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Employer And Employee Rights And Responsibilities

Some international companies host expatriates based on business need. What is an expatriate? Select a global country where a multinational company exists and explain the general differences in the respective laws compared to the United States. Provide an explanation and a specific example for your response.DQ2. Whose responsibility is it when managing company risk relative to people and products–Management, HR, the employees, third parties, board of directors, the investors? Provide an explanation and a specific example for your response.


Your tasks are to analyze one of those countries and tentatively propose a marketing program for the company’s product in that country.  The broad objective of the projects (Country Analysis and the Marketing Plan) is to link the concepts learned in class to more practical scenariosCountry Analysis which analyzes the marketing environment (e.g. the cultural, economic, political, and legal forces) of the assigned country.  • Marketing Plan for entering that country with a particular product considering the existing competition.  This  requires  a  thorough  understanding  of  the  cultural,  economic,  political,  and  legal  forces present in the country (i.e., Country Analysis). Before  a  marketing  manager  can  determine  if  it  is  necessary  to  adjust  to  the  environment  or  to  determine  what adjustments would be appropriate, it is necessary to understand the environment.    ( I have to only write about)t • Cultural Environment  ( Morocco– Political  /  Legal  Environment:  This  section  examines  the  political  and  legal  system  of  the  country.  Are there any governmental issues and regulations that may affect a company that wants to enter the country?  – Religion:  How  do  people  in  the  country  relate  to  their  religion?  Besides  a  general  overview  of  the  role  of  religion  in  the  country,  look  for  details  about  religion  that  differ  significantly  from  your  knowledge of that religion and of your religion (or belief system). Sources  of  information:  make  sure  you  include  all   the  sources  you  consulted  to  prepare  the  country  analysis report.  • Appendixes (tables, figures, etc.)   country information in: – Global EDGE website: contains a wealth of country information and additional resources in an easy to  use  format.  To  find  country  information,  please  go  to    Click  on  the  “Global Insights” tab in the upper left side of the page and select “By Country”.  Once there, click on the country you are analyzing. The country page has a number of tabs on the left side (e.g., Economy, Statistics, Culture, etc.) that will be useful for your research.  Other Useful Resources: 1. Country Info The World Factbook – The World Factbook ( CCG Landing Page ( 2. Political Climate 3. Corruption Index 4. Economic climate,,menuPK:336998~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:336992,00.html 5. Currency 9 6. Trade data:

Mini Memoir Assignment #1

Your final paper consists of an in depth reflection of your own experiences with your culture. For this assignment, think about a period or a phase in your life that was particularly powerful in your development. Consider why it was so impactful, and how it shaped who you are today. In 250 words, describe this phase in your life, and how you plan on using it as the main focus of your memoir.After you post your response, review and respond to at least two of your peers. Offer in depth, and substantive feedback of at least 100 words.”As a peer reviewer, your job is not to provide answers. You raise questions; the writer makes the choices. You act as a mirror, showing the writer how the draft looks to you and pointing out areas which need attention.” – S. Williams (Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa’s Writing Program)

when you’re dealing with people.1) Distinguish between a theory and a hypothesis. Generate a theory about a psychological phenomena of 

Writing Assignment Help when you’re dealing with people.1) Distinguish between a theory and a hypothesis. Generate a theory about a psychological phenomena of  your choice, and a hypothesis that could stem from it.2) Identify any two research methods, and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each method.3)  Describe the essential features of the experimental method.4) Explain the advantages of experimentation relative to other types of research methods.5)  Evaluate the reaoning in this statement: “Although milk may not be dangerous, it should be banned because a survey in the state prison revealed that evey inmate there drank milk during childhood. Thus, the evidence shows that milk drinking may have contributed to later criminal behavior.What you think are the most critical “obstacles/variables” when you conduct Research? Many people  have difficulty doing research on animals. What rights do animals have and does human need outweigh their rights What do you think?

Northouse Chapter 2 Case Study Questions

The more research and detail the better. APA formatThe words “Case # , question #” and the prompt should be in the section header. Better answers will respond appropriately to the question using concepts from the chapter, up to date outside sources (such as from the library database {2022} and/or 2022 internet sources and even better 2023 sources) and details from the case.You should upload a Word document that is an APA formatted paper with a properly formatted title page and reference page.  Please do not use information from the sample (it’s only for context and formatting purposes)

?What interested you about the speaker’s education and career background??What interested you about the speaker’s company i.e., profile, company culture,

?What interested you about the speaker’s education and career background??What interested you about the speaker’s company i.e., profile, company culture, career opportunities, or other??What new knowledge did you learn that might help you in your education and career??I am very interested in hearing your personal ideas on the subject!!!?Please following formatting, sentence structure, spelling, etc. to avoid reduction of overall points earned.

#2 Damar Hamlin

Hamlin survived the medical emergency because of quick attention provided by Bills’ assistant trainer, Denny Kellington, and during ambulatory transport to the hospital by Cincinnati area paramedics (Carroll, 2023). NFL assistant trainers make around $45k per year (Arnold, 2023), whereas the average salary for paramedics in the Cincinnati area is also $45k per year (Salary, 2022). Hamlin, an average football player, is in his second season of a 4-year contract worth $3.64 million, which comes out to just under $1 million per year and therefore over $50k per game (Spotrac, 2023). Hamlin’s cardiac arrest became world news and was instantly the most important story in sports, something that occurs in the United States ever 40 seconds (CDC, 2022).Celebrities, like Hamlin, are treated as mythical archetypes and their stories provide a reflection on the human experience (Grazian, 2017). Hamlin’s celebrity status allowed for his story to be shared throughout the world, along with his strength, inspiration, awareness for heart disease, and the coming together of humans, something never achievable by an average person affected by similar circumstances. As horrific and tragic of an event it was, how does it differ from the hundreds of thousands like it per year, and why does our society allow for those saving a celebrity’s life to make less in a year than the celebrity makes in a single football game? The functionalist perspective involving the universality of heart disease and sports answers this question (2017). Nearly everyone knows somebody affected by heart disease, which may intersect with being a Bills’ fan or having a love for sports. Sports stories like this are framed as life lessons and an overarching desire for work and perseverance (2017), which is why the Bills fanbase seemed to balloon following the tragedy. The salary difference is directly related to this as well. Celebrities and sports athletes produce billions of dollars off regular citizens looking to reflect on the human condition by binging the new Netflix series or watching the playoff football game.  ReferencesArnold. (2023). Denny Kellington salary 2023: How much did Bill’s assistant athletic trainer make? Sports news., R. (2023). Bills praise ‘hero’ trainer who administered CPR to Hamlin. Reuters. for Disease Control and Prevention. (2022). Heart disease facts. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., D. (2017). Mix it Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society, 2nd edition. W.W. Norton.Salary. (2022). Paramedic salary in Cincinnati, OH. (2023). Damar Hamlin.