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique and your point of view. Identify if your point of view conflicts or agrees with the ideas and point of view of the article’s author. You should then defend your point of view by raising specific issues or aspects of the argument. Offer your own opinion. Explain what you think about the argument. Describe several points from the article with which you agree or disagree. What evidence from the article, your textbook, or additional sources supports your opinion? Conclude your critique by summarizing your argument and re-emphasizing your opinion.  

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Masters level forum  There are many different approaches to performance management. Although one would like to assume that there is a “best way”, the organization needs to evaluate the cost and benefits of their plans. 1. Discuss how performance management is related to the strategic goals and needs of the organization. 2. Discuss giving feedback on performance- the do’s and don’ts and how the strategic and cultural norms play a role in this process. 3. There are many innovative methods for performance management. Compare and contrast at least two methods. Discuss the reliability and validity of the method. 4. What are the ethical issues and factors affecting performance decisions? 5. Critically evaluate a current or past employer on the methods of performance management. If you were the HR consultant for your fictitious or real organization, what do you recommend/propose for your organization (fictitious or real) for a performance management strategy? 6. What are the risks and challenges the organization faces by implementing the plan you recommend? 7. Provide an example of ways in which it is effectively or ineffectively implemented. Elaborate upon and assess this situation. There are many plans and forms available online that are pertinent. If you use a plan from an online source or from your current organization, you must cite in text and provide the reference.  lessons attached 500 word 3 citations

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Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and Your School (Benchmark Assessment) 1)      Use the GCU eLibrary to research information beyond what is provided in the course materials to explore the law and its application to special education issues covered in this course. Explore state departments of education Web sites to investigate the laws of your state and other states as well as their application to special education issues covered in this course. 2)      Schedule an appointment with an attorney well-versed in school law or with a special education director to learn about the following issues: a)      How has the legal system evolved, as it applies to special education, over the past 20 years, and how has that affected the legal framework for special education today? b)      How does the legal framework differ for special needs students and regular students in private and public schools? c)      Who monitors the implementation and evaluation of IEPs in private and public schools? d)     In the legal expert’s opinion, are there any elements of special education law that need refinement? Explain. 3)      Write an essay of 1,750-2,000 words in which you compare and contrast the findings of your research and the information obtained in the interview.   4)      Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is required. 

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Grade: N/A Coding and Reimbursement Presentation (350 Points) Scenario: You have been an employee at Healing Haven Hospital in the health information management (HIM) department for the past two years. Each month, during the new employee orientation, the medical billing specialist from the billing department does a presentation on coding and reimbursement. This year, the specialist is at a conference. Because your supervisor knows you are taking this class, she has asked you to do the presentation. Prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation that follows the criteria below. Ensure it adheres to the appropriate guidelines for a PPT as provided in the CSU Global Library. Remember to limit the amount of information on each slide to the key points, and use the note section for additional information and explanations. You should also include information from a minimum of five resources, making sure that these resources are cited in your presentation. Your presentation should include, but is not limited to, the following sections: History and background of diagnostic (ICD) and procedural (CPT) coding Purpose of ICD and CPT coding Differences between ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM coding Related technology to assist in the coding and reimbursement process Maintaining coding accuracy and minimizing errors. Your presentation should contain a minimum of 20 slides, including your cover slide and reference slide. Ensure each source is cited

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Imagine you have been selected to participate in a prestigious internship in a health care organization working for the chief information officer (CIO). Your internship consists of a series of projects you will complete throughout this course. Consider the following scenario: In the first week of your internship, the CIO approaches your team and asks you to research electronic health records (EHRs). She says, “I must give a presentation at a staff meeting next week, and I’d like you to complete the research and create the slides and notes for me. The presentation must focus on EHRs, which our organization is considering implementing. Please be thorough with the speaker notes.” The CIO adds that you must consider the effect of this technology on health care as well as the privacy and security implications of adopting the EHRs. Describe the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules as well as the reasons those rules do or do not apply to this type of technology. These constraints are a major consideration for the staff when selecting new technology. Develop an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes the information the CIO requested in the scenario. List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes that correlate to each point. Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate. Include at least 2 references to support your presentation.

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