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Destabilizing Speculation And Exchange Rate Flexibility Essay Help Free

Destabilizing speculation and exchange rate flexibility and suggestion

The rate flexibility and the curve of the international monetary fund have been faced by outlined standards and conjoined with opponents. The price of destabilization speculation has directly identified concepts that are empirical in the foreign exchange market. Besides, this act as a hindrance to destabilizing factors in the entire market. The speculation is initiated by identification and policy monitoring that and resolve the importance of welfare and issues that give a scope tat present the foremost phenomena in building a motive based rates and systems. Ideally, setting aside all negative speculation has acted as a building block that has initialized purchases and sales of foreign exchange in Canada based on future prices. A county needs to consider time series of costs if they want to have a standard rate and consistency in the empirical of flexible rates. Evidence of this is the increased exchange rate of vitality that is presented in more than one-dimensional. Lack of strict adheres to the policies and inadequate approach to destabilizing speculation has caused Canada a great monetary deal (Glance y, 2020).

Nevertheless, professional handling of this issue can play a significant part in restoring the international monetary fund into a standstill position. One of these measures is considering better ways of supporting emerging trends alongside the policy of associated member countries. Practices measures such as increasing the shareholder will act as security when nations have indulged in crises of funds. Having a progressive avenue and adopting a multilateral system will enable developing countries to experience more magnificent moments in progress and relevant effective methodologies. Before borrowing funds and leading an intended framework, it’s within the confined f rate flexibility to have a financial analysis of sustainable growth, which is a progressive instrument in business approvals and rates assurance. A typical application of a country that has experienced an aggregated attempt to slow economic growth is the liberation of the British zone and its associated block. Increasing the flexibility rate of licensed operators in the struggle of having a sustained, flexible rate is based on mobility and the hidden capability of having a long run on averages and total cost on a country. Incremental in cost and complete change analysis will enable sustained production, demand, and equity in levels of management (Alicia Tuovila, 2018).






















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Reduction of international trade and exchange rate college essay help free

Reduction of international trade and exchange rate

In context to Canadian foreign exchange, the county has experienced a lower dollar, which has enabled to reshaping of their countries economy. Nevertheless, over the years, the exchanging has reduced in a plummeted value. This change has been experienced in the last decades, resulting in a lower cost, which has taken a poor economic shape. Businesses and organizations have been cautioned to examine factors of production as one way of ensuring that industries experience tremendous growth. Compare to a country such as the United States; Canadian has limited product and services exchange rates whose result end up having a reduced international business affair. Importantly, the government agency has taken a step further to revive the economy. Leading investment and stagnant exporting firms have been encouraged to diverse more in creating revenue sources and carrying international business. This are some of the procedures that have enabled the company to form initiatives that will improve business interrelation. Advanced technology has also influenced the government to build responsive measures that will raise the filled international trade since the county gross domestic product cannot be stabilized by the internal market its exchange rate.

Flexible exchange rate and its instability college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Flexible exchange rate and its instability

In consequence, flexible rates have caused a rise in the schemes of demotic investors in their inflation and therefore causing sufficient compensation. Ideally, a foreign portfolio causes a loss and depreciation condition to investors. This challenge causes the nature of monetary disorder because of unfounded acute disorders and exchanges. The ill is caused by a massive devaluation and assertions that result in an unstable condition of exchange. The argument of attributing an attributing system in international transactions proves this. Besides, those flexible rates come along with national economies policies. The economic policy has a governance parameter that covers setting levels of taxation and government budget. The measure of reliance on a fixed rate as the natural ordering things causes an economic scale and fiscal policy. These linked economics policies are regulated by the government agency or the central bank as a measure of uniformity and covering international trading policy and economies exchange. The flexible exchange has a shortcoming because of the fiscal stances and corporate interest rates that have already been fixed, thus standing in the same position.

In that regard, flexible rates have some instability that reduces their ability in the currency and world of trade. Canadian foreign exchange has a monetary policy that is one of the limiting factors that are associated with this autonomy. Besides that, the exchange rate is also at high risk in the exchange rate system. This downtime is characterized by flexibility and excessive volatility, and the term underlying fundamental implies. The chosen exchange rate policy influenced by the stated dynamics on the internal and external rate of policy is a typical rate of a flexible system. The absence of balance payment constraints has fostered the pursuit of domestic economies of scale and pursuits of an inimical long run of the exchange rate. These values have a negati9ve implication in the Canadian foreign exchange rates and flow of their economy (Will Kenton, 2010).

Fixed rates system and flexible monetary rates grad school essay help

Fixed rates system and flexible monetary rates

There is a clear and concise difference between fixed-rate system and a flexible exchange rate. These differences are based on rates and broad governance approaches. In addition to that, the exchange system is determined by forces of demand and system scopes as afar as supply and demand are concerned. In a point of argument, a fixed rate has enhanced national polices that suites the intensions standard when regulating the currency. As a result, hi gates in the country and member states have enhanced an increase in the current relative nations though an offer to lower interest rates. Surveillance of political and economic stability has, in many ways, caused a shift in demand for goods and services in a country. This form of surveillance is caused by prime factors and currency valuation methodologies that are involved in the rate of monetary rate. In a global currency of value, foreign investment increase foreign investment and its relative value. This growth enables the achievement of successful balances and accompanying inflations. Favorable numbers of countries have activated balances of trade and achieved a greater value of import and export. This has led to the international growth of trade and foreign exchange. Alternatively, a flexible exchange rate has always been a limiting factor towards having a notions currency in various aspects such as regional systems. Potential rates having an extended monetary policy are turned down because of the high inflation and exchange rate regime. Under this category exchange rate is caused by a balance change that prevents occurrence and persistence large current account and their surpluses distribution in the supply curve. Taking a close comparison, national monetary systems steps in as an absence of a centralized institution that stands as a barrier control system by the value of its rates and further analysis. This raises a question on stability and its rate of effectiveness; flexible exchange does not support priories automation of the system. The exchange rate is only directed to inflation, and in a lance, this makes it inconsistency and current account deficit and surpluses pressures (Victor A. Canto, 2019).

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Title: Exchange Rates Discussion

Econ 460







Flexible rate definitions

There is a wide variety of exchange rate system that has dominated the currency and exchange market. In this case, the fixed exchange system is the rate that has the official or monitory authority, and their forces do not at any given time to determine it. There is only a small deviation that emerges from the fixed value possibility. In the entire exchange system, a foreign central bank stands to buy and sell the currency at a fixed price. Common virtue of this kind of exchange is used in the renowned gold standard system, where countries commit themselves in the free conversion of currency into goal gold at a fixed price. In this case flexible rate, sourcing of exchange rates is determined by the global supply and demand In the currency exchanges. In other words, there is a high possibility of these prices determining the rapid change that is not pegged nor controlled by the central bank. In a different context, when fundamental bank steps in as the regulating agent, there is a high possibility of having domestic currency affected and limiting the fixed exchange rates parameters of a county, business, or an organization that depend more on the exchange curve. The rate of flexibility is depicted by two regimes, namely pure floating and managed floating system. Ideally, pure floating exists when a flexible exchange regime is not official and, more so, does not rely much on purchase and sales of currency. Alternatively, the floating government is those flexible exchanges that are defined by the level of intervention and the current situation of trade. A floating exchange has rates that re in line with the national set of values in the forex market based on the supply and chain demand that relate to the currency (Alicia Tuovila, 1983).

On the other hand, the international monetary fund takes a different approach to the currency prices ad relative economic strength. It’s an organization that has been able to diverse it powered an influence on over one hundred and eighty-nine countries, working collectively to foster global monetary corporation and, importantly, secure financial stability structures. Compared to the fixed exchange rate, IMF is an insight into the global corporation that lays a major role in insecurely international trade in a great way. It was established in the year 1945, and forth it has been in the front line of security economic growth and reducing poverty in various parts of the world, which has been highly affected by exchanges by the global exchange rates and international mode of payments. Comparing the two approaches, the primary purpose of having the international monetary fund is ensuring stability and accountability in international funds. Its creation was conveyed at Bretton Woods to carry out the processes of regulating currency amongst the member countries. Its role was a bit different from a fixed system because it had the power and set of enhancing international stability. It used loans and balances of payment approach to regulate and closely monitor enormous powers in the entire international community. Specifically, it laid down policies that empowered the economy in third world countries. It was easily propelled by the economic level and scales of marketing in efforts to develop the countries economy. Unlike the process in exchange rates, the IMF program has remerges approaches that that official enabled implementing strategies that rated the economies of the member states in a great way. Through the use of standard code and principal, the fine was a close partner to member states and bans in the world. These policies and regulations enabled a fine way in the market and infrastructure that foreseen development and transparency aspects. Through the enactment of monetary financial policy, government structures, and economist who depended on this trade had a strong outcome that promoted present and future economic development. (Cory Mitchell, 2014).

Nevertheless, the balance of payment comes along with payment and regulatory challenges since they are part and parcel of the current coming account. This rate affects international trade as well as the mode of payment in the domestic market product. To reduce the massive effect of balances of payment, from a professional perspective, the best approach is dropping it and suffering it’s the exchange market. Several considerations should be clearly outlined in the current balance of payments account. Fist, one should consider primary and secondary income flows. This consideration puts all the factors of production into account and current production parameters. It’s thee critical to negate and operate in the absence of balances mode because f he persistent define that does not have a self-correct share of the gross domestic product. If the organization opts with a balances approach, there is an anticipated event of having a reduced economic growth realization and trade-off picks. In such a situation, there is an economic recession that makes it hard to have a strong growth because it begins to fall quickly. In the levels of human capital investment, it creates a no price competitiveness that discourages experts and goes ahead, worsening the reputation and reliability of having a wide scope in the existing market. By default, the process ignores the value of global alteration because of the reduced shareholding and minimum economies of scale. The capacity of having an international standard of payment is based on the insight given to the autonomy in the domestic market. This gives the dimension I which values of exchange should be deterred from deflating demand, which reduces consumer spending and the entire growth rate. In an evaluation process, the change in import compared to change in the natural income gives a clear indication of the marginal propensity to import and standard mode of payment (Glance y, 2020).

To this extend, members of the public have a special interest in the shared interest of a flexible exchange rate. This goes to the extent of discussing the regime and rates on which the currency has attained at a given scales of economy. This discussion is enshrined in the flexibility merits and economies condition such as currencies, prices of commodities, and focus of demand and supply in the market. This consideration and demarcates between flexible and variability of exchange rate system. It’s a fundamental strategy that helps in establishing problems that have been undervaluation and overvaluation deficits in the system. It automatically changes interventions in the depreciations that correctly balance all the payments. Factors of rates allow equilibrium that surpasses under floating rate and appreciates external balances. It also monitors the promotion of the growth of multilateral trades in the rapid adoption of policies that helps in achieving domestic economic stability. Investors can identify exchange rates in a large fluctuations rate, which does not undervalue currency and regimes in the rating system. Analyzing exchange rate regimes and discussing the scope enables the public to have individual freedom and have a quick in accessing balances of payment because of the automatic revaluation of currencies. It’s also within the merit of the public to have this argument in the instability and dampening of effects in the foreign trade. The wide spectrum within establishing this discussion in public will have stable factors that will coordinate Marco’s policy and fix economic disbranches. Besides that, the fear of devaluation reserves initializes this discussion for the outlined purpose of public interest (Ken, 2017).


Business and organization have adopted a single currency within a national frontier have extensively that operate in the realized an added advantage in the process of economies monitory and unification of balanced development. This has competitive advantages that increase the domestic exchange rate and currency; this achieves a sustainable inflationary growth of countries’ domestic product. One of the advantages of this feature is the fact that it eliminates all exchange rates and fluctuations. Small scale businesses are the majority who suffer from this union of a currency compared to multinationals. It’s also an appreciated devaluation procedure that enables stakeholders to devalue their national currency in achieving a competitive and stable market. Taking into account, it engages a collective autonomous monetary policy that set interest rats for the euro area sans states that can adopt a fine-tune in the respective national economy. The rate of competency and prices of transparency is activated by encouraging firms and efficiency in a rate of competencies in a single currency area. It also extends economic integration in an arrangement amongst nations that are typical include reduction and elimination of business barriers and coordination of monetary and fiscal policies. It’s important to take note that integration reduces the site of trade in countries where trade has been based on social policy and fiscal regulation (Milton Friedman, 2019)

A flexible exchange rate outlines the stages that enable producers in different countries. Trading units and free trade area can use flexible exchanges in getting an integrated economy and region to reduce trade barriers and agree on the stipulated focal policies of interest. For instance, the European Union have played secured a complete economic integration that enables connecting to a series of available market and system. The advantage that comes along with this integration is a reduced cost of capital and trade services that has effectively and efficiently caused a greater purchasing power. Employment opportunities, on the other end, tend to have a leading capacity of realizing expansion and technological sharing in the entire system. The value addition simplifies profit consumption because of the magnitude power of a flexible exchange rate. On the margin cost of production, it’s at the best of corporate financing and accounting production that makes all products in an additional unit. Quantity change and economies of scale will roll out a production concept in rate management per unit margin of revenue. The integration of the marketing concepts has a flexible exchange rate of variable and changes based on a production level of producing country units and variable cost. The nature of flexibility has promoted a globalization market through an applied disillusion with sales and a saturated and constituted foundation. This is a powerful drive that has established a force technology in proletarian zed impoverished commercial systems (Thirlwall, 2018).

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How to Write a Good Paper


1. The ability to write a good paper is one of the most important skills that a college graduate can bring to the job market. A more immediate benefit is that it can raise your grade in this course.


2. A paper should address a well-defined question, bringing logical arguments and factual evidence to bear in answering that question. You should assume that the reader is not very familiar with your topic area, and therefore you need to describe some background material to put your question in context. It may take a few paragraphs to define the question precisely. The body of the paper presents the logical arguments (and perhaps some definitions of terms) and the evidence supporting or casting doubt on the statements you make. The final paragraph should review the arguments that you have made and should restate your main conclusions (with appropriate qualifications). Below I will give some examples of how to frame the question of your paper.


3. The last page of your paper should be a list of references. You should refer to these references in the body of your paper, sometimes giving the page number when you are citing a particular fact or idea. Feel free to list the assigned books and articles among your references. I expect you to be familiar with the assigned readings that relate to your topic.


4. Examples of paper topics and possible ways to approach them:

a. Lessons from the xxx crisis. You would describe the events leading up to the crisis, then the unfolding of the crisis, and then the consequences of the crisis. What could have been done differently (and by whom) to avoid or ameliorate the damage from the crisis? You could choose one of the crises described in the Gerber book, or you may choose another crisis. You may define the crisis as you choose; for example, the Euro Crisis could be approached from the point of view of one or another country, or it could be taken as a whole. Similarly for the Latin American Debt Crisis of the 1980s.

b. The case for flexible exchange rates. Milton Friedman wrote a classic paper 1953 advocating flexible exchange rates. I have posted a paper by Harry Johnson 1969 and a paper by Dellas and Tavras 2017, both of which deal with Friedman’s arguments. You could take this topic in various directions. You could put the argument in historical context of the Bretton Woods system and explain how flexible rates would have made that system work better. Or you could consider what individual countries should do in the present world. In a world of high international capital mobility, are flexible exchange rates the only solution? What would a country have to do to make fixed exchange rates work?

c. What is an Optimal Currency Area? You could describe the concept, as presented by Robert Mundell (1961) in a paper I have posted on Blackboard. You could explain whether a particular country group constitute an optimal currency area; the European Union or the Euro area countries are examples, but you could consider whether the different regions of the United States should have their own currencies. The paper would explore the advantages and disadvantages of different arrangements.

d. Which types of countries should have open capital markets? In particular, should less-developed countries, or emerging market countries open their capital markets to free movements of international capital? Why or why not?

e. Financial regulation policies for individual countries. How should banks and other financial institutions be regulated? What failures of regulation (or its enforcement) contributed to financial crisis? You should indicate what country or type of country you are considering in answering this question.

f. What role for currency boards? How do they work? Where have they been used? Is this an arrangement that makes sense for some countries? Why have they failed in particular cases? The Argentine Currency Board of 1991-2001 is a possible case study. What went wrong? What should the Argentine authorities have done differently?

g. What caused the Great Depression? I posted two papers on this topic, one by Christine Romer, the other by Peter Temin. See Lecture 6 on the Great Depression.


5. Grammar and style. Please run spell-check on your paper. The following common grammatical mistakes should be avoided. (a) Run-on sentence. Example: Economists had a naïve view of government, they thought government officials were honest and competent. Here two sentences have been separated by a comma, rather than a period (a semi-colon would also be correct here). (b) Sentence fragment. Every sentence has to have both a subject and a verb. (c) The contraction of “it is” is it’s; the possessive form is “its.” (d) The verb affect is spelled with an “a.” The consequences of an action are its effects, spelled with an “e.” Example: The break-up with his girl friend affected his emotional health, but its effects on his diet were minimal.


Two notes on plagiarism. (1) Students sometimes commit the crime of plagiarism without realizing it. Whenever you use the words of another author, you must put the words in quotes and give a citation to the source, including the page number. It is quite permissible to include fairly long quotations from sources, but of course most of the paper must be your own words. The basic idea is that you must not present other people’s work as your own. (2) When you list a source at the end of your paper, it is assumed that you have actually consulted that source. However, there is an exception to this rule: Suppose you are reading an article by Jones, who cites an article by Smith, and you want to acknowledge that the information or the idea that you are presenting comes from Smith. Then you should list Smith, but add “as cited by Jones.” Again, the basic idea is that you must not present other people’s work as your own.


You must get your topic approved before writing your paper. Please email me your topic by April 17; I will email back either approving the topic or suggesting some modification. The topic sheet should state the question or questions that you will address in the paper, and it should list a couple of references that you have already consulted.

Flexible exchange rate definition common app essay help


1. Flexible exchange rate definition

a) The first area of focus will be distinguishing the flexible exchange rate form the international monetary funds.

b) The researcher will also be differentiating the flexible exchange rate form the spectral exchange system which is often conjoined with opponents of rate flexibility.

c) Absence of Balance of payments as a reason for interfering with international trade and payments in light of the autonomy of the domestic market

d) The research will discuss the extent to which the Public is interested in the discussion of flexible exchange rates (“Exchange rate regimes: Flexible exchange rate,” n.d.).

2. The researcher will discuss the various arguments for the flexible exchange rates

a) Discussion of the merits of the single currency within a national frontiers are discussed extensively such as

b) Facilitating competition among producers in different areas on the nation

c) Integrating the economy into connected series of markets.

d) Simplifying profit computations among producers (International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Financial Systems Dept., 2017)

e) Integrating the national markets which compose the international market into an international network of connected markets.

3. The fixed rate system definition

Differentiating the fixed rate systems form the flexible exchange rate

Arguments for the fixed rate will be discussed such as

a) Harmonizing the nation’s economic policies in accordance with the international requirement of a single world currency.

b) Surveillance of national economic polices

c) International control of growth (Obstfeld, Ostry, & Qureshi, 2018)

4. Arguments against the fixed monetary rates

Failure to conform to the notion of single currency in various aspects such as

a) Regions of the system’s ability to resist the integrative pressure of the single currency is analyzed

b) In comparison to a national monetary system there is an absence of a centralized institutional arrangement for effective control of the system which is further analyzed.

5. Arguments against the flexible exchange rates

i. A discussion of the flexible exchange rate association with acute monetary disorders (Obstfeld, Ostry, & Qureshi, 2018)

ii. A discussion of the association of flexible rate with disorders of national economic policies.

iii. People overreliance on fixed rate as the natural order of things

6. Instability of the flexible rate

Canadian foreign exchange rate will be the main area of focus

7. Reduction of the international trade (“Exchange rate regimes: Flexible exchange rate,” n.d.).

8. Destabilizing speculation

9. Suggestions for greater exchange rate flexibility

a) Proposals for reforming the current international monetary fund

b) Removing political elements in the exchange rate.

c) Wider band proposal and the crawling peg proposal work in practice through empirical studies will be discussed.

d) British economic endeavors to improve their balance of payments will be discussed (“Understanding the History and Disadvantages of a Fixed Exchanged Rate,” 2004)

e) Aggregate British demand polies and their attempt to overcome the slow economic growth.



Exchange rate regimes: Flexible exchange rate. (n.d.). Retrieved from

International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Financial Systems Dept. (2017). Global Financial Stability Report, October 2017: Is Growth at Risk? Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund.

Obstfeld, M., Ostry, J. D., & Qureshi, M. S. (2018). Global Financial Cycles and the Exchange Rate Regime: A Perspective from Emerging Markets. DC.

Understanding the History and Disadvantages of a Fixed Exchanged Rate. (2004, December 16). Retrieved from

Healthcare providers to Medicaid recipients payment medical school essay help: medical school essay help

1How are the providers of health care services to Medicaid recipients  paid? Has this affected the health care experiences of Medicaid  recipients? Explain.

2Suppose that in response to learning that some sick individuals were  denied health insurance, the government mandates that insurance companies offer insurance to everyone at unregulated rates.

3Part A: Do you think that this would help reduce the number of uninsured? Explain.

Part  B: An alternative strategy for reducing the number of uninsured might  be to mandate that insurance companies charge individuals with health  problems no more than individuals without health problems. Would this  help reduce the number of uninsured? Explain.

Legislation On Water Pollution persuasive essay help

Create Your Own Piece of Legislation

Your job for this assignment will be to draft a new law. After being in class for six weeks you have heard a lot about environmental issues and people. Your law will need to address a specific concern about the environmental issue you have been working on.   Your law should be practical.  Saying you will put solar panels on every home by next month  is not practical. You should include:

the name of the law and background info – about  1/2 – 1 page to give some background on the subject. You will  need to find some citable evidence and data to support your argument. Be specific about what the law is.  I get a lot of papers where people tell me the name of the law but not exactly what it does.

What does the law do? – Tell me what changes for people. What will they have to do differently?

who the law effects – Be specific.

when it will go into effect – at least 1 or 2 sentences

who will be responsible for oversight -FDA, EPA, CDC, USDA, HHSA, maybe a combination of some. For example: The FDA would be responsible for oversight of … because they already oversee …The EPA would also be responsible because while they don’t already oversee … I believe it falls under their responsibility because of …

and why it is important to have this law -This will probably be the largest part of the paper. This is the rationale for your law so use current data and statistics for your topic, for example, if your law is about the great Pacific garbage patch explain what current laws and regulations are already in existence and how much or little they are working (don’t forget to cite your information)

and what will be the consequences for breaking the law -a few sentences that explain fines or other consequences?

How will you pay for changes the law is creating? – This doesn’t have to be too detailed. If you say you will create a whole new governmental department you need to tell me how this will be paid for (taxes, fines, a service fee for those in the program).


SOCS325 Week 7 Rubric

SOCS325 Week 7 RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentClearly conveyed ideas relevant to themes explored in class and integrated additional research or outside knowledge

50.0 ptsFull Marks

0.0 ptsNo Marks

50.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysisReflected a sophisticated interpretation of the central text and its themes demonstrated by thoughtful technique, such as direct reference or incorporation of author’s style and message

50.0 ptsFull Marks

0.0 ptsNo Marks

50.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCreativityIncluded an array of original, creative ideas, combining topics and themes explored in class with new ideas in novel ways

50.0 ptsFull Marks

0.0 ptsNo Marks

50.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePresentation / AppearanceTimely, well-advertised broadcast, free of error

50.0 ptsFull Marks

0.0 ptsNo Marks

50.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCollaborationDemonstrated exceptional collaboration, cooperating and building upon the ideas of others in the live chat; student also has participated in the live chat of two other fellow classmates

50.0 ptsFull Marks

0.0 ptsNo Marks

50.0 pts

Total Points: 250.0

Discussion on International Finance college admission essay help houston tx

Each one of you has a country that you are in charge of (Argentina is my country). So I ask you to research effects this pandemic and the global drop in oil prices (which started as an indirect result of this pandemic but by now turned into its own thing) has on “your” country, in terms of:

·  o   Expected GDP

·  o   Export/Import

·  o   Currency

I also want you to research what steps “your” country takes to help their economy at this difficult time (I am not talking about medical aid to the people and enforcing social distancing; we focus purely on the economic measures). As an example, I am attaching a recent article from the New York Times that talks about actions taken by some Scandinavian countries.

As a result of this research, you will produce a summary post (500-750 words, not counting references).

Circumstances for cartels success and failure cbest essay help: cbest essay help

With the aid of specific examples, review and discuss under what circumstances cartels are most likely to succeed and under what circumstances cartels are most likely to fail.

* Oligopolies exist in markets when:

A relatively small number of firms produces most of the market output and these firms band together to influence prices and quantities in the market
Effective entry barriers reduce competitive pressure on incumbent firms.
Each firm is large enough (relative to the size of the market) to have a direct and observable effect on the rest of the firms in the market.
Firm interdependence requires strategic thinking by each firm

What happens in different oligopolistic situations depends on the specific peculiarities of different markets. Ultimate outcomes depend on production technologies, resource markets, the cost structure of firms, national laws, consumer behavior, the specific nature of entry barriers, etc. Outcomes in oligopolistic markets are ultimately determined by strategic interactions between firms. What eventually happens in any given oligopolistic situation can vary wildly from one situation to another. In some cases you may find complete cooperation and even collusion between firms and in other cases you may find hostile rivalry and even deliberately destructive competition that is intended to drive competitors out of business. There is no such thing as a single model that captures all the possible outcomes that may occur in Oligopolistic Markets.

Economists sometimes distinguish pure oligopolies, where every firm produces the same thing, from differentiated oligopolies, where each firm produces similar but differentiated products.

Examples of differentiated oligopolies can be found in markets such as the ones for automobiles, colas, and major breweries.

Examples of pure oligopolies are mostly found in commodity markets, such as steel, aluminum and oil.

Cartels are often found when just a few sellers dominate commodity markets. Cartels:

Are established when producers in oligopoly collude to fix price and reduce output levels.
Cartels are generally illegal in the U.S. (with some important exceptions), but are often supported by governments in other countries.
Unfettered self-interest by cartel members usually results in a failure of the cartel.
If the cartel does last, then repeated interactions over time may increase the incentives for individual cartel members to cooperate with the overall goals of the cartel.
OPEC is probably the world’s most famous cartel

Differences of perfect and monopolistic competition essay help services

These are all short answer questions. No specific format.


1. There are both similarities and differences between perfect competition and monopolistic competition in the long run. Based on your understanding of this, write a summary of to what extent the two market structures will yield different long run outcomes in terms of: (1) the relationship between price and marginal cost at the quantity the firm decides to produce, and (2) the relationship between marginal cost and average total cost at the quantity that the firm decides to produce. Also, briefly discuss what these differences have to do with the efficiency of the typical firms under these different forms of competition?

* Monopolistic competition is a market structure that shares both some of the characteristics of competitive markets and yet each firm makes decisions in much the same way as a monopoly would.

Monopolistic competitors are like monopolists in that firms under both market structures face downward-sloping demand curves. Each firm in monopolistic markets produces a unique product that is in some way differentiated from what is offered by its competitors. So, the firms market power comes from differentiated products. Examples include local restaurants, dry cleaners, convenience stores, vintage wine, etc. The analyses of output and pricing policies are similar in the cases of monopolistic competition and monopoly. The difference between monopoly and monopolistic competition lies in the fact that in monopolistic competition, economic profits invite entry of new competitors which bring down the profits of incumbent firms.

Type of health care system for the USA essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Questions for the initial 200 word posting are as follows:

Where type of health care system should the USA have and why?

Ongoing struggle within organizations my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

As has been discussed, there is an ongoing struggle within organizations to get value out of the big data they’ve been collecting.  In the TED Talks video linked below, the speaker suggests possible reasons for this.  One issue proposed by her is the need to pair big data with what she refers to as “thick” data.  After watching it, think about how you could take a similar approach.  What big data do you feel isn’t currently being utilized to its potential.  What “thick” data would you pair with it to help extract greater value from the big data investment?

The Human Insights Missing from Big Data

Profit maximisation to show the law of supply cbest essay help

Use profit maximisation and revealed choices by firms to show the law of supply.Be sure to define what is meant by “the law of supply”?

Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis admission college essay help: admission college essay help

“Using the models discussed in Econ 302, write a policy report that discusses the effect of Covid-19 on key macroeconomic variables in Canada for the short-term, medium-term, and long-term horizons. Your report should be less than 10 pages single-spaced / 20 pages double spaced (excluding figures and tables). Figures and tables can be placed at the end of the document under the sections “List of Figures” and “List of tables”, respectively. Remember to properly label and number your figures and tables.”

need macreconomic analysis of covid-19 with the help of intermacro models eg. IS-LM-FE, models for labour market and consumer behaviour. 3-4 single spaced pages without grahs are enough.

Importance of the Labor Force college essay help online free

To explain the Significance or Importance of the Labor Force or LF in a country’s economy:


What is the Significance or Importance of the LF in any country’s economy?


There are several reasons for the importance of the LF in a country’s economy:


· The ratio of the # employed labor the # of unemployed labor tells us something about the health of the economy whether it’s performing well or poorly i.e. is the economy growing or stagnating?


· If significant #s of people are unemployed and underemployed and are willing and able to work though unable to find jobs, it tells us that the economy is operating sub-optimally and therefore below its PPC. On the contrary, if all those who want to work can find work, it tells us that the economy may be operating at full employment i.e. on the economy’s PPC


· The labor force particularly those with jobs are the creators of a country’s wealth and therefore the more people who have jobs, generally speaking whether full time jobs, part time jobs or self-employed, the more wealth created in a society and vice versa,


· The greater the # of discouraged or marginalized workers i.e. those left out of the LF by the BLS each month/year, the more dismal the performance of the economy because it tells us that those without jobs have postponed their job search because of the difficulty to find jobs etc.


· Likewise the # personas who are unemployed, underemployed and those who are considered by the BLS to be discouraged or marginalized workers help to clarify for us the levels of economic and social challenges (sufferings) of these groups at the macroeconomic level

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