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Introduction Background Literature Evaluation Conclusion References


In the United States, diversity management has been a matter of discussion for decades. According to Riccucci (2018), the issue is directly related to the problem of equal employment opportunity. Companies have made efforts to provide this possibility to their employees. This has resulted in numerous difficulties for managers, brought about by the heterogeneous environment (Riccucci, 2018). The process of managing people with diverse perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds can be difficult since it can result in misunderstandings and confrontations. This does not, however, imply that such situations are ineffective. Contrary to this, research have demonstrated that a diverse workforce is advantageous for public organizations (Ashikali & Groeneveld, 2015a). People that operate in such an environment are more driven to exert greater effort, and as a result, they produce more value. In this atmosphere, the potential of the personnel can be utilized more efficiently with competent management. The purpose of this article is to investigate the relationship between diversity management and increased performance of individuals in public institutions by capitalizing on their skills, knowledge, and talents.


The topic of the benefits of workforce diversity to public organizations is intriguing since workforce diversity is an inevitable result of social growth (Block & Noumair, 2017). The issue of equal employment opportunities can be remedied by employing individuals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, such tactics might provide companies with a competitive advantage, as these individuals can give diverse perspectives and ideas. As stated by Riccucci (2018), "the manner in which government employers embrace this opportunity for diversity will differentiate effective and efficient organizations from those that are unproductive and unable to meet the demands and needs of the American people in the twenty-first century." (p.10).

Numerous studies have been conducted on the topic of worker diversity and its benefits. The majority of them concentrate on how it affects the productivity of institutions. Others, such as the study by Ashikali and Groeneveld (2015b), seek to comprehend the issue's impact on the vast majority of employees. In addition, it investigates whether they are deterred by the chances afforded to minorities. These studies aid in comprehending how various ecosystems should be managed. Diversity in the workforce is a major concern for organizational managers. I have not previously attempted to fix the issue. Having a greater understanding of the topic, I would now use interviews and surveys to determine the employees' perspectives on the issue in the specific establishment.

Literature Review

The topic is significant to current institutions and merits debate since it is a method for organizations to influence the skills, knowledge, and talents of their employees by mixing diverse cultural surroundings, perspectives, and experiences. Diversity can signify not just diverse cultural backgrounds but also distinct points of view. Trittin and Schoeneborn (2017) asserted that the definition of the term should be broadened to encompass a variety of perspectives within an organization. It is possible to argue that hiring persons of different races is indicative of diverse work styles and life experiences. In order for a business to get the full benefits of diversity, it must employ individuals with diverse perspectives. In this approach, the talents and knowledge of the employees would be utilized, as they would be challenged by the competing viewpoints of their coworkers.

Important to the effectiveness of workforce diversity is the management paradigm employed to implement the practice. Ashikali and Groeneveld (2015b) intended to determine the relationship between these variables. It is crucial to comprehend how to effectively manage a public organization's diversified environment. In the absence of mitigation, the detrimental effect can diminish overall motivation. According to Ashikali and Groeneveld (2015a), "diversity has both positive and negative effects on work-related or employee outcomes" (p. 6). To avoid the opposite effect, management should focus on the competencies and capabilities of employees and hire individuals who will increase the organization's production.

The effects of diversity management in public organizations are influenced by how employees perceive it. Another study by Ashikali and Groeneveld (2015a) focuses on how employees view the institution's environment and the effect it has on their attitude and conduct. The study indicated that when employees perceive that their firm is inclusive, their dedication and organizational citizenship are more successful than in circumstances when the company is not inclusive. The research was conducted among Dutch public sector institutions. In order for these organizations to optimize the effectiveness of their staff, it is vital that the management build and effectively manage a diverse workplace.


Diversity influences public organizations because it determines the work environment. According to Llorens, Klingner, and Nalbandian (2016), a company's culture cannot exist without diversity. Changes must be made to the institution's human resource processes in order for it to use workforce diversity as an employee motivational tool. People's skills, expertise, and abilities should be motivated and utilized to the fullest extent possible with the help of diversity management.

According to studies, good diversity management can have a favorable effect on employees' perceptions of the firm (Ashikali & Groeneveld, 2015b). Consequently, in such a scenario, the workforce will be more motivated. This will result in a more effective use of skills, knowledge, and abilities. Diversity of viewpoints is advantageous since it challenges the personnel and their abilities (Trittin & Schoeneborn, 2017). This can also be advantageous for the organization, since these personnel might provide a fresh perspective on issues and new ideas. This can provide a business with a competitive advantage and the opportunity for innovation. In all instances, it is necessary to manage diversity in a manner that does not exclusively emphasize the political and social necessity for diversity. This is accomplished by hiring workers with diverse cultural backgrounds but lacking the required skills and expertise. Such a policy can hinder the employee's desire to work. People within the organization should understand that the fundamental criterion for employment is the value they can offer to the organization.


Overall, diversity management remains an important aspect of public institution administration. Studies have demonstrated that a diverse workforce increases the institution's production. The correct application of the concept has the potential to enhance employees' perceptions of the organizational environment and boost performance. If the diversified environment is not well controlled, the reverse impact will occur. To effectively utilize an employee's skills and abilities, management should prioritize selecting individuals with diverse perspectives who can push others and introduce new ideas to the firm. However, it is essential to guarantee that these differences do not lead to major conflict. Recruiting policies ought to be adapted to improve the environment. To improve the company's performance, it is necessary to investigate the issue in depth and implement the appropriate policies.


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