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Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing in so many ways. For starters, the majority of the population is online, some scrolling through social media platforms while others are buying shoes on ecommerce sites. You don’t have to go looking for your audience nowadays; they are always already available online. You only need ways to attract them. This is where digital marketing comes into play.  Discuss reasons why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

succes Transfer essay

Please write something simular to below and mantion that you came  from diffrent country in age of 25. That it was hard to start school in that age/new country. Thanks to person that was dedicated to you ( collage advsior) that transitin was less stresfull and easier.

Communications for Public Administrators

Think in terms of an organization’s intranet, employee programs, and video storytelling.To measure the impact of your message, include whether the content was truthful, whether it was accessed and viewed or heard, and if the message was well timed.

What are the two fundamental assumptions of Aristotle’s approach to ethics that are typical of most ancient Greek philosophers? 2.   

Writing Assignment Help What are the two fundamental assumptions of Aristotle’s approach to ethics that are typical of most ancient Greek philosophers? 2.    According to Aristotle, what is the relationship between politics and ethics, and what is the purpose of studying ethics?3.    How does Aristotle define a final end? What is his conception of happiness?4.    How does Aristotle define virtue? What is the difference between moral and intellectual virtue? What role do pleasure and pain play in testing virtue?5.    What is the doctrine of the mean? Give examples of the mean and extremes in regard to several particular virtues.6.    On the basis of Aristotle’s discussion of virtue, what appears to be the Greek conception of the good man? Does it differ from the Christian conception of the good man? If yes, how does it differ?7.    Explain Aristotle’s conception of continence and incontinence.8.    In what ways do you consider Aristotle’s moral philosophy applicable or inapplicable to present day problems and needs?The academic research paper (with in-text citations and reference page(s)) is expected to be at least five to seven pages in length, exclusive of the title page and the reference page(s).

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The link to the resource center is: (Links to an external site.); additional resources to locate EBPs can be found at (Links to an external site.) and at (Links to an external site.).You will write a research paper related to the evidence-based intervention you select.  The goal of the paper is to promote critical and independent thinking skills, such as identifying the limitations of an evidence-based intervention and providing rationales for why you suspect the intervention may not be used in the future.  Please do not use first person language.  Additionally, when you are selecting references to use, you are encouraged to use reliable sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, academic books, or government websites.  The grade for the assignment will be based on the following criteria:1. Compliance with the format and length of the paper, accurate grammar, and use of APA. Please type the paper using WORD, use Times New Roman 12 font, and double-space the paper with 1 inch margins.  The length of the paper is 5 to 7 pages, not including a cover page and reference page.  Please submit the research paper as an attachment in Canvas.    (10 points)2. What current evidence-based intervention for the treatment of mental health and/or substance use disorders do you suspect will not be used in the future because it will be proven to be ineffective, harmful, and/or unethical? To answer this question, please follow the below format.  (20 points)3. A) First, please describe the evidence-based intervention you are critiquing. In this section, you provide evidence for why the intervention is currently considered evidence-based.4. B) Second, please provide rationales for why you suspect the intervention will not be used in the future because it will be proven to be ineffective, harmful, and/or unethical.The paper is to have two headings:1) Evidence-Based Intervention (where you address point A) above, and2) “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” (where you address point B) above.

First Article Evaluation

”  Download Jason Lyall’s “Does indiscriminate violence incite insurgent attacks? Evidence from Chechnya.”This article is a serious political science research report, so give yourself plenty of time to look into it. Please keep in mind, however, that you are only answering questions involving the skills and concepts discussed in our first few weeks. That means you are not evaluating the article as a whole, and there are many parts of the article that will not be required for your tasks.Evaluate Lyall  Download  Lyallby answering the following questions and explain and support each answer. (Keep in mind that you’ll need to show that you can apply the methodological concept or issue to this article. Don’t just give a yes or no answer; give the reader a reason to share your judgment.) Does the researcher clearly specify the main research question? What is it?Question 2Has the researcher proposed theoretical explanations for the political phenomena that interest him? Explain, briefly summarizing these explanations. Are these explanations logically sound, parsimonious, and general? (Make sure that you apply each of these three criteria explicitly and concretely.) Does he discuss any rival explanations? If so, what are they? For extra credit, can you think of likely explanations he may have overlooked and should also be testing?Question 3Does the researcher specify a hypothesis or hypotheses? Do these hypotheses follow logically from the theoretical explanations? If he does not make these hypotheses explicit, what would you infer the hypotheses to be, based on the theoretical explanations? (Please consult the readings to remind yourself what a hypothesis, and do not confuse it with–for example–the causal mechanisms within the theory itself.) Are the independent and dependent variables identified? If so, what are they? If not, what would you infer them to be?Question 4Has the researcher chosen an appropriate unit of analysis, given his research question and purposes? What is the unit of analysis? Is it clearly identified and consistently used throughout the assigned pages of the research report? (Here make sure to consider the conclusion of the report as well.)Question 5In order to answer the following questions, you’ll need to explicitly evaluate the actual measures for the dependent variable, the independent variable, and one (your choice) of the variables Lyall calls “confounding variables.” For each of those three variables, separately answer the following questions: Has the researcher chosen a valid measure, a measure that should correspond to the variable it is intended to reflect? Do you see any threat to the reliability of the measure? (Your answers should reflect your understanding of and ability to apply these two distinct concepts, validity and reliability.) If there are validity and reliability problems, does the researcher recognize and adjust for them? After discussing validity and reliability problems with each of those three variables, answer this question:  Are these measurement procedures specified in sufficient detail that others can replicate them? As in all the other questions, make sure to explain all parts of your answer. (Make sure that your answer to this question addresses only measurement issues.)

Due to legal requirements, special educators should understand the steps that go into planning effective lessons and appropriate accommodations for

Due to legal requirements, special educators should understand the steps that go into planning effective lessons and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. Being able to translate IEP goals into learning objectives and accompanying lessons requires practice.Review “Marcus Partial IEP and Lesson” to inform the assignment. Upon reviewing the Present Level of Performance and the second grade literacy-based standards, think about how you can adapt the lesson to meet Marcus’ specific needs and align to his identified academic goals. Revise the “Sample Co-Teaching Lesson Plan (Direct Instruction)” to reflect modifications and accommodations for Marcus. Use bold print or highlighting to indicate changes you have made to the lesson.Write a 250 word rationale the addresses the following.Explain your instructional choices including how your lesson extends the skills taught in the “Sample Co-Teaching Lesson Plan” for Marcus and why the lesson is appropriate for meeting Marcus’ academic goal.Discuss how elements of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) will be incorporated to enhance Marcus’ learning.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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